Curly pussy slut in underware

Curly pussy slut in underware
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"I may have seen her, but not even info comes without a price, baby." Freddy's tongue flicks between his lips revealing brown teeth, and the movement makes my stomach lurch. Good thing there isn't anything in there to hurl. I'd been searching for Lizzy all day and hadn't had time scavenge anything.

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Now I might have to blow this lowlife to even get a clue where she might have gone. God knows I don't have any money to pay. "How am I supposed to know if you really have any info.

How 'bout you tell me first, then I suck." I can see him calculating in his head. Freddy isn't the brightest street rat. Neither am I, but I'm smarter than him. He looks me up and down like he's trying to figure out if I'm worth it. I'm sure I don't look like much.

Been weeks since I had a shower. My blond hair is a nest of tangles, poking out from under my dingy grey hoodie. Under the smudges I could be pretty. I am thin though, as one tends to be after living on the street for four years. Freddy finally settles on my eyes, and I know he'll tell me. My eyes always get me things.

They're violet. "Okay," he says and flicks his tongue again. "You let me touch your tits while I tell you, then you blow when you get the info." "Over the shirt." "Under, or no deal." I force the bile down and step into the ally. Now I'm breaking my own rule of street life safety. Too many to count actually. Blind allies, creepy men that are stronger than you, making sexual favors you have no intention of keeping, and it's almost dark.


Recipe for disaster. I hope Lizzy didn't get in a similar situation, I'd taught her better. We're both eighteen, but I outrank her in street years.

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Her one to my four. "Drop the pack. No surprises," Freddy demands. Shit. Maybe he's smarter than I thought. Now my blade will be out of reach. Time to play things by ear. I drop my pack and step behind the foul, overflowing dumpster so we're shielded from the road.

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Things are getting out of hand. As soon as I'm out of sight of prying eyes, he grabs my shoulder and spins me around, then presses me up against the brick wall with his body. His hands are already fumbling with the bottom of my hoodie, and in moments his cold flesh is tracing up my stomach to their goal.

"Start talking," I demand in a controlled tone as he grabs both my boobs and squeezes…hard. I don't release the moan of pain that wants to escape. I know he'll get the wrong idea. "Saw that little brown haired bitch last night," he says through panting breath and continues mauling my chest.

His thumbs calloused thumbs feel like sandpaper as they graze my nipples again and again. Though they're hard and peaked, I'm not aroused. Freddy is anything but a considerate lover. "And?" I try to keep him talking or he's going to drag this out forever. "And." He presses his whole body against mine. I can feel his cock through his jeans as he rubs it on my stomach.

Then he tries to kiss me. I push him away with both hands and he stumbled back a few steps. I use my sleeve to wipe off the copious amount of saliva he left on my cheek and mouth. "Tits only, asshole!" "Sorry.

Sorry." He holds his hands up in surrender, but I don't like the look in his eyes. "We're done. You don't know anything," I pronounce and go for my pack. "No, no! I swear." He intercepts me and pushes me back against the wall. I allow it, but he better start talking. His hands go under my shirt again, and now he takes his time.

Somehow this is more disgusting as his intent seems to arouse me. It's not working for my mind, but my body responds. His fingers tickle as they lightly graze my stomach and cause a quiver. A responding throb between my legs makes me angry. "She was in this alley." His mouth is close to mine again, but he just hovers there as he talks and caresses my breasts.

Each slow motion shoots electricity to my core. "I was sleeping under those cardboard boxes right over there." He nods down the alley, and I look in that direction. In the waning light I can see that there is indeed a pile of flattened boxes. My attention comes back to him as he starts grinding his dick into my stomach again.

"Which way did she go after that?" I let him continue his humping as I feel I'm close to a direction. "Nowhere." "What do you mean nowhere?" I look back around the alley dumbly thinking my pseudo-sister might be standing right here. I become acutely aware that Freddy's right hand has strayed the path, and is now testing the boundary of my jeans.

"Tits! Only!" I try to sound firm, but his eyes dart to mine, and I know he's heard the breathless quality too. Now he's going to think I'm enjoying this. He gives me an evil grin and his hand slides back up to my breast. "Tell me." "She walked in, started digging in the dumpster. Thought I might offer her someplace warm to park her ass for the night." He laughs wickedly, and for the first time, I let my mind wander to the harsh reality that something worse might have happened to Lizzy than just getting picked up by the cops.

My mind comes whirling back to my reality as Freddy's hand has wandered again and he starts unbuttoning my jeans. I'm thankful for the button fly as it buys me time to get the last bit of info I need. "Where'd she go, Freddy?" "I'm telling you. She disappeared." "You're lying." He's undone the last button and his fingers are brushing my curls. He emits a disturbing growl when he finds me wet. Stupid body.

"Oh I don't lie, honey," He says a breath away from my ear and shoves his hand lower in my pants. The tight fit keeps him from jamming his fingers much lower and he continues to stroke my mound with one hand and my tit with the other.

"She was here. A light shown down the alley. I thought it was the cops so I looked to the street. I didn't see any, and when I looked back, the little mama was gone and so was the light." "Okay, thank you. Now for our deal." I grab his wrist and try to pull his hand out of my pants.

But it's like trying to pull the sword in the stone.

He doesn't budge. "Oh, I don't think so. I think you want more than a blow." "No, I don't, Freddy." I try harder to remove myself from the trap he's made with his body and the wall to no avail. "Yes, you do." In one swift motion, his lower hand leaves my pants and is then firmly entangled in my hair.


He pulls me away from the wall, now in complete control of my movements. He spins me around, lifts my head back up and slams my face into the brick wall. I see stars for a moment and taste blood. A cool rush of air and a burning sensation alerts me to my jeans being forced down my legs.

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"No!" I scream and push away from the wall. With his hold in my hair he slams my face back, and I feel the hard edges of the brick scrap my cheek. I hear a zipper, and I know I'm moments from payment for the info on Lizzy.

If I fight, it will hurt like hell. Or I could just let him get it over with. He'd only last a second or two anyway.

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I try to console myself with the fact that this isn't the first time and probably not the last. No sense in fighting. Just a reality. I feel the warmth of his dick slide against my ass, and I do puke then. It's only bile though as I haven't eaten in days. I try to turn and spit it in his face. But he keeps my face against head against the wall and the vomit lands against the dumpster.

I feel him trying to line up his cock and brace for the penetration. Then a light shines down on us. I'd never been so glad to see cops in my life. Though immediately I start trying to come up with a cover story. The release of pressure on my face and the sound of Freddy's retreating footsteps down the alley don't immediately register, and I stand there with my pants down for a moment longer. I'm still expecting a cop to call out over the bull horn.

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I finally snap out of it and reach down to pull up my jeans. I start buttoning them and look down the alley expecting to be blinded by a spotlight. To my surprise, I see nothing. It's then I realize the light is coming from above. I look up and shade my eyes. My hand seems weird though. I look closer and see that particle by particle it's dissolving. It's painless and only tickles a little. I look at my other hand, and it too is vanishing.

I try to scream but my voice doesn't work. The alley fades from sight and disappears into white light.