Boy Fucks His Ass And Cums On Cam

Boy Fucks His Ass And Cums On Cam
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CHAPTER 7 We slept in on Saturday and I gave John a rare day off. Other than taking my urine, washing me in my morning shower, and preparing our meals he was free to explore his own interests. He spent the morning on the computer playing games or on the internet checking email. I was surprised when, after lunch, he sat in his place with his head resting gently against my thigh.

"Are you sure that's what you want to do, John?" "Yes, Miss Sophie—I love being here, giving you my full attention and receiving yours. I always feel at peace here.

May I worship your feet?" "Of course, John—you know how much I love that. I only wish I had known years ago how much you loved my feet." I leaned down to kiss him before he scrambled to my feet. John began by kissing and sucking on each toe.

Damn! That felt absolutely heavenly. He continued by licking my soles while massaging the balls of my foot. I had always found John's foot massages relaxing. If only I had a glass of wine I'd feel complete. John must have read my mind because he suddenly jumped up and ran to the kitchen. He returned a minute later. "I thought you might enjoy a glass of wine with your massage, Miss Sophie." I thanked him with a smile as I leaned back, took a sip, and closed my eyes.

What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon. John spent the better part of an hour on my feet, even rubbing in an aromatic lotion that always made my skin feel soft and smooth. "Stand up, John—right here in front of me." He was shocked when I opened his pants and dropped them to his ankles.

Opening his cage I asked, "Who owns these things?" "You…you do, Miss Sophie," John gulped. "That's right, I do.

Stand perfectly still and keep your hands behind your head." I leaned down to plant a quick kiss on the tip of his cock. John's response was to tremble and shake. He was hard in an instant and he trembled terribly once I took him fully into my mouth. Wrapping my tongue around the head of John's organ only made it worse. I knew I could tease him unmercifully forever until I hurt him.

Taking mercy (?) on John I reached down to squeeze his balls. He erupted almost immediately into my mouth and throat. I held as much of his cream as I could in my mouth. He opened obediently when I pulled him down for a kiss and licked me clean. I licked John's cock clean and locked him up again. He placed his head on my thigh again once his pants were back in place. John raised his hand and spoke when I acknowledged it.

"May I give you one, Miss Sophie?" "Thank you, John, but I'm still recovering from last night. To be honest, I'm a bit sore. Daniel stretched me farther than any man has ever in my life. It was quite the experience, but I'm still hopelessly in love with you. I am thinking, though, of doing away with my panties. They always seem to be in the way." I stood up, dropped my Capri's and pulled off my thong then sat back down naked below my waist.

"I think you'll enjoy this a bit more, won't you?" Laying his cheek against my thigh, John smiled contentedly, signaling his agreement. We spent the rest of the afternoon in that position with the exception of five minutes when I had to pee. John took it from me then as he had for the past five weeks and would for the rest of our lives together.

I was back at work Monday morning looking forward to a long week between work and preparing for Saturday's party. Fortunately, I knew I could leave everything dealing with the house and cooking to John. I'd shop for all the party supplies on Wednesday and Thursday after work so John would have dinner late to accommodate me.

For the first time since we had married I knew I could rely on him. I was into a mountain of paperwork when my phone rang. I was surprised to see that it was my private line. "Hello?" "Hi.Sophie? It's Daniel; I hope I'm not disturbing you." "Not at all, Daniel…how are you?" "I'm a lot better than I was last week at this time." I laughed.

"That makes two of us." "Well, I wanted to thank you…and John, too…for everything. I hope you don't mind, but I told one of my fellow engineers about you. I didn't mention your name or address or phone number. He's so jealous of me. Now, I have to tell you—we have a locker room at the jobsite with a communal shower.

If anything Hans is even bigger than I am. I wonder if you might be interested. I do know he's a gentleman." "That's an intriguing idea, Daniel.

I'd like to think about it if I may. I promise to call you back by the end of the week." We said our good-byes and I went back to work, but I was distracted. I wondered how many other horny men Daniel knew. That could solve quite a few problems for me. I promised to phone him and I did—late Thursday afternoon, inviting Daniel and his friend Hans to our party Saturday evening. John worked hard all day cleaning and preparing the food. He really had become an excellent cook—much better than I ever was.

