Sexy Gay Men Intimate Bedroom Sex

Sexy Gay Men Intimate Bedroom Sex
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Today I woke up early in the morning.

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I believe it was around 5a.m because I had to get ready to go pick up my brother and his friend at 6a.m. My mom was downstairs fixing breakfast before we left. I took me a quick shower and got dress.

Then I went downstairs and got me some bacon and eggs. I sat down at the table to eat and the phone rang. It was my brother letting my mom know he and his friend was ready to go.

I finished eating and we headed out the door. As we drove to go pick up my brother and his friend, I was talking to my mom about what I wanted to do tomorrow. She agreeded to let me have a friend over. We then got to my brothers friend's house to get him and his friend to come back to our house and spend the night. My brother was about 5'8 and 175 pounds. He was muscalar. On the other hand, my brothers friend was about 5'11 and 185-190 pounds.

He was also muscalar.


He had a six pack and was hot as could be. I dream about him and myself sleeping together.

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( I'm gay, but not out of the closet yet.) Once we got back home, my brother (Mike) and his friend (Adam) went upstairs. Adam put his bag in my room since I had two beds in my room and my brother had only 1.

Then they went and started playing games. I went into my room and got on Facebook to chat with my friends and post messages. That night, Adam came into my room and asked if he could go on to bed. I said "Yeah, I'm about ready anyways." Adam replyed "Okay with a smile on his face." Adam started to get undressed and then he pulled down is underwear and crawled into bed. I was amazed that he was sleeping naked.

I didn't see his cock, just his ass, but I was already happy! He then said, "Hey Luke, will you close the door and lock it. I don't want your brother or parents to see me naked." I said "Sure, same here." I never slept naked, but tonight, I would. I turned off the laptop and started to get undressed.

I took off my boxers and got in bed. I turned off the light. After a few minutes, it was getting REALLY cold in my room. Adam then spoke up, "Its really cold in here. I'm freezing." "I know, I'm cold as well." I said. "Well go turn on the heat." Adam said. "No, I'm not getting out of bed." I said. "Well then, since I'm don't want to go in the kitchen to turn on the heat, do you just want to craw over here and we will get warm." I said "What?" and he said "Remember, body heat?" I said "oh yeah." I crawled out and then got in his bed.

I got under the covers and he said "Well do you want me to hold on to you or do you want to hold on to me." "I don't care, I just want to get warm." He then said well turn over and grab me and hold me close to u. We was the same height so whenever I did that, my cock was right at his ass. My dick started to grow and then it was really touching him. My dick was touching his balls and it was so warm. He started laughing and said "Wow, you are getting really worked up over there." He then turned around and gave me a kiss.

I was like in my mind, wow he just kissed me, his cock is touching mine, what do I do? I then started making out with him and then it led into me licking, sucking, and bitting his nipple.

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I then worked my way down to his cock. Wow, it was cut, amazily long, I would say about 6.5-7". I didn't just take the head in, I took the hold thing in.

I was bobbing my head up and down on that huge thing. He was moaning and holding my head. Then he stopped me and said, My turn. He took my whole cock in my mouth!!!


I was so amazed about that. I had a large dick and didn't think he would take it in. I started moaing and after a few minutes, he then said, I want you to fuck me hard. Now, fuck me hard baby. He got up and sat on my cock.

He was facing me. I lifted him up and little and held him there. I started to fuck him really hard. He was moaing and saying "Baby harder faster, come on. I want your cum bad!" I was going so fast, that I was about out of breathe.

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Then I was about to cum. I said "baby I'm cumming" Then he said, let me ride you! He started riding me really quick and then I released my hot cum. I shot like 4 or 5 times deep down inside him.

After a few minutes of my cock still in him (but not having sex) just making out with each other, he got up and then he started jacking off on me. I started sucking him and then he cummed in my mouth. Shot after shot when down my mouth. Yum!

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It was sweet with a little salt. Yum! I licked his cock until there was no cum left. Then he said "Baby that was so amazing, lets get some rest." He then layed back down beside me and I held him in my hands and our naked bodies touching each other.

He continues to come over to my house almost every other day to spend the night. He normally spends time with me more then he does with my brother now. I can say we are now dating (but no one knows.) We have sex everynight.

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