Spicy czech sweetie gapes her wet cunt to the extreme

Spicy czech sweetie gapes her wet cunt to the extreme
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Zoë's Induction By Gail Holmes Brenda looked across the table toward Andy, in a way she felt sorry for him, they'd been married now for a little over 40 years remembering the times well. At the start he was obsessed with sex, at it like a jack rabbit on heat, the times she'd complained, a headache, or to tired; always something to stem his zest. Now the tide had turned, it was she now with the craving need, a raving nymphomaniac, making demands on her husband at least four times a week.

Oh, it never stopped there, what she didn't get at home, she sort favours from friends, well at least their husbands knowing only to well they'd keep tight lipped. Even out shopping she'd have a vibrator in place, many a time she'd lean over a counter or freezer unit in a store, curtailing a full-blown orgasm.

Zoë her daughter was the main concern, at nearly 19 she was a real beauty, her father worshiped her, any thought of a man anywhere near her traumatised him. Trouble was her body hadn't caught up with her age, this didn't help, as she was still his little girl to him; long blonde hair, her bust size couldn't have been any more than 32a, but everything else was shaped accordingly. Often she and her mother would talk, Brenda knew only to well that the symptoms her daughter referred to were that of the necessity for cock by the explanations of her urges.

But how do you give explanation to a girl who'd never even seen a cock, as to just how it could alleviate her yearnings, even her descriptions turned her mothers pussy into a manipulating frenzy. Brenda tried her hardest to explain as to what was happening to her daughter's body, knowing only to well as to what Andy's feelings would be of the subject, if a solution was to come into force, Andy would be the last to be acquainted with it.

"Zoë, leave it with me, I'm sure that I have the answer to your predicament!" Brenda knew only to well that Zoë even had problems with her monthly tampon, as to installing a cock in her pussy; well there was an answer, well at least she thought there was. Zoë noticed the look of apprehension on her mother's face. "Is there something wrong with me Mum, I mean do all girls get this feeling?" Brenda smiled at her concern.

"Of course dear; it's a woman's thing. I'm sure I'll soon have you sorted. But not a word to your father, men don't understand a women's emotions" She lied, knowing only to well her daughter could be laid by the first man she met without question. "You leave it with me!" For two days Brenda toyed with the idea, she knew of just the place; trouble was it was for women like her who we're crying out for sex, not only that, it would cost, but there again it might not, they might welcome her into there mist, not often they'd get such a pretty young virgin, however, it might even put her in good stead, she herself might get perks.

"Hi Brenda, nice to see you! The usual?" She knew Charlie only to well, many a time had he fucked her, others in the group also, one thing she did enjoy was a good gangbang, remembering the day when she'd gone through all at the house being thirteen in number, even taking the first on again, just in case of bad luck with the number thirteen. She used they're services at least three times a month. "It's not for me, I'd like to see Henry, I have an extraordinary service requirement of him!" she replied.

"Then, that you shall have; I'll see if I can get him for you!" Charlie lifted the phone by his side tapping a couple of the keys. "Henry! It's Brenda, she has some special requirements of us" Moments later Charlie put the phone back on the receiver and beamed toward Brenda. "Down in a couple of minutes, go into the lounge he'll meet you there!" He gave her a wink and pointed up the hallway Brenda nodded with a smile as she started walking up the long corridor.

"Thank you Charlie!" She grinned back to him. Chapter Two "Let me get you a drink, now what's on your mind; Charlie seemed a little unsure of your needs!" Brenda sat sipping at her drink as she explained her proposal in detail, Henry felt his cock pulse, the though of such a young beauty, he knew none of the boys would turn down such an offer. "Zoë, I didn't think she was old enough to undertake such orgasmic endeavours, but I can assure you we'd appreciate the chance to help you out, that's if she's willing bless her!" Henry chuckled to himself.

"You must understand that she's never ever encountered anything even slightly sexy, and the sight of a full blown cock I should think that she'd run a mile!" "We'd have to start with young William in that case!" Henry beamed with a smirk on his face.

"William!" "Well he has the smallest amount of cock here, even you won't entertain him, and he'd be good for her inaugural ceremony. I can't believe she's nearly 19 now? It'll be new to him, he's never had a virgin!" "What do you mean inaugural ceremony?" "Well, if she's a virgin as you say, he has the smallest cock out of us all, then we'll progress to Brian.

I wouldn't mind a stab at her myself!" "Nevertheless, I contemplated you wouldn't say no! Nonetheless, never would she accommodate Brian, Christ it's as much as she can do to install her Tampax in each month". "Don't worry once Brian been up her she'll have no problem in that field afterwards, we'll let him be the first to blow his load, she'll enjoy that!" Brenda knew only to well of his meaning, she herself welcomed Brian; he was an aggressive fuck.

But God, when he blew, you really did know you were being filled. "Is she on the pill?" Henry looked across the desk over his spectacles as he spoke. "Not as yet, she's had no need. I think the new injection would be better from her point of view, she'd only forget to take it!" "I'll leave it in your hands then, we'll make an appointment for say three weeks time, how's that suit you?" "I should be able to sort it all out by that time, what about the fee?" "God Brenda, that will be a freebie, you yourself can come up for the day, get yourself a good workout.

That's if you're up to it!" Henry smiled, knowing she'd never turn down a good fucking. "In that case I welcome the chance, we'll set the date. What's your itinerary then; I mean she'll be very shy?" Brenda beamed.

"Well, we'll break the ice with a few drinks, William will start to pay tribute to her beauty, which I might add will be accurate, by this time she'll have mellowed for a start, don't worry he'll be gentle with her. Let him give her half an hour to start with, that's if he last that long, then I'll go in.

She should be opened up by this time, I'll take my time, making sure I'm slow but deep, mind you I'll have wear a condom, don't want to leave her messy for Brian, should think by what you have told me, it'll be a struggle for him, still I'm sure he'll manage, then when he blows she'll really feel the filling. Rest her for a couple of hours then I'll go back to her followed by Brian again!" "What of me?" Brenda inquired.

Henry thought for a few moments then smiled toward her, taping his cigar in the ashtray in front of him. "You say she's likely to be shy, in that case we'll use the large bedroom, you can join us, I'm sure she'll be comforted by her mothers presence, you'll both be having the three of us between the two of you, at least you'll know she's getting the meat that you yourself will be having.

You can even take some of her blow; how does that sound? Save me wearing a bloody condom!" "Sounds excellent, be nice to be with her on her Birthday, and as you say if Brian is the only one getting to cum up her then I should be more than satisfied!" Henry smiled across at her and reached to pick up the phone booking the day with Charlie on the desk. "Seems that it will be two weeks on Monday, quiet day as a rule, so it should be fun.

I'll have to acquaint William and Brian, but I'm sure they'd jump at the chance, I take it that this date will be okay with Zoë, if you know what I mean?" "Well, if she goes on the injection it will be plain sailing" Brenda implied as she started to stand. At this moment in time Henry felt quite horny, with all the talk of acquainting young Zoë with her first cock, or in his case cocks had effectively turned him on.

Brenda was quite a good fuck, especially if taken from a standstill. Brenda had already noticed the boyish grin on his face, once seen never forgotten with her. "You alright Henry, you look as if you're in need of something?" She knew with luck she'd get a bloody good screwing for nothing if she just let him take her.

"Well, as you're here a ten minute quickie would be nice!" He grinned. "I think I can afford the time!" Brenda smiled back to him. Henry walked round the table taking her by the shoulders turning her gently until she faced the armchair that she'd just stood from, then eased her into a kneeling position on the seat, Brenda knew of his anticipation she clutched the back of the chair. Henry instantly clasped the waistband of her trousers pulling them down with her knickers over her bottom; with cock in hand he drove it straight up her.

Brenda gave out a low moan as she succumbed to the dimensions of his thick cock, her thoughts went to her daughter and as to how she'd feel when he forced his chunky meat up inside her.

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She loved it this way, didn't go a bomb on all the foreplay, cherished the sensation of a fat cock pushed straight up her, she'd never known herself to be dry.

Knowing she be naturally taut to any cock without foreplay; Henry was a mean fuck, always all the way in, no little jabs. "Your tight for a change Brenda!" She could feel his balls swinging abruptly under her as he spoke. "You'll have to get customised to that if your considering Zoë!" Just the thought of Zoë made Hendry fuck her harder, Brenda lowered her head pushing her arse back up to him, whilst gripping the back of the chair with her fingers.

Neither heard the light tapping on the door behind them, it wasn't until Charlie spoke that Henry turned, with no requirement to heed his pace, he continued to fuck as Charlie spoke. "Sorry to be a nuisance, but we have some papers needing a signature!" Charlie had walked in and stood beside Henry.

Brenda gripped the back of the chair harder; Henry was fucking her as if it would be out of fashion tomorrow.

He pulled her hips tightly up toward him, holding himself deep. Charlie was getting a right hard on just watching Henry. "For fuck sake, stick it in her mouth!" Henry informed him. Brenda opened her mouth as he came alongside; it was as much as she could do to contain it with the thrusting motions that Henry was now making.

Then it happened, she could feel her pussy boiling inside as Henry emptied his bollocks, it was just one large spurt after the other, he pulled her back by the hips assuring he was deep allowing Charlie to continue in her mouth.

"You alright there, or would you like to come around to the rear?" Henry asked. If there was one thing that Brenda cherished it was anal, deep, fast and furious. Charlie grunted pulling his cock from her mouth. Henry withdrew his cock as Charlie moved in beside him, reaching down he pulled Brenda's knickers up easing them to one side exposing her anus, he then smiled at Charlie.

