Cute Teen Wears Cute Socks While Fucking

Cute Teen Wears Cute Socks While Fucking
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Danni finished work early and rushed home to fulfill a desire within herself. She had just broken up with her boyfriend and she was aching for some attention paid to her pussy. That evening while at work she download some porn and instead of doing spreadsheets, she was wishing she could indeed spread some sheets.

The office was quiet at this time because only three women worked the late shift, and they were in separate offices.Sometimes the owner of the company stayed around to complete his business transactions.

Anna, her roommate also worked the late shift and her office was on the opposite side of the hall. Danni could see her through the glass doors and as she surfed through the illicit videos she could not help lusting over her hot friend. Too bad you aren't bi, she thought as she tried to concentrate on the images on the screen.

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The scene was of two women in an office sucking off each other as the boss makes his rounds to collect the afternoon data. They could hear him coming but the sensation feels so sweet neither moves as he walks into the cubicle and is surprised to his two best workers lost in each other's pussy.

Danni looks over to Anna and studies the long legs of her best friend. She wished she could kiss her from her head to her toes. Oh if she ever got a hold of Anna's sweet pussy lips she would suck them till the girl begged her to release.

Excited by these thought she, licked her lips and closed her eyes as she relished in the thoughts. "Danni," said Anna as she opened the door to the office. Danni almost fell over the chair as she minimized the computer screen and quickly flipped back up to the spreadsheets.

"I was just heading out." she said as she turned towards the door. "I have a date tonight with Tom so don't wait up."She winked as she said this, letting out an inhibited laugh as she flipped her long hair back.

"It has been a month of dating now and I am so fucking hot for him." "You go girl," was Danni's reply as she watched her friend walk away to get some. Oh what she would give to massage that warm pussy with her tongue.

Now Tom was going to be the one tasting the juices that she lusted for. She wrapped up her work and headed out of the office to have a warm bath with some scented candles and maybe she would pass for a bottle of wine at the wine store.

She had just run out of the building and across the street when a shower of rain soaked her and to her dismay her white shirt was completely soaked through. No umbrella and no place to shelter she entered the wine shop. Thank heavens there were no customers and only the sales clerk who smiled at her as she reached under the counter for some paper towels. "Tough weather huh,"she said in a strong Caribbean accent. "Nights like this you doh feel to go home alone. Weather for two" Danni looked up at her face as she smiled back.

"Well just me and some wine tonight. You recommend anything for a lonely girl?" "Follow me," She said as she closed the store. "Closing time anyway." She chuckled. The sales clerk led her through a maze of lanes till she reached to the last lane. There were a variety of bottles and she reached up to get one. Danni's eyes fell to her flat stomach and sexy frame.

She licked her lips as she felt her own shirt cling to her now pointy nipples. The girl also noticed and could not take her eyes away from the soaked through garment.

Danni felt her pussy tingle as the girl seemed lost in her chest. She felt her heart beat quicken and for a moment, she was lost for words as the clerk raped her body with lustful eyes.

"Sorry, "the girl said as she tried to pull her eyes away. "You have such a beautiful pair of breast. I can't resist staring at them. I am sure you get this reaction all the time." Danni blushed and looked down at her breast and smiled. "I guess I do."She laughed as she looked back to the girl.

She was not bad looking at all.

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She was tall almost as Danni and her hair was black and straight. She looked West Indian. The girl sorted through bottles of wine until one caught her attention and she playfully bit her lips as she reached out for it. She turned to Danni and showed her the year and Danni shrugged in approval. "You busy? Don't think any of us are going anywhere fast."She stated as she looked out to the streets.

The rain had begun to pour and soon the streets seemed deserted. "My treat?"She teased as Danni nodded and followed her back to the front of the store that was designed quite cozy with a sofa overlooking the city. The girl picked up two wine glasses and moved over to a chair beckoning Danni to join her for a rainy night cap.

Danni sat next to her and sipped the wine slowly as she savored the taste of the wine. "She again thought about her roommate Anna having hot sex with her boyfriend and the thought caused her pussy to clench tightly and release in a few quick successions. The girl grabbed some napkin and looked at Danni."Let me she said as she began to dry off Danni's chest. Her finger brushed their way against taunt nipples and Danni began to feel a strange sexual attraction to a woman she had never met and did not even know the first name off.

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Maybe it's better to have a fling right here with a stranger. The questions fled from her mind as she felt the clerks tongue rub roughly against a nipple that had freed itself from Danni's shirt. She did not pull away as the stranger sucked in the nipple and began suckling on her chest. Danni was lost in the moment as she pretended that it was Anna nursing against her heavy breast. She even closed her eyes as the girl kissed her way slowly back to her lips.

Danni could taste the fine wine on her lips and she returned the kisses hungrily and began making out with the clerk right there on the sofa.

The clerk hastily pulled off Danni's top and proceeded to bury her head against the two beautiful breasts in front of her.

