Curvy euro whores endure banging hardcore and groupsex

Curvy euro whores endure banging hardcore and groupsex
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Searching the internet one day I was on a site that I frequently visit to scour 2nd hand items for my resale shop and became curious about the relationship area. To my amazement, this area was a rude awakening to my all but virgin-esq ways. My husband died in a tragic work accident 23 years ago. My children were small at the time just 6 and 8 years old. Since my husband had passed, I devoted my full attention to my boys, never dating, never even allowing the opportunity. I was so determined about making sure my boys were taken care of that emotionally, I forgot all about myself.

While I never let myself slip physically, which is to say I regularly kept up with hair, make up, and was, in the beginning, an emotional front. While I was dead inside, outwardly I had to present a well taken care of and stable person for the sake of my boys. My boys were the sole purpose for not falling totally apart. For all that this site was, it provided me with a source of entertainment on a daily basis.

The boys were now in their late 20's, early 30' be exact Mark was 29 and Jason was 31, so their reliance on me had been gone for several years.

To occupy my time I started reselling things and as time passed I needed new outlets for finding things thus bringing me to this site. While most times these "posts" struck me as repulsive, I could not resist the source of entertainment they provided.

After a couple of weeks, I started replying to these. Rather the ones that I found interesting. Sometimes they read to be genuine and I would reply as such only to find they weren't, others were so out there that I would respond simply to delve into the character of these people.

As I said this was a huge source of entertainment and became a daily obsession really. 23 years of practically being stored away in some closed off world from anything sexual, I was enamored by this site. I had no idea that people would openly request such things!

They would gladly send pictures, phone numbers and would go into great detail of all they could do for a female. I was amazed! After several weeks, I came across one that simply said "who's lonely"? For reasons I will never know, it was as if my insides were screaming I AM, I AM!!.

And so it began. The meat of the post was equally as captivating as the subject line. This man was asking for someone to enjoy conversation with, gave no indication of alterrior motives, no requests for pictures or asking what I was looking for in a man, it seemed as straight forward as I was. It appeared he wanted nothing but interaction. I HAD TO REPLY. In our inital emails, we exchanged fairly basic information. Age, things that we liked, tastes in food, music, styles just things like that.

The odd thing was, here is a man of which our ages was just less than 20 years, I was 52 and he claimed 35 yet our conversations were very easy, it always flowed and generally a couple times a day.

We had both found something in each other, something that he was looking for and that I had began to crave with each passing day. I never realized what I was missing. For 23 years I was gone, then hardened, then numbed to male interaction.

I realized when we didn't communicate for several days just how much I craved this. We always picked up where we left off. Though I missed our daily emails I never asked where or why, I was just happy to continue. After about a month and a half of these daily emails, he asked me to describe myself. This was truly a big step for me, all this time, this had been "safe", and I did blindly assume that it could go on forever this way.

He wasn't asking pictures only a description so he could imagine a figure with whom he was talking. Even with my age and wisdom, I reflected that this request was still safe, likely normal, and I couldn't escape the fact that I also wanted to imagine more. While I found it easy to describe myself, I couldn't help but imagine how it would be received yet it felt oddly right. So I described myself. I am 5'5, shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, well kept, 160 lbs.

I regularly wear make up and always fix my hair. Sometimes I wear glasses and others contacts, slightly olive skin tone and curvacious! I re read it several times just to make sure I had it right for me. When I read what I wrote, it was dead on. Even at 52 years old I did think I had a nice figure, descent features and overall was happy with how I looked. When I looked in the mirror, rarely did I want to change me. In my opinion, I was a solid 6.5, I was no beauty contestant but I wasn't to shabby either.

I gave myself the extra .5 because of my legs, thighs, and hips, I had aged.but no doubt well! I ended the email with "your turn" and a smiley face. I will never know why I put a p.s. on there but I couldn't resist, maybe it was feeling proud of my description, maybe it was not wanting to leaving anything out, possibly I wanted to give all of this conversation a hook, but I couldn't and didn't resist.p.s. 34c. I spent the rest of the evening up until bed, questioning my forwardness.

35 I kept telling myself, why would he possibly want that information? As I showered I openly said to myself .STUPID! The one fact that seemed to keep my sanity though is that it felt good to be that reckless, it made me feel "that" again. "That" had been a mystery for 23 years and as I washed over my breasts, differently tonight than many nights in the past "that" was very clear.

