Older gay couple Jeff Grove and Tiger having hardcore sex

Older gay couple Jeff Grove and Tiger having hardcore sex
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Rock opened his e-mail and began the never ending task of deleting the stream of unwanted mails. Viagra, sex enhancement drugs and the like flooded his inbox. He smiled to himself as he deleted them thinking about a recent comment in a recent encounter with one of his many friends. "Magnum is every woman's dream!" she squealed as his ample tool found its way deep into her desire.

He came across a message from one of his favorite playmates and paid special attention. "Click on these two links," she suggested. "I think you will like them!" Based on his experience, she knew exactly how to please him, so he happily clicked on the first link. As he began to read first about an interesting individual and then about his philosophy on life, he became enraptured. "Anyone who thinks like this guy is worth getting to know," he mumbled to himself as he read.

Rock found himself reading the entire article despite its length and his aversion to reading things on the computer. Then he went back to the original e mail and clicked on the second link. He found a schedule of upcoming courses which espoused the teachings of this great man. He opened his calendar and saw he had the availability to go to one of the upcoming courses.

He continued going through the information and then stopped when he came to the "Code of Discipline." 1.

Abstain from killing any being; 2. Abstain from stealing; 3. Abstain from all sexual activity; 4. Abstain from telling lies; 5.

Abstain from all intoxicants. 6. Maintain "Noble Silence." While the rules seemed a little harsh, he thought the results might be well worth it! So he clicked on the application form and sent it off. He called his friend and asked her if she could go to the same course.

Unfortunately, she couldn't make it so he decided to go alone. As the day approached, he began to wonder, "Will I really be able to do this? Ten whole days with no sex, no 'intoxicants' and no talking?" Sounded like quite a challenge.

He had blocked the time off of his calendar and while not quite convinced of being able to abide by all the rules, set off on his adventure. He found out quickly they had ways of "enforcing the rules." The first of which was to separate the men and women except when meditating. The first day they were all together in a group meeting and he immediately fixed his eyes on a cute brunette who looked strangely familiar.

He thought he might know her though couldn't be 100% sure.


When he found "noble silence" meant refraining from "all" communication, verbal or otherwise, he began to doubt his ability to stand true to all the rules, though he was committed to give it his best shot. At the end of the first day, he was ready to run as fast as he could anyplace! Though as he listened to the evening conference, he knew this was just part of a process. Nevertheless, his mind wandered all over the place in the first few days of meditation and he soon began thinking about Breaking All the Rules!

He was fortunate to be sitting close to the girl he spotted on the first day and though they didn't communicate, he could feel her vibrations and energy accompany him during his meditation. Though he was supposed to have his eyes closed during the entire meditation, he opened them slightly when he felt her movement as the teacher called each of the students.

Her name was Lori.

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When he learned her name he was almost positive he knew her. He was pretty sure she had been a participated in one of his events. He began conjuring up plan in his mind to have a little fun on the side though he first had to get some kind of confirmation his plan had a chance. On the fourth day he got his confirmation. As they went to their separate dining areas, she discreetly waved to him and he in turn acknowledged her. This is all he needed to ramp up his plan and take action to have a clandestine meeting with his hot friend.

His mind worked overtime as he began to work out each of the details. On the 8th day he put his plan into action. The rules also had said not to bring any paper or pens as it wasn't necessary to take notes.

While he had found a pen in his bag, he needed a piece of paper. So he "stole" a piece of paper where the participants indicated if they wanted to talk to the teacher.

And so the first rule had been broken. Though in reality, the first rule had been broken when he and Lori had briefly communicated albeit non-verbally a few days prior. He wrote on the note, "Meet me in the meditation room after lights out!" He got into the room before anyone else and placed the note on the cushions she had brought to make her own little "meditation nest." He then sat down, closed his eyes and began meditating as the rest of the people shuffled in. He heard her footsteps as she arrived into the room.

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He opened his eyes and saw her open the note out of the corner of his eye. He sensed her looking at him and he just smiled without looking directly at her, changed his position and began meditating once again. That session proved difficult to concentrate as Rock's mind wandered into the evening.

"Would she show up? " He wondered. "Would she be willing to do all the things he had been imagining?" He was able to get through the session though Magnum had risen to the occasion in the hope of getting a little action.

After lights out he snuck out of his room and into the mediation room. He took off his shirt, sat up on the raised platform which was normally reserved for the professor, struck his meditation pose, closed his eyes and waited.

As his body tingled with the fabulous sensations he had learned through the meditation process, he heard the door open and heard her steps. He stood up, approached her and as she was about to open her mouth to talk, he put his finger to his lips as if to say, "Shhhh my sweet, we are in Noble Silence." She came to him and he opened his arms taking her and holding her close.

