Horny teen has fun with her new toy and loves it alot

Horny teen has fun with her new toy and loves it alot
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. . She couldn't believe it was happening to her, it was something like out of a horror flick but it wasn't a movie and it felt too real to be a dream. It was so dark, sometime in the middle of the night.

She knew she was alone in the house her parents had left just late that afternoon. But it felt too real and he felt too strong as his one hand pressed against her collar bone and the other held the cold metal to her throat.

In the dim light from the street lights outside barely shining in her room past the curtains she could only make out something black covering his head, maybe a ski mask or something similar. The grab of her shoulder had been the action that had woken her from sleep.

Now even as she tried to blink her eyes awake she was terrified of what she was seeing and worse feeling. It was only a few moments later that she realized it was worse than she thought as she realized there were three figures in her room with her.

The second person moved to take hold of one of her arms and forced it over her head up to the headboard of the antique brass bed. She heard a strange quick clicking as she felt what was probably a plastic tie zip around her wrist and then another around one post of her headboard.

The third figure then did the same to her other wrist and she felt her heart pounding in her chest as hard as she had ever felt it as she realized her arms were now helpless to defend against anything. The only relief was that the metal object was pulled away from her neck once her wrists were secure and it seemed surreal that as he did this the first man lifted a finger as if in front of his lips to encourage her to shush. She decided they all appeared to be men as the size of the frames of their bodies would be extremely large to be a woman.

Her eyes then saw number two turn to a dark colored bag he had with him and remove something. She jerked as his hands brought it to her face and he pushed a round object to her lips. He then pinched her nose closed to where she couldn't breath through it and when she opened her lips to breath he pushed the object between her lips.

She decided to try and resist and kept her teeth closed but then he slapped her cheek softly once and then harder the second time. When he slapped her even harder the third time she decided to comply and open her teeth and as he pushed the object deeper into her mouth it felt and tasted like a rubber ball.

His hands then stretched what felt like a large rubber band around her head on each side and secured it behind her. Her mouth was now effectively gagged. With one hard tug number three pulled the covers off her body and she heard and watched as he tossed both the sheet and comforter against her closet door. For the first time she thought it peculiar the things that come to a person's mind in a crisis because as she felt the cool air of the night on her skin her eyes looked to where she kept her robe laying over her desk chair.

For a short moment she thought of all those times her mother had insisted she put her robe on over her night clothes since she typically slept in a thin light teddy and a pair of panties. She wished at that moment she had the extra fabric of the robe to cover her body because all three of the men seemed to have their eyes locked on her. Her next conscious thought was of her heart pounding and her mind raced to think what she could do to protect herself.

That next moment number three grabbed her tiny lace and cotton bikini panties and tugged them down and off her legs. Everything was so surreal that she wasn't sure if she really heard something or if it was her imagination but she thought she heard a moan from one of the men.

Her next emotion she couldn't explain and tried to talk herself out of but she could do nothing as she felt tears begin to trickle from each of her eyes. Katrina or Kat as most of her friends and family called her, like a lot of young attractive women her age.

She was not overly shy and would wear short shorts and tank tops in the summer and a bikini to the beach or swimming pool but like some young women she also was a little self-conscious and modest compared to some of the girls her age so she had never exposed any of her private parts to the opposite sex. So the feeling of her panties being tugged off quickly and effortlessly left her feeling very embarrassed and humiliated and she hated that any light from the street lights outside managed to penetrate her curtains.

She was even more mortified as number one's hand moved to just above her sex where her pubic hairs would be if she didn't shave them. She was horrified as his fingers softly traced around and felt the smooth hairless skin just above her sex. Number two then opened his own knife with a click that she hoped would wake the neighbors but it wasn't loud enough to be heard outside her room.

He brought the blade to the top of her chest slid it under the thin fabric of the teddy and sliced down through the material cutting it open all the way too easily. A quick cut through each of the shoulder straps allowed him to pull the butchered garment away from her now naked body with little effort. Kat now lay completely naked on her bed in front of three complete strangers for the first time in her life.

She heard three little sobs escape from her own throat and felt more tears run down her cheeks. Again number one put his index finger up to his lips to again request that she shush. To make matters worse she now also felt her own saliva run from the corner of her mouth first down one cheek and then the other from the gag being inside her mouth. The next thing that happened made Kat want to throw up and her stomach became very nauseous as number two and number three each walked to one bottom corner of the bed.

