Befriedigung bei frauen

Befriedigung bei frauen
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Last One To Know, Chapter Eleven All the kids are getting older and more experienced. Kathy and Kay's kids are meeting for the first time and things seem to be off to a good start. ****************************************************************************************** The four of us walked over to the steps and stepped up out of the pool.

Our parents were walking across the lawn toward to pool. Shannon obviously didn't hear them coming. She was watching our every move. She smiled and told Sue "I saw Bobby and Mark go under the water. What were they doing, eating your big nasty pussy"? Before any of us could reply David said " SHANNON!! SHAME ON YOU". Shannon jumped at the sound of David's voice and turned a bright red in the face. "Sorry Dad, I didn't know you were there. Dave said "WELL, are you going to apologize.

You know for a fact, after last week, your sister has a very tight and very clean pussy and I'm sure Tammy has the same. Shannon mumbled in a very low voice "sorry".

Dave smiled and said " SORRY, I didn't hear you". I laughed and thought that sounds SSSOOOO Military. Shannon stood and walked over to Sue, put her arms around her neck and kissed her softly on the lips.

She said " Sorry Sis, I guess I was a little jealous and maybe trying to impress Bath. I told her that was not the way to impress Beth. When Shannon turn around Beth walk over and give Shannon a big full body hug. Remembering what Dad and Mom had told us about going slow, Beth just stepped back and looked at Shannon. Shannon placed her hands on either side of Beth's face and give her a long, lingering kiss on the lips.

When Shannon stepped back she fanned her hand in front saying " WOOOWEEE it is getting hot out here. She turned toward Kay and ask " Mom, is it okay if I pull my top off, I'm getting so hot"? We all laugher then Kay told her " Honey, you can pull off what ever you want. Just remember what we talked, whatever you do all the others can do also". Shannon put her head down and looked like she was deep in thought. Then she turned her back to Beth and ask if she would give her a hand.

Beth reached up and pulled the bows that held Shannon's top in place. The top fell to the lawn exposing her perky little tits. She stood there and looked over her shoulder at Beth. Beth stepped back up and pulled one of the ties loose on Shannon's bikini bottom then slowly pulled on the other bow.

The bottom fell to the lawn along side the tip. As she stood there naked she looked at each of us one by one as though she was checking to see what our reaction was. All she saw was ten smiling faces.

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Though she and Beth were almost the same age Shannon was a little smaller all the way around. She noticed me staring at her smooth hairless pussy. She smiled and told me "Sue shaved it for me, I didn't have much hair down there to start with but Sue said the guys like a smooth pussy better" Beth pulled the ties to her bikini and she was the first to join Shannon.

Beth stepper over to Shannon took her in her arms and give her a hot passionate kiss on the lips. She moved one hand around and started squeezing her right tit. We all just stood and watched for a second then Kay said" HEY, HEY YOU TWO! Just slow it down a little, we have all day and night if we need it. Right now the burgers are ready and we have mixed a mild sangria for you kids". Dave told us it was okay for us to get as comfortable as we would like and we could talk more while we were eating.

In just a couple of seconds we were all naked and everyone seem to be at ease with it. Shannon and Beth were walking hand and hand. Phil was following close behind, Beth reach back and extended her hand to him. He was grinning ear to ear as they walked along together.

Mom and Tammy was on either side of Dad and Mark. Dave and I was on each side of Kay and Sue as we all walked hand and hand to the table full of food. After we had our burgers and trimmings the parents were drinking beer and we kids poured up a glass of sangria. Tammy and Mark set at the big table with our parents, Beth, Shannon and Phil set at one of the pool side table and Sue and I went a table on the other side of the pool.

We were all close enough we could talk from table to table but far away we could also talk to each other in private if we wanted too. Everyone teased Shannon a little about how quick she had changed her mind about the cloths.

While we were all talking back and forth I noticed that Sue was staring at me. Finally, I smiled at and ask "do you have something on your mind". She laughed and said "YES, that and more too, I think I know how you feel sexually but I was wondering what you think of me otherwise".