Danni felt her body shiver s the girl's finger came into contact with her nipples.

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She closed her eyes and allowed the clerk's mouth to kiss her chest then trail its way towards her twin peaks. She licked every part of Danni's chest like a hungry lion savoring his meal, eager for the first succulent bite. Danni sucked in her breath as she was exposed to the public and having a woman make love to her.

The girl made her lie back on the couch as she pulled up her skirt and pulled off the stocking that Danni wore. Danni did not protest to the violation, she just seemed lost to the moment. She even raised her hips to allow the clerk unhindered access to remove her panties as she drove her head into Danni's wet pussy and started lapping like a hungry wolf. Danni lay on the chairs, spreading her legs wide as the lights of the city became nonexistent to her.

She was oblivious to the cars passing ever so often and the rain drumming on the soaked city. She loved the thrill of the moment and wished the clerk would bury her head deeper in her wet cunt. Danni opened her eyes, and as she did a group of strangers seeking shelter from the rain stood outside the window staring at them. Danni never batted an eye, as the clerk satisfied her thirst in Danni's fountain and the crowd outside wished they were on the receiving end of the cunt lapping.

Danni even surprised herself by arching her juicy pussy higher to the clerks lapping tongue. She almost screamed as the girl placed a finger in her hole to help suck up the sweetest of her juices. Danni felt she could explode as she held the girl's head to her cunt and pumped wildly as the strangers on the outside stared at the scene before them.

Their faces only heightened the sexual act because Danni clamped her legs around the clerk's head and allowed the girl to hold her ass and wash her face in the wet juicy cunt.

Danni could feel an orgasm growing inside her and her body began to tremble as more strangers joined the group. They fought each other to witness the proscribed affair. But she was not losing her orgasm for anything at that moment.

She closed her eyes as a scream escaped her lips and the face she saw in her mind was Anna's. She squirted so hard that the clerk was sprayed down in her juices and the crowd of onlookers cheered as though this was a football match and she had just scored the winning goal. She tried to control her trembling legs as the clerk licked her lips and tried to dry off her cunt soaked face. The crowd watched as she got up from the sofa and adjusted her clothes much to their disappointment. She bowed gracefully and waved goodbye to the audience.


The clerk smiled as she handed Danni the pair of stockings and she left the store she flagged a taxi and left with her bottle of wine. The house was silent as she walked in and landed on the sofa with a loud thud.


She had been drinking the wine on her way home and now she was as tipsy as a top. She walked into her room she kicked off her shoes. She laughed to herself as she realized what she had done. What if her boss had seen her in action at the wine store?

She would be given the walking papers for sure. Danni did not understand the effects her roommate had on her and she hoped she could control herself before her feeling came out at the wrong time. She had just jumped in the shower when she heard the doorbell. Pulling a towel from the closet she rushed to the door.

"Mr Chancellor?"She said surprised as she opened the door to the president of her company. "What are you doing here?" she asked as she allowed the older man to come in.

He walked into the apartment and looked around. "I overheard Anna saying she had a date tonight." He said as he walked over to the sofa. "I like your place. Small but nice."He stated.

"Cozy" Danni was beginning to feel uncomfortable as she stood in her towel before her boss. "Danni, I know you like cozy little stores and I know you like your wine."He said as he watched her face grow terrified. "I enjoyed your little display at the wine store and I relished in the thought that I have at least one worker like myself. Danni my dear you are a freak and I like it." "No Mr Chancellor, It was not me."She lied as she felt her pussy begin to tremble.

"Come my dear" he said "You had you pussy sucked and now it's time to get fucked by your old bossy." He licked his lips as he pulled out his cock and stared at her face.


Yes, he knew he had her now. He had that reaction on all ladies. They always wanted his huge wood. Yes this was the real deal. He smiled as she dropped her towel and walked over to him. "Now Danni I want you to put that sweet pussy in my old face." She did as he asked and pushed her wet puss in his mouth. He lapped like a thirsty dog as his wood grew to twice its huge size.

Danni looked down and saw the size of the monster cock.

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She pulled her pussy away from the old man's face and dropped it on the huge hard cock. He straddled her as she rode him wild. She could not believe that she wanted this old cock. She wanted to feel it all up inside her. She pushed harder as her grabbed her ass and slapped it hard. But all of his cock could not fit inside of her ad she jumped off and pushed it deep inside her mouth. "Yes Danni, work for that promotion. I am going to make you vice president with that skill you have.

Now suck my cock like your job depended on it." She went wild on the huge cock, mouthing the organ and sucking loudly. She could not believe that the old fart was turning her on. But tonight she wanted to be fucked like she had never been before.

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Mr Chancellor wanted a wild woman so she decided she would give him wild. She flipped her body upside down on the chair so that her face was against his swollen cock and her pussy was pushing against his face. They sucked each other to orgasm and he collapsed on the couch as he regained his composure. Danni was still not satisfied as she pulled his hand and led him into her bedroom. She closed the door and pushed the old man on the bed.