I was talking to several of my staff and their spouses Saturday night when John answered the door. I had told him to use "Daniel" rather than "Mr. Daniel" to avoid any unnecessary questions and possible embarrassment. He brought them to me. "Miss Sophie, you know Daniel and this is his friend Hans." I greeted Daniel with a kiss to his cheek and Hans with a friendly handshake. I was just about to engage him in conversation when one of my employees asked a question. "Your husband calls you, 'Miss Sophie?'" "John can be such a goof.

That's his pet name for me. I told him when we began dating that I hated pet names like Snookie and Honeybunch so he came up with that for me. He's called me that ever since. Sometimes he drives me crazy, but he can be so funny at times. Daniel knows him. I'm sure he can tell you." "Yes, indeed; John is a very special person and I can testify as to how dedicated he and Sophie are to each other." "Well, I'd like to hire your cleaning service.

They do a much better job than mine does." "I'm sorry, but John is not for hire." That got some strange looks so I continued, "You see John worked for one of our competitors, but he hated his job—really hated it. He did it only because we needed the money.

His sacrifice became unnecessary when I got my promotion. We no longer needed the money and someday soon we're thinking about starting a family.


I hate the thought of our child in day care while someone we barely know gets to see the baby's first steps or hear its first words. John is the logical choice. Not only did he hate his job, but he's much better at taking care of the house and cooking than I ever was.

John made everything you'll eat tonight, even the pastries." I smiled and reached out for him as he approached. I kissed his cheek as he asked if anyone needed a drink. Daniel asked for scotch and water while Hans asked if we had any European beer. "We have Stella; will that do?" Hans replied with a smile and a nod. I broke away from the large group to speak with Daniel and Hans.

I learned that he had attended the University of Heidelberg for his Bachelors and Oxford for his Masters. He was thirty-five and had worked for the bridge building firm for eight years, enjoying seeing the world, but looking forward to settling down in another few years. He told me about his family and how his grandparents had left Germany because of their opposition to Hitler and the Nazis.

Only when the war was over did they return. "My grandparents weren't Jewish and, from what I've been told, they didn't have any close Jewish friends, but they recognized injustice and couldn't tolerate being any part of it." I liked Hans and would have spoken to him longer if I didn't have to host the party.

I made arrangements to meet him for lunch next Saturday. I did eventually agree to cuckold John with him. It was a decision I never regretted. Daniel was right—Hans was a bit longer and much thicker than Daniel. Even better, he had excellent orgasm control. Over the next eight months I cuckolded John with the chief engineer, a structural engineer, two welders, two riveters, two crane operators, and—breaking my own rule—Daniel again.

I regularly read the Wall Street Journal during the fifteen to twenty minutes I spent eating my lunch. One day I noticed a small article tucked into the lower corner of page 64. I rarely read articles so far back in the newspaper because I don't have the time, but something about it caught my attention. A minute later I was online checking a phone number in Zurich.

I knew it was too late to phone the clinic today. Zurich was six hours ahead of us. That would be number one on my agenda for tomorrow. In fact, I decided to come in to work early in case the call took an extended length of time.

I set the alarm forty minutes earlier the next morning, enjoying having my sleepy husband/slave wake to take my urine, wash and feed me before undertaking his daily chores. By now he was too well accustomed to being cuckolded. I was sure that he felt it was his lot in life to love a woman who was obsessed with the idea of fucking big cocks.

I used my cell as soon as I was in my office. "Schissel Clinic," I heard the receptionist say. "Do you speak English? I wonder if I could speak to Doctor Schissel. I am calling from New York." "One moment, please, I will see if the Frau Doctor is available," she replied with a heavy German accent. It was several minutes later that Dr.

Schissel picked up the phone. I asked her about her experiments and how they were progressing. After listening for more than ten minutes I asked if she had made any human trials and on what parts of the body. Again I listened for an extended time. English was clearly not Dr. Schissel's first language so the translation from her native German took some time on both our parts. Finally, after almost half an hour I got down to business. She was hesitant at first, but when I offered her a five million dollar donation she did agree.

We set a date exactly one month in the future for our appointment. Now all I had to do was tell John. I decided during my drive home to say nothing until just before our departure. I began to compile a list of clothing I would require. Switzerland can be cold even in summer. I made first-class reservations on Air France for both of us knowing that our passports were valid.

Finally, on the Monday before our Sunday morning flight I gave John a list of clothing I wanted pressed. "Have these done by Friday, John." I could see the questions in his eyes, but after all these months he never thought to give his questions voice. He simply did as he was told knowing that I would explain or not as I believed necessary.

