Anal bige butt blakbbw assoass

Anal bige butt blakbbw assoass
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From looking at Amy you would think she was the average inocent 13 year old girl. She stood at 4' 10" with 34 b tits and weighed about 95 pounds. Her blond hair hung down her back to the top of her tight ass. But Amy wasn't what she seemed to be and it had all started two years earlier on her 11th birthday. Her Parents had a big family get together at her Uncle John's house to celerbrate her birthday, and had invited many of her friends to the party. The party started at 12:00 with a DJ playing Happy birthday and everyone singing to her.

On each birthday the birthday person would stand in front of the tables set up for the food and everyone else would walk past giving them a hug or kiss and wishing them happy birthday. As each guest past they gave her a hug and some gave her a kiss on her cheek, and said happy birthday.

That was until her uncle John walked up to her he gave her a hug and wispered in her ear that he had a special gift for her that he didn't want anyone else to know about. Amy had just looked at him and nodded when he held a finger up to his lips indicating for her to keep quite about what he had just said. Amy opened up all kinds of presents from dolls to games and even clothes. Every chance she got she would wisper to John asking him what present he had for her.

All he would say was after everyone else was gone he would give it to her. She played games with the other kids and then they ate cake and icecream. It was about 3:30 when parents started arriving to pick up their son or daughter, so by 4:30 the only people left was Uncle John, her mom and dad, and her.

Uncle John asked Amy and her parents to join him in the kitchen so he could explain his gift for Amy. Amy ran to the kitchen and waited for the adults to come in and set at the table.

John explained, " I want to take Amy to Adventure Land for the day tomorrow. I already have the tickets but we will need to leave very early in the morning to be there when they open. Is it okay if she spends the night here and I'll bring her home tomorrow evening if that's okay with you too." Her mom aand dad looked at each other each wanting the other one to answer first.

Her dad was the one to speak for the couple. "John, Amy doesn't have any night clothes here." John had already expected them to try and object with some excuse but he was ready. "Look she just got new clothes she can wear tomorrow and She can wear one of my shirts for a night shirt. She has everything she will need for one night, and I'll have her home by 8:00 tomorrow night all safe and sound." Again her parents looked at each other and Amy saw her dad shrug forcing her mom to answer.

" Well I guess, but she has never stayed overnight with anyone before so if she gets scared promise you will call us right away." John smiled and hugged Amy and then shook her father's hand and gave her mother a kiss on the cheek. " Amy will be fine, And if there is a problem I will call." With that it was decided, Amy's life was about to change forever.

Her parents said their goodbyes to John and kissed their daughter telling her to be good and do what her Uncle John told her to do and that she would be in trouble if she didn't listen to him. Then they left for home. It was almost 5:00 and her Uncle suggested they order pizza for supper.

By the time they ate the pizza and washed the few plates it was 6:00. Amy asked if she could watch TV but John had plans for them instead.He told Amy to go to his room and pick out a tee shirt to wear tonight for bed and then go get a bath. Amy started complain but then remembered what her parents had said about how she better do as told. She picked a tee shirt with a baseball and bat on the front and headed for the bathroom. When she entered John was setting on the commode waiting for her.

" Amy before you take your bath I need to ask you something. Have you ever seen a man without his clothes before?" Amy was to shocked to asnwer seeing her Uncle John setting naked in front of her. Her eyes were drawn to his hardon sticking straight out in front of him. She had no idea how big it really was but it looked huge to her since she had nothing to compare it to.

John was pround of his 7 inch cock and almost an inch and a half round, and had plans to show Amy a lot more then just him setting there naked. "Amy answer me. Is this the first time you have seen a man without clothes? I bet with your mom being such a.

Well I bet you have never seen a hard cock before." He had started to call her mother a prude and a few other choice names but had left them out. "Amy come over here and do what I tell you to do just like your mom told you to." John knew his sister inlaw all to well and knew she would punish Amy with a belt to her ass if she didn't do what she was told.

He also knew this was going to make his plan that much easier because he also knew that bitch hadn't explained anything to her daughter about the birds, and bees.

Amy walked over to her uncle and just stood there waiting for him to tell her what to do. "Take your clothes off and I'll run our bath water. Your mom wants me to explain the difference to you between men and women and what they do with eachother." Amy removed her clothes and John ran the water and steped in the tub first.

He then motioned Amy to get in the tub with him. As she slid down into the water John reached out and pinched her small nipple. At 11 her tits were little more than bumps but they would develope into a nice set of tits quickly.

He had also noticed she was just starting to grow pussy hair and had maybe ten or fifteen total and they were more like fuzz then hair. "Amy these are your tits and men will love to play with them and suck on them." With these words he leaned over and sucked her right tit into his mouth and played with the nipple with his tongue.

Amy did like the feeling it gave her body but didn't know why it felt so nice. John sucked for a minute then he raised off her chest. As he ran his hand under the water to her pussy. " Now this is your pussy Amy and men will want to play with it and lick it and a lot of other things which you will want them to do. Stand up so I can show you how men do this." Amy followed orders and stood up. John spread her legs using his hands to pull her legs open.

He then ran his hand up her slit and back down using the water to lubricate his journey. Then he leaned forward and kissed her pussy lips and then spread them with his fingers before licking the length of her young pussy with his tongue.

