Gorgeous teen riding POV dick passionately

Gorgeous teen riding POV dick passionately
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My wife and daughter never got along. For that matter, neither did my wife and I.


She was a shrew of a woman, always negative, always discontented. I often wondered how any woman could be such a terrible and uninterested parent. "I mean, women are supposed to have that strong mothering instinct, aren't they?", I said to myself. She much preferred the company of alcohol and TV movies. It broke my heart to see my little girl not have the kind of mother that she so richly deserved.

But she was hot. If she had one talent in the world, it was sex. Many was the time that the sheer ecstasy and pleasure of the favors she had give could wash away so many of her sins. When she got horny, or knew it was time to get the game on, she had a sensual stare that could melt lead.

When she would walk toward me, her hips, abdomen and shoulders writhed so perfectly in rhythm with each other, it would make me want to cum in my pants right there.

And her hip movements and synchronization were no less impressive once I got my cock inside that hot, steamy pussy. She fucked like it was her last day on earth, every single time. And when she sucked my cock, it was as if she was dying from some deadly poison, and the only antidote on Earth that could save her life was my cum.

She craved it. She needed it. She devoured it with all the zeal of an angry, hungry lion, having just pulled down an antelope on the Serengeti, with all of the gnashing and throaty animal vocal emanations included. She was by far the best fuck I'd ever had. I think in some part, she was jealous of our daughter. Stephanie was just 15, but such a gorgeous little thing who appeared to be beyond her years. Her hair is sandy blonde, silky soft to the touch. She has the most beautiful shade of blue eyes that when she flashes them with that little girl pout at her daddy, she could have anything she could ask for because he would melt into such a shapeless puddle of goo, he would have no strength with which to resist her baby girl charm.

And when she would stand, resting one leg, buckled slightly at the knee and put her hands on her hips, tilting her head just a little to the side, and would try to make her point by saying "now daddy.", that's when her tight little round ass looked almost irresistible to me.

And with her hands on her hips, her young, nubile little tits would poke out through her t-shirt just far enough to put me over the edge of fatherly reason. and that would usually give me the beginnings of a hard on. I felt so dirty and wrong, having those feelings for my own daughter, but little did I know how willingly I would let go of that guilt. Then came the night that I dreaded for so long.

I had hoped it would never happen, but somehow I knew it was only a matter of time. As usual, my wife had her ass parked in front of the TV watching a movie, drink in hand.

She'd had several, and was pretty tipsy by this time. Rum and Coke was her poison of choice. On her mother's orders to clean her room, Stephanie decided to rebel on this particular night and be a smart aleck and she made an off hand comment back to her mother.

I could only think because she was growing up becoming such a beautiful young thing, even though she was only 15, her hormones thought she was much older. Her drunken mother didn't take kindly to that, and she rose up off the couch in an instant rage. In a froth, turning in Stephanie's direction, she stomped over to her, yelling "what did you say to me you little bitch?" And before I knew it, she had a hold of Stephanie's arm, Stephanie naturally recoiling to get away, her mother proceeding to slap her about the face shoulders and arms.

I jumped out of my chair as quickly as I could process what was happening, and shot over to them, grabbing my wife's swinging arm. She had totally lost a sense and control and was beating my daughter.nothing has ever enraged me more, before or since.

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I instinctively pulled her away and shoved her up against the wall and screamed "what the hell do you think you're doing to our daughter?" I didn't think it was possible, but she got even more enraged and started swinging at me with her free hand. I had no choice but to completely restrain her and sit on top of her while she wore her self out.

Stephanie had run off to her room at the horror this was taking place in her own home. How are busybody next-door neighbor heard the commotion and called police. 15 minutes later, the police knocked on the door. I had no choice but to tell them what happened and still enraged at the thought of her meeting my daughter, I insisted they take that drunken maniac away. When the police left, I headed to Stephanie's room. She lay on the bed sobbing.

I sat on the bed, took her in my arms and said "sweetheart, you're safe now, daddy will protect you and never let you get hurt again." She looked up at me with those beautiful blue, wet tearing eyes, and at that moment I knew that I could never let my wife back in the house again. During the next week we spent the time preparing our lives together, just the two of us, and getting her mothers things together to be taken out of the house. I couldn't help but notice during this time my daughter's beautiful body as she moved boxes and packed things away.

i became more and more sexually attracted to her and wanted so badly to taste of that forbidden fruit. I mentioned her rebellious side, and it decided to show itself again. The day her mother's things will be packed on the truck I was hot and muggy, and we were both working up a sweat moving things.

