Juni 2016 fanpost und abmelken

Juni 2016 fanpost und abmelken
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The Breeding Bench I lead you into the room slowly my left arm encircled about your waiste my right hand holding one of yours,I grin as I watch you shiver and tremble slightly in the cool air as it caresses your mostly nude body,I mummer softly take a step my pet.my eyes drinking in your body from your pretty toes,up your long silken smooth dusky legs to your shaved bare and already dripping pussy.Your scent already filling the room as you take little catious steps.My eyes travel further up your body lingering on your taunt belly a small wicked smile crosses my face as I think of what will soon happen with your body .my eyes continue there climb up to your breasts .perfect in size shape and feel as I would judge them but you always felt they could be bigger.AS IF but as your Master I found a way to please us both .I lick my lips as I watch your nipples harden in the cool air begging to be played with to be rubbed sucked bit.chewed on and twisted.I lightly rub your lower back with my left hand as i continue to apply gentle but steady pressure leading you further into the room as my eyes go to your dark blue collar soft but thick around your neck with little metal loops sewn in to attach bindings or in this case a Golden piece of jewelry it simply states Beloved Pet.finally I drink in the beauty of your face those lips your cute nose your long silken black hair .the blindfold hides your captivating eyes that can convae a myriad of emotions and feelings lust hunger need.

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You press closer against me and I delight in the feel of your warm naked body against mine .your nipple scraping across my chest as I lead you into the middle of the room I slow turn you around and bid you to gently start to sit down .looking behind you at my newest addition to the toys we have both come to love.Good pet I say as you start to sit down.you havent asked one question yet thou I know they are dying to spill form your lips .your ass brushes against soft smooth leather as you finally find something to rest your perfect behind on.I push you back slightly and you realize .your on something like a Bench thats padded about a foot wide.I step forward as you settle your weight on this item.I see a small frown cross your lips as you realize this is something new.to our playroom.You realzie this was most likely the reason for the blindfold,you are startled somewhat as I step between your legs, you feel the heat from my body so near yours .and you can smell my distinct scent you feel my hair lightly brush across your breasts as I kneel down my lips softly faintly brushing down your belly as my hands press oyur legs to either side of the bench.you hear a metallic clank and clinking sound as you feel a cool padded anklet snap closed around your left foot .you shake slightly as you feel my hands slide down your right leg and quickly fasten that one as well.you experimentlly move your feet and realize you can move them only a couple inches either way.and the width of the Bench is now readily apparent.wide enough to support your body .but thin enough for your legs to dangle off either side.I chuckle softly as I lean in and slowly lick up your left leg .enjoying the scent of your arousal as I get closer to your wet dripping pussy .I playfully give it a couple quick licks .loving how you twitch and moan yet struggling to control your body from thrusting your greedy needy pussy against my face.my hands work up your legs once more stroking caressing lightly scraping your skin till I reach your belly I gently press you backwards till you are laying down on this new padded bench.your head hanging off the other end for a moment before I grab your hips and pull you a couple more inches towards me .you feel my hard cock brush your inner thigh as I lean over your body .checking to see if I need to pull you down a bit further so your head may rest on the pad.once more you realize the bench is just long enough that either your head would hang off or your ass would be just on the edge."Drop your hands over the side my pet" I gently order you .as I move around you feel my cock brushing up your thigh and against your hip and belly before I pull back slightly once more you hear me move and something rattles and clinks .you surmise it must be wrist restraints before I click the padded cuff around your wrist .I grin "almost done my sweet" I chuckle slightly as I quickly grab your other hand I bring it to my lips and slip your fingers one by one into my mouth lightly sucking on them before I lick your palm .placing my hard cock in your hand for a moment .stroke me my pet .work my cock that you make so hard every damn day I mummer as I lean forward my fingers playing around your nipples as your slick hand slides against my flexing throbbing meat.soon enough it gets even more slick as my precum oozing out onto your fingers you rub that around my head .as I slowly rock my hips forward .my fingers playing with your taunt hard nipples.I pull away after a couple moments our breathing heavy in the air the scent of our arousal stronger in the room now as I grab your hand and gently press it to your lips I watch your wet pink tongue clean your fingers before I gently pull your hand away and down to the side.the last cuff clicking closed around it.

