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Deutsche porn vids
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THIS IS A SHORT FICTIONAL STORY I WROTE FOR A FRIEND. IT DOES INVOLVE YOUNG INCEST SO IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ ABOUT THAT PLEASE TURN AWAY Amber and I had been together for six years now. As friends, lovers, and mother and son. Though no true blood bond, we are as close as any son and mother could ever be. Our first few months together were true bliss, the chemistry was amazing.

It was less than 3 hours upon our first meeting that our bodies joined in love and ecstasy. It was truly the best sex and love making I've ever experienced, and each time after that only grew more and more deep. Of course came the day when Amber became pregnant, and I couldn't be happier. I easily recall laying with her upon her 7th month, her womb was clearly showing, glowing and beaming as our son stirred within her.

Kissing slowly along her stomach and trailing down with my tongue and lips, I would not stop til I reached between her legs. Breathing in her sweet scent and kissing her maternal sex, already glistening and dripping with passion. My tongue would caress her clit, spreading the labia and licking up her offering as much as possible. Amber moaned and rocked her hips, grinding her pregnant pussy into her son's mouth, my tongue now curling deeply and massaging her inner walls.

I could feel her sex quiver beneath my tongue as I knew her orgasm was drawing near. I stopped, but would not let her body go untouched, quickly kissing her luscious lips and slipping my throbbing hardness between her pussylips, pushing forward as the head slipped in with ease, slowly accepting the girth of the shaft. Our moans and heavy breathing would find a similar rhythm until they synced, looking into her open windows of eyes, our bodies were in perfect union.

We gripped eachother and moaned loudly, her walls tightening as my shaft thickened, both sexes twitching and pulsating in bliss until we both came together, her womb accepting my thick seed as it had many times before, though this time the idea of marking my mother's already marked womb drove me into deep orgasm, much thicker and longer than before.

As our orgasms subsided, but not too much after I could not resist sitting between her legs once again, watching my seed bubble and drip from her opening, licking slowly the sweet cream onto my tongue and kissing her as we both enjoy our flavors.

Five years later our little boy was already showing signs of being a great boy with much intelligence.

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We had raised him right and knew we would continue to do so. Traditional parents, definitely not, yet our boy was already surpassing others in his education, speaking skills, and social skills.

He was a very loving boy as well, strongly influenced by ourselves, we took credit. Amber and I had talked amongst ourselves many times when we should talk to him about sex education. Kids were getting involved younger and younger, and we wanted to make sure he was safe and had an idea of what was going on.

"We should first teach him about masturbation. I started young, as you did too, and honestly thought what I was doing was wrong for many years" Amber pointed out. "I definitely agree, I started only a little after his age and felt the same, that what I was doing was wrong and sick, I felt ashamed for a long time and thought there was something wrong with me.

I don't want our son to go through that" Amber smile and kissed me sweetly, "You're such a good son, and such a good father" she made me blush as she often did. We decided that night we would talk to him about it. I wanted to tell him the fatherly info, but wanted Amber with me as back up, also I knew she would enjoy the talk. Our boy had just finished his shower, he was such a cute boy, full of energy and life.

As he toweled his hair dry and tossed it to the hamper, I told him I wanted to have a talk, assuring him it was a good talk, not that he was in trouble. "Son, you are very intelligent, and very handsome.

There are things in life you will discover over time, and I want you to know you can come to me and your mother anytime you have questions." He would nod and state "I know, daddy" and smile towards his mom as well. I started slow, explained the basics.about puberty and how he may get certain feelings. "I sometimes get some of those feelings already dad. Sometimes I feel like I have to pee when I don't have to" I smiled and chuckled lightly, in a way to assure him it was ok, "Yes son, that is the feeling.

Sometimes it is best to do things to release that feeling so it does not build up. It's actually not healthy to let it build up too much. Your mother and I get those feelings as well, and at times have to do what is called masturbation to release the feelings" Our son struggled over the word and we simply smiled, "Don't worry, you don't need to use the word often, in fact they'd probably frown about it in school.


