Madre seducida por su hijo

Madre seducida por su hijo
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Ring of Desire Chapter 3 "Daniel Panks, where have you been! Lessons started 10 minutes ago!" When I entered the classroom, 19 heads turned towards the door and looked at me. In front of the blackboard, the teacher stared at me angrily. "I'm sorry, Mrs. North. I had to take care of something personal.

That isn't a problem, right?" Mrs. North's face relaxed and she simply pointed towards my chair. "Well, no, but. just sit down so we can continue" "Yes, Mrs. North!" I walked towards my seat and let myself fall into the chair. I must have gotten so accustomed to using the ring that I didn't care about anything anymore. I started looking around a bit.


In my class, we are 20 students, myself included. And to make it even more perfect, we are split evenly: 10 boys and 10 girls.

This made my class the ideal place for my next idea. "All of you should thank me later", I thought. "This'll be the best lesson you've ever had!" "Alright, everyone, let's go over it once more. This is how insects usually mate. Make sure to take notes, this will be on the test!" Biology.

This couldn't get any more perfect. I was trying my hardest to keep myself from bursting into laughter at the situation that was already unfolding in my head. And Mrs. North will be the first target. Amanda North has been my biology teacher for a few years now. Both on the outside and the inside, she is what everyone would think of when they heard "female teacher".

She wears a uniform with the top button open, stockings and high heels. She wears glasses and has short, black hair. Concerning her personality, she is again a teacher through and through. She is kind of strict, but in the end just wants all of us to write good grades and not fail school. "So, did you get all that?" Mrs. North had finished her explanation and looked through the classroom to see if anyone had any questions. "Well then, let's start this party", I thought and raised my hand.

"Yes, Daniel?" "Well, I do have a question, but it only vaguely relates to the topic of insects." "Just ask, maybe it matters more than you think." A grin formed on my face. "In that case, I wanted to ask if we could maybe change the lesson to a sex ed lesson, because I would like you to teach us about blowjobs and titjobs.

Silence. But only for a few seconds. Mrs. North put her right hand at her glasses and readjusted them. Then she looked at me. "If you want to know about that, I guess we have no choice. Anyone against it?" I didn't even have to check the classroom to know that everyone was shaking their heads.

I then spoke up again. "I think the best way to teach us would be a live presentation, right, Mrs. North? I would assist you, of course." Mrs. North immediately walked over to me and squatted right in front of my legs.

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"Yes, that would indeed be the most efficient way. Everyone, please form a circle around us. Make sure you are able to see clearly, especially the girls!" My fellow students did how they were told, still making jokes and chatting like usual. I, meanwhile, was slowly starting to get nervous.

I was about to get both my first blow- and titjob, after all. After everyone had found a place and the chatting had died down, Mrs. North pulled my penis out of my pants and immediately started stroking it while giving an explanation in her usual tone. "Now, before performing any sexual actions with your partner, you have to stimulate their erogenous zones.

In this case, I will start by slowly moving my hand up and down his penis." Incredible. Although I already had a boner when entering the classroom, it had gone limp again because I was getting nervous. But Mrs. North, like it was second nature to her, managed to get me harder than ever in only a few seconds.

She confirmed the results of her work and continued her explanation. "Once his penis has become fully erect, you can start licking it in a manner similar to how you would lick ice cream.

Watch closely." With that, Mrs. North began licking my dick from my balls up all the way to the tip. I couldn't hold myself back anymore and started moaning. Because of this, I threw my head back a bit and saw the other students.


I noticed it immediately: The girls were already trying to imitate Mrs. North. They were licking the air and moving their hands up and down on water bottles. Just like you would normally go over a new math formula, my classmates were practicing their blowjob techniques. I wanted to keep watching them a bit longer when Mrs.


North spoke again. "In the end, you use your entire mouth to enclose the penis inside. You then start sucking it like you would a lollipop. Be sure to also use your tongue." As if she had waited for it herself, Mrs. North then gulped down my entire penis in one go. I was so surprised by the sudden wave of pleasure coming from her suction and tongue movement that I came almost instantly.

Instinctively, I grabbed Mrs. North's head and held it in place while loads and loads of cum came shooting down her throat. When my head was clear again, I looked down and saw Mrs. North taking everything with the same teaching expression she had throughout the whole process. Slowly, she swallowed each and every drop until speaking again. "As you just saw, when enough pleasure has build inside of the male, he will release his semen inside of you. Like Daniel just now, many men grab the head of the woman servicing them unconsciously, so don't be afraid if that should happen to you.

Also, while not necessary, many men like it if the woman swallows their semen rather than spitting it out, so practice that as well." After finishing her explanation, she turned to face me again. "That should cover the basics of blowjobs. Now, for titjobs." "Ah, Mrs. North! Wait a moment!" While Mrs.

North had still been talking, I noticed that my classmates had gotten aroused watching us. That, plus the fact that I wanted my friends to have some fun from the beginning, made me interrupt Mrs. North here. "Your teaching is effective, I have no doubt in that. But don't you think that for the titjob, we should simply make girl-boy pairs and you guide us through the process?

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That way, we can practice immediately." Mrs. North thought for a second and then replied. "I guess you have a point.