As I watched Stephanie head through the door carrying a box, the sun shining in, it shown across her upper body and the beads of perspiration glistening on her alabaster skin and instantly clicked on my sexual desires for her. The last thing I needed while loading boxes was a boner sticking through my shorts.

I could tell she was irritable because it was such a hot day, and when I asked her to move some of the boxes she snapped at me and said "do it your damn self!" I was floored.I never expected my little 15 year old princess to talk to me that way! It was only then that I realized how close to being irritable I was, because I got instantly irritated, and in the subsequent seconds many thoughts raced through my mind.I had lost my marriage, my wife, the greatest piece of ass I'd ever had, and the mother to my daughter all at once, and it was because of my little girl's flip mouth.

Of course I knew that was a completely incorrect and ridiculous thing to think, but in the hot weather, sweating my brains out, working like a fool to get that woman's stuff out of the house, I reacted gratuitously.

I walked calmly over to her and said "Stephanie, do what I said and do it now." with a sternness that she equated to being yelled at. She immediately reacted in kind with another flip remark, and I'd had enough. "Look, your mother is gone, and your glad, but it will be a long time before I get laid again, and you just walk around the house, shaking your tight little ass, teasing the hell out of me!" "What???

Daddy, what are you talking about?" Her demeanor quickly changed from smart ass to confused little girl. She was genuinely surprised that I would say something like that.

"That's right, you think I don't notice your gorgeous little body around the house here when you walk around in skimpy t-shirts and shorts?" "Daddy what you talking about? I don't do that on purpose!" Oh, don't you? I bet the boys at school would disagree with that. I see how they look at you when I come to pick you up from school." "But daddy I can't help that." "Have any of those boys ever touched you?" "What do you mean, touched me?" "You know, in between your legs or your boobs." Stephanie gave me a very tentative "Um.no." I started to get more upset because I could tell that she was lying to me.

I had lost my better judgment by this point, so I was determined to teach her a lesson. "I can tell you're not being truthful with me, Stephanie. You want to shake that a little ass for the boys and let them touch you or kiss you or whatever they've done to you? " "No daddy, I promise I haven't, but I did kiss a boy." "Alright young lady that's all I needed to hear.

It's time for you to learn a few things about life." So I took her by the arm and headed toward my bedroom. I threw open the door, guided her inside, and directed her toward the bed.

"Daddy what are you doing?" My cock was getting hard by this time, so I dropped my shorts, threw off my T-shirt, and she was almost speechless.

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"Daddy no, please don't!!" She begged. I wasn't hearing it, all I could think of was how my baby girl's sweet pussy was now going to be mine. I held her down on the bed work one hand, removed her skimpy clothes with the other. It wasn't hard to do, as there wasn't much there to begin with.

She struggled furiously, crying "Daddy, daddy, nooooo!!!" Once I had her shorts off, I forced her legs open at the knees, and plunged my face down into her sweet young honey pot. She fought valiantly, screaming, twisting, but to no avail. I was now buried face first in her sweet hole. It was musky because she has been sweating, but the hypnotizing aroma of her pussy juice chemistry still made its way through, combining for a slice of Heaven on Earth. It was just starting to grow it's silky soft hair, her was still as light and short as any coiffed manicure could have been.

I licked up and down the outside, rather roughly since she was struggling, and my tongue made it's way inside the first outside layer, where it found that sweet virgin wetness. Up a little further.yes, there it is.her baby clit that I'd been dreaming about. As soon as my tongue started massaging stephie's hot pink little treasure, I could feel her struggling begin to subside. Then I heard something.the slightest hints of moaning.

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My little girl had passed the threshold between fighting it and enjoying it. As I continued to suck on her clit, she gasped "Daddy, what are you doing? Uuuhhhhmmmmmnnnnn. That feels good, Daddy." Her resistance had stopped altogether, replaced by a natural hip swivel, so as to get maximum contact on her hot little clit. My little princess was quite the young slut.I could immediately tell she was her mother's daughter! I wasn't holding her down to the bed any longer, I was pulling her by her thighs horizontally into my face rhythmically to the thrusts of her little baby hips.