Each man then took hold of one of her ankles and slowly pulled each toward the outside edge of the mattress. They then each sat on the edge of the bed still holding onto her ankles holding her legs now spread eagle. Number one then went to another black bag and pulled out a two foot long object that was thin in the middle, had a handle and at the opposite end had a little flat four inch end. He walked back over to the bed and sat down on the mattress beside her to the right of her hip.

He then very softly traced the flat end just below her shoulders on her chest from one underarm to the other. He then began to gently move the flat end around each of her breasts. Most people would consider Kat as being thin. She had a very small frame, narrow shoulders and was shorter than most of the girls her age. Like most girls Kat had wondered how she would look with larger breasts. She wore a 32B size bra. While some of her friends had much larger breasts, C and D cups, She never felt unhappy with her breast size because while her breasts were a little small, they were very firm and perky.

When standing they had very little sag to them and still sat quite high on her chest even without a bra on. What did make her a little self-conscious was the round pink half dollar sized areola that would puff up when she was cold or aroused and even more the slightly larger than pencil eraser sized nipples that would also poke out more with cold or arousal.

Even with a padded bra on sometimes the shape of her nipples would be visible through the material of the bra and even a sweater. To her horror at this moment with the flat end of his object tracing circles around her breasts her nipples began to respond to the stimulation.

Kat had to close her eyes for a moment for an emotion that she wasn't sure was shame or frustration as she heard number one exhale loudly as he watched the two nipples harden from the stimulation.

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Number two and three also both seemed to lean in closer to have a look. The dim light from the window only seemed to cast a shadow from each areola and nipple that just made their quite noticeable shape and size that much more visible. Kat swallowed some of her saliva down hard.

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To make it worse, number one didn't seem to be in any hurry and continued to circle the object around and around each breast over and over very slowly getting closer to the center points.

At that very moment Kat realized and had the thought run through her mind that this was going to be a very slow agonizing experience.

None of them seemed to be nervous of getting caught or someone else being home. Kat knew at that moment that her life was going to be very different from this day forward. The seconds felt like minutes and the minutes began to feel like hours as number one patiently circled until finally reaching the center of the first breast.

She wasn't sure if he consciously did it on purpose or maybe it was just her imagination but he seemed to slowly move the flat end first up on the small rise of the areola. He very carefully circled around it seeming to try not to touch the nipple and not to keep contact with the pale white flesh of her breast.


He made three circles around it before pushing the object against the hard point of the nipple. He even seemed to make the point to lift it just a bit higher to the peak of the nipple. And then he did the exact same thing one more time to the opposite breast. She felt more self-conscious about her breasts at that moment then she ever had felt before. It was the first time that anything other than her own fingers touched her nipples and the sensation was so incredibly intense.

Once the same was done to her second firm globe she noticed number three shine a small light between her legs where they all then looked. It took Kat just a moment to realize what they were looking at. . her body responding as nature designed and began to create lubricant inside. Not only had she gotten wet but her outer labia had begun to open slightly like the petals of a flower. At that moment. .

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in her own mind. . Kat felt an anger towards herself and her own body. No matter how hard she wanted to or tried she could not stop it from reacting as nature had designed and she felt an incredible amount of shame. Just as she thought it couldn't get any worse. . IT DID. Number one set the object down next to her and traced his index finger down her cleavage and down the natural line down onto her flat tummy. The finger only slowed enough to circle around her belly button three times and then began to go further down.

It moved slower and slower as it gently touched her mound and then slowly descended towards her sex. With every ounce of strength she could muster, Kat pulled and kicked each of her legs but the two men each only having to hold one ankle were able to keep her from doing much more then moving a few inches.

Before she had struggled very long, number one's finger touched the very top of her sex and she felt horror. . and something else as the finger gently touched the skin over that oh so sensitive place on her body, her clit.

He gently moved his finger back and forth working the flesh of the hood away from her clit. Within just a few seconds he touched the only place on her body that had so many nerve endings and could send so many feelings deep into her body.

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His finger circled and stimulated her clit skillfully like he had done this many, many times. Within another moment he had a second finger there rubbing one on each side of the sensitive clit. Kat was losing even more control of her body as he stroked her clit like no one, even her own fingers, had ever done. Without thought or conscious decision she began to move her hips using his fingers to stroke her clit more firm.

She felt the need to close her eyes and heard her own breathing get louder and felt so ashamed but physically she could not make herself hold still. She felt so ashamed and humiliated but could do nothing to stop this.

She wasn't sure how long it lasted but she let herself just react for as long as it did trying not to think or feel the shame. She only realized it had stopped as she felt his fingers gently push open her lips and she heard, felt and smelled her wetness as his fingers became as wet as she was. The next thing she felt surprised her. She had expected him to push his fingers inside her.

