Sexy buff gay dudes crazy hot poolside anal pounding

Sexy buff gay dudes crazy hot poolside anal pounding
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Hannah and her family went on their annual family vacation Hannah was the eldest sibling aged 17 she was what you call the angry at the world teen who spends all her free time in her room on social media blasting heavy metal the other family members involved Hannah's mum and dad and her little brother Ned ages 15 and her little sister Mia aged 14.

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This year Hannah's family decided not to go to a fancy resort and to go out camping at a reserve 3 towns over of coarse everybody was excited about it except for Hannah especially knowing that there wont be any cellphone service out in the reserve but as her parents say she has no choice in the matter so the next day they left all tech with any link to social media at home and headed for the reserve the trip took over 2 hours and Hannah was sandwiched between her brother and sister all she heard through the whole trip '' are we there yet'' " i need to pee " the minute they arrived Hannah walked to somewhere away from everyone so she could light up a smoke after dealing with all the shit on the way up she deserved it as Hannah smoked away she could hear a slight rustling in the trees behind her she knew she was being watched she zoomed over and managed to find her sister spying on her of coarse her parents would ground Hannah till the end of time if she was caught smoking she knew she was pretty much fucked with her sister knowing "what do you want" Hannah growled at her sister she saw Mia's eyes aim at the cigarette immediately she knew Mia wanted to try it Hannah reached into her pocked and lit a cigarette up for her sister and handed it to her telling her to not say a word they began to smoke together Hannah looking all professional while her sister coughed with every puff in Hannah's eyes it was funny and kind of cute at the same time reminding her of herself smoking for the first time.

Later on towards bed time everyone had their own tent and swag to sleep in Hannah pitched her tent away from the campsite so she could get her me time witch is probably the highlight of her trip it wasn't helping that it was cold outside and the only blanket she had was a 2 person sleeping bag she thought to herself "peace at last until she was startled by a knock at her tent her brother he forgot to pack his tent and his parents told him to share with Hannah as she had the 2 person sleeping bag Hannah was so annoyed they must of argued for 5 minutes before Ned won and climbed in the tentwhen Hannah unzipped the sleeping bag Ned immediately spoke out "y your naked" "Yes im a woman and i sleep naked if you dont like it go sleep in the woods" replied Hannah Ned really had no choice he slipped into his boxers and slid in next to her in a spooning position and tried getting some sleep.

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.I awoke in the middle of the night to something poking my tailbone and punching my back i turned my head around asking my brother what he is doing he just nervously said "nothing" i reached around and swept past his cock hard in his pants i said to him "your jerking of in a bag with your sister are you fucking serious" i told him to go outside and do it we both knew it was to cold for that i just told him to stay and if he cums on me hes dead he went back to jacking himself of while i tried to get some sleep but i just couldn't the constant beating this guy takes forever to blow his nuts it continued on again for another few minutes a thought swam across my mind i felt like a total perverted slut but if i was gonna get any sort of sleep i need to help my younger brother cum i reached around to find my brothers cock and jammed it into my pussy i warned him not to cum in me and if he tells anyone ill kill him i felt him wriggle his head around the entrance to my pussy this must be his first time he cant even find the bloody hole he eventually found my hole and slid straight in i must admit its been a while since ive been fucked it actually felt so good Ned was pushing in and out of my sloppy wet pussy i couldn't help but softly moan i didint wanna encourage him he was really making close to cumming i just cant believe it my own brother is about to make me cum it was happening my pussy slicked out more juices and began to contract squeezing his cock an expression of relief splashed across my face as i could smell the strong scent of my girl cumNed still hasn't cummed yet but my pussy felt empty but i could still feel myself being fucked i reached down between my legs and couldn't feel a cock in my pussy just lots of my juices i reach up further and find his cock burred half way deep in my assthe wetness of my pussy must of caused his cock to slip in my ass and not feel it during my climax just as i was about to tell him hes in the wrong hole i get interrupted by him announcing he was cumming and within a second a feel a warm gooey substance flood my ass hole i was like holy shit he is cumming in my ass it actually felt really orgasmic so orgasmic i could feel my pussy release a random climax i made a mental note to explore anal play in the futureNed began to withdraw his cock thats where the famous anal pain began i told him to not be so rough he tried easing out a bit slower but it kept hurting plus it felt really hot being full of cock i just told him to leave it there and get back to sleep I awoke again to Ned tapping me on the shoulder it was just between night and daybreak my eyes were barley open i asked him what he wanted he told me he had to get up and pee and needed for me to move out so he could pull his semi hard dick out of my ass and move out of the bagit was way to cold and i was way to comfortable to and was not gonna ruin my beauty sleep over this so it was either make him hold it or let him ruin my sleep "just do it inside me" i replied my brother seemed stunned at my suggestion "pee inside my bumb!

your cum is already pushed up there so more liquid from your cock isint gonna make it feel any different i tell him he nests besides me and relaxes his body and i could feel a few warm drops trickle inside me followed by a powerful splash shoot deep inside my ass hole this sent me into waves of orgasmic pleasure as his stream of pee thickens inside me i instantly felt a flush of wetness inside my pussy and no this wasn't my brothers piss it was my urge to fuck i pushed us out of the sleeping bag and straddled his cock i still felt little drops of warm pee erupt in my pussy i began to slide up and down fast on his cock softly moaning as his cock bucks into me he was hitting my little tinge spot i gripped the back of his neck as i rode him harder and harder until i came all over his cock, doing this i adjust enough time to dismount his cock and wrap my hand around his cock and jerk it up and down close to my lips i could still smell my ass on his cock Ned announced he is cumming i took the head of his cock into my mouth circling my tongue around the head tasting my own ass and swallowing his load and tasting the bitterness of his piss while im at it.