"Don't want to get it on the carpet do we!" Already cum was seeping from her pussy leaving a damp patch, in the gusset of her knickers. Brenda gasped as he forced his cock straight up her arse; she sensed her pussy belch with a fanny fart as cum was forced out with the pressure of his cock going up her arse. Henry had taken the paperwork over to a table and started to lay it out as Brenda spoke. "Zoë won't want this sort of treatment!" she babbled out as Charlie ploughed into her.

Henry looked back toward the couple; Charlie was in more ways than one fucking the arse off her. Brenda lowered her head giving out low gutterish moans; her elbows were on the back of the chair with her arse jutting out and up welcoming Charlie's every thrust.

"Don't you worry none, she'll be treated with respect! We want to see more of her!" Henry chuckled Brenda already realised that the load he'd pumped up her, was from his thoughts of fucking Zoë Chapter Three Zoë was delighted to see her mother when she returned; Brenda seemed full of it; in a way I suppose she was, both Henry and Charlie had downloaded buckets into her.

Brenda had to go straight to the bathroom on her return, her knickers were sodden with the amount of cum she'd taken. Zoë waited patiently at the kitchen table; already she'd made her mother a cup of tea.

"So what happens now then!" Zoë asked with a broad grin on her face. Brenda sat picking up her tea, taking a sip before she spoke. "Well as I said, it will all happen in three weeks, but we have to book an appointment with the doctor first!" "Doctor, Mum, there is no way I'm having any doctor probing about down there, you know how I feel about that!" "Don't be silly, I'm going to make an appointment for you to have the injection, can't have you getting pregnant can we.

I want you to enjoy yourself; last thing you want is a worry at the end of each month!" "I don't think they'll be much chance of that the way I feel; all I want is to sense what it feels like. If it's painful, that will be it; I really can't see what's so special about it anyway.

The girls at work consider it to be God's answer to womanhood, if those bloody tampax are anything to go by, I think I'd sooner go without" "Well you won't need those anymore after the injection, believe me once you've tried it they'll be no turning back!" Brenda smiled.

"What took you so long anyway, I thought you we're only going there to see if I'd be excepted?" "Oh there's no worries there, you'll be more than welcome, and they're looking forward to meeting you!" "They…I don't like the sound of that!" "Bit of a get together if you like, couple of drinks first!" Brenda didn't like to declare it would be a type of gangbang.

"You'll like them!" She implied. "Them, how many are at this party?" "They'll only be three, I'll be there so they'll be no worries for you.

Plus, I might add, they are true gentlemen!" "So which one will show me the ropes as you put it?" Brenda could but smile at her daughters question, knowing as she did at all three would be seeing to her, but only one actually concluding.

Just the thought made her come over all wet again, Brian had a cock that most women would yearn for, but would her daughter be able to accomplish fulfilment of such weaponry.

She just hoped that Henry had it right, she knew he would never turn her down, he'd find her tight even after following William. "We'll see when the time comes, I can assure you you'll love it!" The time seemed to drag for Zoë, but when the morning in question came she seemed a little apprehensive.

"I think I'd sooner wear my jeans, it's a mite breezy this morning!" Brenda held up the short mini skirt towards her. "This will really get them going; I want everything to be right for you, this will be a day in your life you'll not forget in a hurry!" If there is one thing Brenda did distinguish, was that they'd both be departing Henry's house after each of the men had finished with them with very soggy knickers, knowing that her daughter would have more of a filling than her herself by the time Brian had done with her.

She just hoped Zoë wouldn't be too uncomfortable after her ordeal. Charlie was on the front desk as they arrived; his eye's glued on Zoë immediately, he hadn't realised the set up with Brian and William until they came down to the desk welcoming Zoë, both men followed mother and daughter as they climbed the staircase, scrutinising up under Zoë skirt.

Her mother had dressed her to kill, the bulge of her pussy protruded within the white satin panties with each step she took, a hornier site the two men couldn't have wished for.

"Spot on time!" Henry implied as they all walked in the door to the room. He reached out to take Zoë's coat, handing it back to Brian. "Now what would you like to drink then?" He smiled, ushering mother and daughter to sit on the large settee. Brenda had never been in this room before; it certainly was luxurious and very spacious, one would consider they were in a large lounge, as the bed was nowhere to be seen, but there were large drapes to one side she could only imagine that it was behind these.

"Well?" Henry quizzed standing at the large cocktail bar. "Sorry, I was miles away!" Brenda replied turning to Zoë. "What would you like to drink dear?" "WKD if you have it please?" Zoë smiled toward Henry.

"I'll just have a straight gin please; large one!" Brenda replied, noticing the way Henry and the other two were scrutinising Zoë, it's a wonder she never felt naked before they started. Henry turned back, collecting a WKD from the lower shelf, bringing it up onto the bar.

Knowing Zoë would be a mite cautious to start with; he added an amount of high alcohol into the bottle after he'd tipped some of the contents into a spare glass that he'd put aside for her mother.

William had taken a seat opposite Zoë; she'd already noticed his vantage point, placing her hand down between her knees, in a girlish way. "There we go one WKD and a nice gin for Mum!" Henry took the drinks off the tray handing them to each. "You can get your own I'm sure!" He implied looking down at William and Brian.

As Brian stood Henry duly sat in his place, his eyes seeking over Zoë knees. Brenda knew what he wanted, leaning over whispering into her daughters ear; Zoë without delay removed her hand. "You have to get them in the mood, but you'll need the smallest one first!" Zoë gulped down a sip of the WKD. "Smallest first, I always thought they were the same size?" she replied in a low tone.

"Thankfully not, you'll see!" William had put some soft music on and came to sit beside them, Zoë moved allowing him room. "Well, here's to the loss of Miss Zoë's virginity!" He raised his glass to each and everyone. As soon as Zoë lifted hers he placed his hand onto her knee, sliding it inside her leg. Zoë felt a chill go through her body, but she knew only to well that there was more yet to come if she was to lose her virginity.

Henry's eyes had been cemented between her legs, he himself had already become hard, he looked toward Brenda then back at Zoë, wondering if she'd get the same taste for sex as her mother had. The three men had spent the remainder of yesterday afternoon discussing the loss of Zoë's virginity, he was only to pleased that he was the boss of the establishment, going second didn't please him that much, but he valued Brenda's suggestion that she be extra tight and very nervous to start with.

Nevertheless William wouldn't open her up that much, but at least her hymen would be gone. Zoë felt a strange twinge between her legs as William rubbed his hand higher and higher up inside them, the feeling she'd told her mother of was getting much stronger at this stage. William moved in tightly to her side, placing his arm around her shoulder.

Brian had called Brenda over to the small bar, William took advantage of the situation, and with her mother out of the way he was free to start on Zoë.

He eased her around then laid her back onto his lap lifting Zoë's legs up onto the settee, Henry stood, walking over to the bar joining Brenda and Brian. "Think she'll be alright?" he inquired turning back to Zoë and William. Brian looked over watching as William kissed Zoë on the lips, she didn't seem to mind so far, her legs were still slightly open as she pulled herself up to his embrace. "You be gentle with her, you can't fuck her like you do the rest of us, you'd more than likely split her in two with that cock of yours!" Brenda implied.

"That's if you manage to get it into her?" Brian grinned. "Fear not, I'd only be making a rod for my own back should I not take my time" "D'you think it would make it easier if I cum up her?" Henry chuckled.

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"I take it you sorted out the birth control thing, I don't fire blanks I'll have you know. With her I should think we'd all cum buckets!" "Meaning you don't with the rest of us?" Brenda sniggered. "You gave me a good filling the last time!" She looked back toward her daughter; William now had her blouse unfastened, nibbling her breasts.

Zoë's body was in turmoil, her nipples had firmed due to William's sucking, she sensed his hand moving down between her legs, nipping her knees together sharply as to restrict his movement, he just stroked the inside, whispering sweet nothings into her ear. The extra spirit that Henry had put into her drink was taking effect; she was mellowing nicely now, her legs relaxed, allowing his hand to progress upwards.

William was in some kind of frenzy, he recognized he was being watch by the other three, he knew he'd to take his time; should he have had his way he'd have been the other side of her knickers by now.

Once his fingers sensed the sheer silky sensation of her satin panties his cock went rigid, even Zoë gasped as he gently drew his fingers slowly over her pussy, gradually opening her legs to his gentle actions over her pussy. The silky surface was really getting to him now, his cock felt like a raging bull. It was only then that Zoë realised what the protuberance was beneath her; she had an anxious thought, was this the thing he'd later push inside her, she sat up abruptly.

"Mum, I can't, I cant do it!" She spluttered. "Zoë, whatever has come over you, you seemed so contented a minute ago?" "I've felt it Mum, it was sticking in my back, it must be massive! I can't handle something that size?" Brenda sensed a wetness dwelling between her own legs, knowing she'd not get cock until each of them had fucked her daughter, even then, it would only be to empty their bollocks; she'd not even get a filling from Brian, nevertheless, she had to watch her daughters face when he downloaded himself into her, she knew of the sensation only to well, envying her, he always cum's buckets, and as he'd said, they'd all more than likely go over the top after fucking Zoë, so Zoë would be in for an immense creaming.

Brenda sat down on the settee besides her placing her arm around Zoë's shoulder. "Come on sweetness, it only has to be done the once, after that it's plain sailing, you'll have a taste for it then. You'll understand what the feeling your own body is sending you" Brenda looked up toward Henry as if for inspiration. Henry knew he couldn't leave it at that, if any of them wanted to fuck her it was him, but even he knew they'd be no way of getting his cock up her before William had made the initial penetration.

