Ravaging beautys ravishing butt hole

Ravaging beautys ravishing butt hole
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(Contains some racism, just part of the story.

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If you don't like stop reading now!) Busty Paki babe Hajra loved getting her 32DD assets out - but only for White guys. She loved the look on their faces as she revealed her beautiful brown breasts to them and loved the feeling of them taking a firm grip on her soft round Muslim boobs. Hajra was about 5 foot 5, 19 years old and had a great rack.


She also had a bulging round ass, thick black hair just past her shoulders and big, shiny brown eyes with a medium brown complexion, a real babe. Recently Hajra met a white boy that drove her fucking crazy - Danny. She met him at the mutual friends house he was staying in and where she would soon start staying at to get away from her Asian family. Danny, however, wasn't especially kind to Hajra. He would often call her things like a Paki bitch, stupid Paki and so on.

At the same time, he would often slap and pinch her ass as she passed - it was just too irresistable in the thin black trousers she often wore.

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Rather than hate Danny's behaviour, it drove Hajra crazy. The fact she found Danny so fit and he was so 'forbidden' to her really got her going. She began wearing slightly tighter trousers and thongs, making her ass look even more peachy and delicious. Whenever he pinched her ass her heart would flutter and she wouldn't be able to say anything, then she would spend the rest of the day with her thoughts pre-occupied with how fit she thought he was and she would shake a little from how aroused she was by what he did and her own thoughts.

Despite knowing Danny had a girlfriend, Hajra began flirting blatantly and seeking his attention whenever they met, for example she would randomly come and sit on his lap.

The first time they spoke properly they flirted, linked both hands, talked suggestively and kissed several times, then she sat on his lap and her heart pounded away as his hands ran up and down her thighs then up her waist from her hips. As she sat on his lap Danny continued to make racist remarks about Pakis to a friend before that friend left the room, but it only turned Hajra on more.

Her head then became light she was so horny when she felt something grow in Danny's trackies and rub against her ass. Danny then reached up and squeezed her chest and began kissing her neck. She couldn't keep it in any more, her body felt like it was going to explode. She turned around to face Danny, putting her legs either side of him and they shared several quick, lustful kisses and he began squeezing her gorgeous soft ass. Hajra went into overdrive, pushed over the edge by the feeling of Danny's firm grip on her peachy ass as they kissed.

''When you dump ya girlfriend we'll start shaggin'' she told him, before offering '' But if ya ant I'll shag ya now, don't go out later, turn ya phone off so ya girlfriend doesn't ring.then stay here n we can just fuck all night'' looking into his eyes with lust before they shared several more quick, lustful kisses, before she let him know ''ima go doctas tomorow.get on the pill'' ''howcome sexy?'' Danny asked, for Hajra to reply ''cos i'll be movin in here.stuff always gets steamy when we meet so livin in tha same house.you're a fit lad and obviously things might happen'' Danny asked her ''things like what ey?'' ''yano.'' she then looked at him with her big eyes and a slight smile before they began to kiss, she then went on''lets just say my knickers might just end up on your bedroom floor most days'' Danny's eyes rolled into the back of his head momentarily before asking ''and where will you be if they're there?'' and she told him ''same place I'll be tonight.in your bed.lights on.no clothes.no covers.on top of you.so fuckin fit'' Danny couldn't believe his luck, and it wasn't about to run out ''so yea lets go upstairs, we can lock tha door behind us and stay there.jus shaggin'' With that Danny took Hajra upstairs to his room.

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When they got their they made out and undressed each other and went to the bed, took the covery off and Hajra climbed on top of Danny and unclipped her bra, revealing her stunning 32DD's with thick brown nipples. Danny wasted no time in squeezing her tits and pinching her rock solid nipples, for Hajra to let out a soft moan. She then sliped Danny's cock inside her. It was everything she lustd for - big, white and uncut.

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Hajra began riding it slowly at first before speeding up, grinding back and forth on his cock as it went balls deep inside her with no condom. It soon became too much for Hajra as her moans could be heard even from outside as her body and mind was overwhelmed with multiple intense orgasms from the rub of Danny's big, uncut cock stretching and slipping in and out of her tight Asian pussy. Hajra couldn't get enough, guiding Danny's hands to her boobs for a good squeeze, before moving them down to her ass and she stopped grinding and began bouncing up and down hard on his dick whilst purring with delight as her bodyslipped further into a trance of excitement and feelings of intense sexual pleasure.

