Skinny babe Naiomi Mae bangs with a police officer

Skinny babe Naiomi Mae bangs with a police officer
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Chapter 5 I was up early in the morning to have my workout, meanwhile Tushar was still asleep with her legs stretched following the beating he experienced last night. I went close to him to check her ass and balls, his ass had red line all over it while his balls were quite swollen and blueish following my brutal beating on it.

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I was kind of sorry for my love but well it was appropriate. I woke Tushar up as I needed to pee, untying the ropes I made him crawl to the toilet. i made him place his mouth,pissed directly on the money.


Once we were done I asked him to get a mouth wash clean himself and get back to his chores while I return from my jog. I had the satisfying jog and workout thinking all about the new role I adapted in the relationship.

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I reached home after the session and called out for Tushar, he was there in seconds. "I want you to clean my sweaty regions that includes my ass,any hesitation and you would be whipped to blood" he was at it in mili seconds taking my yoga pants down licked all over my ass and thighs, including my underarms and belly.

I showered whilst he got the breakfast ready.

I had it all done with Tushar on the floor. I had my tight jeans on that reflected my squatted thighs very well.

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The door bell rang in an hour with the delivery boy helping me to get the pug house in my bedroom, I found the boy staring at my butt could have enlsaved him but he was more stable than Tushar. I undid the packet and called for my hubby,once he was there I placed the cock through the cage securing the cock ring behind the ball sack and the cage to a padlock.


"This is the sign of your inferiority hubby faster you get out of it you will get out of it, this also has a sock feature where I can pass low voltage shocks to your balls isn't it great?" He was shivering on hearing the functions.

"Come on let's get to the garage I want you to place something", he placed the chain with handcuffs on both the ends of the wall.

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"This is my training palace baby where I will act as the goddess get in the place it starts just now" I placed the handcuffs on his wrists and tied his legs tightly. I applied the nipple clamps and tied it with the extra strength bolts. I returned with the whip in a minute finding him struggling to the pain of the clamps. I rotated the whip with full force on all over his ass cheeks giving 20 on each. He was unable to stand properly but that was the game.

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I returned with a bowl of salt which I used to boost his pain by rubbing on all over his ass. He had tears from the pain.

"I will leave you here to gather yourself for one another bowl rub after an hour" I rubbed my ass on his cage, teasing him to more pain while kissing his lips. I left for the kitchen made the lunch and had it and returned again with a bowl of salt. I gave Tushar one sensual salty ass rub on all of his red lines he was broken so bad that anything beyond my wish was out of favour for him but it has just started.

I untied his cuffs and clamps and made him scroll to the room to get the lunch done. I invited him straight to my pussy after his lunch his Abracadabra tongue was at it again giving me 4 orgasms at once licking me clean after then. I cuddled him on the bed and we slept till the evening in each other's arms i was starting to love every bit of it. Chapter 2 I woke up and led my slave straight to the toilet to give his well deserved golden shower with three straight farts in his mouth, leading him straight to escasity with the cage on.

Later on the evening we prepared the dinner together with me choking salt on the wound for laughing purpose with him joining in.

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After dinner we met in the bedroom and I demanded Tushar a blowjob his face lit up in a minute. I returned after a moment with my strap hanging around my ass through the jeans with the 8 inch dildo supported between the leather strap, i removed his cage to set his cook free and on a sudden touch it reacted with a raise, he was confused "Now baby get going give my cock a sucking to remember" He was embarrased but did as told wetting all of the dildo.

"Bend across that table slave this would be our one historic moment" I applied lube to his anal virgin hole entered three of my fingers in it.

He gasped through the pain but that was not it, I placed the dildo head in his asshole and entering all of it in some seconds while milking his cock, i just gave him one hard painful pegging increasing my pace after every stroke, in some moments my hand was covered in white gross.

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After 10 minutes of fucking and leading him to five straight orgasm i stepped back, he licked cleaned my hands while still bent. I was so furious "Madarchod cant you even keep your cock in control to cum this many times in just ten minutes, you would learn the self control or I would have to take out the double sized dildo from the closet you deserve this atleast" I kicked thrice in his balls which made him cry out of pain.

Leaving him there and placing the cage again I left to bed!