"Come over to the bed, I'd like to give you a awareness that might just change your mind!" He reached out taking her hand as she stood. Brenda wondered as to his thoughts, he walked up to the bed area drawing the large drapes back, the bed was huge, a lavishly decorated four-poster, with cushions everywhere.

He stood her to one side then knelt down in front of her; his hands went up under her short skirt; for a moment Zoë gripped them through the material. "What are you doing?" She questioned. "You'll see just bare with me, this you will enjoy!" Henry replied. Zoë released her grip, allowing him freedom; he clutched the waistband of her panties drawing them leisurely down her legs, whilst looking her straight in the eyes. Zoë stood motionless, looking toward her mother.

"It'll be fine sweetheart you'll see!" Brenda knew now as to his actions. Zoë lifted each leg in turn stepping out of her panties; Henry handed them back to Brian, he took them putting them straight up under his nose inhaling deeply.

"Well!" Brenda quizzed looking up to Brian. "Do they pass?" She knew the effect the aroma would have on him. "Hell! They're unpolluted pussy nectar" Brian smiled back to Zoë's mother.

Henry lifted one of Zoë's legs placing it onto the bed, then moved his face in between them. As soon as Zoë became aware of his mouth over her pussy she gave out a loud gasp, he started licking her pussy in long gentle movements, she reached down placing her hands on his head to steady herself, then looked again to her mother.

"Nice!" Brenda inquired with a smile. "God, it feels good!" Zoë sighed catching her breath. Henry stopped for a few seconds and turned to William. "Drop your traps, let her see your manhood!" he suggested.

William didn't need to be asked twice, quickly he removed his belt then his trousers. His cock bounced over the top as he slid them down. Zoë let out another loud gasp but this time it wasn't through Henry's actions. "God, that's bloody immense!

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Can't I pick one of the others?" she was still gripping Henry's head as she spoke; hoping that at least Brian would release his trousers. Brian looked toward William; he knew his own cock was three times as thick and at least two and a half times as long. Should he reveal himself she'd more than likely pass out.

Henry licked his index finger then positioned it up to her pussy; wriggling it in the entrance as he continued to tongue her leisurely. Zoë immediately sensed the intruder but his licking and sucking took away the sensitivity of its thickness. Her maidenhead was felt; Henry twisted the end of his finger as to find the small orifice within it, easing his finger through the opening.

Zoë let a whimper as she sensed her hymen stretch with the width of his narrow finger, gripping his hair as he continued to push it through. He knew she was going to be tight, his cock throbbed at the thought, knowing he could more than likely take her virginity with just two fingers, but the job had to be undertaken suitably and Williams cock was a good maidenhead piecing tool if every there was one.

The last thing he'd wanted now was to hurt her, when she'd mellowed so well. Zoë started to lower herself up and down onto his finger as he worked it in and out, she'd accustomed herself to the tautness of her hymen, to her it felt good thinking that all was nearly completed, feeling quite pleased with herself.

He knew it had to be soon now, pulling away he stood, kissing her gently on the lips; Zoë sensed the taste of herself on his lips. "Time to lie down now, let one of the other taste your beauty" Henry turned back to William. "Your turn now, see how you fare, she's a lovely taste to her. William turned Zoë and eased her onto the bed, working her gently toward the middle then spreading her legs, and moving in between them.

He'd already removed his clothing, his cock swayed between them as he started to tongue her. After watching her work herself onto Henry's finger, he identified that he could take her almost immediately she'd made him feel a man again after her comments regarding his cock, her pussy was wet, adequate for him to make a start. Pushing his tongue up her he managed to leave a surplus of spittle around her pussy lips and up inside her, slowly he withdrew, worming his way along her body and up to her breasts once more, whilst his finger toyed with her pussy.

Brenda, Brian and Henry sat around the edge of the bed scrutinising his every move; they all knew that Zoë's time had come. William moved up, kissing her on the lips, his hand went down to his loin clasping his cock.

Her hands went straight to his shoulders as she sensed his cock being revolved within her pussy lips. William leaned when he sensed his position was right, when Zoë felt him slowly gliding up inside she went rigid, he stopped abruptly and turned back to Henry.

She winched as his cock came up against her hymen, the feeling was as if a huge cucumber had been forced up her. She couldn't understand as to why they'd picked such a massif cock to start her off with "Mum!" "It's okay sweetheart I'm here, everything will be fine!" Brenda smiled toward her. Henry nodded his consent to William, he then leaned forward kissing Zoë on the lips, she tried to pull away, and it was then that it happened. William gave a sharp jab with his cock, Zoë gave out a loud scream, it must have been heard throughout the building, she pounded her fists on his chest.

Never in all his 28 years had William experienced such tightness when his cock slid up her, it felt as if it was three inches thicker than what it really was. Zoë's eyes we're welled with tears. Brenda looked underneath viewing her daughter's pussy, blood was along the whole length of Williams cock as he slowly fucked her, looking up toward her daughter taking her hand into her own, gently squeezing it. "It's all over now sweetheart, just lie back and enjoy, you're now a fully pledged woman!" Admittedly, it was getting more comfortable now, Williams cock slid in and out of her with the ease of a well oiled piston.

William knew he still had to take it steady, with her tightness he'd soon blow, by no means had he ever sensed such tightness, it gave him the impression of having a enormous cock.

Zoë gradually succumbed to his gentle fucking. Henry watched as she gradually settled down to his movements, knowing he'd be the next in the chair so to speak, suddenly Zoë went through here very first orgasm, laying back, her teeth gripped together almost as if snarling. Henry stood beside the bed dropping his trousers revealing what seemed a giant cock, after seeing Williams she didn't know what to think of this, what's more her expression showed it, she eased up the bed for a clearer view.

"In no way, you can get lost with that thing, it's coming nowhere near me!" She blurted out. It must have been twenty minutes of sadistic fucking when William finally decided that he'd have to withdraw from her; his balls were about to explode as he ultimately pulled out.

Brenda was down beside her daughter, legs wide apart, William was straight across ramming his cock in immediately, Brenda tensed her pussy muscles together, knowing she be slack to him after Zoë, he blew almost immediately, just four or five pushes that's all what was needed, and a fine load there was. Henry moved in between Zoë's legs taking his cock into his hand steering it up to her pussy, he had to lean heavily on his cock to break through the now puffy lips.

Zoë felt the judder as it broke through, holding his cock in position he placed his hands each side beneath her arms, Zoë looked up to his face his eyes were closed. As he eased himself up inside her she sensed the distribution of her inner pussy walls, he felt humongous. To Henry, she was God's answer, under no circumstances had he ever consigned himself or should we say his cock into such a warm unyielding hole, he did wonder as to why she hadn't screamed out, as she was as tight as hell to him.

Nevertheless, Zoë was enjoying the pressure of his forceful cock on her inner pussy walls, his face showed all, the sheer enjoyment of her newness appealed to him, he fucked her in long slow motions, his huge helmet rippled on each backward and forward thrust with the grip of her freshness to cock, no forceful muscle power just genuine tightness, once he'd obtained full depth, he posed motionless above her.

"You're a wonderful fuck!" He informed her. "I am?" "Believe me, I'm a man who knows" Henry said no more but continued fucking her, his pace gradually increased. Zoë was comfortable with his size, in fact orgasm came and went, then suddenly she had a triple, this somewhat exhausted her. Unexpectedly he stopped and withdrew, lifting he turned her onto her front, pulling her back onto her knees with her bum in the air.

Immediately he re-entered her, she felt more of him for his cock was really solid now, every lump and vein could be felt, he was fucking her hard and deep, her body numbed for moments, then came back to life with tiny tremors, her legs, her arms and especially her breasts tingled. She looked across towards Brian, already he'd removed his clothing, he was standing beside the bed with his cock in his hand, drawing it backwards and forwards; she couldn't comprehend as to its size and thickness, burying her head into the pillows she moaned loudly as Henry forced himself to deep, bottoming into her womb.

Again she came and then again, as she got over the shock of her orgasm she noticed that Brian had moving in behind her, Henry was away, he'd pulled out of her nearly cumming himself; he was already fucking her mother in a furious manner, Brenda was now doing the moaning, Zoë was mesmerised by the scene.

However her daydreaming was short lived, now she felt the real strain, Brian cock she felt sure would be to much for her, she imagined he had but an inch up inside her, nevertheless, the pain was not far short of when William first penetrated her, she knew in her mind that this had to be three maybe four times bigger. She would never have believed at the start that he'd have the most meat as they called it.

He was fucking her in short bursts now, of no more than an inch at a time, her pussy seemed to rebel against the enormous organ. Henry beside her gave out a loud moan; her mother seemed to be holding if not forcing herself up to him her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. Slowly but surely Brian seemed to make headway, Zoë's head was spinning, her body was warming now to huge organ, she was enjoying him. All her passed feeling were coming back to her, she now understood her mothers meaning toward sex.

Brian was now working harder, she sensed his manhood, as he pulled out it was almost as she had a vacuum inside her, suddenly he withdrew then forced his cock straight back up her, there was a loud fanny fart, her mother murmured something but she was on a wave of pleasure again, this had to be her supreme orgasm, she felt so full even her belly felt full, and still Brian pumped his cock up her.

Henry, William and her mother were now sitting on the bed around her as if waiting for something to happen, Zoë looked down at Williams private parts his cock had returned to life again, it was diminutive to what she had up her now. The speed that Brian was fucking her, was like a man on heat, she was becoming a mite sore, but her enjoyment seemed never ending, she hoped would happen all over again, not realising her virginity could only be lost once.