I though for a minute then told her" Sue, this is going to sound so full of shit but what I'm going to tell you is the truth and just how I feel. Sexually, you are just what I like, a little pushy, somewhat forward and seem to be open to most everything.

As far as looks, you know you are a knock-out, but with you there is more.


I like Earl, Phil, and Shannon and look forward to having some fun times with then. As for you, from the second I laid eyes on you I was attracted to you. Not just sexually, it was more that that. It was like seeing a dear friend that I hadn't seen in a long while. Like I said, it sounds like a bunch of shit but it is the truth" Sue let out a long sigh the said" thank you Bobby, I was wondering if it was just me or if you felt it also. I feel the same about you. Then when you eat my pussy in the pool I thought it might just a sexual thing.

Right now I really look foreword to sucking your cock and so many other sexually but most of all I would love to just take you in my arms and hold you". "Sue, we're first cousins, because of our family secret we can have sex any way, any time, with just the two of us or anyone here.

That is special and I look forward to it but what I feel for you is more and I don't know what to do about it. Sue looked at me and ask" BFF"? I guess she could see the confused look on my face. She laughed and " cyber shorthand, BFF, best friends forever". I smiled back at her, leaned across the table and giver her a soft, warm kiss on the lips.

No tongue, no open mouth, just an I love you kiss. We were finishing up on out burgers when we saw Shannon and Beth go the other table. They seem to be talking mostly to Mark and Tammy. then they walked over to our table. Shannon ask Sue what we were planning to do next. Sue looked at me, winked and smiled. We're not sure, what did you have in mind little sister.

With a pleading look on her face Shannon said" Well, Beth Phil and I was hoping we could add a couple more to our group and maybe go to your bedroom and have some fun". Sue looked at me and said" my little sister is trying to play us Bobby. You see, Mark and I have king size beds and she and Phil only have regular size. If Tammy and Mark wouldn't play with them in his room then they want us to play in in my room".

I told Sue it was up to her, that I was a willing victim. Shannon hung her head down and said" that's partly true but Beth and I kind of have it hot for each other right now and she has been telling us some things that you guy's have done together that really turned Phil and I both on.

We can all see that you and Sue have a special thing going on and we would only like to add to that. Sue stood up, cleaned up her place at the table and told us all to follow her to the shower in her bedroom. We were all right in behind as we dumped our trash in the can and headed inside. All six at the other table waved and told us to have fun.

It was a large shower but we were not sure it would hold all five of us at once. Sue adjusted the water then she and I stepped in.

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As we soaped each other up Beth stepped in. I soaped her backside while Sue did the front. Sue and Beth would lock into a passionate kiss from time to time. I started soaping her ass about the same time Sue was doing her pussy. We were against the back wall of the shower with Sue working on Beth's pussy and I already had two fingers up her ass.

Shannon and Phil both stepped in. Shannon dropped to her knees and pulled Beth around and buried her face in Beth's pussy. I kept my fingers pumping in and out of her hot little ass as Shannon was lapping at Beth's pussy like a person possessed.

Phil stood behind Shannon just watching the action for a few seconds then Shannon told him" do it Phil, do it now you ass. Phil aimed his cock at the tope of Shannon's head and let go with a hard stream of piss that ran through her hair and down the front of her face. When she moved back a little Phil would aim the piss at the top of Beth's pussy, then Shannon would lap it up. Sue dropped to her knees, leaned down and started sucking hard on Shannon's little tit.

I could see an expression of pain on Shannon's face from time to time as Sue would bit down on her nipples but she was pulling Sue's head tighter to her chest. Sue back off only long enough to told me to bit her tit and bite it hard. I kneeled on the other side and licked and sucked her tit gently into my mouth. Shannon grabbed the back of my head, pulled me very tight to her and told me " bite it you wimpy fucker, act like the pervert we all know you are, BITE, BITE".

