HD PornPros Pretty teen Chloe strips for her man

HD PornPros Pretty teen Chloe strips for her man
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The night that we met, I got dressed, putting on scented lotion and perfume. Making sure that my hair was in place, my outfit was sexy but not revealing and that my toes were lotioned and polished due to the fact that I was wearing opened toed shoes.

I drove up to his friend's apt complex, passing him up although we were on the phone and he was sitting on his friend's car outside. I backed up, he stayed were he was for a moment, just as nervous to see me as I was him. We had only seen pictures of each other; however, this was our first face to face encounter. I asked him if he was going to come open my door, he slowly walks over, and I can read his expression as he breathes a sigh of relief.

The attraction is there at first glance. He helps me out of my car, closing the door behind me, embracing me into a tight squeeze. Wow I say as the hug now turns into a passionate make out session. Neither of us wanted to come up for air and some how simultaneously decided to pull apart staring intently into one another's eyes.

We walk towards the stairs, first with him walking directly behind me, then hand in hand, and then he gets freaky and asks that I walk in front of him. He says damn as I walk up the stairs, I turn to him and ask what was that about, he replies, you have the sexiest walk, with your little bow-legged self.


I turn around, and turn up the twisting (), which he immediately notices and gives me a playful swat on my butt. We walk into the apt and I am introduced to his best friend Ant.

That night we kiss and talk. We all three go back to my apt where he and his friend sing Happy Birthday to my sister and I. As they leave we kiss once again. 3 weeks later: As our relationship progressed, during our make out sessions, we would get really hot and heavy at times, but I would back off b/c I was afraid of going all of the way.

I didn't want to get hurt. I felt like things would change when we started having sex (I was right everything changed). I wanted him so bad, but at the same time I was in conflict with everything I had been taught at church all of my life and by my parents.

I wanted to be a virgin when I got married and wanted to be married to the person that I gave myself to&hellip.

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A couple of days later: I was lying on the couch and my boyfriend at the time came and lay down on top of me. We begin kissing and it began getting hot and heavy.

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First my shirt came off, still we kissed. Then my pants came off.

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He begged me to let him do something other than finger me. I asked what and he replied I want to go down on you; I want to eat you out!!!

I was apprehensive at first, but then after some more kissing and teasing, I said ok. He began kissing me, leaving a trail of kisses down my body, beginning at my mouth, then down my throat, he stayed a while at my breast playing with and arousing me. I couldn't believe how great it felt to have someone sucking my nipples. I was turned all the way on and wanted more of what he had to give. He then begins to kiss a path down my happy trail, I moaned in expectation of what was next.

He parted my pussy lips and gave a soft kiss. He lifts the hood of my clitoris and moistens it with juice from my already dripping wet cunt.

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He begins rubbing it; first slowly then quickly I begin to buck against his finger. I thought this is great, but this isn't anything to write home about lol.


Well no sooner than the thought crossed my mind he inserts his finger into my moist vagina and begins licking my clit. I was in shock and my breathing became rugged. This was one of my first times having oral LIKE THIS; instinctively I begin rubbing my cunt against his tongue.

Then the true assault began. He removed his finger and replaced it with his tongue, just as I begin thinking why do they call it eating out. ((Now mind you I had been with one previously that had done oral on me twice and never had an orgasm)). THIS boy begins tongue fucking me and rubbing my clit with his finger, I was out of control with emotions. I didn't know whether to cry or scream.

I was moaning so loudly that I just knew that the neighbors heard us lol. My toes began to curl and before I knew it an overwhelming feeling begin to take over me. I begin to shake uncontrollably, I felt like I had to pee and that I was peeing on myself.

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I begin to orgasm with such intensity that I felt like I was going blind. I curled up in a ball and when the feeling finally passed (when I got his mouth of my pussy lol). I asked him what did you do to me he laughs looking as though he just ate fried chicken and says what do you mean. I said what was that, I've never felt that before.

He says you had an orgasm and you ejaculated in my mouth and on my face. I was hooked. From that day forward his bedroom nickname became lethal licks or LL around his family lol. At the beginning of our relationship I was a virgin BUT after 3 months of that kind of stimulation, I could no longer resist but that's another story ;) He had officially become my sex Ed teacher and I was a willing student :)