Each time that Brian withdrew a cold draft filled her pussy; this alone clarified his sheer size. "I'm going to blow!!" Brian stammered, without faltering his pace Zoë couldn't apprehend his meaning, but the other crawled in close, her mother was at her front. "This my little darling is the ultimate, now you'll know you've been well and truly fucked; even your father can't match Brian in this quantity!" As Brian thumped his cock in from behind Zoë eased herself back onto it.

He wanted to compel himself fully; deciding to wait, it wouldn't be long now. He hugged her bottom pulling it back onto his every stroke, Zoë arched her back as she went through yet another orgasm, this was the time Brian anticipated, he fucked hard his balls were boiling. Zoë felt the huge organ swell as he started to pump his thick seed into it. Brian pulled her back onto his cock holding her firmly; no more movement was needed.

Brenda watched as her daughter eyes widened, the total vigour of his download would open any woman's eyes. Her fingers gripped the bedding scrunching it in her hands; it was like a volcano erupting inside her, her inner body warmed to the implosion. Brian himself would have to admit, never had he blown so powerfully, it was on going. Zoë was losing her breath she felt as if she herself would explode, he was to deep for her to pull off allowing his seed some form of escape.

Her mother could see the strain she was under, but realised it was a strain that she herself had enjoyed many a time. What she didn't appreciate was the utter volume her daughter was expected to take. Zoë's knuckles were whitening with the tension her young body was undergoing, slowly Brian started to withdraw, Zoë went down onto her elbows and gasped as the pressure within was unobstructed, as he finally vacated her body she collapsed forward onto the bed, with a low moan.

Brenda sat beside her for moments running her fingers through Zoë's hair, whispering sweet nothings into her ear. "Time for dinky poos I think!" Henry laughed. The group left Zoë on the bed with her head buried in the pillows, she didn't think she could move if she had tried, she'd be the first to admit she was well and truly fucked.

It must have been at least another 20 minutes before she was woken by her mother. "Here, sorry sweetheart we'd almost forgotten you, here's your WKD!" As Zoë sat up she felt the belch from her pussy, her mother also heard it.

"How d'you feel now?" "Not quite what I'd have expected, but yes I did enjoy it, I never realised that I could take so many, and that Brian whatever he did was really something else!" Chapter Four Zoë could only just about stand when she ultimately got off the bed; Brenda helped her with her knickers.

Zoë placed her hand down toward her pussy, although it felt sore, it also felt good.


As the two headed back down the stairs, both sensed a dampness welling in their knickers, even though Brenda had had taken two full loads; Zoë's amounted to twice as much Brian had done her real proud. The men were still chatting about the deal as they left, each giving Zoë a big kiss. "Expected you home hours ago!" Andy implied. "Thought I'd lost your both, you alright Zoë?" He'd notice that she seemed to have a problem walking.

"I'm fine Dad, must pop up to the bathroom!" She turned back to Brenda with a smile. "Wherever have you been?" Andy quizzed. Zoë instantaneously removed her knickers once in the bathroom, for moments she stood and stared at the massif load of slime in the gusset, the whole of the front was saturated.

She immediately sat on the toilet in hope that she could force out any remnants should there be any left. Thankfully she'd not thought to sit down before she'd got home, or it would have been her skirt as well she considered.

"You alright in there!" Brenda called from outside the toilet door. "Can I come in?" Zoë stood and opened the door allowing her mother entry. "God Mum what a mess!" Zoë held her saturated knickers up towards her mother. Brenda couldn't help but smile. "I'm in the same boat, you or't to keep those as a souvenir!" "Souvenir? "Well a memento if you like! It's not everyday that you lose your virginity, and to be taken by three men to boot?" Brenda replied. "It's a good job you're on the injection, you'd sure to fall with that lot, I know Brian cum's with all guns firing but I never seen as much as that from one guy!" Brenda took the panties from her daughter, normally they'd just be sopping wet, but these were still smothered in the thick goo.

"God, what an aroma" Brenda pulled the panties up under her nose, inhaling deeply. "God, there is only one man I know that could match this little lot. Trouble is he'd be too big for you!" "You should have felt it when he was pumping it up me!" Zoë grinned.

"It seemed never ending, I felt as if I was on cloud nine at the time, I think he shredded all my nerve ends" "I told your Dad that we'd been shopping, and stopped for coffee. That reminds me I must go and put the kettle on!" "Mum, can I ask a question?" "Fire away sweetheart" "Is everything okay with you and Dad?" "Meaning, why do visit Henry and his friends?" "Well yes!" "You do have a point, let me explain" Brenda went through the details of the HRT treatment she was getting and as to the effect it was having on her, and that her father was doing his best to satisfy her, trouble was she still wanted more.

"Will you come with me again then?" Brenda smiled. "I see why not, I enjoyed it, but what I can't figure out is the difference in their sizes, I'd have thought that |Brian would have had the smallest?" "Lucky for you he hadn't, William was you're best bet to start with, Brian would have torn you apart if he'd have taken your virginity!" "Virginity!

The things you girls talk about. You're not thinking of losing yours are you Zoë?" Andy laughed hearing the two talking as he passed the open bathroom door. "Your rude Dad!" Zoë sniggered with a smile toward her mother. "Well, if you enjoyed it, any chance of us going back?" Brenda knew if Zoë were with her she'd get a freebie, that's if all the good studs didn't head for Zoë. "Yes I think I would!" "On a weekly basis!" Brenda chuckled, in the hope that she would.

"Well I wouldn't be able to every week, if you know what I mean!" "Don't be silly, with the injection…no more periods for you young lady, sex whenever you like" "I quite like that idea, but I don't think I could take to three at a time, I feel shattered as it is!" "Zoë, it was done that way so that there was little pain to start with, as you said you fancied Brian, but he would really of hurt you if he'd had taken it in the first place, that's why we'd picked William for you!" "I can see what your saying, I thought he was huge to start with?" "Well, after Brian you'll be able to take anything that comes along from now on, within reason!

In saying that sometimes I have problems with Brian, so he's not as straightforward as you might think. Trouble is once you've had him; the others aren't the same. By the way I have a pressy for you now that you're a fully pledged woman" "For me, that's kind of you Mum, what is it?" "Stay here I'll go and get it…no peeking now" Brenda was gone a matter of minutes, coming back with a long box placing it into Zoë's hand, then shutting the bathroom door.

"Well, open it then!" she grinned. Zoë slowly removed the wrapping, opening the box, immediately placing her hand over her mouth to kerb her laughter. "That's rude Mum!" she lifted the large big pink dildo out of the box.

"If I'd have seen this before this morning I think I'd have run a mile?" "Are you going to try it then?" Try it?" "The way you're juiced up it will go in a treat. Here, sit yourself down on the edge of the bath" Brenda eased Zoë back to the bath, as she sat Brenda lifted her leg placing it onto a nearby stool.

Zoë was positioned with her legs wide open. "Now lets see if it works?" There was not a hair to be seen on her pussy, Brenda could never remember hers this way, the dildo went in with ease, even now there were still remnants of Brian's massif load showing on the ridges along the dildo as she drew it in and out. Zoë was breathing heavily as Brenda laboured. "Now let's have some real action!" Brenda chuckled.

With a sharp twist of the end the vibration action started, Zoë gripped the edges of the bath as Brenda wound it around up inside her. "Christ! Mum that feels orgasmic!" Zoë threw her head back giving out a loud moan. Leisurely, Brenda withdrew it toying it on her citreous; this pitched Zoë into an almighty orgasm, releasing her hold on the bath she collapsed down onto the bathroom floor. "For God's sake you two! What are you up to in there?" Andy called out from the hallway.

"It's okay Andy, I'll be right down. Zoë has a slight woman's problem!" Brenda replied with a hint of sarcasm in her tone. "God Mum you should get one of these!" "I already have one dear, two in fact, trouble with mine is that if the telly's on it knocks the picture of the screen. I take it you enjoyed that then?" "Great, how d'you make it do that?" After a few giggles and explanation from her mother, Zoë had the whole idea in hand. After removing the residue of Brian's seed from the gusset from the panties rinsing under the cold tap, she left the bathroom heading for her bedroom to get some uncontaminated ones from her panty draw, Brenda followed.

Zoë reached into her knicker draw pulling out a fresh pair. "One thing Mum, what did you mean by I couldn't have taken this other man, you mean there is someone bigger than Brian?" "Yes!" Brenda laughed. "But hell Zoë, now he does have meat, he'd open your eyes for you. Young Winston!" "Young Winston! Is he at the house also?" "Well I'd call 29 young, once he's inside you, Christ then you know you have cock!" "Then the next time I'd like to try him!" "I'd have to arrange that, he's well sort after is Winston.

He's only been with the gang for two months, but he's proved his worth, trouble is you always need a hors d'oeuvre before hand" "An hors d'oeuvre! What on earth do you mean by that?" "Believe me, you'll have to have a starter, possibly Brian. Winston will never be able to enter you from a standstill, even I need that and I've had a few in my time!" Brenda chuckled. Even Brian was sceptic when Brenda rang to arrange their next meeting, but he'd no way turn Zoë down, a better fuck he couldn't remember.

She have to take his load in her mouth, Winston would never go in on a sticky wicket. The last load he bestow on her, under no circumstances had he cum that much in his life, he'd have thought his bollocks drained forever. "Consider it in order, I'll have a word with Winston. He hasn't seen her yet; okay he's heard plenty so he'll not turn her down. Let's hope she can take such an organ, she'll have a belly and mouthful by the time she leaves here!" Henry tittered.