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So I bit and bit hard, she just swooned and almost collapsed as she reached a hard, body shaking orgasm. Beth was not to be denied as she gushed her sweet pussy juice all over Shannon's face. I was very turned on and looking for some place to put my cock. I didn't have to wait long. As I stood up and pulled my fingers out of Beth's ass I felt a hand wrap around the shaft of my cock and a wonderful, warm mouth engulf the head of my cock. I looked down to see the sandy haired head of Phil bobbing back and forth; Damn, damn it felt good and I placed my hand on the back of his head and pulled him forward.

Sue stood and pulled my mouth to her breast "Suck me baby, suck me hard" I did just that, sucking hard on one while massaging and pinching the nipple. I felt Sue jump and give out with a loud moan. I looked down to see Beth on her knees with her face buried in Sue's pussy and Shannon had Sue's cheeks pulled apart tonguing Sue's asshole. That's all it took for me. I could feel the cum building and knew it wouldn't be long. Just a second before I shot my load I warren Phil, not knowing how he would feel about a mouth full of cum.

When I told him I was about to cum he let a loud groan, grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me deeper into his mouth. Sue said" fill him up baby, he loves to eat cum". I started fucking his mouth as my cum pouring out of my cock and filling his mouth. Phil was gulping it down like a nursing baby and his mothers breast.

While I was filling Phil's mouth with my hot cum Beth and Shannon was bringing Sue to a moaning, groaning, hip thrusting orgasm. We all slipped down to the shower floor with our legs all entwined.

as the warm water flowed over us. Beth and Shannon started whispering to each other. They would whisper something then both would giggle. I ask them what the secret was?

Beth looked at Shannon nodding her head. Shannon looked at us and I could see she was blushing a little. Beth told her" honey, we are all family, you can tell Bobby or any of us anything that's on your mind.

Shannon said" Okay, but lets get out of the shower and go to the bed room. We got out of the shower and dried each other off, playing and fondling each other a little as we did so. Once it the bedroom we all set cross legged in a circle on the bed. We were all looking at Shannon waiting for her to speak.

Finally, still blushing a little she said" I'll tell you what Beth and I were whispering about and some other things that are on my mind. I would also like for each of you to share something about yourselves that we may not know".

We all agreed then Shannon started telling her little secrets. "I know I acted very bold when we were out by the pool and in the shower but I'm really very nervous about all this. I still have a lot to learn and experience. So far I have had my pussy fucked, licked and sucked, sucked cock until it cum, and now I have eat a pussy thanks to Beth.

Beth and I were whispering and laughing about the fact that I haven't had my asshole licked and tongued. Beth told me that she loved getting fucked in the ass by Bobby and her dad. I looked at the size of their cocks and I just don't think they would fit in my little asshole". I told her there were ways to work her up to taking a cock in the ass and I would be pleased to help her if that was what she wanted.

Sue told her their mother has a small dildo, three different sizes of butt and some of the slickest lube you have ever seen. Phil was setting on my left so I reached over and wrapped my hand around his very rigid cock. I told Shannon that he has the smallest cock in the family and she may want to give her virgin ass to him first. They both blushed and giggled. Shannon said" that's all from me for now, who's next"? They all looked at me so I assumed it was my turn.

"Well, I was the last one in my family to find out abut what we refer to as the family secret. I too have experienced a lot and for a while was on an emotional rollercoaster. Was I gay, was my whole family a bunch of warped perverts, were we all crazy? I don't know what the rest of the word would think of us and the way we live.

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I also don't give a shit what they think, I only know that I am closer and love my family more than I ever thought possible. I also know that my sweet baby sister loved me enough to give me her virgin pussy". I stopped talking and looked at each of them then said" now I have met you guys and I really look forward to the good time ahead, in and out of the bed.

Now for my secret or my fear. We are all getting older and closer to adulthood. I know that I will not always be living at home. I hope to get a good education that would allow me to get a job and make a good living.