It's a very simple thing to do though, and it can feel absolutely amazing. You can do it anytime you get that feeling, as long as you do it behind closed doors.

It's not something to do in public" I looked to Amber, a smirk on her face as she knows her and I have done plenty of things in public ourselves. Looking over Amber, I knew she dressed the way she did on purpose. She was wearing a very thin sheer robe, her perfect nipples were nearly poking thru the thin fabric, and I noticed she wore her white see thru panties, her sweet shaven pussy peaking to myself and our son as she sat holding one leg with her knee towards her chest, the other stretched out towards me where I sat.

Our son sat just a few feet infront of me. Turning my attention back towards him, I spoke again. "I can show you, and then you can do it in privacy anytime you like. I know from experience that it's something you feel best doing in private sometimes" our son seemed excited at the idea, I noticed his eyes kept reverting back to Amber as she practically glowed with passion. I didn't know if he was hard yet, but her essence and aroma was enough to have me at half mast already.

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I leaned back a bit enough to take off my boxers, they had been the only thing I was wearing. Our son quickly followed my example, his five year old shaft swaying in the wind. I wasn't sure if it was the scene or what, but my shaft quickly grew at full hardness, I could already see it pulsing. Our sons eyes now seemed glued to my shaft. I gripped at the base, "Now, start like this" and he followed. I watched him squeeze it a few times til it was at its full hardness as well.

The hairless shaft nearly glistened before us.


"Now what you want to do is pull up slowly, you want to keep a firm grip without being too forceful, then stroke downwards after that. It's all about finding the rhythm that feels best" I slowly started to stroke myself to show him, much slower than I usually do but I wanted him to understand. His eyes only left my shaft briefly to watch his mother, she was enjoying the show, licking her lips as she watched both her older son and her blood son. Our boy soon got his own rhythm, stroking a bit faster and switching hands time to time.

I smiled, "Yes, you're understanding now. You can try all kinds of different ways, as long as it feels good" he would smile and speak behind staccato breath, "It feels good," smiling to both of us. I closed my eyes time to time as I began to moan, it had been a while since I masturbated myself since I had Amber for all my desires.

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Though, I was very happy to have her sexual aura near by. "Now son, the way you know you're done is usually very evident, your member there will begin to pulse and twitch, and in a few years a thick white liquid will shoot out.

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That liquid is a starting sign of puberty and your becoming of a man" Our son seemed to be deeply interested and continued to stroke himself. Amber would lean over, putting in her input, "Here son, sometimes this makes it feel better as well" I noticed she would spit in her hand, letting a thick coat fall into her palm before she let it fall onto our son's shaft.

As our son began to stroke, he struggled to get his grip back at the new slippery surface, but quickly found his rhythm again. I grinned to her and she flashed a smile, sitting back to let father and son bond.

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I could feel my hardness twitching and growing deeper in ecstasy, I hadn't intended to show him for so long, but it felt too good. I knew I couldn't stop myself if I tried. Perhaps I could stop and take Amber to the bedroom, though explaining that part to my son right now may be a bit difficult. I closed my eyes in passion, breathing deeper and letting out small moans, leaning back slightly and stroking deeper. Soon my cock was throbbing with ecstasy, precum coating the head.

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I knew there was no stopping my orgasms, and I could tell it would be a very long, thick one. My closed eyes slightly peered open to see my son had leaned over. Apparently my twitching cock and precum peaked his interest, his face was almost right over it, "No, wait, son loo---" I was going to say look out, but it was too late, I growled deeply as my cock throbbed and launched my seed into the air, only to land on our son's face, the first rope of hot seed hitting his cheek, the second across his lips, the third on his chest, the fourth on his neck, and the next three on his chest.

I wasn't sure how he would react, but he just stayed there watching my cock, he was very intrigued by what had just occurred. I couldn't believe the sight, my thick cum was slowly dripping down our young son's lips and chest. All I could do was laugh, holding my son and Amber, my mother in my arms, "I love you both so much"