He took control as he turned her around and lifted her ass to his face. There he had her pussy and ass all to himself and he began to lick circles around her ass. Danni had never had a rim job before and she smiled as her boss licked her clean.

She even wanted more and as he prepared to move to her throbbing pussy. But she wanted him to kiss her ass some more and she pushed back her ass against her face. The door to the apartment opened and Anna walked in and headed to her room. She never had the slightest idea that the CEO of her company was fucking the hell out of her roommate. She had a lot of things on her mind and she slumped to her bed armed with her IPod and fell asleep.

Mr Chancellor finished on Danni's ass and pushed his hard cock in her ass. She screamed out as he penetrated her virgin ass. The pain felt bitter sweet as she found herself moving in a rhythm against the old cock inside of her. The pace quickened and she felt this was the best sex she had in a long time. She could feel herself nearing orgasm and stiffened up her body as he shot his load inside her. She fell exhausted against him as she watched him get up and pull up his pants.

"Meet me in my office tomorrow for us to discuss your promotion." He said as he left the apartment. Danni went back to her shower and felt her need build up in her pussy again as she thought about Anna making love to her boyfriend. She felt so hot that she rushed out of the bath and grabbed one of her many hidden toys and began to pleasure herself. Anna awoke to the sound of a gentle buzzing. It was the type of sound that could almost soothe you back to sleep, but Anna became fully awake when she realized the sound was coming from a vibrator in the next room.

Danni did not realize that Anna had crept in earlier that night and believed that she was alone at home. Anna crept closer to the door to eavesdrop. She could hear the soft rasp moans of her sexy roommate through the thin walls. The sounds cause her to become aroused and she found herself touching her now seeping mound. The more Danni moaned the more Anna played with her mound.

She soon felt her legs grow weak as she neared her own height of pleasure. Anna had never felt so attracted to the same sex before but tonight Danni had indeed turned her on. Danni became louder as she shook the bed beneath her, the tremors sent the eaves dropper wild and she fell against the wall with a loud thud alerting her unsuspecting roommate of the fact that she was not alone.

Danni dash into the room naked as she was born with the scent of pussy raging through the air. She stared horrified as she noticed her friend Anna sprawled off on the floor with her hands deep in her pulsating pussy.

"I didn't know you were here Anna," she said sounding embarrassed. But Ana felt even more humiliated to be caught with her hands deep in her now soaked pussy. In fact as she attempted to remove her hands from her pulsating wetness she could feel an orgasm growing.

Anna was not sure if it was the watchful eyes of Danni that caused her pussy to pulse so much harder, but it felt intense and she could not stop herself. Her roommate watched in horror as the eaves dropper put her entire fist in her throbbing pussy and began fisting herself. Danni could barely take her eyes of her friend and the more she tried to be disgusted the hotter the feelings between her legs felt. She tried to close her legs tightly but the throbbing coming from her aching cunt got her legs weak and reluctantly her legs gave out as she joined her friend on the ground.

Anna was really getting wild as she neared orgasm but Danni reached out and held the girl's hand. "Let me" was all the words she could manage as she crept closer to her friend and kissed her fully on the lips.

Anna was shocked and she kept thinking what am I doing? I am not a lesbian. But she did not stop Danni from kissing her in fact when Danni reached her taunt nipples with her tongue she grabbed her head and pushed it down to her throbbing pussy.

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Danni wanted to prolong the moment. She did not want Anna to orgasm right away. She turned around her friend and forced her to raise her hips so that her butt was in her face. Danni then traced the rim of her ass with her tongue. Anna shuddered as her friend gave her a rim job. Her legs again felt shaky but Danni continued to lick and tongue her friend's sweet ass.

She caressed Anna's ass and kissed her there till she began to feel faint. She was moaning very loud and trembling as Danni's tongue found its way to her fountain and began lapping from the water. Anna opened her legs wide and received the other girl's mouth and tongue. The feeling overwhelmed her as she felt a wave of ecstasy rush over her entire body and she pulled her pussy from her friend's lapping mouth.

But Danni was stronger as she could taste the salty tears of the pussy as Anna neared a powerful orgasm. She pulled the girl's pussy dead on her face and sucked in Anna's pussy deep into her mouth. The sounds of hungry pussy lapping and sucking filled the room as Anna filled the roommates face with the powerful squirt of her juices.

Danni sucked hungrily as she finished the last drop and her friend rolled over weakly from on top of her. "Now Danni, go bring that strap on I saw under your bed and let me fuck you like you have never been fucked before."Promised Anna as she slapped her friend's sweet ass. There was a shadow behind the curtains as the boss hid himself as he watched the two women fuck away the night.

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He smiled as he heard Anna's words and he licked his lips in anticipation as his wood grew twice its size and he waited for the right moment to surprise Anna with a business proposal he knew she would not refuse.