We were at breakfast Saturday morning when I addressed the issue of our trip.

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"Get my red suitcase and carry-on from the attic, John and pack all the items you've pressed along with this list. It held the panties and bras and nightgowns I would need for our three week visit. I spoke to him once the bag was packed. "We are going to Zurich, Switzerland, John.

You will pack one outfit for you for the return trip and three sets of tees and nylon gym shorts to wear while you are there. You are going to a famous clinic for an experimental treatment. Do you know what HGH is, John?" "I know you can't use it if you're a baseball or football player, but that's all." "How about stem cells?" "No, Miss Sophie; I have no idea." That was pretty much what I expected.

"HGH is human growth hormone, John. Stem cells are often taken from an umbilical cord after a baby is born. They are the basic cells that form all the other cells in the human body.

The doctor you will see has done a number of experiments—successful experiments—on animals using both of these substances to grow new tissue. In one case she was able to grow a new leg on a deformed rabbit. In another she was able to grow a new lung in a mouse. "You will undergo treatments on your penis to see if it can be made to grow larger. If it can be done I will no longer have a reason to cuckold you. I have enjoyed being fucked by big cocks, John, but I would have much preferred being in bed with you.

I will tell you that I believe the treatments will hurt so you will be sedated much of the time. That's why you will only need outfits for bed. You will have to sign the releases, John so the final decision is yours." "No, Miss Sophie—I made my final decision when I agreed to serve as your slave. I will always do whatever you wish me to." I leaned forward to kiss John, praying that the experiment would work. We were up early the following morning, meeting the limo in the driveway at 6:00 a.m.

for the hour long trip to JFK International Airport. I removed John's cock cage before we left the house. Being early there was no line for first class passengers. I checked both bags and we were off to security.

Of course, we had to go through all the indignities other passengers had to suffer to ensure our safety. We arrived at our gate with forty minutes to spare. I began to relax at last once we were safely seated. Our steward offered mimosas. I thought, "Why not?" I could see how tense John was. Perhaps a little alcohol would help him. I ordered for both of us. If the steward thought that odd he kept his thoughts to himself.

The flight to Paris-De Gaulle was long but comfortable thanks to the wide and well-cushioned seats in first class. We both slept for several hours en route, waking primarily for the lunch which was pretty good for airline food.

I almost always used either European airlines like Air France or Quantas if I had to fly across the Pacific. I thought the food and service were both better than on our airlines where the flight attendants often seemed to disappear for hours at a time.

We changed planes at De Gaulle for a regional jet for the roughly 300 mile flight to Zurich. Another limo was waiting to take us to the Baur au Lac, one of Zurich's finest old hotels. A person earning what I did would have difficulty affording a suite here, but this was one of the times my hidden millions came in handy.

I tipped the bellman and had John unpack the suitcases while I checked out the view. Once he was done I took him to bed. "I'm afraid this will be our last chance to make love for at least the next three weeks, John.

Your first treatment will occur tomorrow morning. I'll be with you during it and later while you rest in your room. I understand you will need at least five treatments and your penis will be tender for several weeks afterward. We'll probably know by the time we leave whether the treatments have worked.

"Come to me, darling—my husband, my slave. Make the most beautiful love to me." I shed my clothing one garment at a time in a sensuous striptease, winding my blouse, slacks and bra around his startled face. I pushed my breasts into John's chest, wrapped my arms around his neck and forced my lips into his, my tongue into his mouth as I ripped the clothes from his body. Pushing him back onto the bed I moved up John's body, claiming what was mine.

I straddled John's head as I had done hundreds, if not thousands, of times and he responded as he had ever since our first time together as Mistress and slave, sealing his lips against my cunt. He was shocked when I pulled back laughing. "Not tonight, darling; tonight this exists only to bring you the utmost pleasure. Lie back and enjoy." Moving back down his body my lips and tongue found his hard but slender cock.

I slowly ran the tip up the sensitive underside of his organ causing John to tremble from the rapture he was feeling.

It was about to get a lot better. Moving back down I took each of his swollen balls into my mouth, enjoying his smooth hairless skin immensely. My tongue washed over each sensitive gland. John bucked in response even as I slowly released each orb with a pop. John's breathing was already rapid and shallow when I moved up, straddled his hips, and lowered myself onto his rigid shaft. As was my habit I began to move, rubbing my clit into John forcefully, en route to my first orgasm. Normally, I would do this for an hour or more, experiencing as many as six, before allowing John to drown my cunt with his baby cream.