He could feel her heart beat and could sense her apprehension. He gave her a big squeeze and then held her in front of him, looking directly into her eyes. The fear diminished and was replaced with one of desire. Her eyes met his and then lowered slightly to his lips. Rock sensed her desire and moved closer as did she. Their lips meant at first tentatively, softly, testing each other. Her arms wrapped tightly around him and he felt her desire instantly rise as she parted her lips slightly and her tongue ran lightly over his lips.

His lips also parted slightly and soon their tongues were dancing softly with each other, dancing a tango of unbridled passion. He brought her closer to his body. Magnum was responding and pressed firmly against the pajama bottoms he was wearing.

He been "free-balling" for several days since his boxers had all been used and he didn't want to wash them. So Magnum was free and now seeking his target. Lori moaned as she felt Rock's excitement against her and their kiss intensified. Rock's hands ran over her back and massaged her from the small of her back up to her shoulders. The hours of meditation were tiring and her aching body welcomed his touch. Meanwhile, her hand moved up and down his torso, feeling his tight, tense body beneath her touch.

He released her, looked into her eyes and grabbed her hand. His eyes indicated she follow him which she happily did. She could feel her own excitement flowing between her thighs as he took her to the platform and sat her down.

As she sat, he went and grabbed several cushions to make their own little "love nest" up on the platform. The thought of breaking the rules was terribly exciting to him and he hurriedly moved to taste his forbidden fruit. When he came back he softly laid her down onto the pillows and then remembered he had a little surprise for her.

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He reached into his pocket and took out a small bag which he had filled with rose petals. He reached into the bag, took out the petals and sprinkled them generously over their soft bedding as he smiled at her.

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She smiled back obviously enjoying his attention and intention. He moved over her and now as their lips met with increasing intensity, he felt her legs part to allow his hips to grind into her own. She was wearing the same black leotard she had worn earlier in the day though now realized there was no bra underneath.

She had on some loose pajama bottoms which did little to stop Magnum from feeling her soft mound beneath her clothes. He felt her hips rise to meet his own and sensed her breath quickening as he continued to grind his manhood into her sweet love triangle. His mouth released her passionate his as he began to kiss down the side of her neck to just beneath her ear. As he breathed heavily and kissed her, he felt her body shudder with desire.

He stopped briefly and looked at her as she nodded for him to continue. His mouth now moved down her neck and kissed her chest just below her neck. His hands moved up and traced circles around the base of her firm breasts. They were just the right size, not too big, not too small. He had imagined taking her in this way and smiled as he thought of what a girlfriend with similar sized breasts had told him, "More than a handful is wasted!" While he had learned this was not the case in reality, as he could always make use of a little bit more, it still made him chuckle as he continued his journey.

As he continued working his way down, Magnum now was fully against her soft triangle and he could feel Magnum's intensity as he strove to break through his restraints and enter paradise. "Down boy!" he thought to himself knowing the best things come to those to wait. His fingers now moved up over her breasts as each softly caressed her nipples which had hardened with his intentions. He looked up and saw her mouth was slightly open as she breathed heavily and her eyes were closed.

He roughly grabbed the material of her leotard and brought it down to fully expose her right breast. His mouth was instantly upon her nipple as he began sucking it hard.

She responded with a gasp and moved her hips up to feel his firmness between her legs as Rock responded pressing firmly into her as his mouth surrounded her stiff nipple.

His other hand pulled down her leotard and he fingered her other nipple between his thumb as his forefinger as he continued to suckle the first like a new born babe. She obviously enjoyed her hands wrapped around his head as if to make sure he would continue.

She then moved his head over to her other breast and in a move which women do naturally and which always confuse men, the top of her leotard was instantly off her shoulders. Now with new found freedom Rock's hands, fingers and lips explored each and every inch of her top torso. As he continued his journey, she reached down and donned her pajama bottoms so now the only thing separating Magnum from her sweet luscious lips were his pajamas and her leotard.

She put her hands on his hips and lower back bringing him in tighter to feel his excitement. He moved up briefly to taste her sweet lips once again and they kissed passionately as their hands continued to explore. He then moved down again this time taking each nipple briefly into his lips, biting it ever so gently and then moved down even more… His lips moved down and over the material which was now bunched across her mid section. He explored the soft material of her leotard with his fingers and lips.

His mouth brushed lightly against her mound as he continued down. As she felt his breath and lips against her sweet pussy she gasped and her hands were immediately on his head pressing him further into her desire. Much to her chagrin, he had other ideas and continued down past her mound which pulsed with desire. His fingers traced gently against the material which covered her sweet love lips and he confirmed she had nothing beneath. Just a thin layer of fabric separated him from her.

