Sporty redhead ebony fingering black lesbian

Sporty redhead ebony fingering black lesbian
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It was around 8:30 pm and Jade's mum and stepfather had just left to go out for a meal and then were staying in a hotel until the following morning for there anniversary and therefore leaving 14 year old Jade, her 17 stepbrother Michael and Jade's little 7 year old sister Emily alone at home for the night. They decided to get some snacks and then watch a scary movie on the sofa.

Michael was sat on the right side of the sofa, Jade was in the middle and Emily was sitting snuggled up to Jade on the left. Jade and Michael didn't exactly have a close relationship and neither of them were too happy about having to live together when they're parents had announced it the previous year, however they were dealing with it and they're parents had thought it was a good idea to leave them for the night so that they could bond.

They didn't really share any interests. Michael was a nice, outgoing guy with plenty of friends. He was 5'11 and had a good, lean body that he usually kept under his clothes.

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Jade was a quiet girl who enjoyed going out once in a while with friends but preferred to stay in most nights reading a book, she had an unusually pretty face with big hazel eyes and luscious, pouty, pink lips.

Her hair was long, brown and wild. She was naturally slim but she looked somehow sort of soft. She had full breasts and Michael had noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra that night. He'd always thought Jade was cute but had never really looked at Jade in a way other then a stepsister before that night but he couldn't help but enjoy watching the sexy way in which her bra-less breasts bounced when she walked to go to the bathroom.


Shortly after the movie had started, Jade reached over Michael in order to switch of the light, leaving him eye level with her big, beautiful breasts for about a second. He was so tempted to reach out and stroke them but he decided he'd better not incase she thought he was a pervert.

She sat back down sitting with her legs crossed so Michael had full view of her bare inner thighs in her tight, short, pyjama shorts. Out of the corner of her eye Jade noticed Michael staring at her long, bare legs and smiled to herself. She wasn't really used to male attention because she generally kept herself covered up but she felt flattered that a good looking boy was looking at her that way, even if it was her stepbrother.

About a third way through the movie, Emily had fallen asleep and as it had started to get scary, Jade clutched onto Michael and in doing so she felt his muscular chest beneath her hands.

'Wow' she thought, she wasn't even aware that he had abs. Michael felt the slight pressure of Jade's hands across his torso, as she snuggled in deeper beside him. As the movie progressed she spent longer clinging onto Michael acting as though she was frightened rather then actually watching the film.

Michael paused it 'Ahh I suppose I'd better carry Emily up to bed, she's totally out of it. Besides, that way you can stretch out more on the sofa' Michael said, getting up.

When he came back downstairs he had bought a thick blanket with him to put across himself and Jade. He sat back down on the sofa and Jade spread the blanket across his body before joining him herself.


Michael swore that her touch had lingered on his penis when she had put the blanket across him. He rested his hand on her thigh and couldn't help but think how close his hand was to her pussy, Jade noticed it too and felt an urge to push his hand so he was touching her pussy, she resisted.

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Instead, she stretched out on the sofa so that her feet where at the arm of the sofa and her head was at Michaels crotch. As soon as Michael felt the pressure of Jade's head on his penis he instantly felt his penis grow and harden with his erection and he knew that she'd be able to feel it too.

Jade felt Michaels penis against her cheek and she couldn't help but feel aroused knowing that he had gotten hard over her and she felt her pussy dampen. Just then the family dog, Sampson came plodding into the living room, and stood beside Jade's feet wanting to get onto the sofa.

Jade sat up so that Sampson could join them. 'I think he needs more room' she said to Michael. 'Could you move over a little bit more, or I could perhaps sit on your lap instead' she said looking down shamefully. 'Err yeah sure, I don't have any room to move over but you can sit on my lap if you want'.

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Both of them know it was just an excuse to have intimate contact between them. Jade had never done anything sexually with a boy other then kissing and a bit of breast fondling but she played with herself on a regular basis whereas Michael was skilled and experienced in the sex department and had already done everything there was to do with a girl but he didn't really have an interest in engaging in an actual relationship. Right now he couldn't help but think about how amazing it would feel to stick his 8inch penis inside his little stepsisters tight, wet, virgin pussy.

She climbed onto Michaels lap and felt his penis against her juicy bottom as she sat with her legs crossed. Looking down, Michael saw the damp patch between Jade's legs on her shorts. 'Shit' he thought 'I bet she wants it too'.

She was feeling pretty horny and knew that Michael was too, she decided she'd like to see how far things could go. So as she bent down to pick up the blanket, ensuring that she rubbed her ass against Michaels penis as she did so, at this point Michaels thick, hard penis was throbbing with his arousal.

Michael started to innocently tickle Jade's legs lightly with his fingers, 'hmm, that feels nice' she whispered. He started edging more towards her pussy and when he reached her inner thighs, he started to apply more pressure and was almost massaging her. A slight moan escaped Jade's lips as she became more aroused.


This encouraged Michael and he started stroking Jade's wet, outer pussy lips through her shorts and he felt just how wet she was. She started to gyrate her ass against his hard penis, massaging him through his bottoms.

At this point, both of them were breathing heavily, and Michael thought his throbbing member would explode! Jade loved the feel of his fingers touching her that way, this was shown by the way she breathed heavily and rocked her hips against Michaels cock to the rhythm of the movie.

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Michael reached one hand up underneath her pjyama top and stroked her breasts, using his fingers to make circular movements around her erect nipples and then kneading her breasts intensely, all the while continuing to stroke her sopping wet pussy through her shorts. 'Oh yes Michael, that feels so good' she took his hand and slid it underneath her pyjama shorts, wanting him to explore further.

'Just let me take them off instead' he whispered deeply into her ears. He lifted her up off of him and layed her down on the sofa, romved her shorts, and massaging her pussy doing so, he then removed her top and positioned himself in-between her legs.

He looked over her body at her womanly, full breasts with her stiff, pink nipples to her sexy, shaven, pussy, where her puffy pink lips were glistening from her lubricant. He started off kissing her breasts slowly but became more forceful, sucking and biting her nipples.

She moaned gratefully. He kissed down her slim stomach while massaging her breasts. He then licked affectionately between her pussy slit, 'ohhhh yesss' she cried. 'Put your big hard cock in my pussy Michael, I want it all inside me!' He was so tempted but decided he wanted to pleasure her with his mouth first. He found her clit with his tongue, nibbling it delicately with his teeth while slowly sliding a finger inside her tight pussy, doing this slowly before gradualy getting faster and harder, he continued to do this untill she cried out loudly 'fucccccck yess Michael' as she took with the intensity of her orgasm.

He hips bucking up meet Michaels wet mouth.