Tonight I had something entirely different in mind. I jammed my sharp fingernails into his nipples after only a few minutes. He was completely conditioned by now, having associated the excruciating pain with extreme pleasure hundreds of times. I usually fucked John every day, using him for my own pleasure and to reward him for his faithful service and, of course, for his unswerving love. John came hard as soon as my nails dug into him, but I wasn't done yet.

I continued to fuck him using his slippery semen as a lubricant and five minutes later I pinched him so hard I drew blood. Again John ejaculated into my already drowning cunt. Still I fucked John, moving as hard and as quickly as I could.

I was just about ready to cum when I pinched John again. We came together in what seemed to be a mountain of ecstasy. I collapsed onto John's chest, licking the trickles of blood from his wounds.

"Very well done, slave…very well done." We stayed there for almost an hour before we had the energy to struggle into the shower. I ordered room service once we were out and dry. We slept extremely well that evening. I had a full breakfast in the dining room the following morning; John had tea with honey and several pieces of toast with butter and jam—doctor's orders. A taxi took us to the Schissel Clinic in minutes where we were greeted at the door by a young blond nurse who identified herself as Nurse Anja.

I was shocked by her uniform—her tits were hanging out and the dress's hem barely covered her ass. A minute later we were in Dr. Schissel's office. Dr. Schissel, a short woman with her grey hair tied neatly into a tight bun and her white lab coat open and flowing, entered to greet us a minute or so later.

"Welcome! You are obviously Sophie…and this must be John." She shook my hand and when she approached John he stood and she shook his. "I have forms for both of you to sign here on my desk. Take as much time to read through them as you wish John. I have marked the places where you sign with tape markers.

Feel free to use one of my pens. "I also have some forms for you to sign, Sophie. They deal primarily with payment." "I have already opened an account with a local bank and wired the funds to it. I can make the necessary transfer at any time you wish." "No wonder you are such a successful business executive, Sophie. John…are you done already?" "Yes, Ma'am; if Miss Sophie says it's okay then there's no reason to waste time reading." I leaned across the chair to kiss John's cheek.


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Schissel used the intercom to summon a nurse. She introduced her once she had arrived, "You have already met my Chief Nurse, Anja. John, she will show you to your room. I have also asked her to make some measurements of your penis so she will stroke it for you to make it hard. I have asked her to measure three times, at least, so do not become alarmed at her handling of your penis." Nurse Anja took John by the arm and led him away. "I must tell you, Sophie that I did not entirely believe your story about John being your slave, but now that I have met him I can see how docile and obedient he is.

How many times have you cuckolded him?" I had to stop for a few seconds and count. "I think a dozen times over the last eight months…only repeating partners once. I would much prefer John, especially in an era of such terrible STD's. Hopefully, this will work and I'll never see the need to cuckold him again." "I am glad we have this time to speak together, Sophie. You must prevent John from seeing the hypodermic needles.

If his penis is as you have described it I will have to use a needle six inches long." I was sure my expression betrayed the shock I felt. "Yes, I must insert directly into the head and all the way down to the base of his penis.

Then I will release the serum gradually as I pull the needle back out. I will give him a sedative in the form of a Valium drip—an IV placed into his hand—and I will also use a local anesthetic to minimize the pain. I am afraid that he will rebel if he sees the hypodermic. "I can give you a sterile gown, cap, and booties so you can be with him. I think that will be important. I suggest you lie across his chest to caress his head and face. Kiss him if you wish, but please do not let him see the needles." "What will be in the serum, Doctor?" "Most of it will be sterile saline, but there will also be thousands of stem cells and a small amount of HGH.

Hormones are extremely strong. Even a tiny amount will have a significant impact on his body…anyone's body, for that matter." As we continued our chat I began to wonder what was happening with John. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Nurse Anja led me out of the office and down the hallway almost a hundred feet before opening a door to a large room with only a single chair, a dresser I'd never need, and what I assumed was a hospital bed.

"Please remove your clothing, John. I will hang them in the closet and we will have your underwear laundered." "Miss Sophie does not allow me to use underwear, Ma'am.

