Licking her tits and love tunnel

Licking her tits and love tunnel
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Dan is a regular young boy. He is145 centimeters tall and weighs about average. He has dark short hair and hazel eyes, he is rather good looking for his age and he has even kissed many girls.

Once he even got to see a girls kitty! He is quite popular in class and a very honest boy.

On his freetime he likes to play video games and hang out with his friends. He lives alone with his mom Pamela and twin sister Sarah.

His mother is a very beautiful and kind woman, she is 43 years old and has golden blonde curly hair, is 166 centimeters tall and weighs 60kg. She has a slim and sexy figure with a big round bum and perky size C tits. She is very good looking for her age with her hair and blue eyes. They all enjoy life and are a pretty regular family. It's Saturday evening, Dan and Sarah has just gone to bed and Pamela sits down in the living room with a glass of wine.

- Finally some rest. She says to herself and takes a sip. She is wearing a short skirt and a tight white blouse, she thinks she looks hot in it.

She hasn't been with anyone since the childrens father left and is feeling quite lonely, and a bit horny from the wine. Her hand wanders down to her boobs, she feels her breast through the fabric and slides her finger over her nipple. She shivers and feel a warmth growing between her legs. She finishes her glass of wine and then gets up, she walks into her bedroom and opens the bottom drawyer, she moves the panties that are in the way and picks up a 8" vibrating dildo.

- Mhmm, I've missed you. She whispers and kisses the tip of the dildo, then she walks into the bathroom and close the door behind her. She always does it in the bathroom since that's the only door with a lock in the house. She sits down on the toilet and spread her legs wide, she slides the dildo over her panties, teasing her slit through her white lace panties.

- Mhmm. She groans quietly and move her panties to the side, revealing her hairy craving pussy. Her big pussy lips are swollen and hanging down, she takes the dildo into her mouth and spit and suck on it to.

After a while she takes the dildo and spanks her hairy soaking wet pussy with it, then she slowly slides it inside herself. - Oh god, she moans and close her eyes. She slides all of it in and turn on the vibrator. Her breath gets heavier and she thrusts the dildo inside her pussy, faster and faster. She thrusts the dildo all the way inside her deep horny pussy. She feels the orgasm building up, her pussy is dripping wet and she is slamming the dildo in and out of her pussy as she moans quietly.

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- Mom? She stops and opens her eyes and see Dan standing in the door. She forgot to lock the door! - Dan, what are you doing here?

She asks and takes the dildo out and put it aside. - I had to take a pee-pee mom, what were you doing? He asks curiously. - Eh, sometimes mummies do this because it feels really good. She says and corrects her panties so they cover her pussy again, then she stands up. - You can take a pee-pee now. She says and move aside. - Thanks mom. He says and moves to the toilet and takes his small hairless boy cock out and piss.

Pam looks at his cock with big eyes, she bites her lip and her hand wanders down to her panties, she starts rubbing her clit through the fabric. Dan finishes pissing and puts his cock back in his underwear, then he turns to Pam. - Goodnight mom. He says and smile, then walks out the door and goes back to sleep. That night Pamela had the best orgasm of her life, she squirted and creamed a bucket load, all while thinking of her sons cock.

The morning after Dan and Sarah comes down at the same time to the breakfast table, Pam has made pancakes and they all sit down and eat together. Dan is wearing nothing but his boxers but Sarah is fully dressed, after breakfast she is headed to her friend Erica.

Pam has been horny since she saw Dan's cock the night before and is wearing a short see through night gown, with no panties beneath. She wanted Dan to see her body, she didn't know why, she just had to.

Her perky tits and hard nipples were clearly visible and her hairy mound was very easy to see. Dan kept thinking about what Pam was doing the other night, did she have something in her kitty? Why would she have that and why did it make me feel funny?

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Dan looked at his mother and saw her perky big boobs. The funny feeling came back and he kept looking at them, he couldn't take is eyes away.

Pam noticed and smiled, she felt so sexy, having a young man looking at her. - Thanks for the breakfast, I'm going to Erica's now!

Sarah says and leave the table without taking her plate away, then she heads out. Pam takes away her plate and then when she comes back to take Sarah's plate, she bends over really much over the table. Dan gets a clear view of her big perky tits, nipples and bright aerolas. The funny feeling intensifies, his penis is feeling weird, it's almost like an itch.

