Morena da bunda gigante se mostrando

Morena da bunda gigante se mostrando
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Rock'n Around the Christmas Tree by Lastone On Christmas Eve three teens are walking home in the snow. When tragedy almost strikes the boy/girl couple can't thank the remaining boy enough. Or can they? (mmf-teens, youths, 1st) If you are under 18 this story isn't for you.

If it's illegal to read it where you are it also isn't for you. Please go elsewhere. Remember it's all fiction, no one was harmed in the writing this story and it never took place. Feedback or comments to [email protected] I felt like excess baggage walking with the two others, almost to the point of being uncomfortable knowing I was a last minute addition after showing up at Rob's house.

He and Lisa were about to leave for the annual Christmas carol pageant in the village common that was held every Christmas Eve. I actually didn't want to go but they insisted I tag along, so I did.

Rob was a good friend of mine but he had been spending a lot of time with Lisa since school had started. They were meant for each other, both of them boarding on the threshold of being nerds. Not that I am a fag but Rob was a nice looking guy, medium build and dark hair. Lisa was standard fair, long blonde hair, great physique including her long legs and a set of knockers that looked like flower buds waiting to blossom into fruit.

Physically they each could have done better but in the intellect department they were intended for each other. They were just goofy, very smart but goofy and seriously immature. One thing I can say for them that they were dedicated to each other. It looked like a Currier and Ives picture on the way home, light snow falling, covering everything in sight. Christmas Eve couldn't have been any more beautiful. Together we walked along the sidewalk from the village center back to Lisa's house.

The sing-a-long was over, it was getting late, but a cup of hot chocolate was too tempting to pass up. The driver of the Blue Ford Explorer did his best to control the skid but even with four wheel drive the roads were slicker than grease.

He was going excessively fast with five inches of snow on top of an ice covered road it was disaster waiting to happen. Instinct took over when I was the only one to see him coming at us. Somehow I had managed to muster up enough strength to give a firm sudden shove that propelled Rob, Lisa followed by myself into the rhododendron bushes.


The two were confused and upset at first not knowing what was going on but when they came up from the snow covered bushes they couldn't believe how close we were to being knocked off. The SUV popped the curb coming to a stop on top of our footprints. It was too close for comfort. If he had hit us it surely would have done some serious harm if not killed us.

Lisa was the first to comprehend how close it was breaking down into tears. We all comforted each other while we heard the sounds of a siren from the police approaching. Turns out the guy was intoxicated. The police officers hauled him away after taking down our names then leaving us saturated from wet snow to fend for ourselves Snow covered and freezing we journeyed down the walkway once again until arriving at Lisa's house.

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Without her parents home the house was deserted except for us. Her parents would be home sometime after candlelight services wrapped up around midnight.

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Her mom had gone outrageously wild in decorating the house with Christmas decorations, they were everywhere. In the lower level there was this gorgeous tree all lit up in multi colored lights across from the fireplace. Lisa made us cocoa before we retreated down the stairs to enjoy the balance of the evening. She wasn't holding back either, before filling the cups a healthy measure of Kahlua was added. All the talk was about the close call, repeatedly thanking me for saving their lives by pushing them out of the way.

Over and over they wanted to know how they could ever thank me, how they could repay me for the feat. It was getting sickening; it started on the walk home and continued while drinking the warm chocolate. There's just so much a guy can take, sure I did a good deed but who wouldn't have in the same situation but I didn't need to be thanked so many times nor did they ever have to repay me in any shape or form.

It got so bad listening to it relentlessly I wandered over to the corner of the room, turned on the television, and started playing Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega game console. That's when it started to get interesting. Out of the corner of my eye I watched them begin to start petting, casually at first but within a few minutes they seemed to forget I was even in the room.

I couldn't see a lot from my vantage point but enough that I was getting turned on. Gradually their bodies slipped further down into the depths of the cushions on the sofa. From what I could see it wasn't a game of kissy face, oh no it was much more than that.


I scooted my ass over to get a better view and was rewarded. No skin showing but they lay side by side with Lisa on the inside and Rob nuzzled up close to her body. His hands were a roaming, running up her backside back down on her side getting awfully close to her breasts. Murmurs escaping from both their mouths, then there was a distinct moan that leaked from Lisa.

By this time my eyes were glued to the sofa, to hell with the video game. Oblivious that I was a mere ten feet away they continued on with the cuddling until it turned into fondling as Rob's hands journeyed underneath of Lisa's loose fitting sweater.

