Gay fuck It felt so bizarre having this then piece of glass go into

Gay fuck It felt so bizarre having this then piece of glass go into
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Pure Steamy Lust By Blueheatt I stopped my sister-in-law Janice in the kitchen. We smiled our sexiest smiles at each other. We just stood there. We slowly stepped very close to each other, we checked to see that no one else was watching us.

She was 5'8", long blondish hair, always done up in the back with curls hanging down, big 36D tits and hot legs. I whispered hot in her ear: ("&hellip. your so fucking hot and I want to fuck you so bad, I would love to lift your hot little red skirt up right here, and eat your pussy till you scream.") She whispered out of breath: ("& make my pussy steaming hot and dripping wet.


I want you so bad, I'd like to hold you down and RAPE you till I feel you shoot a massive cum load deep inside my pussy." ) We grinned and walked away. We had been talking like this for a long time for fun, but in secret. No one else knew we did this.

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It got started when she whisper in my ear one evening, with a room full of relatives and people. She said breathlessly: (".your fly is open, did you want me to reach down and fix it for you?"…) She smiled at me, raised one eyebrow, like… 'how did you like that Jay?'… I smiled big, and zipped up.

She wanted to play that little hot game, …so&hellip.I decided I wanted to play too…I replied, panting in her ear:&hellip. (".oh god Jan, I&hellip. 'wanted'&hellip.

you to notice my fly open, would you please fondle me, while your down there."), I whispered. She whispered back,…breathlessly: (".oh god yes…, I'll do it, I'll milk it for you.") …and then she put her tongue in my ear, smiled big and walked away. Wow…she really wanted to play our steamy hot little whispering game. From then on ,when the time was right, and we had a few minutes alone, we would talk as hot, nasty and sexy as we could to each other. The dirtier and nastier the better.


It made us both hot and we liked doing it. It also made having better sex with our spouses as we were already pumped up before we fucked. It was like sneaking hot sex verbally.

Way better than any phone sex. We never touched, but the looks were awesome. She and I would lustfully look at us, away from anyone seeing us. It was like we were two animals in heat. I licked my lips while looking at her tits or pussy. She stared at my crouch and put her finger in her mouth and sucked on it. We never got caught doing this. It grew on us, I was making her hotter than her simpleton husband ever did.

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She was making me hotter than my lackluster wife ever could. We wanted more. I answered the phone one evening, and it was Jan.

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She started in talking hot to me, like she was sucking my dick right then and moaning. My wife was in the room, so I had to act normal. I quick handed the phone to the wife and said: "It's Jan, honey." and they chatted like normal. Paybacks are fun. I called her at her work, she sits across from her boss in an office. I began to lick her pussy by phone, making licking sounds and moaning.

I heard her gasp in the phone and then she said: "Ok sir, thank you so very much for calling." and hung up. Her boss never suspected a thing. I was sitting at noon at a burger place I always eat at and a kid came over and handed me an envelope, and said: "A lady gave me a dollar to give this to you." I saw no one around.

It was sealed and type written. It proceed to describe how this mystery woman was going to rape me. She said she had a little tiny 1 inch pen knife, and was going to jump in my car, hold the tiny knife to my throat, and make me drive out in the country. Force me to lift her skirt up and slowly take her panties off. Force me lick her pussy, suck on her clit and feel her big tits.

She would then suck my dick hard and force me to fuck her like a wild man in the back seat&hellip. making her have a screaming, shaking and violent climax. Then force me to cum so hard in her I would almost pass out. All against my will!!! Then&hellip. make me drop her off in traffic and just disappear.

Signed 'Mystery Woman' I loved it.!!!, of course I knew it had to be Janice This kept on …until one evening when she was over with her husband, and she was talking to me. She stood behind me while I was sitting at my computer. No one could see, but her fingers were playing on the back of my neck slowly.

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I got chills at her warm fingers fondling my neck. This was first time we had ever touched. I stood up and looked in her lusty smiling eyes. I checked for intruders, and took two of her fingers and sucked on them. I ran my tongue between the two fingers like it was a pussy. She began panting, and shivered as chills ran thru her body. Our first touch was only the beginning. We wanted more. I stopped by her work. Her boss had just left. I pretended to ask for directions.

She was alone in the office now. We looked at each other with pure lust. It was just her and I, alone for a while. She locked the door as she pulled me to the corner, where no one could see us. I could see her chest breathing hard. I said quietly: ".can you help me, I'm lost"&hellip. She said out of breath:…" oh god mister. can I ever…, can you help me?"… I reached up and touched her hair softly&hellip.her hand came up and fondled my lips…my fingers slowly drifted down to her tits and grazed across them all around&hellip.her other hand started gently rubbing my dick&hellip.we pulled our body's together and I pushed my dick firm into her pussy as she pushed it to me.

In a trembling voice she whispered:…("I want to fuck you so bad I can't stand it. You make me so hot, my pussy throb's for you at night. I masturbate and moan thinking about you, while my husband sleeps right next to me"&hellip. I said panting:."I want to lick your pussy all night long, then fuck you till you scream and climax so hard, you almost wake my wife up sleeping beside us."&hellip.