As she let her natural instinct for slutty fucking take over, I allowed one hand to free it's hold on her and I reached down to find my own cock. It was no surprise that it was rock hard and oozing the pre-ejaculate that it does when I'm aroused, but what did surprise me was the volume of it.

I had never secreted so much pre-cum at one time in my life! I had it on both of my inner thighs, my balls were covered. I looked down momentarily to see what was going on down there, and I was amazed to see it on my lower abdomen almost up to my belly button, and a grapefruit sized spot on the sheet on the side of the bed.

She exclaimed with a rather strong sense of urgency, "no Daddy, don't stop!!" As I raised my head back up to resume the assault on my daughter's delicious young pussy, it occurred to me that my internal sexual system had taken all the available information-visual, audible, tactile, and the knowledge I have of my own daughter, and judged how much lubrication my cock would need to fit inside her young 15 year old fuck hole.

There must have been two tablespoon's worth! As I alternated between her clit and shoving my tongue into her tasty pussy, she spoke again.

"Daddy, it starting to feel funny, like it's buzzing!" I came up for air long enough to say "That's alright sweetheart, that means you're getting ready to cum." My baby whore started fucking my face faster as she started to cry out "oh Daddy, Daaaaddyyyyyyy!!!!!!!" She had her first orgasm, and it cut through her like a hot knife.

Her little body tensed up as she let out an incredibly lusty, guttural moan. Her ejaculate washed over my tongue, so hot and sweet it was! Then she went completely limp so quickly, I thought she had passed out. Just as I moved to check her face for signs of consciousness, she eeked out the slightest little "oh daddy.", her eyes being closed as if she were drifting off to sleep.

Then the thought hit me. "My God, what have I done?" I'd raped my own 15 year old daughter.people burn in Hell for things like this!! How could I have ever committed such a crime?? I was beside myself with emotions. Horror at what had just happened to my baby girl, satisfaction that I had taken what I wanted from her in the most animal way, fear that I could spend the rest of my life in prison, remorse for having hurt my own child, some I can't even begin to describe.

And then the vision of my little Stephie, lying there with the kind of look she would have if she were just waking from slumber, seemed to turn those emotions into another direction.

I wasn't sure what they were, but I was sure to find out soon. She began to coo."daddy, mmmmm, daddy, that felt soooo good.I thought you were mad at me.


I don't understand, daddy." Suddenly I was overcome with the feeling that my cock desperately needed release.

It was as if I went on autopilot, my primal instincts completely tasking over. I rose to my feet and turned to sit on the edge of the bed. I reached out to take my baby by the arm and pull her toward me, and she was startled out of her aura of bliss. "What are you doing daddy?", she asked with a tone of concern and uncertainty in her voice, her eyes now open wide and eyebrows raised.

"I'm going to break your slutty little pussy in the right way before any of those drooling dogs at school get hold of it", referring to the boys she stunts and teases. " Now come here" I said sternly as I took hold of her, giving her no choice in the matter. "Daddy, wait!" she squealed, resenting being disturbed from the new sensations she was enjoying.

I took hold of her left leg as I pulled her to me by her right arm, pulling her leg over my lap. I could already tell that her budding rebellious side wasn't completely overpowered by her newfound sexual pleasures. Again she resisted, fearing what might happen as I forced my hard hungry cock (that by this time had a huge, blood-swollen mushroom head) into her tight, tiny private spot.

"No, Daddy, nooo!!" she screamed in protest as I positioned her pussy over my telephone pole, now guiding it to its destination with my right hand. She tried to push back to roll off of my lap, but my hold on her arm was too strong. She wouldn't lower down onto my lap, so I raised up for my cock to meet her velvety lips. As it zeroed in on the entrance, I now took hold of her with both hands around her hips, forcing her down onto my cock.

There was plenty of wetness to ease the introduction, but her tight virgin hole needed to expand to allow my cock entrance. "DADDY, STOP IT!!!" She was now screaming at the top of her lungs as my cock began to enter that sweet baby pussy. "THAT HURTS, STOP IT DADDY!!!" I continued to ease her down onto me.