So many nights before this, showering had been a means to the end of a day, it was going through the motions, the motions of hygiene, of refreshing myself after a day of caring for everyone but me, but tonight there was a tingle, and it was front and center! Tonight I wanted to be touched, I was alive with feelings long since forgotten. I couldn't help but smile if even on the inside as I allowed my mind to clear.

My hands slid freely over my stomach and to my crotch, my fingers enjoyed the feel of the wet hair and the plumpness of myself and eventually the thickness of my lips. I was more exploring what was unchartered for so long, clearly this was not an attempt to get off, it was more an expedition of what was once lost. As I dried and readied for bed, the thought of pajamas escaped me tonight.

I simply laid on my bed under the slow breeze of the fan and enjoyed me. I was for no good reason completely satisfied. It was a day of unexpected revelation, the faucet of me being a woman had been opened by the simple act of a description to a man I do not know, I would likely never meet and it felt good. I lay there, eyes wide open thinking really of nothing, when I looked at the clock it read 12:37 am. I checked my email one last time for the night, I was drawn to it, it could not have waited Kathleen, You sound like quite the looker.

I have always liked long hair and a woman in glasses. Fettish much?! Lol. Sorry, couldn't resist. Can you say librarian? Somehow your description painted a very vivid picture of who I've been talking to, thanks! I am 6'1 about 240 and have short cropped hair, not the military crop, a little longer than that but very professional.

I as well have blue eyes, no glasses though. I consider myself to have an athletic type of build, though im no muscle man. I am something between well fed and stocky, not skinny, not fat.maybe it CURVACIOUS! My mind is in space, you've made my night.

Thanks, Keith P.s. size 13 The smile was permanent, what I've referred to in the past as permagrin. I made someone smile as he had made me. Keith.we hadn't before exchanged names, a detail that until now I had not noticed. One that was however welcomed, a name with a description somehow made sense. I couldn't help but to imagine what somewhere between well fed and stocky looked like. He made me smile, even chuckle.

An emotion lost on any man besides my boys in years, this was a good note to sleep on. I woke up early. Even in my smile induced sleep I must have carried on the euphoric high that I drited off on. As I sat at my computer with only a towel on my head, I contemplated how to reply.

My thoughts were dangerous, reckless, and out of line to a man I had never met. But he apparently wanted to play a game, why else would he put "size 13"? So many others had replied to me with illicit details, surely he was familiar with the happenings of this site if he's been on here for any amount of time, so there it was, he had checked into the game Keith, Thanks for the looker comment, it really made me smile.

I am lost in thought about where in space you might exactly be? I guess the answer to my next question or the lack there of will determine that but after almost 2 months, I can no longer resist especially with the emails of last night. What is your deepest fantasy? Nothing off limits! Lost in space also, Kathleen THE REPLY: Kathleen, My deepest fantasy? Noone has ever asked me that.

I will admit though it is quite taboo but none the less its mine and though I have never even whispered this outside my thoughts, here goes. I hope you are being honest when you say nothing is off limits.

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I have always fantisied of meeting a stranger for the first time in a hotel (neutral ground) when I get there she would be masked and blindfolded and ready for me to take her. There is in the mask and blindfold a 2 part safety, neither could point the other out in public and it would be a total trust situation.

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I would have to trust that you were alone and decent as well as you would have to trust that I was also good and offered you the same assurance (listen to me already having you as that stranger) a time limit would have been negotiated and the boundries established prior to meeting.

Did I mention the part about total silence? Lol Not withstanding of course grunts and groans of pleasure. So there you have it, my deepest fantasy. What about you, do you have a fantasy? Keith As I read this, it was like fire in my eyes. I was caught, this wasn't some short story internet smut blog, this was a real person, someone who I've gained a bonafied interest in.

Someone who has had me pulling myself toward him with each conversation. As I read it, the words blew by into a blur. I would back track, re-read, speed, blur, backtrack.I was invigorated by the thought! To be clear, nothing like this has ever, ever crossed my mind. I couldn't comprehend it.But I am now!

This mask thing had merrit!! While slightly creepy, I had some really strong points. The hidden part, it reeks of sneaky, taboo, and lustful. But to think of it, how many great situations have been ruined by a chipped tooth smile or a unibrow?

What If I would see this man in public or he me? (OMG, I seriously just put myself in this situation! Mentally of course) the silence also reeked of wicked, but also had very strong points, I decided that this needed to fester all day. I've always told my boys that your actions have consenquences, some good, some bad so stop, think, decide, be comfortable with your choice and EXECUTE! As my day slid slowly by, my mind never got far from a mask, and silence, and being taken.