.I grin once more as I step back and lok down over you .hands and legs cuffed comfortably to the bottom legs of the bench,your body adjusted so your resting your full weight on it for a long long night of fun .I move slightly my cock rubbing over your face as you feel/sense me reach under the part of the bench your head is resting on.after a moment or so you feel this end of the bench lowering and lowering some more .till your body is now at a slight angle with your hips looking like they are arched up .I grin as Ipress my cock against your mouth ."have a taste baby I mummer,and I hope your comfortable.

I moan and grunt lightly as you do your best to lick my cock from this angle .your tongue working alone my shaft you feel me twitch and flex as you hit my sensitive spots,I step back slightly my cock leaving a trail of precum against your cheek as I start to speak ."So my pet are you ready to please and pleasure your Master.".you quickly reply in the affirmative with empathic head nodding and I grin down at you "good my pet you remembered I havent given you permission to speak during this special little scene","and your agreed that your mouth"(I reach down and press my fingers against your lips ,watching as you quickly open your mouth and suck them in bathing them with your tongue as if they were my cock).I pull my fingers slowly away and reach out with both hands gently caressing your breasts and nipples"your breasts"(I spend a few moments rolling and tugging your nipples ,your moans and whimpers music to my ears as you react to my touches,I move down your side my hands slipping once more across your belly between your legs to rub your swollen aroused pussy thats barely been touched since we entered the room"your hot greedy pussy"< i cant resist as the last words leave my mouth I lean down and slowly drag my tongue through your lips tasting your juices and eliciting a louder longer moan from you as my tongue swipes across your hard neglected clit."And finally your ass,all belong to me right my little Beloved pet?,you are mine body and soul,You want to please your Master that is your only concern isnt it my darling I mummer as I lean over your body and whisper in your ear,You may answer me my lover".my fingers start to rub and play with your pussy lightly tracing your wet folds and dipping into your hole.as my thumb softly brushes back and forth across your clit.

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You softly reply"Yes My Master" in-between gasps "Do you still want larger breasts my sexy naughty little cock slave.knowing I find yours perfect as they are."I wait for your answer knowing your about to seal your own fate and please me greatly in doing it.You hesitantly reply "Yyyes.I still do"and I smile as I wonder if you know where I am going to go with this I grunt in satisfaction as I hear your expected reply ."good good My dear well I want you to get to know your new friend my pet as we will be using it quiet often the next little while"I take a quick step towards your head and I gently lean down and lift your blindfold away.you blink your eyes as you adjust yourself to the light and quickly gasp as you look up and see a mirror hanging from the ceiling showing off your trussed up and naked body manacled to this bench thats still tilted at an odd angle.

I grin widely as I spread my arms."meet our newest toy.The Breeding Bench" YOU can feel the capital letters in each word as I speak them and a delightful shiver runs through your body as you realize Your Master is going to make the Ultimate claim on your body.I nod my head and rob my hands together before reaching down and fisting my hard drooling cock "you have made me so happy my pet" I step over between your legs my cock resting against your hot wet slit ."Im gonna knock you up Im gonna fuck you full of cum and Breed your sexy little slut body .and when your belly starts to show im gonna suck your milk filled breasts and feast on your sweetness .I press my cock into you slowly.You are just gonna love it I exclaim!!!

as I start to slowly feed my cock in and out of your slick pussy.I gently rub your clit in-time with my thrusts as I work my cock slowly in and out of you .listening to you wimper and moan watching your thighs tighten up and relax as your arousal and excitement climbs with my own.I pinch your clit as I feel my cock explode shooting thick virile ropes of cum deep into your womb.and you finally realize why the bench is at such an odd angle.none of that ever so important cum will be leaking out infact it will be working its way deeper into you.I lean down over you and kiss your lips .rest for the moment lover.I am not done with you just yet tonight .

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