I hope to marry and have a family. There in lies the problem. Can I find a woman that would except me and my family as we are and still want to be my wife and have children with me". Sue said she would go next. "I'm like Bobby, I have had some of the same thoughts. Like him I wouldn't trade my family and the life we have together for anyone else in the world. I also wonder about a future husband and what life will be like when I get older. I love the sex, the more the better and I guess my secret thing is I would love to have my Daddy's baby.

I told him and Mom about my wish and they didn't think it would be a good idea. They told me having babies with family that close could be harmful to the baby. Beth ask to go next.

"When I was only seven or eight old I started having sexual feelings for all the other members of my family. I just knew there was something wrong with me. It was not unusual to see the my family naked but it didn't seem to bother anyone except me. I started masturbating when I was about ten years old. When I started asking Mom and Dad questions about sex they told me about the family.

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That was one of the most exciting times of my young life. I have loved every minute of it and look forward to more good times with you guys. I am very open and I don't have many secrets to share. The only thing that I could tell you is that I have been madly in love with my brother for as long as I can remember and I still am" I could feel myself blushing at this news as Phil spoke up. "This is going to be hard for me. I have such weird thoughts and desires.

I like having sex with Sue and Mom but I have really enjoyed giving Mark and Dad a blow-job. I love cum and taking it up the ass. I also love piss. I really don't know why but it really turns me on both ways, pissing or getting piss on.

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I have talked with Mom and Dad about this and they both told me to just be myself and enjoy being with the family. They told me I was still very young and I had plenty of time to work it out. I guess you could call that my secret because this is the first time I have told anyone except Mom and Dad While we were talking I had continued to hold and stroke Phil's cock.

Sue had reached over and was doing the same to me.


Beth and Shannon had been kissing and playing with each other's small tits. Shannon ask" Bobby what do I need to do to be able to get your nice cock in my little asshole"? We all laughed and I told her" Homey, we always make sure we are all cleaned out first, have you ever had an enamel"? She laughed and pointed at Sue. Sue told me the her Mon had showed her how to give a good gut cleaning enamel and as weird as it may sound she enjoyed giving them.

I suggested we make Shannon the center of attention and we could all make sure she got plenty of ass play. Sue jumped off the bed and ran out of the bedroom. She was back in just a couple of seconds with a small box. She opened it and dumped it on the bed. There was one dildo about ten inches long but only about half an inch around, a small, medium and large butt plug and a bottle of lube like I had never seen before. We all looked the items over then Shannon moved to the middle of the bed, laying on her back.

Beth quickly moved between her legs, pulled them back toward her head exposing her pussy and asshole. We watched as Beth started with her tongue just below Shannon's asshole. She licked up and around her little rosebud, then pushed her tongue into her asshole just a little. Shannon raised her hips and let out a loud moan. Beth continued on up the her pussy. She sucked first one lip into her mouth then did the same with her other lip. As Beth slid her tongue into her pussy we started moving to other areas.

I moved up to Shannon's head and she took my cock by the shaft and pulled it into her mouth. It felt good but it was obvious she was very inexperienced at sucking cock. I smiled and thought" Well, that's what we are here for, to help her learn what we have already been taught. Phil run his hand over Beth's ass and it was easy to see what he really had on his mind but her moved to the lift side of Shannon and starting massaging and sucking on her little tit.

Sue moved up beside me and started doing the same on her right side. I was telling Shannon to be careful with her teeth when she was moving back and forth on my cock. She nodded and open a little wider.

I had my legs wide apart and was leaning over Shannon's head. I felt a cool touch around my asshole. I jumped at the surprise touch and looked down at Sue. She was looking up at me, smiling around Shannon's tit. I felt her finger massage my little rosebud then she pushed a finger against it and it easily slipped inside.

She pushed until I could feel her knuckles pushing against my cheeks. She knew exactly where to touch to get the maximum effect and I knew I was not going to last long. I told everyone to lets change positions.

Beth set up on her knees with a very disappointed look. I think Phil was pleased because he wanted more action. Sue set up but didn't pull the finger out of my ass. It was feeling so good I hated to do it but I told her to pull out. I had Shannon and Beth get in a 69 position with Beth on bottom.