In fact she prepared herself for that and to her own shame even anticipated the feeling. But other than a light penetration he did not push deeper. Instead he began to smear the wetness lower to the base of her lips. And he continued to do this over and over pushing his finger between her lips from top to bottom then further down. It was the fifth stroke down that she understood where he was moving his finger to.

. her tiny forbidden opening. . the opening to her bottom. The second, third and fourth time he moved wetness down there convinced her she was right and it made her nervous and scared. Why was he doing this? But like everything else number one had done before he was still patient and took his time.


Over and over he worked her own juices down from her sex to the tiny entry to her anus. More and more of her crack was getting sticky and wet. Kat was horrified but just didn't know what to do. Number two and three just sat there as they had for quite a while holding her legs out and open. Not only were they still holding them but they had each managed to scoot up on the bed further and had each gotten her knees to bend just a bit, just enough to open her anus up to number one even more.

Suddenly all of this stopped. Each of them stood back up letting go of her ankles. But then things started happening fast. .at lightning speed to Kat. Number one and number three each moved up on the sides of the bed each taking a hold of one of her shoulders and hips. Once they had a good hold of her they lifted her up into the air off the mattress. She then felt number two wiggling under her body. Within moments she felt him completely underneath her also on his back, his head now under hers but slightly to her left side.

Then she felt his hands grab her thighs and pull them up and out. Before she could think she felt something poke at her butt.

It moved up and down her crack. Then she felt it move away and then touch her again. The third time it touched her it touched the opening to her bottom. It was at that moment that Kat let out a scream as loud as she could into the gag in her mouth.

Unfortunately for her it was very muffled. It sounded loud in her head but she didn't think it would even be heard outside of her bedroom. Her mind told her just a half second before the pain in her body did what was going to happen and she felt a pressure on her anus like none she had ever felt before.

She didn't even notice at first that number one and three had each moved down to hold each of her legs which they now pulled her knees up and her legs wide. Even as the instinct to push happened she felt two more hard pushes against her anal entry before suddenly she felt a pain she had never imagined.

It was a horrible pain that felt like an unnatural stretch. Again how the human mind works was a mystery to her, because for some reason she felt that number two was still dressed underneath her but somehow his cock was managing to push into her butt.

She felt him thrust into her three more times before her horror grew exponentially. Suddenly she felt number one on the mattress at the foot of the bed. She thought she heard the sound of a zipper and then felt him take hold of both her legs. The next thing she felt made her try to scream "NOOOOOO" into the gag as hard as she could.

She felt something poke at the opening of her sex. Within another second or two she felt a moment of penetration. Then the second hand on the clock seemed to slow down again. Kat now knew, that besides the painful anal penetration she was now experiencing for the first time in her life, number one was going to push his cock into her vagina.

He was going to rape her, while number two raped her ass. She wanted not to believe this was happening. She struggled with all her strength and willpower to move her body away from them but nothing she did made any difference at all. Again her mind took just a moment to think. .to picture the wedding gown she had picked out from the wedding magazines just for fun with her best friend. She thought about the pledge she had made to her mother, to her best friend and even.

. to a boy she liked at school to wait till she was ready, till she was older, maybe until she was married. But that did not matter to these men. They did not care that she was saving her virginity to give to that one special guy. It didn't matter that she was saving that one gift that she could only share with one person in her entire life.

Not only were they going to steal her virginity but also her anal virginity as well. Again Kat felt nauseous. But she didn't have long to think about all that before she felt number one push. And for the first time in her life she felt the head of a cock penetrate her. The stretch there was so very intense. It was a feeling she had never imagined.

Everything down below hurt and felt stretched. A second push and she felt his cock inch a little further. It felt so much like a nightmare but it was real. It was like she could feel every bump and contour of his sex with every movement. Three pushes later and she felt a hard pressure that she thought felt very deep. That is until she felt him thrust hard. . It was that thrust that would forever change who she was. She felt her virginity tear, her gift to someone special ripped away, what was left of her innocence taken against her will.

To make it worse they both thrust at the same time. It felt like they were ripping her in half. They somehow managed to thrust in at the same time. She heard a voice say, "Ready"? and then felt them both push at the same moment.

She even heard a very loud grunt from both of them. A sound she thought she would remember forever a grunt of strain and effort for each of them to push into her. The pause between thrusts felt like it lasted for hours yet at the same time came too quickly. With each thrust she felt more of them touch deeper inside her body. She felt pressure where she never even knew she could feel something. Over and over they each pushed part of their bodies deeper inside hers.