As I laid down that night, taken I was in fact! My fingers explored with purpose as I massaged my breasts, my whole hands grasped with desire, cupped with love, and squeezed with ginger as my fingers toyed with my nipples til erect. I lay there, legs spread wide, enjoying the softness of my inner thighs, and how soft the hair covering my queen.

The feel in my hand as I pushed upward and into it and the pure joy of being found as I sank my fingers through my puffy, excited lips and into the depths of me. To explore with purpose and longing high and low, deep and shallow, multipul fingers, single digits, and my clit, how grateful it was for those dampened strokes. The rise and fall of my butt, the arching of my back and the bending of my knees. It was as if my body was a symphony and my hands the capable conductor.

You never truly lose yourself, you simply put it away to be found later and that night, I was found and my reward was no hole suffered. All areas were damp with lust and paid attention to gladly.all thanks to a man I had never met.keith. I replied to keith shortly after my "me" session, he was afterall the reason for my being found. I felt myself slipping into a place of need and want. It truly boardered yearning. I realize how it must sound but I could actually feel myself needing this, so with caution to the wind, I typed.

Keith, Let me start by saying these last few months have been amazing for me. Our contact has brought me a level of happiness I haven't known in so long. I dare not go into full detail of my life for the past several years, its far to early for that. I will simply say you have been a breath of fresh air and I have so enjoyed our conversations to a degree I'm certain I could only show. Which brings me to this next statement.while I have never shared your same thoughtsI can't help but be fascinated by how you have obviously thought it through.

At the risk of being shot down, I will say my fantasy is swiftly becoming your fantasy. I am willing, if you would allow me, what I believe to be the privlidge of honoring your wish and for one night, be the object of what you so deeply desire. Will you? I have taken some liberty with your wish and added some things of my own. Please understand that these things are non negotiable.

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On 10/21, I have reserved room 221 at the drury inn. I will be alone and in that room at 6:00 pm, masked and muted. The door will be open, no need to knock. The lights will be low, please leave them as arranged.

I will be in this room until 9:00 am at which time you will need to leave. No pain, though nothing is off limits. This is what I believe to be every mans dream, I am yours for the taking. This needs no reply, I will be there reguardless, and as stated. Please join me. Helplessly in outter space, Kathleen And with that, the mission was set.

I shopped for the perfect mask, I settled on one that allowed my hair to flow in a pony tail out the back. The mouth was netted and it was a good fit.

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Next up was something sexy. Not to little but not to much, the choice was easy. An over the shoulder slip type affair. Soft, smooth, silky and just a little above mid thigh, there would be no unders I decided. I gathered my things, the day had arrived and the room had to be set. I smartly placed the candles to allow light, though very little. Enough to see but not enough to judge, I was still 52 mind you.

I placed myself in the bed at 5:50 pm and waited. While laying there in the dimly lit room, I was able to make out the forms of lamps and the picture on the wall.

It was apparent I wouldn't be totally blind and this excited me, a pleasant surprise. 6:00 came and went, I could clearly make out the red numbers of the alarm clock on the night stand, at 6:10 my thoughts had turned to wonder and at 6:12 I heard the door.

One could not be more overcome by a wider range of emotions. Fear, excitement, amazement, shock, exileration. This had been all I wanted for days but the reality of it was here now.

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As I could make out his figure at the edge of the room, my eyes locked on his sillouett, my ears alert for every possible sound. He was watching me, his eyes adjusting in the darkness, his nervous breathing while not heavy was noticable. He smelled good.

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Now at the edge of the bed, his touch on my foot said hello. I returned the gesture, finding his arm with my toes. I could hear his pants come off, and the wisk of his shirt going over his head. In what seemed like no time he was in bed with me. He wasted no time. His gentle touch gliding down my stomach and onto my thigh the back up again.

He wasnt going straight for the gold, he was apparently willing to enjoy me. This was no doubt an erotic slow dance. His nose found my neck and took a deep breath in, he was smelling me. His hands never stopped moving over my body as he worked finally towards my breasts. My nipples erect with his light touch. Through the silkyness of my outfit, it was as if I was being pierced with a million needles, my mind was blank with excitement.

To a complete stranger I was giving myself with no reservations and it felt right.


I started with his shoulders, strong, solid, and smooth. Lightly working up the back of his neck with my fingernails and into his short hair, around the front of his neck and to his chest with both hands. He was as described. My insides were on fire and my thoughts were blank. My hands took control and they craved this touch. My hands to his cock were as if magnets. Through his boxers I could feel his growing desire.