I now was inside her about 2 inches. I felt the resistance of her maidenhead and continued to pull her down. It suddenly popped through (much like Steven's cock did a month ago when he entered her mother's ass as she watched doggy porn) and she let out a piercing shriek.

"DADDYYYYYY, YOU HURT MEEEEE!!!!! " I'd never heard such a cry in my life, but I didn't care. The animal within me had completely taken over and I was going to fuck my baby girl no matter what. She started to bleed as I shoved inside her farther, and I said "it'll stop hurting in a minute, Steph". I raised her up, my cock retreating, and then lowered her down again to get the stroke going and to relax that little cunt so she could take more of her daddy's hard cock.

It was working, and she started to relax. Obviously she was starting to realize the goodness that fucking was about. Her protestations subsided, and her knees moved down to the mattress outside of my thighs as she started to assist her own up and down motion. "Daddy, you were right, it's starting to feel good again" she said as her arms raised, not to struggle this time, but to hold onto my shoulders for balance and leverage. She was riding me now, lowering a little further each time, taking more of my cock with each stroke.

Yeah, my little girl was fucking me now. "Oh daddy, this is feeling really good.mmmmhhnnhhnnnn." she groaned as I pulled her down by her hips, my cock now gaining full penetration.

I was in heaven as my ten year old slut daughter rode me. The tightness of her pussy around my rigid cock teased my orgasm switch, and I felt like it would flip to the "on" position any minute. "Yeah baby, that's good.fuck daddy like a good little whore" I whispered. She quickly took to fucking and as I closed my eyes, I could see my wife.yes indeed, my daughter seemed to be every bit the pure, natural fuck machine that her mother was. As she thumped down onto my lap, taking my cock into herself with every stroke, she grunted and squealed uncontrollably.

She was turning out it be a verbal girl, her emanations increasing as she approached her own climax. "Daddy, I think I'm going to cum again" she said expectantly.

Now she knew what the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was, and I could tell she was eagerly anticipating that magic moment. And as she spoke those sultry words, my own moment was quickly approaching. Damn, my slut baby was such a turn on for me! Her strokes became harder and faster, and her grunts more extended. I stroked up to her with more intensity, not wanting to interrupt our rhythm by letting go of her sweet little hips. It was perfectly obvious that we were going to cum together, the clash of each of our blasts combining into an overwhelming tidal wave.

There was no way anything less was possible, I could feel it. Then it happened. Stephie started to growl, which evolved into a full blown yell. "Oh shit, Daddy, iiiiiimmmm cummmmmmmiiiiinnngggggggg!!!!!" In the middle of her proclamation I couldn't help but blurt out my own."aaaahhhhhh, mmmmmmmggggggrrrrrrrrrnnnnmmmmmaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" We slammed together, each stroke held for a second out of instinctive reflex in order to promote the deepest possible transfer of fertilization.my sperm to her egg.I was impregnating my baby daughter!!

The thought was so erotic that we continued to pound our inward strokes together and hold them, grunting longer with each one. As our mutual climaxes tapered off, Stephie began to relax, and then started to go limp again. I lifted her off my lap, my cock plopping out of her, and over onto the bed. She was like a cat when you pick them up around the abdomen, like they almost have no bones. My little girl was spent.

She rolled over toward me, cooing softly and snuggling up to my thigh as I sit on the edge of the bed. I put my elbows on my knees with my chin in my hands, just sitting there reflecting.

I was almost numb, not only with the gravity of what I'd just done to my baby girl, but also with the mind blowing orgasm I just had. Am I a criminal, or an extraordinarily loving daddy to my 15 year old daughter?

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I was torn. But not for long. As I sit there I realized that I hadn't cleaned the sticky mess off of my public area, Stephie began to stir. She reached up onto my thigh with her forearm and rested her chin on it, looking up at me with those beautiful blue eyes.

"Daddy?" she queried, her tone no longer of the rebellious variety, but now submissive and tentative.

It seemed at that moment that the "law of the jungle" had naturally framed her mindset and put her in her place. I was a bit pleased with myself, as twisted as that may be. She continued her inquiry. "Am I a woman now?" I could only imagine exactly what was going on inside her mind right now.