"We will be working together for your entire stay, John, and very closely. Please call me Anja. Will you do that for me?" "Yes, Ma'am…er, Anja." "Please lie on the bed once you're naked." Anja took my jacket, shirt, and pants, hanging them neatly. My shoes were placed on the floor. She brought me a warm terrycloth robe and a pair of slip-on slippers. Running her fingers over my groin she commented, "You look very nice, John.

You are a good looking man and I can see you are not at all fat." She held my testicles in her hand and rubbed them gently. I could easily see her huge tits when she bent over and she knew it. She was teasing me shamelessly.

My cock responded even though Miss Sophie had done quite a number on me last night. "Very good, John—I see you are highly responsive to my touch." She retrieved a small ruler from her pocked and measured my cock.

"Almost 13.2 centimeters; that is excellent, John." She wrote on her clipboard and wound a tape measure around my cock in three places. "Good, John…an average of 13.8 centimeters in circumference.

Now, John I must masturbate you. That's why I am wearing this silly costume—to stimulate you. In fact, I think I will remove it.

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You don't mind, do you? I would hate to get your semen all over it." She stood back, unbuttoned her uniform and draped it over the chair. She stood there next to me wearing only a white thong that barely covered her sex, a white garter belt supporting sheer white stockings and three-inch white heels. Her breasts swung freely as she began to manipulate me. She left me for a few seconds, walking into the bathroom and returning with a small bottle of lube and several small plastic cups.

Once my organ was thoroughly lubricated she went at me in earnest. Moving toward my head she pushed a nipple into my mouth. "Suck on it, John. Sophie would want you to." I said nothing and followed orders. "Push your hand into my cunt, John. Sophie would want you to." Again I followed orders and fingered her cunt and she squeezed my balls really hard. It wasn't long before I began to spurt. Anja caught all my ejaculate in one of the cups, even wiping the tip of the last segments of semen.

She left to cover the cup and bring a wet towel from the bathroom. She carefully washed my cock and abdomen until clean. Donning her uniform again she left the room. "Please clean your fingers while I'm gone. You may use your mouth. We will begin another round of measurements and masturbation when I return." I placed my fingers into my mouth sucking her nectar from them. The entire sequence was repeated two more times and I was justifiably exhausted when Anja was done with me.

Miss Sophie and Dr. Schissel walked in just as Anja was finishing her final cleaning. They did not seem to be surprised at her nakedness.

Anja dressed and she left with Dr. Schissel; Miss Sophie remained with me. "I will be with you in the operating room, John to support you.


This is not really an operation, but there will be an IV with a sedative and local anesthesia. Most importantly, it will be a sterile environment to protect you." She gripped my head and held me for more than a minute. "I love you so much for going through this for me, John." She moved her lips to mine and kissed me passionately, stopping only when another nurse came into the room to insert the IV and begin the sedation.

I was really mellow twenty minutes later when I was transferred to a gurney and moved to the operating room. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** "May I ask why you are doing this, Frau Doctor?

John's penis is both longer and thicker than average." "That is as I suspected, Anja. Sophie may be a successful businesswoman, but she is also as shallow as can be.

She is a 'size queen,' someone who always thinks bigger is better. She is donating five million U.S. dollars to the clinic, but when I first considered this I debated whether I should give John a monster cock—one that is both too long and too thick for her to fuck.

Then I realized that I would only be hurting John who has probably been hurt enough. I really do hope that the process works for his sake. Sophie has manipulated him into this slavery although she has told me she did it to save him from his own destructive behavior." "Do you believe that, Frau Doctor?" "I think I do.

She has no reason to lie about that. She could have just hidden it from me. Other than having sex with large cocks, I don't really believe she found the cuckolding all that enjoyable. She told me that she always fucks John after, although she does make him clean her and her partner with his tongue every time. He also takes her urine daily, but I have told her not to do it while he is here." "Too bad—I think I would have enjoyed that." Doctor Schissel laughed.

"I told her that she couldn't do it. I'm not telling you not to do it." An orderly knocked then told them the patient was ready. They sanitized their hands and gowned up for the procedure, walking into the operating room a few minutes later. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** I was nervous when I was placed into a gown, hairnet, and booties then led to meet John in the OR.

I kissed him and stroked his cheek until I saw Dr. Schissel and her nurse enter. Nurse Anja carried a metal tray that was covered with a pure white towel.

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She placed the tray on a table and moved quickly to John. "This will be a bit cold, John. It is an antiseptic we need to use to clean your penis and surrounding areas. I'll follow this with something else to clean you once the doctor has finished the procedure.