I put a pillow under her hips to better expose her ass. They didn't waist any time devouring each other's pussy.

I ask Sue to lube up Beth's asshole and give her a little finger or two. I ask Phil if he would like to tongue Shannon's ass a little while Sue got Beth ready. He moved so fast I thought he was going to fall off the bed. As soon as Phil's tongue touched Shannon's asshole she reached her first orgasm. I could here Beth licking and sucking trying to catch every drop of Shannon's juice.

Beth was holding her legs up and feet in the air as Sue finger fucked her ass. She started moaning as she also reached an orgasm. I told Phil to take Sue's place and see if he could get his hard cock in Beth's ass. This time he moved so fast he did fall of the bed but quickly scrambled back up and was there with cock in hand waiting for Sue to pull her fingers out of Beth's ass.

As soon as she pulled her fingers out she coated Phil's cock with the lube While all this was going on I moved in behind Shannon and started to place my cock at her pussy lips.

Beth saw what I was doing and reached up, pulled my cock down and took beep into her mouth. She pulled it out and licked up and down the shaft coating it well with her saliva. Then she guided it to Shannon's pussy lips and I pushed. She was dripping wet but so tight I had trouble getting in. I was moving slow and easy trying to allow her time to get use to the size. Shannon yelled at me" FUCK ME DAMN IT, PUSH THAT BIG COCK IN MY LITTLE PUSSY AND HURT ME.

SHOVE IT YOU MOTHER-FUCKER. She comments. Pissed me off a little so I grabbed her hips and shoved my cock to the hilt into her tight little pussy. She screamed out" OH YES FUCK ME MY LOVING COUSIN"!! Sue laughed as she stood and moved up to straddle Shannon's back just in front of me. Her hand was coated with the lube and she squirted some on Shannon's ass.


She then did something that surprised me. She placed her ring finger in her mouth, pulled it out then licked her lips. She smiled at me as she placed her index finger to my lips. I didn't open my mouth at first. She smiled, nodded her head and pushed her finger against my lips. I open my mouth and as she pushed her finger in I could taste a pleasant cherry flavor and I could tell it was very slick.

She push me back enough that my cock slipped out of Shannon. She used her lube covered hand to pull my cock up until she could get it in her mouth. She put about half of my cock in her mouth and as she pulled out she moved her hand back coating it with the lube.

This time when she pulled it back in her mouth my cock didn't stop until it was down her throat and my pubic hair was against her open mouth. She pulled out to the head the back down her throat.

She only done this a couple of times but it was enough to let me know there were good things ahead with her. She return my cock to Shannon's pussy then she put more lube on her hand. She dropped the bottle on the bed, pulled Shannon's ass cheeks apart and started massaging her little asshole with the lube. Shannon moaned and had her second orgasm. Sue smile at me as she eased her index finger into Shannon's little asshole.

She pushed it to the first joint and starting pulling it from side to side. Sue ask Shannon" are you ready baby sister". Uh-huh was all I heard as Sue shoved her finger as deep as she could get it into Shannon's ass.

I could feel Shannon's pussy clamp even tighter around my cock and I could feel Sue's finger moving in and out just the other side of the thin tissue. It was having an effect on me and I knew if I didn't do something I would be Cumming very soon. I just stopped moving and tried to relax as best I could. Sue realized what I was doing and being the tease she is, she pushed her finger down in Shannon's ass then started moving in and out quicker.

This was causing more friction against the top of my cock. I smiled at her and said" you fucking tease". She smiled back with a gleam in her eye and said" Yes, I know and you love it.

Sue pulled her finger out of her sister's ass, looked at me to be sure I was watching as she put the finger in her mouth and sucked it clean. Damn, that was hot, I though I was going to cum for sure.

Sue added more lube then shoved her finger back up her sister's ass. I closed my eyes and made myself relax. I could feel it when Sue pulled her finger out of Shannon's ass. I open my eyes just in time to see her pushing the slip dildo up Shannon's ass. Shannon moaned as the toy moved in further than Sue's finger had been.