Kat closed her eyes and cried as she felt them work deeper and deeper inside her. No matter how much she hoped and thought and prayed it didn't stop. It felt as if they were pushing into her soul. There was no love here. There was no awkward nervous first time. There was no passion or caring or anyone trying to be gentle and not to hurt her.

Instead there was an animal lust. A violation. A theft. It was a penetration into her being that Kat could never have imagined. And as each moment passed where she thought and hoped it would be over she only felt them touch inside her deeper. Each time a little deeper than she ever thought she'd ever feel anyone. In the darkness and only tiny bit of light it felt to her like they were crawling completely inside her body.

The pain and stretching were intense but worst was the continual pressure deeper inside. A presence she'd never imagined. A horrifying stretch and a sense of fullness. Her first time was not with a husband or boyfriend she loved, it was not gentle and loving, there was no kindness or passion and she had not planned for or agreed to this instead, it was brutal rape and with two strangers.

Two men whose names she did not know. It only got worse from there. Kat's horror grew worse. Number three now moved to the top of the bed stepping carefully over one of her arms getting above her head. He slowly lowered himself down as the two men continued to work deeper inside her down below. What made it so torturous was the fact that she could do nothing what so ever to stop it.

She couldn't yell no, she couldn't cry stop, she couldn't yell for help or for anything at all. She tried desperately to pull an arm free, but that was useless, she then tried to move her hips to maybe push him off but he was far too large and heavy and she hardly felt her hips move at all.

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She tried to kick at his legs with her feet but the more she moved and wiggled around the deeper their penetration inside her felt. Her struggle only seemed to help them penetrate deeper inside of her.

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Then number three raised her humiliation even more as suddenly she felt him take hold of both of her breasts at the same time. His hands rubbed, squeezed, massaged and pinched her breasts and nipples. All while the other two continued to force deeper inside her. Each push somehow managed to touch her deeper inside.

Then again things changed and for only a millisecond she had a glimmer of hope and felt them pull instead of push, but it was only a moment of hope as a pull was then followed by a push then another pull and a deeper push. The volume of her groans surprised her especially because she wasn't trying to make them loud yet it was loud enough for her to notice.

She was even more surprised to hear them grunting. Deep male grunts like those she had seen and heard in movies and on television when men were exerting themselves. It frightened her to realize that they were exerting themselves to penetrate deeper inside of her.

The violation of her body took great effort on their part yet they did not hesitate or slow or even come close to stopping. Then she felt emotion she couldn't even explain when she felt warmth and contact with the man under her whose body was now firmly against her bottom, thighs and back. Only seconds later she felt hard pressure against her pelvis bones and she felt the pelvis of the man on top of her.

Number three cupped and squeezed both of her breasts firmly as the two men inside her stopped their movement as they both seemed to be fully up against her and inside her. She was overwhelmed with how full she felt between her legs, she felt so utterly dominated, so completely controlled, fully at their mercy as they did what they wanted with her.

Everything stopped for a moment and the sound in the room stopped for what seemed like a couple of minutes and then she heard the distinctive sound of a zipper from over her head.

The next thing she felt was a sticky hit on her forehead and she looked up to see number threes cock lying on her forehead pointing directly at her nose. He lifted it and then again slapped it against her forehead and she felt a wetness flick onto the bridge of her nose. He did this a couple more times and then began to hit her face in different places quickly forcing her to close her eyes.

She felt shame and humiliation as she felt more of her face getting sticky from the tip of his cock, each cheek, her nose, her eye brows and eye lids and then on her lips. Number three then surprised her greatly as she felt him unstrap and remove the odd rubber ball filling her mouth. She only had a moment to gasp and feel a second of relief.

Her mind was quickly torn away from her face when she felt the two men inside her both pull back at the same time quite a bit and then more to her horror both thrust very hard pushing deep once again inside her. The quick hard thrust surprised and hurt and again her own natural reaction was her worst enemy. She made the mistake of opening her mouth to cry out from the pain.

Kat was aghast when she suddenly felt number three thrust his cock into her open mouth. Katrina was completely defenseless lying flat on her back with her own bed under her head as the cock thrust forcefully past her teeth over her tongue and against the opening to her throat. Number three simply used his bodyweight on only his second thrust to force his cock into the opening of her throat and quickly past her gag reflex.