Don't worry—you are in excellent hands with Doctor Schissel. Now I have to make you hard and tie off the base of your penis to make sure you keep your erection." She stroked him for several minutes displaying a disturbing familiarity with John until he was completely hard then she wrapped a soft cord tightly around the base of his cock and tying a simple knot to secure it.

"Excellent, John—I wish all our patients were as easy to deal with as you are." Dr. Schissel spoke next, "John, you will feel a little pinch. It is a local anesthetic that will numb the area so you feel no pain. There…did that hurt you?" "No, Doctor." "Good, we will begin in twenty minutes when we are sure you are numb. You may remain here with John, Sophie." She exited the room leaving her nurse with us.

She felt John's penis every five minutes to see how it was progressing. She used the intercom to summon the doctor when John's groin was completely numb. Dr. Schissel nodded as a signal to me. I leaned across John's chest to block his view. I faced Dr. Schissel for a second and prayed that John didn't see me grimace when I saw the hypodermic. As Dr. Schissel had said the needle was six inches long, but I wasn't expecting to see that the cylinder was almost as long and more than three times as thick as what was normal in the U.S.

I began to wonder whether I should just be satisfied with what John had to offer me. Then I saw the doctor push the needle through one side of the glans of John's penis into the corpus spongiosum in the shaft. I returned my attentions to John, holding his head and stroking his cheek.

It was a good eight minutes, at least, before Dr. Schissel announced that the first step was completed. After another ten John was wheeled to his room and aided into his bed. John appeared to be okay but tired so I left him to sleep while I went out to do a little shopping. I had no idea that Nurse Anja entered John's room as soon as I had gone. "Are you okay, John? I can't believe that your wife would force you to go through this.

Your penis is already somewhat bigger than average. How big does she want it to be?" "I don't know, Miss Anja. All those other men who fucked her were much bigger than I am." "I can't believe that she made you watch. I am sure you were so embarrassed." "Worse than embarrassed, Miss Anja; I was humiliated and it didn't get any better when I had to clean Miss Sophie's pussy or her partner's cock after.

There were times when I wished I was dead." "Oh, you poor man—I'd never do anything like that if you were mine. I'd love and care for you and only you. I don't even think I'd make you take my urine. We have toilets here in Switzerland, you know." "We have them in the U. S. too. Unfortunately, Miss Sophie thinks that John is the john." "That's very clever, John. I'll bet you're a very smart man." "I have my moments, just like everyone else, but Miss Sophie doesn't seem to think so.

All I do is clean the house, tend to the yard, and cook. She does fuck me every day, but she made it so I can't cum unless she hurts me." "That's terrible, John.

How does your penis feel now? May I touch it?" She pulled back the blanket and pushed John's shorts down his hips and legs to his knees. "Miss Sophie will be angry if she catches you.

She whips me when she gets angry." "I'd never whip you, John…never. Is it sore?" "It's a bit tender, but you're not hurting me.

It feels good." "I'm glad, John. How about this? Oh, by the way, the front door is locked so Miss Sophie will have to ring before she can get in. Dr. Schissel has given her permission.

She agrees that Sophie has done terrible things to you—thing you don't deserve." She moved up to kiss John, pushing her tongue onto his mouth.

It danced with John's once he reacted. Breaking the kiss she turned her attention to his cock, licking and sucking it until it grew and stiffened. Then she continued, turning John on and pinching his nipples until he came—slick white semen gushing into her mouth and throat. Anja grinned wildly as she licked his organ until it was spotless. "Your cum is delicious, John. I'd do that every day if you were mine." "That's nice, Miss Anja, but it's just wishful thinking." "Is it?

I wonder if you'd say that if you knew everything." She continued, telling John things about Sophie he never dreamed of, continuing until they heard the doorbell ring. CHAPTER 8 I was surprised that the clinic's door was locked when I returned, but I thought that perhaps there was concern for John's safety and confidentiality.

Nurse Anja came to the door after only a few minutes to admit me. I was surprised that her uniform was a bit askew, but assumed that she had rushed from some task at the doctor's bidding.

Rushing to John's room, I was surprised at his greeting. He was somewhat reticent and withdrawn. He seemed to open up a bit as we talked through the day. There was no TV in the room as Dr. Schissel had told me, "Your TV is terrible, but ours is even worse. Only the commercials have any value. John may read some of the books in our library if he wishes." I helped him into his robe and slippers then walked him slowly to the library.