I heard Phil and Beth both moaning and growing and I could feel Beth's forehead bouncing against my balls. I knew Phil was slamming hard into her ass and they were both about to cum. I looked past Sue and saw Phil fall back on the bed. Beth's head fell back on the bed and she was saying" AAAAAHHHHHH YES, LICK MY ASS BITCH, SUCK ALL YOUR BROTHER'S CUM OUT OF MY ASS" Shannon was really hard against my cock and I knew she was getting really turned on by sucking Phil's cum our of Beth's asshole.

Sue quickly pulled the dildo out of her sister's ass, lubed up the small butt plug and jammed it up her ass. Beth let out a little scream as she reached another orgasm. Sue told me" Okay Bobby, this one will stay in her ass, go ahead and fuck the shit out of her. It's okay if it hurts a little, the little slut loves that". I got my feet under and squatted behind Shannon. I grabbed her hips and started slamming my cock in and out of her pussy as hard as I could.

Every time I shoved my cock in Shannon would let out a little squeal. I could feel the cum building and I was grunting hard with every shove. Sue was standing straight up on the bed watching my every move. She said" Damn, that is some bad ass fucking there Cuz". When the first load of cum shot into Shannon's tinny pussy she shouted" I can feel it, I feel your cum, OOOOOOHHHHHH, I'm Cumming again". After a second and third shot of cum Shannon's little pussy was full. My cum was flowing out every time I pumped in.

Beth was there to lick it off my balls and Shannon's pussy. I fucked that little pussy until I was totally exhausted and wet with sweat. I dropped back to my knees. As my cum slowed down to just a dribble Shannon fell forward onto Beth and I fell back on the bed. As soon as my back hit the bed I felt a hot mouth engulf my cock, sucking me clean.

I didn't have to look, I knew it could only be Sue. When I open eyes Sue was moving around to a 69 position. As soon as she was in place she lowered her hot dripping wet pussy to my mouth. I licked my tongue up through her pussy to get a sample of her wonderful taste.

The bottle of lube was laying by my head. I picked it up, flipped open the top and held it over the top of her ass. I squirted a large amount out then used my hand to pull it down to her asshole, coating my fingers as I did so. She moaned around my now hard cock as I did so.

Her clit was hard as a rock and stuck out like a small penis. As I sucked it into my mouth I pushed two fingers into her hot pussy and one on her ass. She let out a little squeal and pushed her clit harder against my mouth. Sue was massaging my cock with her throat and had shoved two fingers up my ass.

She was hitting that spot again and I knew I would not last long.

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I though turn about was fair play so I moved my two fingers to her little spongy G-spot. She let out a loud moan as she pushed hard against my mouth and fingers.

She was making all kinds of wild sounds as she cum hard in my mouth. Oh, it was great, that sweet pussy was gushing all over my mouth and face. Almost before I knew it I was shooting a load of cum down her throat. She collapsed on top of me then rolled off to the side of me. I looked toward the other end of the bed to see Beth and Shannon on either side of Phil.

All three were sound asleep. I could see a small amount of cum on Beth's ass cheek and the butt plug in Shannon's ass.

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I told Sue they must be totally exhausted. She laughed and said" I know the feeling" then rolled over and cuddled up to my back. I fell asleep with her arm around my waist and her firm tits snug against my back.

I'm not sure how long I slept but when I awoke I immediately realized that there was a warm female body spooning in front of me and another behind me.

They were very still and breathing deep like they were sleeping but when I move slightly the body behind me said" oh, so you are finally awake". It was Mon's voice. The body in front of me turned over and I realized it was Tammy looking back at me. "What's going on, why are you two here with me". Tammy laughed and said" that's a fine howdy-do, you don't want to be with us any more".

"Yes, of course I do. I just didn't expect you to be here now. Mom said" Bobby, we need to talk with you but baby, you need a shower first. We all laughed as I climbed out of bed and headed for the shower with Mom and Tammy close behind.

End of chapter