Mi hermana borracha y me aproveche de su culo

Mi hermana borracha y me aproveche de su culo
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Ch. 1 Expanding the business It was the weekend and I had been out training a clients Springer (dog) to help out and retrieve items she may have dropped. My current client has recently had to use a wheelchair for mobility and wanted a working dog for a helper, but did not want to let the Springer go so I was training it to help. I have an uncanny ability with animals,what I do is more handling the animal than training.

After several hours of working with them, I set out to see what my friends were up to for the day.

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As I headed home to clean up I called and texted them to see about meeting up. The only in coraging responce I got back was from my Friend Gina she had no plans and was still at home and invited me to drop by.


I sent her a text saying I would be over with in the hour and asked if she had gotten the art project done. My name is Brian, I am fairly average looking teenager though in some areas better than average. The main one for a guy my penis (flacid) is 6 1/2" long, my cock (ridgid) is just shy of 8" and 4 1/2" diameter.

Big enough to impress not enough to wreak is what I would tell my friends jokingly. I have had some experience with the ladies but kept it light when it came to around town, I saw the way my friends relationships ended for them and I was not going to put myself through that.


If anyone could understand the way I felt it was Gina, she is a sex goddess. Gina is petite standing 5' 5" at best, she has a nice 34B set of tits her legs are slender smooth and toned leading up to one of the nicest rounded bubble of an ass I have seen. If what I have seen through her wet bikini tells me her pussy is bald and puffy given the nice cameltoe she promenantly displays at the pool.

The guys always hit on her and she toys with them and has let them feel her up from time to time but nothing else, you see she is a lesbo (her word.) The door opened and Gina's dad said, "come on in she's up in her room." They knew of her sexual orintation and therefore would allow me to just go up and not worry about it.

"Thank you, sir." I said to him with a smile. My ability was not lost on just animals, you see as I grew they gradually expanded as well.

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He was thinking <Show her what she's missing!!!> <She may find out she likes a stiff one.> I knocked and whated to enter Gina's room. She called out, "come on in Brian." As I opened the door and walked in, I could smell what she had been doing. The room smelled of pussy and it was having an effect on me.

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She was sitting in her computer chair with xnxx.com up on the screen, "Just passing the time?" I asked. "You no the cunts around her are bitches. I get frustrated and need a release," she stated flatly. "Yeah, when we were younger it was okay to experiment. Now there shit don't stink," I remarked.

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I pulled out my proffesional digital camera and started to take some candid shoots of her. Gina had the after glow of sexual bliss and it showed in the photos. She had on a tank top from a big and tall shop and nothing else (her panties were on the floor next to the chair.) I senced she was still aroused and started to fantasize about putting on a show while I took photos (she knew she could trust me, but still reserved.) I had been wondering if I could 'Handle' a person like I did the pets I trained.

So I tryed pushing images to Gina, to see if she would take up the pose. The first sign she was recieving me was the figiting she was doing in the chair, then slowly she raised her right leg and folded it over her left knee. With just a little stronger metal nudge, she placed her right foot on the chair with her leg standing up and wrapped her arms around it and leaned into the leg. I got a nice clear veiw of her totally bald pussy glisining with her juices from her earlier 'playtime,' I brought the camera up and took the photo.

The sound of the camera must have brought her back to the present but not totally, she got out of the chair and started to crouch down to get her panties. I pushed the next pose just as hard as the last and she froze straightened and slightly parted her legs bending completely over at the waist, this one pose exposed her fabulious pussy and her delisious pink puckered rosebud to my veiw.

I took another photo and told her to ignore the sound of the camera, she did. I sent her a chill up her spin and she shivered but remained bent over, this aloud me to admire her shaking her ass and it also caused the tanktop to slide down her torso completely exposing all her treasures in plain veiw.

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I took several shots and changed my angle for several others. This was working out better than I hoped it would, I could tell she was loving it by the aroma in the air. <Take off your top and pick up the panties and stand up straight> I waited for her next action.

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She did what I thought. <Now hold the top up infront of you covering yourself with the panties hanging from your hand in plain veiw and face me> As she started to do as I thought I started taking pictures and continuied till she was facing me.

Now would be the real test to see if she would keep going while I caress her mental image and feed that to her. I lowered the camera and smiled to her, she was just standing there and just going over her actions.

I started to slowly stoked the embers of her arousal with my mental fondling of her body. The more I did it I raised the intensity, she closed her eyes and an almost whispering moan escaped her. This was going to be exciting so I put the camera on video mode and raised it up and pointed it at her, she slowly and seductively lowered the top reveiling herself more as she went soon it laid on the floor at her feet. With her hands free from holding her clothing they started roming her body, she was caressing her flesh.

I decided to send her mental verbal direction and let her free to do as she would. <Oh thats hot moma> <Play with those titties, mmmm> <Show that fantasy you have been having about making your own masterbation video, so dam sexy!> She had finally worked her way over to her bed and reached under it and pulled out a bag of goodies, she went into it with her hand and pulled out a niced sized realistic dildo and a tube of 'Love Lub' (that's what the label read.) First she brought the dildo to her mouth and took it in and slurped on it for a minute or five I was to far gone to care about the actual time.

She laid across the bed, placing her feet through the bars on the headboard and footboard locking herself wide open to veiw, she then brought her ass to just slightly over hang the edge further exposing herself analy as well. She took the lub and worked into her puckered rosebud slipping a finger then two and three in and out of her ass.

With the other hand she retrieved her toy and worked it into and back out of her love tunnel slow at first and building up a head of steam. The smells and sounds coming from her cunt and ass were sexual melody and the one coming out of her mouth animalistic. Her legs started trembling and shaking at first I thought it was from the strain of her efforts, I was wrong. In the position she was in her wrists and forearms were covering her twaut and when she let loose a squirting fountaine it rebounded back upon herself covering her entire torso and face in her own juices, it was a marvelous sight to behold.

She was having one mind blowing orgasm and passed out from the overload. I pulled her back onto her bed so I could release her legs from their trapped locations, then I turned her onto her bed properly.


I left her room for the bathroom and got a small tub of hot water, a washcloth and a towel and returned to her bedside. I took my time and washed and caressed her body for the first time I was actually touching her tresured female anatomy though not for me pleasure but to take loving care of my friend after a historic event.

Once I was done I dressed her in her normal lounging attire and undergarments, matching panties and bra shorts and a nice top. I opened her bedroom windows to cool her off and air it out, packed up my camera kissed her on the forhead and left.

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As I was headed out of the house I told her mom that she was sleepy and was going to take a nap. As I walked and reflected on the goings on of the past, OMG hour and a half with Gina.

The whole world for me had changed! I could now 'Handel' people as I have done with animals for so long. I wonder if I can just handle them or was it posible for me to control them.

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Oh, I hope Gina doesn't get weirded out about what happened, I would hate to loose my best friend do to poor self control.