She reached down and lifted his head to meet her gaze. With her fingers swirling in a circular motion, she encouraged him to flip around which he did willingly. Now with his head towards her knees, he could now feel her hands which now reached desperately for Magnum who was tense with desire beneath his pajamas. Her hands expertly massaged his manhood as his hands reached down and massaged her feet.

He could feel her gasp as his hands worked on her feet causing a surge of energy to rise from her feet up through her legs and into her own burning desire.

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His lips kissed gently around her calves and knees as his fingers continued to work her feet and toes. Lori was working her hands and fingers also around Magnum. She ached to feel his hardness and moved his pajamas down over his legs. Magnum sprung out of his confines happy to be out in the open air. She admired his manhood in the shadows of the night as her hands stroked from the based to the head.

She felt her legs tremble as she imagined him fully inside her. Rock was on his back and Lori moved down kissing Magnum as her hands continued to stroke him fully. She heard Rock sigh heavily with pleasure has her lips surrounded his firm desire. Rock moved her legs and opened them slightly as he kissed behind her knees and then trailed up her inner thighs. His fingers trailed lightly over her inner thighs as well as he worked his way up slowly but surely. As he reached her sweet love triangle he maneuvered himself beneath her so she had one knee on either side of his head.

Her lips now moved easily up and down his thick shaft as his lips and fingers probed the thin material which separated him from tasting her sweet honey pot. His lips moved fully over her mound and he began to suck and kiss her love lips through the material. The wetness now permeated the thing material and he could now easily make out her love lips as his lips traced the outline of her luscious lips. His hands moved up over her hips and ass and he brought her down firmly onto his mouth.

His hands now pulled the material which covered her ass so it moved up into her crack. He massaged her nice round ass as his lips continued to work their way around her sweet triangle.

With one hand he reached down and moved the material aside. He could feel her excitement as her love lips glistened with the wetness of her desire. He slipped one finger into her slit and she moaned as she pressed down to feel his touch. His lips began now to move slowly over the area he had uncovered and he tasted her sweet nectar which moistened sweet pussy. His tongue ran lightly over the length of her sweet slit as her mouth continued to devour Magnum.

He grabbed her hips firmly and has he brought her firmly onto his mouth his tongue probed deeply into her sweet slit. She released Magnum from her mouth and concentrated now on the wonderful feeling of Rock licking and probing her sweet pussy.

Her hands continued to work Magnum as she felt her pulsate with desire. Rock moved her leotard down and she moved up onto her toes to help him take it off completely. She was now completely naked on top of him and Rock had his pajama bottoms around his knees.

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She was mad with desire and took Magnum once again into her mouth. Rock looked down and marveled as she took his entire length into her mouth. He could feel the Magnum's head rubbing against her throat and it felt so wonderful! He intensified his own attentions on her pussy. She was nicely shaved with just enough hair above her sweet slit to keep it interesting.

He now had full access to her pulsating pussy. His lips worked gently on her sweet clit and he pushed another finger into her hot desire which hovered above him. She gasped loudly and rose up so she could concentrate on the feel of his mouth and fingers in her sweet desire. The sight of Magnum stiff and waiting heightened her excitement as she imagined it was Rock's stiff shaft plunging into her rather than his fingers.

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Sensing her pleasure, Rock put another finger up inside her as his tongue now worked slowly and steadily on her stiff clit. She looked upwards and closed her eyes feeling the intensity of his touch and his mouth which were driving her wild. She began gently grinding her pussy into his mouth and fingers to feel even more of him inside her.

As she began to tremble and shake he intensified his attention on her clitoris and began sucking it hard. She began to buck and he now took his fingers out of her pulsating pussy and grabbed on to her hips with both hands to keep her down on his lips and tongue.

Her movements and her breathing quickened and he sensed she was close to reaching an intense orgasm. She reached down and grabbed the side of his face with both hands to keep his attention on her stiff clit as she continued to ride his tongue and lips. Shots of electricity seemed to course through her body as she suddenly heard herself scream, "Oh yes Rock, suck my sweet clitty baby!" They both became aware again of where they were as the silence was broken… She continued to shake and tremble as she moved one leg over his head and slid down his torso into his arms.


He held her tightly and felt her body which glistened now in the soft light. He brought her close and nuzzled up into her neck. It was now his chance to break the "Noble Silence" and he whispered softly into her ear, "We've broken three rules so far.

The best is yet to cum!" She smiled broadly as she felt Magnum's desire tight against her abdomen… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Would you like more? There's more to cum.