The collection was surprisingly up-to-date with contemporary novels by Clive Cussler and Lee Child among others. John selected two and we walked back to his room. Nurse Anja met us halfway and asked if we would care for a drink. "Coke or Pepsi would be great," John replied. I declined as it was almost time for lunch. John had just removed his robe and lay back on the bed when Anja walked in with a large Styrofoam cup with a cover and straw. John smiled broadly, thanking the nurse repeatedly as he drank deeply.

I assumed his thirst was a side effect of the morning's sedation. Two schnitzel dinners were wheeled in to the room an hour later.


John ate in bed; I ate at a nearby table. The breaded pork cutlets were surprisingly tender and delicious. Even the mashed potatoes were tasty though not my favorite, by far.

John apparently liked his meal. He finished everything on his tray. The next four days followed in the same manner. Nurse Anja came every morning to masturbate and measure John's penis before he was taken by gurney to the OR for his treatment. I still couldn't look at the horrible needles that penetrated his cock, but fortunately John never seemed to feel a thing.

After the procedure I would stay with John for about an hour before leaving so he could rest. Unbeknownst to me Nurse Anja visited John every day once I had gone. John stayed at the clinic for three weeks in total with Nurse Anja masturbating and measuring every morning.

A small amount of growth was noticed on day twelve with more every day afterward until John's cock measured seven inches soft and just less than eleven hard.

Even better, the diameter increased from almost 1.7 inches to more than 2.5. I was thrilled. Now I would be able to fuck John and John alone. I had made the flight reservations and taken the limo to the clinic so we'd be at the airport two hours before our flight. I had just exited the vehicle when John walked out wearing a brown leather jacket and off-white turtleneck sweater I'd never seen before. Nurse Anja was with him, her huge breasts on full display in her skimpy uniform. I thought there was no reason for that until I spoke to John.

"Hurry, John we need to get to the airport." "I have bad news for you, Sophie. I'm not going with you. I learned a lot here at the clinic—that, contrary to your opinion, my original cock was somewhat longer and thicker than average.

I also learned that you hid more than fifty million dollars from me. "I've had a better offer from Nurse Anja. Did I ever tell you how much I love big tits? Did I ever tell you that yours weren't big enough so I'd want to fuck someone else with bigger ones? Of course not—I respected you for what you are while you belittled and humiliated me by fucking a bunch of strangers and making me clean them and suck their semen from your cunt.

"I'm staying here to be Anja's partner. I won't be naked around her apartment unless she's naked, too. I won't have to crawl or accept a whipping at her whim and I won't have to drink her piss or wear a chastity cage.

All she wants is to fuck me every day. Imagine that—someone actually finds me extremely desirable and she found me just as desirable when my cock was 'in your words'—tiny. "Good bye, Sophie—you'll hear from my lawyer soon. Dr. Schissel was most accommodating in permitting me to telephone him from her office and allowing him to fax documents to me here at the clinic. I've signed them and they've been sent by overnight post back to New York.

I look forward to the settlement. In the interim I have a job here at the clinic where I'll work closely with Anja every day. She plans to fuck me every day at lunch and again after work as soon as we arrive at her apartment.

I've been sleeping there with her every night for the past week. The apartment has a lovely view of the lake." John pushed me into the limo and closed the door. Anja said a few words to the driver and we sped away.

I was destroyed—humiliated—by the scene at the clinic. I understood for the first time how John must have felt kneeling and watching me fuck those other men. Surprisingly, I didn't blame him at all. I knew that I'd tricked him into slavery, chastity, and cuckolding—preying on and, obviously, destroying his love for me. I cried all the way to the airport and on most of the flight, too as I returned to my lonely house—my husband, my slave gone forever.

What a fool I'd been. I was no better on Monday when I returned to work. My eyes were puffy and red and my makeup could do nothing to hide my hours of crying.

I said nothing to my staff. What could I say—my husband got tired of drinking my piss or he hated cleaning my lovers' semen from my cunt?

I worked much longer hours than usual. I had no reason to go home where I was even lonelier than I was at work. I couldn't eat or sleep. I lost weight and suffered diarrhea from my lack of a regular diet.

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My work suffered and I came close to being fired several times. I had told John that I'd be happy doing everything alone. What a colossal mistake! I hated housework and now I did have to do it all. I hired services for the house and lawn. Mostly I missed John terribly. What I wouldn't do to have him back for only a second. I cried horribly every time I even thought about him.