That didn't stop Kat from gagging but each gag and even cough did little to slow or even prevent his cock from pushing deeper inside her mouth. Her humiliation was even further intensified as his ball sack plopped against her nose and eyes. Kat struggled just to breath as all three men began to work their cocks in and out of her body in an almost consistent rhythm. She had never felt so completely out of control of her own body in her life nothing she did mattered, nothing she wanted meant a thing, their will was the only option.

Katrina was being raped by three men simultaneously forced to endure a sexual onslaught experienced by only a small percentage of women. Even the majority of those women were typically employed in the extreme adult movie industry and much older and experienced.

Yet here in her own bed lay Kat who had only ever kissed two boys now forced in her own home in her own bed to accept not the awkward first attempt at sex with a teenage boy but three grown experienced sexual predators not one by one but all at the same time.

Her heart was pounding and she felt like she ached all over her body. She had only on a few occasions even thought about the idea of sucking a guy's cock. But she wasn't sucking his cock at all he was raping her mouth and throat while his friends forced their cocks into her body.

This was nothing she ever would have imagined. Yet here she was forced to lie there. Forced to feel every movement.

This was not how it was supposed to be or a person she chose. But each movement of the second hand seemed to take forever as they strained to move their cocks in her body. These men chose who she would be with her first time. They chose who would take her virginity.

It was nothing she could ever have back or change. The only thing she could do was survive. Here she was in her home, in her room in her bed where she had always felt safe.

Many of her stuffed animals that she had loved as a little girl nearby. Against her will she seemed to hear the sounds in the room which scared her when she heard her own groans with their thrusts. The sounds of their efforts still frightening too. She felt stretched and pushed and pulled. She felt battered and bruised. Yet it continued longer and longer.

Then she felt a sensation she had not yet considered but it didn't take long for the gravity of what was happening to sink in when she felt an odd squirt of wetness inside her butt.

It was a strange feeling not painful like everything else but more frightening than the rest. If he sprayed his fluids inside there, wouldn't the other two do the same soon.

No sooner than her mind considered the possibility then she felt number three explode into her throat. It made her gag and want to throw up but he was so deep in her mouth and throat. She hated her bodies own instinct as she felt herself swallow taking his fluids down her throat. Each of them sprayed at least five times and within moments of them finishing her worst nightmare was fulfilled, number one began to spray deep into her sex squirting his seed directly into her unprotected womb.

Use protection she remembered hearing over and over at school during the health class discussions. Safe sex saves lives. She had not had the chance to take precautions, it made her stomach squirm to know she was not on any form of birth control why would she be she had barely kissed a boy.

Now three complete strangers were spraying their fluids deep inside her body. Their movements only lasted a bit longer before finally the continuous thrusting came to a stop. But like with everything else they had done they seemed in no hurry. They simply relaxed and rested on top of and below her body, but worst of all inside her. They lay there like that for what felt like an eternity still inside her with their body parts in no hurry to withdraw.


To her disgust number one seemed to grow heavier and she realized why when he began to snore. The room once again seemed quiet for the first time since they had pushed inside her. She was forced to listen to their breathing and his snoring while they lay still with her in her own bed.

It felt strange to her after the painful intense rape she has just endured to feel these men all but motionless laying with her and still inside her. Then number 3 got up and off her probably struggling to hold up over her face. He took a moment and put the ball gag back into her mouth.

She felt a little ashamed as she hardly resisted feeling him push it to her mouth she just opened. The smell and taste of him cum so strong to her senses. He only added to her degradation by wiping his cock off with her long hair. He one last time rubbed his hands all around her breasts and on her nipples. He rubbed and squeezed and felt round and round one last humiliation. Then he finally got off of the bed and moved away to one of their bags.

He came back a few moments later and to her horror she felt the prick of an injection in her arm. . She woke up to bright sunlight in her room lying under her covers and in a teddy and panties.

She sat up trembling slightly feeling odd and scared. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary except that it was so bright in her room. She looked at the clock and it was almost lunch time. Where had the day gone and why had she slept so long.

She felt sore and out of sorts. Her mind felt fuzzy like in a bit of a fog. She pulled the covers back and got up to go to the bathroom. Kat felt really odd as she walked there. She felt like she had been punched in the stomach. She felt different, odd, just not herself.

She noticed her hair was damp which seemed strange since it had been several hours since her last shower. She felt her towel and it was also damp and there was some water on the bathroom floor.

She walked back to her bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed and suddenly felt scared. Had it been real or her worst nightmare. . """"""""""""""""" If you enjoyed this story please click on Brokenwing above to read my other stories.