The site of Hajra's tits swinging up and down, side to side was a spectacular one, but Hajra was going to treat him to an even more glorious view.

She climbed off his cock and turned around and took his cock with both hands and began stroking it whilst sucking the tip, making Danny groan as he exploded in her mouth. Then she turned around and treated him to the glorious site of a stunning Muslim babe looking back at her infidel partner and opening her mouth for him to find it full to the brim of his hot, sticky cum. Hajra savoured the taste of Danny's cum, she thought it was gorgeous. It tasted salty and had a thick, slimy texture and a full white colour.

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Hajra would show Danny his cum in her mouth then take it back in, smiling at him to let him know she loves the taste, before finally swallowing it, much to Danny's pleasure. Hajra moved in soon after and the two were like bunnies, fucking almost constantly, as Hajra started the pill they never used condoms and Hajra loved the warm sensation of Danny holding his dick all the way up her as he shot his load inside her, he loved getting Hajra on her back and stuffing her full of cum.Danny saw Hajra as a sex toy, and she happily embraced this role.

Besides sex, Hajra would often suck and toss Danny off. When she sucked him she would always swallow, and would toss Danny off sitting on top of him in nothing but a thong, her breasts and body in full view for him, wanking him off sometimes with a pair of her knickers rapped round his cock until he stained them with warm sticky cum.


The two were full of lust and Danny would always feel her up, groping her tits and ass and Hajra revelled in the attention. Things soon get really x-rated between Hajra and Danny, as she started doing even more things, like tittyfucking Danny, and started letting him cum on her face and tits. The view of Hajra's rack dripping with sticky white cum was a heavenly site Danny took in time and again.

There was one thing Hajra was still yet to do with Danny, something that made her heart race at the thought, something that she was lusting for everyday - for Danny to fuck her in the ass. She decided today, her birthday, was the day. Unsurprisingly Danny got her nothing for her birthday and still treated her the usual way, as an object and calling Hajra racist names and saying racist things, even with Hajra on his lap, it just turned her on more, and Hajra played along, saying he was ''right'' and how she liked white lads.

All day she was promiscous with Dany, sitting on his lap, making suggestive statements and wearing a noticable thong and tight trousers, all day she had a glint in her eye for Danny and whenever they kissed she would guide his hands to her ass and let him squeeze her tits, even outside on the park, with her eyes fixed on his.

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Finall the night came, and Hajra and Dany went to his room. She sat on his lap at the end of the bed before standing up and bending over before asking ''so you gonna give me my birthday treat?'' and Danny asked ''What dya want sexy'' Hajra replied ''well you like this ass don't you?'' and Danny replied that he loved it.

Hajra then asked him ''you wanna fuck me in there?

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It is my birthday.'' Danny's eyes lit up and he was happy to do so, he wanted to fuck her juicy ass for ages. The two undressed and Hajra slipped her thong off and bent over on the bed and Danny slowly slipped his rock hard dick in, easing it in and out gaining momentum, for Hajra to scream. Danny then stopped before Hajra ordered ''omg keep doin it feels so nice!'' Danny then continued fucking her big juicy ass, speeding up with every thrust.

Hajra screamed and moaned in delight, she was loving it, it blew her mind. Hajra was struggling to handle it as Danny's sack bumped against her pussy as he banged her balls deep in the ass. Hajra moaned and whined loudly as Danny's rock hard cock pounded her tight ass until it exploded with several shots of hot cum deep inside her as Hajra had an intense climax and her head spun.

She just had the perfect birthday. After this Hajra was keen to reward Danny, letting him do all the things he loved. She would always let him cum on her face and would have lie sit on the bed some evenings so she could suck him off with both hands and her mouth on the tip until he filled her mouth with spunk for her to show and swallow.

The rewards didn't stop there. Hajra loved to ride Danny and did so most nights, grinding and bouncing on his cock until he shot his load in her pussy.

Danny couldn't get enough of Hajra and her super-tight pussy and stunning chest. Hajra would also cook and clean for Danny and they would hold hands when walking through Asian areas and make out on the park outside the mosque.

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