Hairy handsome Ali Mikey sucked off before wanking

Hairy handsome Ali Mikey sucked off before wanking
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Bridgette It was eight thirty in the evening on a Friday but unfortunately for Bridgette she had to stay to finish the project in the laboratory she and colleagues had started earlier in the week. The vaccine had proved a difficult one to manage but success had been accomplished and she just needed to ensure all the proper documents were straight before they presented their accolade to the many ministers, heads of departments and other dignitaries at the forthcoming press conference on Monday morning.

She was so proud of what had been accomplished that she had forgotten all about her own life, boyfriend and the fact that the laboratory was one of those government secrets hidden away in a small corner of some non descript country deep in its forest and the drive to her accommodation block was at least 45 minutes along uneven sparsely paved winding back road that tried the best vehicles suspension to the absolute maximum.

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Bridgette put all her folders into the filing cabinet then wiggled across the lab 30 feet to the opposite wall to switch off the lights before exiting the building but on her way out she thought she might just pop into the ladies and refresh her makeup and change into the short crop top she had packed into her hand bag earlier when she left her flat.

It was a floral design and hung loosely on one shoulder. She really like this one out of the 4 she owned because it made her breast look bigger than the 36DD cup they were and with the strapless bra her tits gave the illusion of being very pert with the nipples sticking straight ahead as if someone had shoved ice directly on them. The short loosely elasticised sleeves and collar gave her the impression she was wearing something Spanish in origin but naughty.

Her figure hugging jeans didn't leave much to imagination between her legs as they clung to her like they had been freshly painted on.

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The high heels were straps on soles basically and her Auburn her cascaded down her back in a long pony tail she had weaved that morning just touching the small of her back. At 5' 2" tall and weighing in at 8st Bridgette was a walking, talking, intelligent sex doll that all her male colleagues wanted to fuck or at least have her wrap those luscious pouting full lips around their cocks and suck for queen and country. As she stepped out of the building and made her way to the 25 year old Detroit rust bucket her thoughts turned to what the rest of her evening and the weekend could conjure up on a social scale and the fact that the humid searing heat already had her breaking a sweat as she felt the first small droplet snake down between her firm juicy tits but nevertheless she continued on instead of wiping herself.

As her key entered the door lock she thought she heard the distinctive backfire of a male colleagues car in the far distance or perhaps it was the guerrilla fighters she had heard so many rumours about firing off the odd round. She knew they presented no danger to the science team she was a part of because of the work they had done in that country which help improve the quality of life all round. The rust bucket roared into life as Bridgette turned the key in the ignition.

It was old and full of dents and had more rusty blotches than a leopard had spots but it worked and got her from point A to point B some what reliably as long as a pray was said before one sat off which she had forgotten to do. At the first tight bend some quarter of a mile away from her lab she encountered the first of many large potholes, skilfully she dodged it and proceeded toward the next of which she had a mental map of. Feeling confident and with the daylight fading fast she decided to put her foot down a little.

She knew that the one headlamp would adequately light her path but it would have been nicer to have both especially since her driving glasses had broke and all she had were her reading glasses. Never mind she thought, it won't take long to negotiate the potholes and bends and the occasional furry four-legged pest that always seem to like to dodge the headlamp.

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Twenty minutes had past since Bridgette had left the lab and she was deeply engrossed concentrating on the rugged unforgiving road and Bon Jovi. The CD was old but the music was good maybe too good for a fleeting moment Bridgette started daydreaming of the concert she had been too back in the day to see Bon Jovi live.


The evening was hot and the sweat was almost running down her cleavage, this added to her distraction as she was feeling some what randy as the car bounced and swerved. Suddenly there was an almighty bang under it which bought Bridgette back to reality like an electric shock.

" What the fuck !!" she exclaimed The car felt funny as if it was sitting lopsided as it skidded to a grinding stop. " Oh fuck !!" she thought as she jumped out to have a look. " Fuck !!" "Fuck !!" "Fuck !!" "Fuck NO !!!" she bellowed as see saw what had happened.

"Stupid furry thingy and a pot hole !!!" The fur was all over the bumper, there was a dead thingy sticking out from under her car and the front right side sat in massive pot hole and Bridgette could see with her limited girly, girl knowledge of mechanics that she was in a whole world of shit.

Half way home, in the middle of the jungle, no torches, no food, no drink and only a thinner blouse than the one she had worn to work earlier but that was the least of her problems. Her fancy new mobile didn't work yet and darkness was marching ever closer.