Our pictures throughout the house were even worse. I was home for less than a week when I was served with the divorce papers. I cried all night, so badly that I couldn't go to work the following day. The papers lay on my desk.

I just couldn't sign them. I hated myself after reading the many allegations against me. I'd been a horrible person. No wonder John hated me. I began to see John in every man on the street. Twice I was sure I had seen him, but after running almost a full block I could see it wasn't.

That just made me cry even harder. I'd never been lower. I was a wreck without John, sitting home alone on Saturday morning a month after John had left me.

I hadn't had an orgasm since taking John to Switzerland. Once I had thought there was nothing more important than my cunt and the pleasure it could give me. Now I would gladly cut it from my body if only John would come back. The longer I sat there the more I thought about taking my life. Then the doorbell rang. I let it go. Who would call on a loser like me? Whoever it was, the person was persistent. The doorbell rang and rang. Finally, I rose--still in a total funk, my eyes still bloodshot from all my tears—just so the person would go away.

I opened the door and…"JOHN!" I broke down as I rushed into his arms, hugging him for all I was worth. My body was shaking violently as I stood in the doorway holding him. I couldn't believe he was actually here. "Is…it…really you, John?" "Yes, it is me, Sophie.

Why don't we go in? We need to talk." Still holding tightly onto John, I felt myself lifted from the floor and carried bodily to the living room. John placed me on the couch and sat next to me. "How has the last month been, Sophie? Have you missed me?" "Oh God, John—I thought I'd never see you again.

I've been such a fool. Can you ever forgive me?" "That depends on what happens in the next five minutes. First, let me tell you about Nurse Anja.

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She came to see me every day when you left, both in the morning and in the evening, too. She made a lot of comments about how she wouldn't make me drink her urine or how she wouldn't whip me if I was hers. At first I thought she was interested in me and wanted me as her slave then she told me that she and Dr. Schissel felt that you didn't appreciate me as I was so you tried to make me into something that I wasn't. They came up with this scheme to teach you a lesson and, more importantly, they taught me how to be a man again although the divorce papers are real and I will make use of them if necessary.

"Now, Sophie I will come back to you, but there are some conditions." "Anything, John…please," I begged. "First, I will no longer be your slave—no urine drinking, no whipping, no nakedness at home, no crawling—none of the other bullshit either and absolutely no cuckolding." "I agree. Oh, John—I can't believe you're actually here. I've been sick without you." "I expect to get my car back and money to spend and we'll get a cleaning service.

I promise that I'll never go to the strip club again." "I said 'anything' and I meant it. I already hired people to do the house and yard." "Good, then there's only one thing left." I looked into John's eyes with hope as he picked me up from the couch and carried me into the bedroom. "We will make love every single day except when your doctor says we can't because it might hurt the baby. We're going to have a family, at last." I broke down, crying from the joy I felt as John tore the clothes from my body, threw me on the bed and fucked me all morning, afternoon, and night.

We stopped only when we were too tired to continue then John insisted on cleaning my cunt and abdomen. I insisted on doing his, loving having his organ in my mouth and throat. He also punished me first for withholding information about my inheritance and later for making him endure the penis enlargement treatment. He bent me over his knee and spanked me both times, but kissed each of my red cheeks once he was done. Then, on Sunday, we did it all over again, fucking until we could barely stand.

It was the best, most orgasmic experience of my life even though John's cock had shrunk almost all the way back to its original size. John told me it began to shrink only a few days after I left and was down to its current size a week later.

It was now only one-half inch longer and a quarter inch wider, but I didn't care. It was attached to John, the man I knew I loved more than anyone or anything. He was still conditioned to cum only after receiving pain and he had refused to allow me anywhere near his nipples until mid-afternoon Sunday when we were both starving. I led John back to bed once we'd eaten and we fucked for another six hours straight until we both came again.

He insisted on cleaning my cunt, but I demanded equal rights—cleaning his cock and abdomen until it was spotless. We slept then, waking only when hunger roused us from bed around noon Monday. I'd completely forgotten about work and, for the first time in my life, I didn't care. Nothing mattered to me except John. I had him back now and I was never letting him go—NEVER! I told you at the beginning of this story that I was now very happily married to him. I truly was and I'd work my ass off every day for the rest of my life to keep it that way—to keep my husband, my love.