Brunette slut and two peckers

Brunette slut and two peckers
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More 2 continued. I laid her back down on the bed. Annette immediately stuck her fingers between her legs.

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She let her middle finger stroke gently up between her lips until she reached her clit. She felt a strong rush of pleasure rush through her body before reality came crashing down on her. Annette closed her eyes and started to slide her fingers over her breasts. In no time I could see her nipples start to get hard. Her left hand started to caress them while her other hand ran down her belly and landed on her crotch.

With two fingers she started to pinch her nipples. Her breathing became flatter when her fingertips met her slit and started to massage it. She dug her fingers deep between her outer lips. Within seconds I noticed that I was getting hard as hell and I immediately pulled the rest of my clothes off and started rubbing my dick slowly.

After some more minutes Annette finally pushed one finger into her wet pussy which gave me another wonderful pulse in my dick. She entered her dripping pussy with two more fingers and stretched it more.

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I grabbed her dildo, shove it into her mouth and she took it all between her lips. Then I noticed Annette looking at me with her finger still inside.

I lined up the head of the dildo with her pussy. I looked at her and said "You want it in your hot pussy, You want me to fuck you with it." With that I started rubbing the head up and down her slit a few times. "When your toy is wet enough I am gonna fuck you, tell me you want me to fuck you." Yes, baby please fuck my pussy." I slowly shoved half of the head into her and pulled it out slowly again.

I repeated it three times and then pushed the cock deeper into her hot hole. I turned on the vibration and let the clit start to get warmed up as I pumped her pussy deeper and quicker. Annette started to moan and grind her wet pussy into my hand pushing the dildo deeper in to her hole. I used more and more speed and power until my hand started to clap against her pussy producing smacking sounds.

This kind of fucking she likes most, hard, deep and with high speed. I recognized that Annette now used two fingers to rub her clit which sent a thrill through my whole body. She started to rub it faster and faster. Her breathe was getting more shallow and heavy.

Her body started to jerk and her hips grind-ed harder on to the dildo. With my free hand I started pinching her nipples and soon felt a rising pressure inside dick. I was thinking how sexy she is when she masturbates. I've always love to watch her.


I pumped my dick with two more almost violent strokes moving my hand up and down my shaft as I watched her squirm and move all over the bed. Her legs started to spasm she screamed and moaned and her pussy started spraying, she kept pushing wet liquid cum out of her pussy. Wave after wave of ecstasy shot through us while I pushed my hand up and down on my dick. When her orgasm started to subside I looked at Annette. She had stopped masturbating and smiled at me licking her lips. I told her " I could watch you finger fucking your pussy all day long.

Man, that was so sexy.


My hands went to her thighs as I buried my face into the wetness of her pussy. I began to use my mouth against her pussy.


Almost as if, I was lightly biting or taking her pussy lips into my mouth. I tongued her clit and moved in and out of her wet hole. I held her clit moving up and down on it. She went crazy, I put three fingers inside of her while I continued to suck her clit in a fucking motion. Annette grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in, grinding her hips up and down.

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Fucking my face. I moaned softly as I nestled my face against her pussy, my tongue pushing at her clit and pulling on her pussy lips. I used my face and my nose to rub against her wet pubic hair. I fingered her pussy pushing three fingers than four up tight into her pussy.

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Annette, was moving pumping my hand wanting me to put more into her. I tried but I couldn't get it all up there. I started to fist her pussy. Pushing in and out of her wet hole faster and faster. She held on to the bed moaning and pushing her hips down deeper on my hand. Screaming and moaning Annette said, Yes, George thats it fuck me with your hand. Make me cum. Ohhh yes that feels so good.

I continued to fuck her pussy with my hand, I got the thumb in and kept pushing til my arm started to get tired. "AHHhhhh," I moaned softly as I slowed down and she grab me and pulled me up to her and kissed me so hard. Annette whispered in my ear."I wanted that a lot, it felt so good.

You always make me feel so good. My huge dick was all swollen and aching, as it swung back and forth down underneath me, as I crawled up onto the bed with her.

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And even though I wanted to plunge it up into her hot pussy and make her mine, as soon as I was up on the bed with her, she reached out, took a hold of it, and once again pulled it down to her warm sucking mouth. And the next thing I knew, she had me up on top of her, straddling her, as she got me to titty fuck her.

OMG, I looked down and smiled at her, as her pink tongue came out and lick at the huge swollen head again, everytime that it came back into view again and pointed up to her pretty little mouth. The whole time that she was licking at it, I was teasing her hot pussy, by reaching around behind me, as I sat there, more or less straddling her pretty chest and her wet pussy. I kept pushing my dick between her breasts as she sucked my head and moved her tongue in circles moaning how she loved my dick.

I could hear the moans that were coming out of me, begging her to go ahead and suck on it, that I wanted to cum she just kept whispering, " No baby, not yet, we need to play some more," and just out of spite, I almost let it squirt, but I didn't.

Trying to calm me down, just so that she could make it last longer, she coaxed me back down in between her pretty little legs again, spread her swollen lips for me and begged me it.

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" C'mon baby, be nice to it." And once again the beauty of it drew me down to it, as I leaned forward, blew softly on her puffy lips, as she rubbed on her clit. Licking and then sucking on her lips, softly, pulling her lips in my mouth. She came again.