"I take it you'll be with her?" "I'm not missing out; I take it I'm still on freebies, I can get Winston warmed up for her!" "Of course! That means you'll be needing a starter then as well then?" "As long as it's not William!" Brenda laughed. Chapter Five Zoë was more than gagging for it as she re-entered the door of Henry's house the following week, the new vibrator had been of assistance but she wanted the real thing, all her dreams had been of cock, like her mother, her pussy ached for it.

With Brenda's account of her encounters with Winston, Zoë she was more than raring to go. William was on the front desk when they arrived, he looked at Zoë with an ache in his loin as he thumbed through the diary. "I didn't realise that you were coming today!" He grinned, finding his place looking back down at the diary.

"Winston! Henry and Paul" William looked back at the two with a smile. "Room three, Henry will be with you soon!" "God she's going to be tender today after their two cocks" William mused to himself. Both were in the room no more a couple of minutes before Henry and Winston entered.

Henry introduced them to each other, then told Winston to get some drinks, he left and made for the small bar area. He'd just about to pore drinks when he called Henry over to him. "That's fucking jail bait, I can't be fucking that!" He enlightened Henry.

"Believe it or not she'll be 19 next Wednesday, I've just told her mother that she can have the house on that day! All thirteen of us, they both jumped at the chance" "She…she's nearly 19, I'd have said 14 at the most, I'll split her in two, if I get to fuck her!" "Hope not, you'll be upsetting the other twelve of us.

Think of next Wednesday!" Henry laughed. "Nevertheless, she's bloody tight! She'll more than likely peel the fucking skin off yours!" Meanwhile Zoë was quite concerned about Winston, scrutinising him.

"But Mum, I've never seen a blacker man!" "Worry not about his colour dear, he's a cock that most women would die for, shush now dear their coming back "Here we are ladies, WKD and a gin and tonic for Mum, well sit yourselves down then!" Henry implored. "Is Paul not coming then?" Brenda quizzed, with a hint of apprehension in her voice. "He'll be here directly, a mite worried are we, Zoë doesn't seem to concerned?" "Zoë doesn't realise what lies ahead at this moment, and please don't think of telling her!" At that moment the door opened and Paul came in, his eyes immediately feasting on Zoë.

"Sorry I'm late! Nothing I've missed is there?" What the two girls never realised was that he'd been in one of the other rooms opening up a new girl for Brian.

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Brenda noticed immediately that his fly's weren't done up properly, plus he by now he already had a hard on, whether it was the sight of Zoë she couldn't tell for sure. "No, everything is fine, we'll take the two girls over to the bed and toy for a while!" Henry implied. "Am I in on this?" Winston smiled, dieing to get his hands on Zoë. "Of course, come on Zoë" Henry stood holding out his hand towards her. When they reached the large bed he eased Zoë down laying her the full length, then slowly clambered in between her legs spreading them spaciously apart, as soon as he saw her pale blue panties a pulse swept to his cock.

Zoë reached down taking his head into her hands as she felt his fingers tugging at her panties, the pussy aroma gave his senses another kick. He couldn't believe its mint condition, a fine crease or fold looking almost as if fingers or a cock had never touched it. Winston went straight down on her, inhaling her scent filling his nostrils with the musty aroma. Zoë turned sharply hearing her mother cry out; Paul had pushed his cock instantly up her, sensitive of her own gratification for the same.

He was fucking her mother in earnest as she and Henry looked on. But Henry was more interested in Winston, knowing he'd be following him in fucking Zoë when he'd juiced her up sufficiently. Brenda had pre-warned Zoë that she'd have to give Henry a blowjob, and having to take his full load when he was about to cum; she hadn't though much to the idea, but as her mother had informed her, what's good for the goose is also good for the gander.

She was concerned as to whether she be able to swallow the amount of cum that he'd more than likely to download into her mouth. Her concern at present was as to the dimension of Winston's cock, she remembered the grin on William's face at the front desk.

Henry walked around the bed then kneeled beside her face with his cock in his hand; it looked massive. As Brenda had instructed, she duly opened her mouth, winching at the same time as Winston was now forcing a finger up her. Henry's cock filled her mouth, then he start to fuck her mouth with it, her mind was still filled with the concept of Winston's cock; her fingers dug into the bedding as she felt a second finger, there was no way she could cry out, with such a bulky mouthful of cock.

Slowly but surely her pussy succumbed to the pressure of Winston's fingers between her legs; that was until she sensed a third. Trying desperately to pull away from Henry's cock with no avail.

The room now was filled with her mothers wailing, Paul was going at her like there was no tomorrow, this didn't help matters, as the bed was bouncing up and down, giving her no chance of relieving her mouth of the huge cock. Suddenly Paul started to moan, her mother sat up swiftly as Paul heaved his cock out of her then clambered up the bed. Brenda grabbed his cock forcing it into her mouth, and then started gulping like mad. Zoë understood it wouldn't be to long before she'd be receiving cock, but that of Henry's.

Winston had sat up hearing Paul moaning, and knowing that her mother would be more than likely ready for him. Instantly he moved across the bed toward Brenda. "Ok young lady, now time for change!" Henry implied withdrawing his cock from her mouth. Zoë was relieved that Winston had withdrawn his fingers, but the sight of Henry's cock swaying as he made his way down between her legs didn't appeal that much to her.

If fact her mind was still full of the offering Royce might have, remembering her mothers comments about her union with him. Henry was now positioned above her, with one hand down between them; she prepared herself for the pain. Surprisingly there wasn't too much, she eased herself across the bed noting that Winston was now dropping his trousers, she dearly wanted sight of this magnificent cock.

Nevertheless her thoughts evaporated as she felt the huge cock sliding up her own pussy, gripping Henry's arms she stared up into his eyes. "Relax, you can take it!" Henry smiled, leaning more on his cock. Unexpectedly her mother gave out a thunderous gasp. Winston had moved forward, his cock now in full view.

To her it was not unlike a tree trunk enormous, perhaps a better description would be of a babies arm with a grapefruit in its hand, the bulbous head not dissimilar to that of a fireman's helmet, with a bulky overhang in the form of a flange around its rear, his balls hung like those of a bull, swaying from one side to the other.

Zoë flinched at the thought of having his cock anywhere near her. It was obvious that his cock was now seated into her mother. Brenda reached up as Winston arrange himself above her pulling his face down to hers kissing him passionately. Paul was standing at the foot of the bed; his cock in comparison was diminutive to Winston's, even Henry's was much more immense, Zoë watched her mothers face, she knew things were happening; her mother started puffing loudly, Zoë could see the strain on her mothers face, not so much from pain, but gratification, she'd spoken all week of nothing but this moment.

Henry was awakening Zoë's body, her first orgasm was underway; Zoë felt her mothers hand gripping her wrist as her body convulsed, her words were in the distance softly spoken. "Ride the waves sweetheart" Brenda sighed. Both by now had their pussy full of cock, Brenda's stretched beyond belief, their inner pussy walls being reamed by the two oversized helmets.

Zoë was as if she was floating on air her young body felt light, her strength had gone, each and every nerve end tingled, the huge cock within sent constant twinges not only in her pussy, her back passage was also alive, almost as if every nerve in her body stemmed from these regions. Here heart pounded, yet another orgasm was on it's way, she arched her back lifting to match Henry's deep thrusts.

Henry could sense it wouldn't be long now, he looked across to Winston, he was taking long even plunges, not wanting to get over excited, knowing just as to where he wanted to blow his load. Zoë's face was like that of an angel to him, her petite breasts firm young nipples standing proudly increasing his desire for her; she lie beneath Henry whimpering with the pleasure of it all.

Henry fucked her in long slow strokes; her pussy was so resilient, he could feel every ripple inside; her hymen had been driven back by the constant use of the dildo over the previous week. The feeling was not unlike a warm greased glove, but still she couldn't take his full manhood. He ignored Brenda's heavy moans, and concentrated on Zoë looking down at her tiny face, her eyes were closed, if only all women were like her, Brenda wasn't that bad a fuck, but it was all a play-act, the tightness of her pussy had long gone, it was all muscle power now.

With Zoë it was pure, her pussy held it's own, no false muscle power. His speed increased, fucking her in ferocious strokes, but Zoë loved it, not once had he pulled out, his bollocks started to ache with the need to blow.

"Hell, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Henry moaned loudly. The surprise of his outbreak startled Zoë, she opened her eyes immediately looking down as he ripped his cock out of her, clambering back up the bed he then forced his cock up to her face; Zoë identified what was expected of her. She clutched it in both hands guiding it toward her lips, once in place Henry clasped her head firmly fucking his cock between her lips. Zoë started to choke as the immense flow of cum pumped down her throat, with no chance of movement, all she could do was to gulp as rapidly as she could.

The taste was as her mother had said, salty but creamy; but when would it end. Winston had had withdrawn from Brenda seeing Henry pull out of her and offering his cock up to her mouth, with Zoë's legs in his hands, he'd already lined himself up to her pussy. Zoë nearly chocked as she sensed the enormous organ spreading her pussy; she managed to rid herself of the overpowering cock in her mouth, pulling clear, her face was smothered with the creamy fluid, and still Henry's cock pumped, her neck and hair was plastered.

"Christ, it will never go!" Zoë spluttered, with white cum gurgling from her mouth. Brenda sat up collecting a tissue from the bedside cabinet, wiping Zoë's mouth. She was gutted that Winston had withdrawn from her so abruptly.

