La primera vez de mi novia y yo

La primera vez de mi novia y yo
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"LINK! I've been looking all over for you," Stacy yells in the crowded hall at me as I creep out of the garage.

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Note to self: Never throw a fucking party as long as I fucking live. "Yeah, I bet! What's up," I yell back at her. Some random kid caught in the crossfire scrunches his face up at me and I flip him the good ol' bird and stick my tongue out. That'll teach him.

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Stacy grabs my arm like it's going out of style and drags me through the party and out to the front yard. Without saying a word she points across the street at a house. Old Miss Gertrude was on her phone pointing at my house. To say Joan Rivers wasn't her sister would be a lie. They look just a like. But that's besides the point. The old cow was probably calling the cops. Time to shut it down! Now! I snatch my arm from Stacy and I tell her to start spreading the word that it's go time.

She nods and runs off in her heels and VERY short dress back into the house. I run around the side of the house and start telling everyone in the backyard to hit the streets because the police were on the way. All of the cheerleaders and football players give me a weird look and go back to playing 2 Truths and a Lie. I yell again, this time making my voice crack. Marcy calls me a loser and goes in to kiss a football player.

I know damn well this bitch did not just call me a loser. The hoe came to my party, drinking up my booze, and now she's calling me a loser? Oh hell no. I go storming off into the kitchen and fill a bucket of water up from the kitchen sink. I rush back outside and dump it on the fire where they were sitting, making it just slightly darker.

Everyone is now highlighted by blue and pink lighting from the gazebo. "What the fuck!", Marcy screams at me, spitting all over the place. "Bitch if you don't get to stepping I'll knock you clean the fuck out," I scream back at her. I meant it. Terry hops up and gets in my face.


Bad move, bro, bad move. "You just threaten a girl?' He tries to say in a menacing tone. "If you want this ass beating I have for her, you can have it," I spat at him. Terry steps back and sizes me up. Yeah he's about a foot taller than me and a football player but everyone should know by now that I play NO games when it comes to disrespect. He suddenly swings at me, connecting a solid left hook to my jaw, sending me a few feet back and on my ass.

I get up and bop him dead in his nose, causing him to fall into the warm ashes. "OW! What the hell bro? What's with you?" he says, holding his nose.

"YOU WANT ANOTHER ONE!?" I scream, shaking my fist at him, causing him to flinch. He crawls out of the pit and takes off running, along with the cheerleaders and a few players. The other ones sit there laughing while spilling beer all over the place. I freeze. The police sirens were off in the distance. Oh hell, time to get this show moving! I warn them again that the police were on the way, this time everyone in the backyard scatters.

Boy what a sight. People were going over the walls 1000 deep! I turn around and I see a multitude of kids exploding out of the backdoor. I couldn't help but laugh and run into the crowd to get back in.

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Inside there's frenzy of people going every which way. I mean, I could have sworn I saw a few kids run into the walls trying to find a way out. I find Brad, who's packing his equipment up and I tell him to help hide everything. Judging by the volume of the sirens, it's going to be about 3 minutes before the police get to my block. I run to the front door and lock it, and motion at KyShea to come over and tell people trying to get out that they need to go through the back and hit the walls.

She throws me a thumbs up and makes her way over. Bobby Mac and Johnie Mae come storming down the stairs, pushing kids down along the way with trash bags already halfway full. I didn't have to say anything to them. I make a mad dash to the kitchen to find Stacy cleaning the kitchen up and pushing kids out of the door. T-Minus 1 minute. I grab all of the drinks and start tossing them into bags that the twins brought down. At this rate we should just be finished up by the time they come knocking.

I push my bag off in Brad's hands and head back to the backyard. It's just clearing out. Cups all over the place, but it's coming together. I run to the gazebo and unplug the lights. There's a kid passed out. I grab his wrists and drag him to the kitchen and leave him laying by the refrigerator. Stacy gives me a smirk and I tell her to go pull the trash bags off of the windows and close the curtains.

She disappears out of the kitchen.


I take two of the bags full of cups and beers and put them in the sink. I proceed to cut a small hole in each corner to drain all of the liquids. "Link! There's a cop out here that wants to talk to you," I hear Brad yell from the living room.

I pull myself together and head that way. The living room is spotless. except for the lights. Damn. To my surprise, the police officer is cute. Mid 30's, baby face, but that's about all I could really see. "We got a noise complaint and a call about potential underage drinking?" The cop peers down at me. I look up into his eyes and try to read his face. "Not here sir. We just got here from a late night bowling game," I say as sweetly as possible.


Just then Stacy comes sashaying down the stairs in slacks, a bra and my mom's bowling shoes in hand. "Hey Link, I need to go buy new shoes, these ones just didn't the job," she says, "OH!

What are the cops doing here?" "Well little lady, we got complaints but I think maybe it was just a joke," he slyly says to Stacy.

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Stacy bats her eyelashes at the officer and walks to the kitchen. "Well I see there's nothing going on here, you kids be safe," he sincerely says to me and Brad. We nod and send him on his way. KyShea and the twins crawl out from behind the couches and start laughing with me and Brad. That was a close call. "If you guys want, you guys can crash here tonight.

I'm taking my skinny ass to bed," I say to the group. I make my way up the stairs and unlock my door. --------- I feel a hard cock rubbing against my stomach. I instinctively reach down and hold it, trying to extract some of it's warmth in my sleep. I open my eyes partly to find Brad trailing kisses down my neck. I reach out and pull him in.

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Our lips connect for a quick second, effectively waking me and my boner up. I grind my hardness into his midsection as he bites my heated earlobe. "I need to fuck you," Brad whispers into the dimly lit room. I guess I didn't turn the lights out all the way. He grabs my ass, which was still sore from earlier. I suck in a short breath of air from the pain. "Babe, I want you too. In fact. maybe you should bottom for me," I say in a normal tone. He jerks his head back and thinks for a moment.

"Yeah, okay. but you know it really isn't my cup of tea," he says in a low tone. "Thanks Brad, I. Love." I stutter. "You too babe," He cuts me off. I flip him over and plant sweet kisses down his spine. He shivers at every touch. I have him under my control.

I make it to his meaty mounds and spread them like the Red Sea. I dive in and attack his slightly hairy man-pussy with a vengeance. Brad gets a little louder. "Work my tight ass baby, make it wet," Brad says into the bed, making it kind of muffled.

I line myself up with his hole and rest the tip of my pulsing dick on the opening. I feel his ass clenching with excitement. I push and he groans, arching his back. "Uhhhh. Link. Put that cock in me1" Brad yells. I reach around and cover his mouth. I rest on his back and begin to pump slowly.

His ass feels like a warm glove on my meat. It was amazing. He nibbles at my fingers as I take ownership of his ass.

He throws his head back and in no time he cumming all over the sheets. I feel his ass squeeze my dick and I lose my shit and start cumming deep inside of him. He squeezes it again, milking my cock and filling him with my juices. I lean down and kiss his nape. "Get some sleep hun." I say into his ear. Within 2 minutes we both burn out and fade away into the sheets, in each others arms completely nude.

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Tomorrow I knew I would never be the same again.