We smiled and held each other tight, grinding our sex together. She said: "…you know where this is going to lead, don't you?…" I said: "…yes, my place or yours?" She gasp, closed her eyes and whispered so sexy in my ear: "Let's sneak it,&hellip. I've had so many hot dreams about doing that with you." I agreed and we started to plan a time and place to fuck for the first time.


We hotly said we'd like to fuck right in the middle of the dining room table during a big family dinner. In the middle of the sidewalk with lot's of people walking by. At a ball game, on the field, while the game was on.

We wanted to fuck like animals while her husband and my wife watch us on the living room floor. On the stage at the super bowl half time. In the background while the president gives a speech. We had a little time left, so I reached up under her skirt and inside her panties, and felt her soft wet pussy as her hand went down my pants to feel and jack my hard dick some. We left dizzy,&hellip. but smiling. That Friday night, we were all playing cards. She sat beside me.

I felt her leg start to rub on mine. I reached over under the table and ran my finger up her short-shorts across her pussy and across her clit. She jumped and pretended to cough suddenly. When we took a bathroom break, she stalled and when I started to come out, she pushed me back in he bathroom and pushed me to my knees. She took my head and rubbed my face on her pussy, then left. Our spouses were getting the benefits from all this and my wife was pleased at our new hot fucking.

Her husband felt he was getting to be a hot stud, and lasted 2 minutes longer in his quick cum, goodnight routine. They of course didn't know that, Jan and I were both mentally picturing frantically fucking each other, and not them. I figured out the hottest place for us to fuck for the first time. My SUV had mirrored windows, all around. I wanted for us to fuck parked downtown with lots of people and cars going by.

She loved the idea. I would wear my jogging suit, no underwear and she would too. Elastic waist band for quick and easy down. We would park at a busy traffic time and fuck right under their noses. Lot's of noise to hide our moans. I would put some boxes up to hide seeing us from thru the windshield side. I found a handicapped spot that was not used much and I got a handicapped sticker for 'no time limit' parking.

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We waited for the perfect time, and waited&hellip.and waited. Then it all came together&hellip.

Her husband and my wife happened to both be going out of town at the same time for a few days. It was a… 'GO'. It was a Saturday, no work for both of us. She drove over to my house and parked down a ways.

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She got in my SUV and I got in. I wanted to fuck her right then and she did too, but excitedly waited as I drove downtown and found the spot and parked. Our hearts were beating fast as people walked by and cars everywhere. We got in the back and I blocked the front view with my boxes. We smiled as each other as we both gasp for breath. We had never done anything like this, and the risk was so exciting. It was the ultimate 'sneaking it'. I reached up and unzipped her jogging jacket.

Her tits were big and beautiful. She closed her eyes as for the first time I felt them. I pulled her close to me and we kissed softly at first. Her arms went around my neck and as we slowly felt us. She felt my huge boner and gasp, as she squeezed it. She said: "I have waited and waited hoping for the day when I could have sex with you. You make me so hot, day and night. I have mentally had sex with you for almost a year now. I… Then I kissed her as her muffled talk turned into a moan.

I smiled as she gathered her breath. I turned her around so she faced the blacked out windows with all the people walking by. I held her jacket open letting her tits show to the un-suspecting people all walking by. We giggled and I felt them from behind her. The risk was making us both so hot, we laid down and pulled our jogging pants down and off.

"Oh my Jay, I want to fuck so bad right now, fuck me now! She was on her back as I first had to lick her pussy. She squealed as I licked her deep and sucked directly on her nice little pink clit. She mumbled …'oh god yes baby' &hellip.and squirmed. She pulled me up and felt my huge boner and jacked it. I opened up her legs wide and she guided my dick in her pussy. We both moaned loud, as the people and cars went by. We started getting wild with us both waiting so long and we started fucking like animals.

Moaning and thrusting our body's together. We ran our hand all over us and pulled ourselves tight together as we started fucking hard, or body's slapping together faster and faster…"Oh God…Baby…I'm cuming so good!…Fuck me!.fuck me good and deep!…as both our voices yelled together. I felt her wet pussy squeeze down on my dick hard as she started to shake violently…I let go with the most massive cum I could ever remember.

She yelled…"FUCK!!!" real loud, and climaxed in a shaking, squirming yelling moan&hellip.he pussy kept squeezing my dick harder as I lost count of how many big shots of cum I drove in her. We thrashed our body's as it finally happened. We continued to fuck not wanting it to ever stop. Finally our locked together body's had no power left but to tremble.

We lay there and let the spasms continued in us. We moaned and tried to suck in more air.

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I was the greatest cum ever for both of us. The risk, the pure lust fueled us into a frenzy of peak euphoria. ------------- Our next meeting was a family get together, and Jan and I trembled a little with the fresh memories of our great fuck. We tried to act normal but it was impossible. As I headed for the front bathroom, Jan looked around and checked and followed me. The risk of being seen or caught was high as the time limit was short. We darted in the bathroom together and shut and locked the door quick.

Our arms locked around us and we thrusted our crouches together. We kissed, our tongues going wild. We agreed it was time for another private meet. I quick felt her bare tit as she squeezed my dick.

Our breathing going wild. -------- We returned to the patio as normal as could be, but knowing hot fucking was on the way.

Again, &hellip. we waited……&hellip.