"It will. It will sweetheart! Enjoy, just take deep breaths?" Brenda knew that with her own juices combined with that of her daughters, it would finally slide up her with ease, it was just getting the huge helmet past the outer lips. Almost as Brenda had spoken, there was a judder, as he force his cock through, Zoë squealed loudly, it was almost like having her virginity taken again, slowly Winston leaned on his cock, he could sense the inner walls spreading before him.

"We are a tight one aren't we?" Zoë gripped his wrists, her nails digging in with her face screwed up, as her mother had told her, she was panting, inhaling deeply, and sounding more like a steam train. "No!" she shrieked. "It hurts to much!" Brenda took Zoë's hand, and looked down between her daughter's legs, the huge helmet had vanished; she knew it was plain sailing from here.

Envying her daughter, knowing it was she who'd get the end filling which she herself loved so much from Winston. "Sweetheart you're almost there, hang on, a few more minutes and you'll be weeping with joy. Zoë released some of the pressure of her grip on his arms; the initial soreness was subsiding now. Winston stopped and looked down at her with a smile on his face. "Ready for some real action now young lady?" Zoë repositioned herself whilst he hovered above her, allowing her legs to extend wider, she wanted lift herself and look down, but concerned that she would bend the gigantic organ with the movement.

Winston started to withdraw slightly, sensing her muscles restricting the backward progress; he edged back and forth leisurely, gaining advancement gradually; because of the tension even his cock felt large to him, never had he encountered such a unyielding pussy. By this time Henry had returned from the small en-suite bathroom. He glimpse down at the area between Zoë's legs, her inner pink pussy lips clung compactly to the huge organ each time Winston withdrew, by now he was in by at least 3 inches.

"I think we should leave them to it now!" He smiled toward Brenda. "Let her enjoy the pleasures of sex on her own" He reached down to the bed offering her his hand.

"Anyway, we still owe you more cock?" Brenda didn't need asking twice, she was of the bed in seconds, realising that she'd had two cocks but only one mouthful and that hadn't amounted to that much of a filling. She looked back as they left the room, envying her daughter, knowing just how explosive Winston could be, assuring herself that Zoë would be getting a more substantial load than she'd ever had.

Henry pulled the bedroom door to as they left assuring the notice (Do no disturb) was visible on the door handle. "I think you'll need a double up!" he chuckled as they walked down the passageway. " After Winston one man will be of little use to you. That daughter of yours is one hell of a fuck, you should be proud of her?" Brenda went over his words in her mind, she was grateful for the chance of a double up, as neither her nor her lover would sense very little after Winston's manhood.

Nevertheless it was the arrogance of the word proud that she pondered on, she understood that a large cock made a woman feel good; but they we're getting Zoë for free, she knew that the more of the large cock her daughter got the more she'd want going by her own judgment. However this wouldn't help her, the average man was half the length and nowhere near the breadth.

She knew that she'd been top fuck at Henry's for a long time now, by Henry's words she could only presume Zoë was now in favour.

"Thank you, I think I'd enjoy that, and yes of course I'm proud, she's a good looking young woman. I'm sure your all enjoying her at present!" There was a hint of sarcasm in Brenda's tone. Henry picked up on her reaction stopping he turned holding her by the shoulders.

"Hey, come on now. If it hadn't been for you she'd still be scared stiff of cock, now she can take her own enjoyment whenever she pleases!" "Preferably with your cock?" Brenda didn't mince her words, yes she was jealous and it showed. "It won't only be mine on her birthday now will it! It was you're suggestion?" "I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not, she's only just lost her virginity!" "Rest assured she wouldn't be stretched anymore than what she is at this moment?" Henry smiled.

Her thoughts went back to Zoë and as to the kind of fucking she was getting, as Henry reminded her, at this moment. Her pussy pulsed at the thought.

"Come on let me have this double up, I'm aching for it now. I wonder how she'd doing?" Brenda quizzed Chapter Five Both of the young men looked up as Henry came in the door followed by Brenda.

"Hope you're up to it the pair of you, our Brenda fancies a double, don't worry Winston has already made entrance so it should be enjoyable to all. I'll leave her with you then!" Henry suggested as the two stood. "Come on in Brenda, hell, I didn't think we'd have your pleasure today!" It was Tim who spoke first he'd often taken contentment with her.

"Are you on your own today?" "No, Zoë is with Winston" This didn't go down to well with Brenda, again Zoë was yearned for, she seemed to make quite a stir with the household. "Who's this then?" Brenda hadn't seen the other young man before, she felt quite lusty towards him. "I'm Raymond, new here today!" Raymond grinned as he walked over to her holding out his hand.

"Looks like with have an even number her now then, nice to meet you Raymond, or do you prefer to be called Ray?" Although Henry made money from the women or girls come to that matter, the men also had to pay so the house brought him in sizable revenues.

Brenda liked the look of Ray finding him quite horny. "Whatever suits you, you're rather attractive!" "Your to kind!" Brenda grinned.

"He'll go far with comments like that" she turned to Tim with a grin "Well, he right! Now come on over to the bed lets see if we can get you in the mood?" Tim implied.

"No need for that, I'm ready when you are!" Brenda replied laying herself out on the bed then drawing her knee back in a suggestive manner. The men, sat beside her as they'd each removed their clothing, Tim's eyes were glued between her legs, he been away from the house for at least a week, it was crucial that he got to screw at least three or four times a week. He'd always been a randy sod. Meanwhile, back in the other room Zoë was moaning like there was no tomorrow, Winston was well underway now, he'd been fucking her for at least 25 minutes, but he wanted this to be a long haul.

Zoë had more than familiarized herself to his size. She was enjoying his continuous ability to make fanny farts, he'd pull out then go straight back up her fast; it was a strange feeling, her belly took quite an expansion before the compacted air manage to discharge itself down the sides of the huge organ.

She had managed by this time to sit up and watch as his cock ploughed in and out of her, but now she had decided to lie back and just enjoy his manhood. Sweat was pouring from her brow the amount of times he'd made her cum. "Could we stop for a breather?" she asked wiping her forehead with the back of her arm. Winston knew if he stopped she'd close up on him, he had no intention of starting again.

He'd paid good money for the privilege of fucking her; and he was quite comfortable. Anyway he wanted to hear her scream out when he finally came, knowing they'd be buckets. "You've had enough then!" "Heavens no, I'm just a bit hot!" "You're certainly hot, I'll finish soon: then take a rest.

Prepare yourself for a real orgasm, something you'll remember me by" As Zoë made herself more comfortable Winston took her legs pulling then up before him placing them over her breasts, it was then that he started to fuck her in earnest, with her feet on his shoulders he'd more control.

Trouble was he gained more depth, hitting bottom more often than she'd have liked, but the sensations were out of this world. Laying back she considered that this, this she could take all day, her body was responding to every thrust, he was virtually pushing her up the bed now.

Suddenly all hell let loose, Zoë lay helpless, her young body went into waves of sensitivity, one moment she was swimming in a lake the next, it was almost as if she was taking part in the film "The Sound of Music" every nerve in her frame was alive, she was dancing, skipping twirling around, everything seemed to be to music. She sensed his large bull like bollocks, as they slapped her buttocks.

Two doors down her mother had already taken on her double up, with two good size cocks pounding into her oversized pussy, however she was more than enjoying it. Brenda would have like a third one up her arse; how the two men kept their cocks working simultaneously she couldn't comprehend, the strong vibes throughout her body we're sending her wild, grinding her teeth, she forced her backside up to meet every plunge. The noise and stench of pussy in the room was over powering, it would have matched any whorehouse in the country.

Brenda went down onto her elbows, rocking like crazy. The sound of her groaning could be heard along the passageways throughout the house. Tim pulled out abruptly sticking his cock straight up her arse; Brenda yelped with the suddenness of it; lucky for her he was more than juiced up from her.

He knew he was about to blow, with the rules of the house nobody fucked on a sticky wicket; he blew his load deep up inside her arse. Ray continued, although the sense of tightness was gone; he persisted pumping her pussy, her arse belched loudly spewing out thick cum, seconds later Ray followed suit, straight up her arse then downloading, he himself rolling onto the bed, collapsing over her body.

By this time Zoë had been flipped over, Winston was now taking her from the rear, he was giving her large now, Zoë was in tears with the joy of orgasm.

Taking her by the hips Winston forced himself deep throwing his head back gave out a long deep moan, Zoë felt it coming, his cock swelled by at least another ¾ of an inch in thickness as the seed travelled along it's length, nevertheless, with the restriction of her tight pussy Winston was having difficulty downloading, pressure was building along his shaft.

Zoë felt a dizzy spell coming on burying her head into the pillow; it was then that his seed broke free, gushing deep inside her pussy the feeling not unlike a geezer, bubbling, spurting, and boiling. She tried to scramble up the bed off his cock but his hold was strong, her belly seemed to be swelling almost as if she was already pregnant, she pushed her hand down under herself placing it on her lower tummy, the bubbling could be felt.

Once more she tried to ease herself off, but Winston was not giving in, he intended to fill her full. Little by little he withdrew, permitting the thick cum more freedom, Zoë was going through multiple orgasms as his seed belched out of his cock in powerful eruptions, his balls literally lifting as the sperm urbanized in her pussy.


The pressure became to much, Zoë let out a extended low wail, gripping the pillow with her fingers, Winston pushed forward compacting his seed, she let out an almighty scream then passed out. Slowly he eased himself out of her, squeezing his cock between his fingers; assuring every last drop was engulfed within her pussy.