There was rustling noises coming from the surrounding forest, loads of funny noises coming in from every direction. Bridgette was genuine frightened now and then she remembered.

"What a dummy !!" " I forgot to pray for safe passage home" she thought about this for a moment then dismissed it as a dumb superstition. Just then she saw torch lights headed her way from within the forest and voices.


There must have been at least 5 to 7 she counted and they were speaking English. As they drew closer she thought she recognised at least 3 of the voices as belonging to some of her colleagues.

Bridgette was relieved to see the three men but annoyed at the same time as these three were the ones that she avoided as much as possible with their lecherous ways and snide sexist comments. She rationalised and drew the conclusion that their company was better than being stranded here on this outback forest road all alone for the remainder of the night with what ever little or large furry nasty that may come along and want to make a meal of her.

Jannis, Topali and Omar broke into the clearing of the road carrying large burlap sacks and smoking huge joints. There were 4 other men but they were in camouflage combat gear carrying rather huge guns.

It was Omar who saw Bridgette first and made a comment. " Well look what we have here!!" "Looks a woman needing a hand or two…maybe more.?

" "Hi Bridgette, What the hell are you doing hanging around these parts.?" "Waiting for some of this Colombian?" "Fancy a suck on my joint?" "It's good, very strong and can put you on cloud nine in no time" "Nah, mate." said Topali, "She waiting for the breakdown services" "Can't you see.?" "her fronts in a hole and there is no way out!!".

" You two are being very stupid !" sneered Jannis " She was actually waiting to apologise for being that teasing little slut that likes to watch all our cocks get hard at her antics in the lab but gives no one relief!" "Well like it or not the little whore is all alone now and we are going to get an apology and she is going to give all of us what we want.!!!" With that Bridgette shouted for them all to fuck off as she turned to run but the road took victim number two this night.

Her high heel snapped and she tumbled to the ground just in the tall grass near the side of the road. If anyone was listening carefully that night they could have heard her screams as the men ripped and tore the clothes from her body. They picked her up and held her by the arms and ankles as some one took out a hunting knife and sliced her tight jeans right off her cute pert ass and shapely thighs exposing a pure white thong which was duly sliced through and fell to the ground in threads.

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Bridgette no longer wiggle to walk but wiggled and squirmed to break free of her attackers grips but she was over powered by these 7 highly stoned strong men. They carried her deeper into the jungle as she fought with all her might. She listened through her own screams what each had in mind to do to her. They were going to rape this slut to within an inch of her life and they were going to enjoy every second of it.

At their base camp some quarter of a mile from where she had broke down they tied her to a post with her arms over her head but everything else free to move about. Jannis took some leaves from a pot from inside a tent and stuffed a huge ball of them into her mouth then put gaffer tape over her mouth and around her head to hold it on. The taste was pungent and sweet at once with the leaves slightly stinging her tongue and mouth.

She had no choice but to chew and swallow her own saliva mixed with the juice from the leaves.

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The men left her tied up moaning, pleading and with no choice chewing, swallowing the bittersweet bung whilst they rolled more joints and cooked freshly killed meat. Omar dragged out a bottle of vodka from a cold running stream some 20 yards from the camp and returned as three of the other men were opening cans of beer.

They all ate drank and smoked hashish for a number of hours before their attention turned back to Bridgette who by now was just standing there. She felt the giant jungle mosquitoes biting and the sweat pouring from every pore down her naked body and she felt the rope biting into her wrist as her arms were being tied lower on the post.


She quivered at the feel of many mouths partaking of the charms her sexy little body had to offer and the fingers probing her slit invading her shaved tight pussy. Her mind was there but vague, she could feel everything amplified 10 fold.

She spoke to herself mentally but it sounded as if someone was hollering at her from a distance. She did manage a blood curdling scream as someone picked her up at the waist and put her shapely smooth thighs over his shoulder as his hot wet mouth engulfed her pulsating pussy.

The feel of his tongue flickering up and down her sensitive clitoris and the vibration of his pursed lips humming on the swollen head of her love button was unbearable. Her body convulsed and shook violently as her eyes rolled back into their sockets, her mouth went dry and she lost timing with reality when he stopped sucking and licking and rammed the longest tongue she had ever experienced deep in her waning pussy hitting that special spot unknown to many men.