When his hands advanced onto her tits Lisa's eyes burst wide open while trying unsuccessfully to push them away. This was getting inconceivable. With out a lot of resistance Rob didn't waste any time.

It was only after the sweater lay on the floor they become conscious someone was watching. It was obvious I was turned on as I made an effort to conceal the protrusion sticking up in my pants. Lisa fumbled around on the floor for the sweater while Rob stared blankly into space. My moment of marvel was over, or so I thought.

Not wanting to lose the presentation before me, in a desperate request I blurted out I wanted repayment for saving their lives. Dumbfounded they laid there not quite sure what to do. Reassuring their reservations I asked to be allowed to watch their hanky-panky. While pondering my invitation I followed up with words of encouragement to keep them distracted from what they were doing or what they were about to do. It didn't do any harm explaining how they were still alive because of my swift actions.

It worked, they cautiously agreed although hesitant at first. Wanting to make them a bit more comfortable with it I turned off all the lights except for the miniature glowing lights of the Christmas tree only a few feet away causing a colorful gleam to sparkle across the now dimly lit room. I continued to sit back far enough not to be an annoyance and let the performance begin.

Like I said they were flaky, what two other friends would consent to me watching them fool around? None! I could tell they weren't into it at first but after the lights went soft they became more comfortable and relaxed.

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For the next twenty minutes they paid no attention that I was there. My stiff dick trapped in my pants while I squirmed around in the chair watching as the two got heavier into it.

Rob was still completely clothed but Lisa to my fascination was naked from the waist up and soon about to have her pants separated from her long slender legs. It was becoming uncomfortable sitting there watching all this. On several occasions I was tempted to join in but thought twice about it. I couldn't take it anymore; reaching for my fly I retrieved one hard dick from my pants. My BVDs were already wet with escaping pre-cum.

I figured it would come to a standstill in a short time. With her pants almost to her ankles the two twisted around on the sofa as Lisa tried in a fruitless struggle to challenge Rob's intentions. When her legs fell on the floor Rob was right behind her.

What a sight, on her knees, the top of her body stationary on the cushions causing the cheeks of her charming curvy ass to point outward. Before Rob made his move the view was quite gratifying, even in the diffused glimmering of tree lights, being ten feet away Lisa presented her most private parts.

Exceptionally rounded ass cheeks spread slightly revealing a puckered brown hole, a meager amount of soft blond hairs disappearing into her upper closed thighs. Too much for me to take any longer. My pants were never removed so promptly. Rob covered her backside with his body while he embarked upon her neck, kissing along her hairline, to her ears, back down to her neck getting the best of her hidden passions.

She had no idea his pants were now bunched around his calves. Fumbling for buttons on his shirt he too was nearly naked. I moved the chair closer. I wasn't about to miss this. Rob was on an assignment to rid Lisa of her virginity if she still had one.

I made the blunder of moving in closer once again. It was only after a plea of forgiveness, begging approval, and praise that Lisa finally settled down.

While making my case I eased over so that I was sitting cross legged on the floor right beside them. Either she didn't notice or didn't care that my dick was fluttering naked in the warm air.

I went for broke, not able to refrain from my nasty and polluted attitudes I completely eliminated my underpants. In my own thoughts I imagined myself in Rob's place about to fuck the girl.

I presumed Rob would stop before actually fucking her. Lisa was now pleading for him to stop but she didn't make any physical moves to defy him. Scurrying up beside her on the couch taking her hand pressing it into mine I uttered a few words of comfort. Consoling her about fear while stroking her hair as it fell upon her arms I was in command after cunningly remarking once again about saving her life.

With her blues eyes almost tearing she pushed her face into the spongy wadding of the sofa. It was a muffled demand at best for Rob to stop. I was mystified gawking at his dick, the first living dick that was erect I had seen.

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I sat almost self-conscious at his size. I had to have been at least an inch shorter and significantly slimmer. Continuing to caress her, Rob's tool was in his hand working it around her backside trying to find her cunt without luck. My free hand began to glide the length of my dick forcing out droplets of pre-cum aiding in reducing friction burns.

Ultimately it took a wad of spit dropped onto Rob's dick to loosen her up. I heard a silent shriek escape her as my best friend ripped her open. On his knees behind her he paused savoring the feeling going through his body. It took a full minute before he began tenderly pumping in and out of her.