Did she think the physical nature of what I just did to her accomplished her transcendence from little girl to grown woman, did she think it was more a rite of passage, or did she think there was some divine cosmic transformation that took place when her cherry was popped? Then my blood started to come back up. I could feel the demon Incubus rising in my soul again, and for a second the thought occurred to me to tell Stephie to run, as in one of those old werewolf movies when the human side of the werewolf begins to change and he doesn't want his girlfriend to become his next victim.

Too late, the sex within me was simmering again, on its way to a full boil. I answered my daughter. "No sweetheart, not yet." As I reached over to grab her yer again, I said in a low monotone, almost foreboding voice "There's one more thing you need to learn first." With those words my right hand reached around her neck and beckoned her head down to my crotch, where I proceeded to teach her that "when you make a mess young lady, you clean it up!" I never would have imagined what would happen next.

I just knew she was going to start screaming again, perhaps loudest of all this time, at the prospect taking my huge cock into her mouth.

But she didn't. Instead she positioned herself to hold herself up by one arm while taking my hardening cock in her other hand to guide it toward her mouth. As she began to lick the length of my shaft, she opined. "Mmmm, daddy, your cum and mine taste so good together.mmmmmm.I'll lick it all off for you." I was astounded that she hadn't put up the first hint of resistance.

I thought "yes, I've broken the bronco!". Such a twisted thought about my own daughter. As she slathered up and down the length of my two-by-four of a cock, I went along with her new willingness and instructed her verbally. "Princess, go to the end and suck out whatever is left, and then put it in your mouth slowly." "But Daddy, it's so big, I'm afraid I'll choke" she said sheepishly. "I won't push it in, you just take it little by little and love my cock with your tongue while you're doing it".

I hoped my matter-of-fact demeanor would make her confident that it was an achievable goal. "Ok Daddy, like this?" she asked, and then proceeded to tongue the head of my cock round and round, then draping her lips down around the entire head, took it into her mouth. She took about an inch of it inside, and then let it back out, squeezing her little mouth down around it so as to make an air proof seal.

Backing off a little, she rounded my bulbous cock head again with her tongue, and then plunged down onto it again, this time taking about two inches. Damn that felt good!

I thought earlier that she was a natural, and it seems I didn't know how right I was. After a few strokes she decided to take even more of my cock into her hot baby mouth, when like a lightning bolt, a gag reached up and grabbed her by the throat, causing her to cough, my cock being expelled from her hungry suck hole.

I expected her to be instantly turned off by that experience, however my little bit surprised me yet again.before I could say a word, my little angel said "daddy, don't worry, I kind of liked that. I want to do it again, ok?" Dumbfounded, I could only say "sure sweetheart, go ahead." She immediately engulfed my cock again and went right for the gold.

No stops along the way, she wanted to bottom out. I could only watch in amazement and try to keep myself from cumming too quickly. Of course she choked again and backed off, but not all the way this time. She ground back down on my cock, and as I could feel it reach the back of her throat, she continued her forward momentum.

What?? Now I'd really seen everything! My baby girl was getting off on deep throating me and choking on it. The more strokes she took, the less she choked, and the farther she got my cock into her throat. "Oh Stephie, daddy has really turned you into such a little slut, hasn't he?" I said in a dusky voice as she fucked me with her throat.

Suddenly, almost without warning, a climax shot up through my loins and erupted into my whore's mouth, at which point she promptly choked and coughed everything out, including my cock. "Honey, I'm sorry, daddy didn't mean to cum in your mouth like that!!" I was afraid that she'd be retching, but lo and behold, that wasn't the case.

"That's ok daddy, I like the taste of your cum!" she said, with much exhuberance.

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I laid back, now completely spent. Then I felt my little Stephie crawl back up onto my thigh and reach for my flattening cock.

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If I make a mess, I have it clean it up, remember daddy?" In between my groans of satisfaction I was chuckling, alternating one with he other. I couldn't help it. My daughter was truly one of a kind, and I loved her dearly. "Now you won't miss mommy so much, daddy" my angel said while she licked the last of my expelled cum from the side of my still tender and throbbing balls.

Then she crawled up onto my chest and laid her head on my shoulder, and we both fell soundly asleep. The rest of the truck loading could wait until tomorrow.