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After we both came down from our orgasm i went out to pee i always pee after sex just realising what ive done was it a bad thing or a good thing? i thought to myself i went back to the tent to find my brother sound asleep i was thinking of going back to sleep but after the events that happened i was to active and curious i knew i liked what happened that night but that fact that was with my brother like thats some Game Of Thrones shit that went on in therei lit a smoke as my thoughts kept dancing around my head being both horny and ashamed of myself at the same time.

Later on in the night i caught up with my brother and pulled him towards the deeper part of the woods i gripped him by the shirt and asked him if hes told any one about what happened between us he just looked at me i starred into his puppy dog eyes when he shook his head he could see the fierceness in my eyes as i pulled him closer and deeply made out with him biting his lip shoving my tongue down his throat pushing him towards a tree trunk and sliding his pants down exposing his erect cock starring at me in the face i ran my tongue along side his cock up and down teasing the head then popping the head in my mouth and moving down the shaft deepthroating his medium sized pecker i bent over to let him press his cock against my ass hole and moved in towards him letting his cock slide all the way into my ass i felt a sense of relief as my ass hole was full of his cock i yelled at him and told him to fuck my bumb i was to horny to ask nicely he soon got the message he gripped my hips and began to pound my ass hole i silently grunted as his nails dug into my body as his cock got deeper into my ass hole i could feel his cock swell inside me without an instant i felt the warm cum from his cock splash against my colon and swimming around the insides of my ass hole Ned pulled out from my ass hole followed by a few drops seeping down my leg i noticed his cock was covered in cum and even tho it had just been in my ass i wanted to taste my own ass i knelt down and took it down my throat i could taste the insides of my ass as i sucked him up and down and sucked up every last drop of cum that did not blast inside me.

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Once i was finished with my brother i wasn't satisfied but i knew it would take him a while to cum again i just told him when ever u need to cum he finds me if i need cum i findas Ned walked of i had again another think to myself then it came to me i called Ned over again i asked him if hes gonna pee considering he peed a lot inside me after he blew in the tent he looked at me and nodded looking very confused i lead him back to our little spot and pulled his pants down exposing a rather smaller and softer cock "listen i wanna try something different i want to drink your pee" i asked himi thought about doing this all day but was very resistant with the thought of it like peeing in my bumb is one thing but if hes gonna piss in my mouth it will taste terrible but on a positive thought it feels so wrong and dirtyi told Ned just to pee a little bit first so i can get use to it he aimed his cock at my mouth i waited impatiently for his pee to come out i understand its harder than it looks no pun intended but Ned began to lean forward and trickled half a mouthful of pee into my awaiting my mouth i swallowed the warm pee it was like taking a shot i could feel it travelling down my throat i could feel the pee working its way up my throat like i was gonna vomit i wiped away the splatter over my lips and held my fist over my mouth forcing the pee back down my throat after having my first attempt at swallowing pee besides the salty after taste and retching results i could feel my pussy drenching i was so wet i could feel the juices from my pussy seep out of my undies making a small puddle in between my legs i was gonna draw the line there but being as wet as i am now i shoved my fingers into my drenched hole yelled out "fuck it" and took the head of his cock into my mouth and Ned continued to fill my mouth with his pee i gulped down as fast as possible swallowing every drop of pee going into my stomach after Ned withdrew his cock i felt so full and so wet i pulled Ned on top of me and lunged his cock deep in my wet pussy and bucked his hips myself ive never needed dick inside me so badly in my life Ned soon met my thrusts rammed into me hard we were fucking hard for the next few minutes i was so horny im gonna let him cum inside me ive never had a guy cum inside me before ive never even been fucked without a condom up till my brother.

Ned yelled he was gonna cum attempting to pull out i locked my lips around his body and pulled him deeper inside me telling him to cum inside mebefore Ned could answer i shut up him up with a kiss as his cock erupted inside my pussy the warm feeling of cum going inside my pussy almost feels as good as cum in my ass but still satisfying i broke the kiss with Ned and told him i pledge myself to be his personal toilet and cum bucket i want all his cum and pee in all 3 holes.

Mine and Ned's fun went on for years im 19 now and now i taste my own pee when ever i cant get Ned to pee for me im so happy with how our relationship evolved.

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Tell me in the comments if you want a sequel Might go towards a smoking fetish and lesbian play with Hannah and her sister