She had never experienced meteor showers or heard birds nor music from nowhere, she had always dreamed of experiencing some earth moving moment, the volcanic explosion of seeing fireworks appear from nowhere before her eyes and right at that precise moment it all happened at once. His tongue was amazingly effective as where the course curly hairs from his goatee and moustache. Bridgette's body was making decisions for itself it seemed and her brain was just there to observe as it where.

The onslaught seem to go on for years or was it months, maybe weeks, she was not of sound mind to tell, she didn't care, all she wanted now was satisfaction, fulfilment, her pussy began to ache like she had never experienced.

Bridgette needed dick and lots of it quickly. The fire in her pussy was unbearable, every millimetre of her love hole throbbed, vibrated, burned and demanded content. "Where did he learn how to do this ?" was the only sane thought in her mind intoxicated by the chemical makeover of the hashish. Bridgette was so far gone and entwined with her pussy being eaten that she never noticed his change of position. She was seriously stoned and it was getting stronger because of the amount she had been forced to consume.

She imagined herself floating on a distant planet with odd forest foliage, rolling tundra and deep valleys with high mountains shimmering in florescent alien sunlightcold breezes against searing sands and the deepest blue sky anywhere imaginable. Her mind was galloping out of control but sane enough to feel what these devils where doing.

Two of the men now held a leg each apart by her thighs as her first attacker stood up between them and lined up his straining cock to the lips of her begging pussy. Bridgette had lost all control and her deep seated carnal instincts were surfacing like bubbles in a fizzy drink.

It felt like someone had shoved a oak tree up here love tunnel when he slammed it in and she felt every dimple, pulse, throbbing vein, coarse hair, hardened ridge on the bulbous head and sweltering hot milometer as his dick rammed deep into virgin territory of her pussy hole. It was huge at least a good beer can in circumference with a head the size of a cricket ball.

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The ridge on the head before it joined the shaft was very pronounced and the pulsating swelling in it was like nothing she had ever felt before. "AAAARRRGGHH" "AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH" "OOOOOOOOOHHHHH" "AAAAAIIIIIEEEEEE" "NOOOo" "NNNNOOOOO""" "PPPLLEEAASSSSEEEE"" she managed but this only made her first attacker more determined to fuck her into madness.

They fucked her all night and left not one inch of her petite frame untouched, not one hole unused taking it turns to use her to their fullest satisfaction.

Some one sucked hard on her breast and tweaked her nipples, pulling and twisting them painfully hard. They squeezed and kneaded her lady lumps for a eternity it seemed and her pussy responded with gushing wet compliance as it was invaded endlessly by cock after huge cock.

Bridgette had never before these moments had a gigantic monstrous dick rape her pert little arse hole but it gave up sovereign virginity to her third violent attendant.

She passed out as the monstrous cock tore into her helpless arse paving new paths of pain and later pleasure. Her pussy acknowledged every thrust in her arse, every squeeze and kneading of her swollen tits, every pull and tweak of her distended nipples, she was becoming a woman all over again this night, 7 fold.

She woke midday to rhythmic movement on her aching sore and abused body. The stench of dried cum and anal bile invaded her nostrils. The lingering taste of mouth after mouthful of male semen filled her nostrils as the world seem to slowly float by. Bridgette was still stoned and the abuse had started all over but this time she was on her back with a hard male body pinning her to the ground as her legs where being held up and open by large rough hairy hands.

Her bum was cushioned from the cold wet grass by warmer stronger hands belonging to her rapist who squeezed every time his huge cock plummeted into her burning pussy. She could feel the post to which her hands where still tied too as she tried to grip anything to ease her torment but it only reminded her of the massive cocks she have had to service all night. It was different though, she knew what was coming and she knew how she was going to get it.

She had no choice but to go along with what the next 4 hours would bring so she started to slowly ride his huge member back. She bucked, swayed, wiggled and made her swollen pussy suck as hard as she could manage matching every thrust with one or more back, slamming his meat deep into her destroyed pussy, making every muscle she could still control massage and squeeze as hard as possible in her velvet tunnel.

The juices flowed as she squirted time after time again as every orgasm compounded on top of a previous. Bridgette began to feel as though she had some control now over the matter as time marched on and she looked forward to the next gigantic weapon to assault her pink little love hole. Her screams were different too.

Now she screamed as each multiple orgasm racked her body as she wrapped her sexy shapely legs tightly around every mans back that laid with her. It was her time for an apology and she was going to make each one physically pay, tenfold.

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