As Zoë slipped forward he push her legs together gently, sealing the lips of her tiny love nest. Both mother and daughter lay on their beds full to the brim, sleeping as to rejuvenate their energies. Zoë had never realised the amount of blow she'd taken, but it would last, Winston made certain of that, it would take more that a mere flush to remove it.

His balls ached with the strain he'd had to put on them to finally release his seed. For two and a half hours Zoë slept, only woken then by her mother's soft voice. "You okay sweetheart?" Zoë was still lying in the position that Winston had left her, her legs still firmly together. "Hi Mum, where is Winston?" she sat up and looked around the room. "In the bar I should think with the others" Brenda smiled, running her fingers through her daughter's fine hair.

"How did it go, did you enjoy it?" "I feel full!" She smiled. "God, what a man!" Zoë went to swing her legs off the bed as she spoke. "I wouldn't do that yet sweetheart, if I know Winston, should you get up without protection it'll be all over the place!" Zoë placed her hand down onto her lower tummy rubbing it gently.

"No pressing, I'll get you a tissue, let it come out in it's own time, or you'll regret it. I can only imagine the amount you have had forced up there" Brenda went and collected a handful of tissues, placing them up between Zoë's legs as she stood. "Come on we'll go down to the bar, get ourselves a couple of free drinks, can't have them all gloating!" "God Mum, I can't stand?" Zoë slumped back down on the bed as she tried to stand.

"I feel so full, however much was there?" Due to the time that Zoë had slept, her pussy had by now retracted, being it's normal size, restricting any flow from within. "As I said, knowing Winston a bucket load I should imagine!" Brenda chuckled. "Come on I'll help you with you're clothes, keep the tissue in place or you'll get smothered!" Zoë endeavoured to stand up again but this time with her mother's assistance, once dressed, then clutching Brenda's arm they headed for the bathroom, Zoë 's hair was a mess.

"Ah, there we are girls, come on what will you have to drink!" Henry smiled as they both came up to the bar. The bar was full, it must have been lunchtime as all the customers seemed to be there, the men were a mixed lot, but Winston was the only coloured person there.

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Brenda noticed the attraction that her daughter was achieving, once again feeling somewhat envious. Zoë was getting quiet excited at the thought of going to Henry's for her birthday, nevertheless she was alarmed at the notion that there would be fourteen men to get through, it was at least two days before she'd been able to walk properly after her ordeal with Winston.

It had taken her nearly an hour on the toilet when she returned home to relieve herself of his thick load. The following days seemed to take forever; it was Zoë's turn now to be envious, nearly every night so far she'd heard moans from her parent's bedroom. Her dildo had helped, but her mother had the same opinion, it would never take the place of a real cock, she done about 10 batteries so far.

Winston was on the front desk when Zoë and her mother arrived; they were quite taken back by his attire, just a tee shirt and shorts. "Are you not with us today then Winston?" Brenda quizzed, it was unusual to see him on the desk.

"Fear not, I'll not miss out on Zoë's birthday, I'll be in directly, just clearing up some paperwork. They're all in the main lounge!" He grinned. Both were flabbergasted when the opened the door to the lounge, each and every male present was stark naked, all with drinks in their hands.

"Don't just stand there then come on in I'll get you both drinks" Henry smiled beckoning Zoë and her mother to the bar. "As you see we're all ready for you?" "So I see!" Brenda replied placing her bag onto the bar.

Zoë looked around the room fascinated by the difference in the amount of cocks there in. "Hell Mum, I can see what you mean by none of them being the same?" She chuckled to herself. Henry turned back into the room viewing the differences for himself after hearing Zoë's remark. "Today young lady!" Henry hesitated for moments with a grin on his face, and then continued. "It'll be your choice as to which you desire foremost from our stock?" Zoë looked around the room once more then pulled on Brenda's arm.

"If I was in that much of a state with Winston, I hate to think of as to how I'll be after this lot?" "They won't all cum up you, we'll be sharing them any way, so they'll only be seven lots at the most, it'll only be the last that will cum up you, and that will be your choice.

"You pick your seven and I'll sort the rest out!" "D'you mind if I have Winston again then?" Zoë asked with a broad grin on her face. "I thought you might say that; no that's fine by me but make sure he's last, you'd never be able to handle him first!" Brenda watched as Zoë view the men as they stood around the room. "Remember, go for the smallest first then you'll be satisfied and so will they!

Bear in mind that you've to take six loads in your mouth?" "There's no rush, have a couple of drinks first, we've plenty of time!" Henry smiled putting a WKD into Zoë's hand. "Sit down at the table, you can view till your hearts content then" Brenda took Zoë's shoulder moving to a nearby table and sat. "Hell what a choice!" She sniggered as Zoë sat. "It's alright for you Mum, you've more than likely had them all, but how do I know how big they'll become when they become firm!" Brenda chuckled at her remark.

"Well we'll have to go around and make them hard or should I say firm. Pick the ones that take your fancy then we'll give each a blowjob!" "There's a better way around that if you don't mind me saying!" Henry grinned.

"How would you advise then Henry?" Zoë inquired. "Well if you know which of the guys you prefer, select them, then take them to the bedroom then let them get themselves worked up, then you can decide on which fucks you first.

It'll be better that way, you will get a good fucking from them all that way!" "How long will Winston be?" Zoë inquired. "Don't you worry about him, he'd already anticipated that you'd pick him. He'll be with you directly!" Henry smiled. Zoë felt like a Queen, she lie lengthwise on the bed with six men fondling her body as they moved around her, each going down onto her pussy, sucking and licking, their cocks had already started to rise as soon as she'd taken off her clothes, she was mesmerised by the array of different cocks, pampering each as came near to her.

She was amazed as to the size they became once hard, hardly able to work out which one should be allowed to enter her first.

As Winston walked into the room, it was like watching bees around a honey pot, not one of the men matched his weapon. He took himself in hand and moved in towards Zoë's face. She looked up as he drew near with a grin, she couldn't believe her situation, she was lying on her side, a tongue in her pussy an additional up her back passage, and two of the men were suckling her breasts. Reaching out she cupped the mammoth organ with both hands drawing it down towards her mouth, this was the first time she'd had Winston's cock in her mouth, she couldn't believe that her pussy could have coped with such an expanse, she could hardly draw breath, leisurely he drew it in and out.

A finger was now toying inside her pussy, so many hands, so many tongues; it was a wonderful feeling. Winston's cock was thickening by the second. A finger could be sensed gradually sliding up her back passage, was there no end to this sensationalism, by this time her body was virtually crying out for cock.

With six around her body which should she opt for, as there were so many varying dimensions; thick, thin, long and short, remembering her mothers words go for the smallest first, then everyone would get contentment. Brenda was more than pleased that Zoë had not selected Henry, behind Winston he'd the biggest cock in the house, she could tell that some of her so called lovers we're a mite upset that they'd not got to fuck her daughter, but then it was her choice and her birthday.

Already two of her lovers were going at her hammer and tongs, one in her pussy the other in her back passage, the beauty of Brenda is that she needed very little foreplay, she'd been the one to pick her lover, laying him out beneath her then straddling him, she was more than surprised when one of the others took her from the rear.

She just hoped that if Zoë were taken this way, her lover wouldn't be so abrupt. Zoë couldn't believe as to how horny she was getting, why her mother had to take this HRT treatment she couldn't understand, never had she felt she'd wanted more, than she wanted to be fucked as she did now.

Relieving her mouth of Winston's cock she turned onto her back viewing the array of cocks around her. It just had to be William, okay he'd taken her virginity, so why shouldn't he be first, she couldn't see a cock any smaller. His face beamed at her when she put her hand out towards him.

"My honour once more!" He smiled. The spreading feeling wasn't there like it was the first time with him when he'd relieved her of her hymen, but she certainly felt his presence now. He'd started in gently movements; none the more, he did use the whole of his cock from the start, after Winston and her dildo, she accepted him without difficulty he wasn't that big but his helmet could be sensed as he ploughed into her.

His cock felt good as he increased his tempo, but she knew this was only the beginning, the thought of ending up with Winston once more really appealed to her, he was still by her side his huge cock within his hand, manipulating it with his fingers.

William was really going to town now. Zoë was wriggling beneath him lifting her hips, hoping to get more of him, each of her new lovers were standing around the bed with their erect cocks in hands, she hadn't a clue as to who she'd pick next.

William started to moan, Zoë knew this would be her first mouthful, wondering if it would be the same volume as Winston had bestowed on her. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" William finally blurted out.

Zoë readied herself as he withdrew; with his cock in his hand he clambered speedily up the bed positioning himself over her face, and then forcing it straight into her mouth. Zoë gulped like mad, she sensed it wasn't as thick as Winston's, and the tang was not quite the same; Winston's was more irony.

Already she was aware of another cock being pushed up into her pussy, she knew not of whom, but it was without doubt a lot broader than poor William's. As soon as William moved to one side, Zoë realised just who's cock was up her, it was a bit of a downer really, she knew she'd picked him out of the group, but he didn't appeal to her in the slightest, he was around 30, spots, if not blackheads.

Probably it was the sight of his cock initially that excited her, okay he was doing a dam good job with it, with more proficiency than William, and he was defiantly making his presence felt. She'd not sensed it with William; however she knew only to well she was about to cum. His cock was nowhere near as long as William's, so he was using less energy thrusting it in and out of her, nevertheless the thickness defiantly reamed her inner pussy walls. Zoë forced her hands down to her sides gripping the silken bedding, orgasm was upon her, she thrust up to meet his movements working in absolute harmony on every inward thrust.