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By this time Lisa's cunt was accustomed to being crammed with a stiff dick. Raising her head slightly I pulled her hair back onto the pale skin of her back. The look of apprehension was slowly being replaced with contentment as her body began to sway in conjunction with his meeting each thrust.

Lifting her head while resting on her elbows up to the point she was looking straight at the piss slit on my dick. I shifted her closer hopeful off getting my dick sucked. But to my disappointment she turned her head away. Pulling her hand away from my grip she took my hard-on captive spontaneously pumping the length of it.

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Like a professional her hand crept the length, no doubt she had experience in hand-jobs. The sensation of Lisa's fingers replacing mine was driving me out of my mind; never before had any ones hand encountered my dick. With only the shadowy lights from the tree a few feet away I watched Rob's eyes flicker while his facial expression distorted.

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Reaching around her hips drawing her curvy body into his Rob strained to get his dick further into her body. Without ever withdrawing he continued heaving forward as his eyes rolled backward as Lisa's hand continued to pump me.

I knew he was cumming and he was cumming hard and long. Gasping for breath his body collapsed down onto hers as it relaxed becoming limber. In the meantime I thought I would blow my wad just from watching him do the deed. What the hell if he fucked her there should be no reason I shouldn't. Straining not to cum I pried myself away of Lisa's hand, rolled off the couch situating myself where Rob had just been. I wasn't about to take no for an answer, but just as she had done with Rob she pleaded for mercy but in reality it was her who was depressing her self against my dick.


She was a bitch in heat as far as I was concerned, not attaining the desired outcome from Rob she required further stimulation. Her murmurs were rebuffing me while her hand descended downward reaching for my dick. Seizing a cheek in each hand steadying myself while submerging effortlessly into Lisa's cunt only to discover it wasn't exactly what I expected.

Oh she was tight alright, her cavity stretched firmly around my dick it felt almost constricted. Rob's dick hadn't stretched her out as far as I could tell, but she was laden with wetness. The muted glow of Christmas tree lights made it hard to see but looking downward her brownish-pink asshole would pucker up each time I slid in. Rob must have blown a month worth of spunk deep inside her pussy.

Some of it was collecting on my pubic hairs and cum-bag when I bottomed out inside her. There was soon to be a lot more in her as I felt a warmth start to boil over in my ball bag. From deep in my depths it started to rise, my dick quivered and then began to spasm as I spilled out numerous wiggly sperm dissolved into colorless slimy liquid. My entire body tensed as I kept pulling out then re-inserting. As my orgasm ebbed my body seemed as it could not get enough satisfaction.

Smoothly sliding into the warm mess I again watched her cute poopper expand and then contract making me wonder what it would be like to force myself into that tight hole. At first I stayed firm continuing to abuse her cunt to our gratification but it became a lost cause as my firmness dwindled.

As I pushed in and out the final times I watched two loads of cum cascading down her inner thigh in a frail progression, some hanging onto her cunt lips before dripping out in small globs. Spent I fell back into a sitting position behind her. Wow, depending on your own personal believes her cunt was either an eyesore or a marvel.

She was covered in cum, all over her cunt, pubes, inner thigh with one long stringy clot hanging off a cunt lip refusing to let go. Exhausted all three of lay on the floor. Tired to the point of wanting to fall asleep for awhile before we realized we had better get dressed before mom and dad got home. Looking at her clean herself up I felt my dick stirring again. I wanted in the worst way to fuck her again. I gave it serious consideration but it was getting late, maybe another time and place I would be permitted to slide again into her warm and cozy pussy again.

We dressed, I said my goodbyes and went home leaving the other two alone. I wondered aloud on the way home if Rob was going to fuck her yet again. Once home I stripped in the bathroom to rid myself of wet cloths. While looking in the mirror at my partially rigid dick expanding outwards of my underwear I detected a pale reddish-brown smudged stain on the front of them. Closer scrutiny concluded that Lisa was a virgin.

When I took my turn fucking her I had pulled the elastic band of my underwear down hooking it under my sperm bag.

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Most likely it rubbed up against Rob's seeping cum that was probably tainted a light shade of pink from the remains of her shredded hymen. Only in my dreams did I ever fuck her again although Rob and I did have another triad during the next a year with another girl. We definitely were rock'n around the Christmas tree that night!