With both hands I gently stroked it putting my face near it to take in his smell. The size was no issue though it was ample and thick, it felt perfect in my hands. I worked his boxers down as I continued to stroke him with an easy up and down motion, occasionally circling when I got to the head. Up on all fours I turned my ass towards his face, I needed his touch and he knew exactly what to do.

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His large hands slid over my ass, his touch was perfect. Not to light, not to rough as his fingers found my pussy. I was wet and this was easy as he burried a finger in my snug pussy, slowly moving in and out as I was still stroking him.

My mouth through the mask found his cock and it couldn't not have him in me, I wanted so badly for my lips to be around its girth. He slid in a 2nd finger and I couldn't contain my groan. From the depths of me the release said it all, DON'T STOP! I raised a leg to straddle his face. This wasn't for him as much for me, I had to have his cock but when he wrapped his hands around my ass and pulled me down onto his mouth, I realized it was an equal lust.

With his mouth fully on my throbbing pussy, I raised the mask to expose my wanting mouth. I devoured his thick cock with a fervor, taking it all into me. I squeezed his balls as I sucked and stroked with only one intention. Uncontrolably my hips rocked into my lovers hungry mouth and his tounge plunged into me with great appreciation. His hands never allowed me to get fully away, and not that I wanted to.

We were both very much enjoying the other. I wanted his cock in me so taking my pussy back, I turned towards him with no concern for the half uplifted mask. I never stopped stroking him as I whirled around and steadied myself over his cock, with an exchanged smile I centered his shaft to my pussy and slid down.

He spread me with a thickness I had never known. I leaned down into him as I ground his cock deeper into me and when he took my ass into both hands, the flood gates of euphoria opened. I kissed him deeply as his upward thrusts took over. He drove into me with such force, never letting go of my ass. I was certain his prints would forever mark me. He slowed only to concentrate on my breasts, owning my nipples he was relentless.

The more erect they got, the more he consumed them. With a free hand he manipulated my tit as he chose as my pussy poured again from being so fully taken. He rolled me to my back, never coming out and in what seemed like a fluid motion, pinned my arms over my head and drove into me again and again. My legs helplessly wrapped around him, he burried his cock into me harder with each thrust. I could feel him building to climax, his grip firmer, his thrusts more controlled, my legs now almost straight in the air with a hand on each ankle in a "v" formation.

He owned my body for what seemed like eternity. Truly he was a master at his art.


This was beyond fantasy, this was a real man who knew what he wanted and took it as he chose! Teasing with his final volley, he pulled out almost completely after each plunging thrust and immediatly refired his cock into my depths, not cheating me from one inch as his balls crashed recklessly onto my ass.

In a moment that surprised me, he broke silence simply saying bend over! As he guided me, to my knees I went, arms straight out. As he grabbed my hips, he again broke silence and said niceeeee ( and I knew) he pushed down on the middle of my back and I complied.

His cock immediately finding its swollen, abused, satisfied mark with a thrust so powerful my whole body jolted forward as his hands on my hips demanded I recoil. With each devistating thrust I let out an uncontrolled "granppphhhh", his cock swelling inside of me, pulsing like a base drum in my pussy.

He breathed hard, gripped harder then released an exhausted mmmm. My body managed to relax feeling the warmth of his seed filling me completely. As he slowly pulled out, my body collapsed in exhaustion. I was spent, and hurting, and satisfied. My legs spread, I could feel the combined juices running out of me. He got up and walked away it was then that I thought of his words.

This was my son. My mark of 28, not 35 and surely not "keith". With all that had just happened, my mind refused to allow me to fully admit it, when he walked back in with a warm wash cloth, I couldn't help but smile. He slowly wiped me clean as I lay there. I moved here and there to allow him a good job. He had seen it all, had it all and most assuredly, taken it all, there was no need to shy away now. I had decided that this would stay with me, but for the night I was here to be taken as he chose and likely to do some taking of my own.

I couldn't escape the feeling of the last 2 months and the mastery of this night. The consenquenses would filter I was sure but this night was still ours. I would work it out another time but tonight this was keith, and I kathleen. As the night went on our sex eased into making love with each time better than the last. He laid behind me, holding me as he slept and the decision was made. I had never been so well taken, my body so appreciated or my mind so satisfied.

As wrong as this was I could not allow it to stop. Until just hours ago this was someone I didn't even know and I was already addicted to his touch before knowing. I had always known my son but had never met keith. My mind allowed me to continue with keith.

After all the years of being the unselfish one, I can take this now for me. As his cock lay on my ass, so soft and warm, I began to stroke him and think.wake up keith, your kathleen awaits. And next time you will wear the mask.