He looks down at his underwear and notice it looks like a tent. He stands up and look down. Pam looks at him and almost skips a heartbeat. She feels her pussy creaming up and walks over to Dan. - Ohh, someone is a little excited! She says and smirks. - Mom, what's wrong?

Why is it like this? Dan asks, almost scared, thinking there is something wrong with his cock.

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- Oh, don't worry honey! You're just having a boner! She says and smiles at him.

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- Boner? What's a boner? He asks curiously. - It means you're co. Eh, penis is hard, that means that either you or someone else has to touch it to make it normal again. She says and slides her hand over his shoulder.

- Touch it, touch it how?

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Dan asks and look at his tent boxers. Pam smile and take his hand. - Come here, I'll show you. She says and walks with him to her bedroom. - Lay down on the bed honey. Pamela is so horny she is almost shaking, she is just about to see her sons hard cock and it drives her ferocious, wild with lust.


Dan lays down on the bed and looks at his mom. She sits down next to him and place her hand at his underwear, she slowly pull them down and his hard hairless cock pops out.

She looks at it with great awe, it's barely 4" long and not thick at all, but it's hard and it's her sons. She moves her hand to his cock and carefully wraps her fingers around it, she starts jerking him off slowly, going up and down on his little shaft. - M-m-m mom? What are you doing? That feels weird, kinda good. Dan says and start to breathe heavily. Pam is mesmerized by his cock and doesn't hear what he say.


She strokes his small boy cock slow and gentle, her other hand wanders down to her very wet and hairy pussy. Dan looks at his mom stroking his cock and feels very excited. Pre cum leaks out of his cock. Pam leans forward and licks the pre cum off his cock. - Mom, what are you doing? Pam looks at him, then she pulls down the fore skin and place her lips around the head of his cock and starts sucking it slowly.

- Mhmm mom! That feels weird, kinda good mom. Dan says and close his eyes. She sucks his cock faster and deeper, taking all of his length inside her hungry mouth, she feels the taste of more pre cum leaking out and can feel his throbbing cock is close to cumming. She stops sucking his cock and grabs it with her hand, she start jerking it off fast and hard. After a few seconds he cums. - Oh my god mom! What's happening? That feels so good! Dan exclaims as a few drops of cum pours out of his cock.

Pam is instantly there to lick it up. - Mhmm your cum tastes so good, son. She says and smile at him. - You just had your first orgasm.

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First out of many. Pam moves up and sits next to Dan. - It made my penis feel so good. His breathing is starting to calm again. Pam snuggles up with him and caress his cheek. - I love you Dan. Pam says and kisses his cheek softly. - I love you too, mom.

We have to do this again. - I will show you some other fun things we can do. Pam says and kiss his neck. His cock is still hard and her pussy is so wet it almost made a pool in the bed. Pam gets out of the bed and stand up in front of him, she pulls of the night gown and stands naked in front of her son. - Do you like what you see son? She says and crawls over the bed to give him a soft kiss on his lips.

Then she sits on his belly, grinding her soaking pussy against him. - Yes mom, but why is your kitten hairy? He asks and looks at the mound. - Hair starts growing on boys and girls when they get older, some girls shave but I like having hair on my pussy, makes me feel like a grown woman.

Pam says and smile, then she moves back over his cock so her pussy and his cock are touching each other, then she straddles him and points his hard cock into her pussy, she sits down and let it all slide in. She let out a soft moan. - Mhmm son, your cock is inside my pussy now. She says and look at him. He is astonished, her pussy is so warm and wet, it feels so good around his cock. Even though his cock is small she feels every inch of him inside her, she loves it.

Pam starts riding his cock slowly, she leans back so Dan gets a good view of her hairy pussy riding him. She groans and starts riding his cock faster and faster. She can't hold it anymore and she squirts and creams all over his cock. - Oh god Dan FUCK ME! She screams and continue bouncing on his cock. He can't hold it anymore and starts cumming inside her.

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Dan groans softly and looks at his mom's pretty face. She looks back at him and smile. "Did you enjoy that?", she asks and slows down her riding. "Yes mom, it felt great!", Dan replies and looks at his moms big tits. -To be continued-