Everyone, get together in pairs, just like Daniel said." I simply watched as my classmates talked among themselves like normal, trying to find a suitable partner for everyone. Since I could have any one of the girls whenever I wanted, I decided to let fate take the wheel and see which girl would be left over for me. A few minutes passed and then, an energetic voice called my name. "Well, seems like I'll be your partner, Daniel!" I looked up and smiled "Fine by me, Alice." I probably couldn't have gotten a better partner for this lesson than Alice.

Not because she was extremely hot or very experienced, but because she does whatever she has to do with a smile and lots of energy. She just likes to give it her all, no matter what the situation might be. I've been friends with her for a while now as well, and her energy always helps when things get rough.

That's not to dismiss her body, though. Yeah, she is a bit smaller than most of my other female classmates, but her breasts are probably the most well-build out of all of them.

Her hair has a nice, soft red hue and flows just a bit over her shoulders. Her face, always beaming with happiness, is perfect too. So yeah, I really can't complain about it. "Has everyone found a partner?" Mrs. North disrupts my thoughts and I look around. It seems like indeed, everyone is now sitting in a pair next to each other. Alice hurries over to my side as well. "Alright then. Since I don't have a partner to demonstrate titjobs with, I'll be using this broom here.

Now, Let's begin." Mrs. North leaned the broom against the black board and started to unbutton her shirt. Within seconds, her boobs were jiggling outside of her shirt, naked for all to see. "Since you will be using your breasts, all girls can prepare like I just did. We don't have that much time left, so try to take of as few pieces of clothing as possible while still having your breasts properly exposed.

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The boys can take out their penises as well." everyone did as they were told. The girls pulled up their shirts and bras and exposed their breasts while the boys let their penis hang outside of their pants. Alice, seemingly excited about the new experience, was almost to hyped to take out her boobs.

"Oh, this is so exiting! I've never done anything with my tits before!" That sentence intrigued me, so I pressed her further "Oh? Does that mean you did other stuff?" "Of course! I already gave lots of blowjobs, but Mrs. North is on another level!

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I've never seen that kind of technique before!" "Seems like she was really impressed by Mrs. North Sexual wisdom from earlier, huh" I thought. Then, Mrs. North continued, the broom back in her hand. „Now", she said, moving the broom to match her actions, „As the name suggests, A titjob is performed by mimicking the movements of intercourse with your breasts.

Instead of taking the penis in your mouth like I showed you earlier, you have to slide it up and down between your breasts, like this." The girls watched Mrs. North move her tits up and down the handle of the broom for a few moments before facing their respective partner.

They tried positioning themselves correctly and soon, the entire classroom was filled with lewd sounds and moans. "Alright, that looks fun!" Alice practically radiated excitement and immediately started imitating Mrs.

North's movements on my dick. Her breasts were so soft I had to concentrate not to cum on the spot, and it seems like having cum only minutes earlier from Mrs. North's blowjob helped a bit. I look down at Alice, happily bobbing her tits up and down on my penis. "This is so much fun! It feels hot and hard! Hey, Daniel!

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Is it good like this?" "Yeah, that feels great! But." "Now." Before I could finish my sentence, Mrs. North raised her voice once more. "After you have gotten comfortable with your movement, you will notice that the tip of the penis will be within the reach of your mouth. Licking and sucking that, thus adding a blowjob on top, is liked among many men, so practice that as well." Finishing her explanation, Mrs.

North dove down to the head of the broom and started licking it furiously. Her tongue went in circles around it, interjected by her mouth swallowing and letting go of it occasionally. "I wanna try that, too!" Before I could say anything, I felt something warm and slippery around the tip of my dick.

Unable to hold back, I let our a loud grunt and looked down. Alice was still bouncing up and down, my penis firmly pressed between her tits. But now, her mouth was also sucking on the tip in a way that I had never thought possible. "She wasn't lying when she said she gave blowjobs before" was the last thing I could think before her tongue touched my dick, pushing me over the edge. I unloaded inside of her mouth almost more than earlier inside of Mrs. North's mouth, briefly thinking that it would never stop.

Even while I was cumming, Alice still kept going, determined to milk me completely dry. Amidst my pleasure, I could faintly hear the other pairs finishing up as well. A few minutes later, all of us were sitting in our chairs, exhausted from the lesson. Alice was the only one seemingly unfazed by any of her actions, simply smiling and asking "That was so much fun! Can we do that again?" Before I could give her any kind of reply, the bell rang.

Ding-Dong-Dang-Dong "Well, that's the end of today's biology lesson. Be sure to review everything we covered seriously. This WILL be on the test, understood?" Mrs. North had already returned to her usual appearance, with her breasts tucked away and completely clean.

All of us started cleaning ourselves up as well and one after the other left the classroom. "Seems like we have no time for another round, huh?" Alice through me a look of pure disappointment. I grinned and said. "Oh don't worry! Just don't go home after school today, but wait for me instead. Then I can take you back home with me and you'll just do whatever I want with you from then on, OK? Alice's face light up.

"Really? You'd do that for me? Thanks so much! Oh, I can't wait!" Almost like she dancing, Alice walked away, humming in pure bliss. "Now then" I thought, „Where to next"? To be continued. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading this chapter. I am sorry that it took so long, I was pretty busy the last couple of months.

Since I don't want another hiatus like this to happen, I'll probably finish this story in the next chapter. Thanks again for reading and look forward to the big finale.