Brenda by now was on her fifth lover, with four good quality mouthfuls. Her mind now completely void of her daughter, once again her lovers had choose to double up, which to Brenda was an extreme pleasure in itself, the harder they each fucked the more she squealed but from the sheer pleasure of it than any pain; long gone are the times when she suffer such.

Henry was pacing around the bed, it was all right having a large cock, nevertheless he didn't think much to the waiting for the last fuck. Still it did have its rewards; at least he got to cum in the rightful place. He watched eagerly as the young studs took her through yet another orgasm, for her age she was a dam first-rate lay, she'd been a customer for the last 18 months; he wanted to put her on his account list, but she always wanted to pay cash, normally up front.

But these freebie concessions wouldn't help fill the pot; this would have to be the last of the perks, okay it was nice to fuck her daughter. She'd been the tightest fuck he'd ever experienced, with nothing fake about her; he did speculate as to how she felt to Winston, with his huge hunk of meat. His thoughts went back to Zoë; wondering as to how far Winston was from taking her, and if he felt the same about her as he did?

The guy in her back passage let out a low moan, he'd no intention of pulling out of her, letting the lot go. One could tell by the look on Brenda's face not only was she aware of his seed pumping deep into her, but she was also enjoying the sensation of his fullness as he came. "One more then I'll be in the saddle!" Henry thought to himself as the next guy went into her. He'd let them both finish then he'd lay her out beneath him on the bed.

"God, what a fucking he was going to give her. Zoë was now with her sixth lover, she was feeling a mite sore at this stage, all five had blown their load into her mouth. Winston collected a tissue wiping her mouth; she looked as if she'd just come out of a fit after the last mouthful.

He was looking forward to taking her now, although she didn't seem to have that much energy left; she'd been through multiple orgasms, which had weakened her capability to lift her body. She was thankful now that she'd not considered taking the whole house on. Winston was standing next to her with his huge cock in hand rubbing it in gentle movements, the cock that was now in residence, felt as big, if not bigger than the one before her.

She felt good, in fact she felt fantastic never would she have thought she'd have survived one cock a little over a week ago, let alone five. Yes, she was ready to take Winston on again; she reached up taking his cock into her small hand, it felt firm, also very soft to her touch; squeezing it tenderly a droplet of his juice oozed from the large eye in the top of his immense helmet, she would never have realised just as to how overwrought he was feeling at this moment.

If he could have got away with it, he'd surely have pulled her lover off her, nevertheless he knew even after six of his mates had fucked her he would still have a problem getting his cock up her, all this waiting didn't help matters, he himself could only just get his fingers around the huge organ, the longer he waited the bigger it became.

Winston watched as his predecessor picked up momentum he was fucking her at a ferocious pace, Zoë was murmuring sweet nothings, orgasm came, orgasm went. Winston did wonder if he'd blow his load up her. "I'm cumming!" Her lover spluttered out, quickly he withdrew, clambering up her body; spunk was shooting everywhere, her breasts, neck, her face and into her hair. Winston move into position rapidly, he knew she'd be tender, not wanting to give her the chance of saying no.

He leaned heavily onto his cock. Zoë thought she was being split in two. "Christ no! I'm not ready for it yet!" But she was to late, Winston had made sure that he'd got his cock well and truly seated inside her tight pussy. Even at this stage he felt he could willingly blow, just the feeling of her inner tightness, he held fire, holding himself quite still, wallowing in the pleasant feelings, as her pussy caressed his oversized manhood.

Zoë couldn't believe that he was that much bigger than his predecessor, even now with him hovering above her she worried, would he lunge again, her pussy felt as if the walls would split. She could sense her pussy muscles trembling, almost as if they were embracing him, knowing deep down she'd taken him before, so why now was it so painful.

Winston knew he had to break the spell, gradually he started to move in and out of her, slowly but surely she gave way, allowing him access to her velvet sleeve. Both rooms now only had the prime lover left, all the extra's had left for the bar, Henry was in his element fucking Brenda in both holes, one of her lovers had left her in a right mess, her back passage was more than full, Henry didn't know which hole to fill, he was more than ready, he'd given her a good 30 minutes of persistent fucking.

One thing about Brenda is that she never ever complained. Zoë had managed to sit up, her back against the headboard, she was mesmerised by the sheer size of the enormous organ thrusting in and out of her pussy, it was virtually slurping with the wetness.

Winston eased her back down the bed, lifting her legs placing each of her feet over his shoulders; then up onto his toes he really started fucking her. Zoë screamed with the delight of it all. This time she was getting much more of his cock; he was her dream machine, this was the moment she'd fantasized of all week, the huge organ glistened with her own juices each time he withdrew.

Everything was perfect now, Zoë lie back clutching his wrists, her eyes closed tightly, this was perfect ecstasy she felt as if she was on seventh heaven. Her pussy tingled with the waves of inner gratification, he was so deep inside her now, it felt as if the large helmet was in the base of her womb if this was possible, shocks went around her body, it was electrifying even her toes quivered.

Winston was fucking her hard now, giving her as much of his length as he thought achievable, she arched her back allowing her orgasms full measure of his cock; again and again she came.

His speed was unmatchable, his energy never faltered; Winston lowered his body, kissing her gently on the lips, she threw her arms around his neck. "This is real good, really good!" She murmured into his ear. Winston knew his time was near; her pussy literally clung to his cock almost sucking the life from him, he could sense the pressure within his balls, it was a numb ache.

Zoë became aware of his slowness; she knew she had very little time left before he would cum. Her body came back to life, thrusting up to his in sharp actions; Winston held his position letting Zoë ride her way through even more orgasms; suddenly he threw his head back and thrust his cock deep into her pussy, Zoë was literally pinned to the bed, her eyes widened as his cock thickened with the congealed seed pumping along his already chunky shaft.

Chapter Six Zoë tried her hardest to push herself up the bed off his cock but with her legs over his shoulders she had nowhere to go.

His cock pumped like it had never pumped before; sperm was spurting from the eye at a ferocious rate, it was almost burning the base of her womb with its velocity. Again she tried to back up the bed with no avail; Winston let out a series on loud moans, with her tightness, he himself felt the strain of fulfilling the need to ejaculate. Finally it was all over, Winston gradually began to withdraw, Zoë felt relief as the pressure subsided, she felt good, once again his hand went down to his cock squeezing it between his fingers, assuring not a drop of his seed was wasted.

He hastened to the bottom of the bed gently easing her legs together, sealing her pussy lips together. Zoë placed her hand down onto her lower tummy and smiled up to Winston who was now standing bedside the bed putting his clothes back on.

"That was the best so far!" She beamed. "Coming for a drink then?" "I think I'll just lie here for a while, get my head back together. Follow you soon!" "I'll send your mother in if she's finished!" Winston replied with a wink. Henry had done Brenda proud, he'd taken her in every opening, making sure the he downloaded all into her pussy.

She was dressed when Winston came into the room. "All finished then?" Brenda quizzed "She's done well, I'm sure she enjoyed us all.

What about you?" Winston grinned. "Fine, where is she?" "Resting, I think it might have taken most of her energy, she's more than pleased with herself though.

I think she's waiting to see you!" Brenda finished doing her blouse up, then sat on the bed to get her shoes. "I'll be straight there, we'll meet you in the bar later!" "Catch you both later then!" With this Winston left the room heading towards the bar.

Zoë was as Winston had left her when Brenda came into the room, she looked a right mess; her hair was all over the place. Brenda sat on the edge of the bed running her fingers through it with a smile on her face. "Hey, come on we're missing out on our drinks!" Brenda shook Zoë's arm gently as she spoke. It seemed ages before she opened her eyes then looked up toward her mother. "Hell, that really was something!" she beamed up to her mother. "Told you, I take it you enjoyed yourself then?" "Do it again any day!

But that Winston must be gigantic, I still had problems with him at the end. However, I wouldn't miss that feeling for the world. How did yours go?" "Well I've been filled in every hole, I'm more than satisfied!" "Every hole?" "You telling me no one took you from the rear?" Brenda stated.

"Rear, you mean up my bum!" "Exactly!" There was a silly grin on Brenda's face. "No way, only Winston cum up me, the rest came in my mouth. Your not serious are you! I mean up your bum?" "Love it! Your Dad always did it that way if I was having my period; have to keep your man contented!" "By the sounds coming from your room this week, I'm sure he's been more than happy! What I don't understand is the language you come out with " "I don't make that much noise I know!" Brenda chuckled.


"What do you mean the language?" "I've never heard you swear so much! Believe me, I think I had an orgasm just listening to you both!" Zoë swung her legs over the edge of the bed as she spoke." "You're father likes it when I talk dirty to him!" Brenda sniggered. "Dirty! I think you were down right disgusting at one stage, I hate to think what Dad was doings to you!" "Don't get me wrong your father is an excellent lover, but sometimes he pokes a little to hard!" Brenda laughed.

"Come on let's get down to the bar". Everyone and their brother was in the bar when they arrived, they all raised their hands to applaud Zoë as she walked in.

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Henry came across the room to take her hand. "What will you have my dear, don't forget it's you're birthday, have something a little stronger this time!" "Give her one of your house special cocktails, I'm sure she'll love one of those!" Brenda smiled as they walked toward the bar.

The two spent the rest of the afternoon at Henry's, not getting home till 5 o'clock. Brenda reckoned that she put her daughter on the gateway to heaven; she could now choose her own man, they'd already told Zoë at Henry's that she was welcome at anytime. And not only that it would be free to her. This didn't appeal to Brenda to much as she was now off the freebie list. Zoë could speak of nothing else for the next week; none of her friends had undertaken more than one man at a time.

She felt swollen with pride.