Amy shivered a little from the contact as John shoved his tongue against her small clit.


John played with her young pussy for several minutes with his mouth and tongue then raised back up. He reached over grabbed the soap and wash cloth and started lathering it up. When he figured he had enough soap on the cloth he started washing Amy's back, chest and worked his way down to her virgin slit. He played with the wash cloth on her pussy and even rubbed her ass for good measure. When he had her pussy nice and soapy he told her it was time to learn what a man's cock was made for.

He slid into a reclining position and then slowly pulled Amy down on his cock. He used one hand to guide his cock and the other hand to balance Amy as she was lowered onto his cock. The soap made the first couple inches slide into her with ease but then his cock came into contact with her hymen. John raised her up about an inch.

"This will hurt for a moment then it will start to feel good again." Then he pulled her down with both hands until he had all 7 inches burried to the hilt in her. Amy's mouth dropped open and she screamed at the sudden sharp pain that raced through her young violated body.

John waited for the tears to stop running down her face before he raised her up again and then pulled her back down on him. He repeated this for almost five minutes when he felt his balls tighten and his dick swell ready to send his cum deep into her womb. He glance down to where their bodies were joined and saw the traces of red mixing with the soapy water.

That did it and he shor stream after stream of his hot cum deep into Amy. By this point Amy's body had excepted the intruder and it had stirred feeling that she liked but had never know before.


John finished shooting his load and as his cock softened he pulled out and finished washing her body and his. Then he had her climb out and pull the night shirt on. He dryed off and put just his robe on then took Amy's hand and led her to his bed room. Amy was to scared her uncle would tell her mom she wouldn't do as told and then her mother would beat her ass black and blue for disobeying and adult that no matter what John said she just did it.

John was well aware of what his sister inlaw was like and had seen her beat her son's ass until it almost bled when he had spilled his drink on her carpet. He knew if Amy even started to object just the mention of her mother would make her do as told. John layed her on his bed and shoved the shirt up out of his way so he could look at here just fucked pussy.

He pulled her legs apart as wide as he could and then spread her pussy lips. He could still see some of his cum inside her which hadn't leaked out. He shoved a finger in and captured a wad of his cum on it. He slid it out and then fed it to Amy. Next he moved up on the bed and told her how she should suck his cock which after a few attempts she was sucking his cock while bobing her head up and down on his shaft.

John was busy finguring her pussy and thinking about fucking her again.


He did just that he pulled his cock from her mouth with a pop and then moved between her legs to enter her pussy again. Amy was enjoying the cock in her mouth and liked the taste of precum she had sucked off his cock.

She wanted it back in her mouth but instead John simply rammed it into her pussy with a single stroke. John didn't waste time either he started pumping his cock in and out of her. Amy's body took about a minute to adjust to the cock being shoved in and out of it.

But then it started feeeling good and Amy started trying to get more of it into her. This was too much for John and he shot his second load within an hour deep into her young well fucked pussy. Amy felt like she was about to pee herself and when John shot into her it triggered her very first orgasm. It wasn't a mind blowing orgasm but it sure felt like the best thing in the world to Amy. It was at that moment that she knew she wanted more cock sliding in and out of her and filling her with cum.

John pulled out and pulled Amy's head down to his cock telling her to suck him clean. Amy did as told and found she liked the taste of a man's cum. Both fell asleep with Amy's head resting on his stomach.

Amy was the first to wake the next morning around 7:00 because she had to pee. She started to swing her legs out of bed when she realized how sore she was. A loud groan from her woke John.

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He looked at her and smiled. " A little sore are we? Guess you gotta piss huh?" She nodded yes and slowly slid out of bed and went to relieve herself. John looked out the window and saw what he was hopping to see. It was pouring down raining which meant no trip to adventure land today. Amy returned to bed and John kissed her and shoved his tongue in her mouth. To his surprise her tongue was dancing with his from the moment his had entered her mouth.

John then said they need to eat breakfast and they both got up put on their night clothes and headed for the kitchen. John Called Amy's dad and told him she needed to stay another night because their trip was rained out. He then fixed breakfast and after breakfast he took her back to his bedroom, removed her shirt and his robe.

He got between her legs and as he pushed his face near he pussy he could smell the strong aroma of the night before sex. He dove in and started licking her to get her lubed up for his cock again. The main difference between the night before nad now was Amy wanted his cock back in her. In her mouth or her pussy she didn't care which she just wanted to feel his cock in her again. John slid into her with ease and started to pound her still sore pussy. Amy felt the pain but even that felt good when combined with the new pleasure she had been introduced to.

Johntook it slow at first jusenjoying the feel of the tight young pussy wrapped around his cock. But he was not only enjoying the feeling he was planning to take her annal virginity also.

He fucked her pussy for awhile until he could tell she was getting into it. "Amy now I am going to show you more of how a man and woman make love." He pulled his cock out of her pussy and she immediately felt empty. She wanted his cock back in her but knew better then to voice her opinion.

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John grabbed a tube of KY jelly and turned around so his cock was in front of Amy's mouth and his was lined up with her pussy. He licked her pussy a couple of times sending shivers throughout her body.

She moved her head forward and engolfed John's cock with her mouth, taking about half of it inside her young mouth. John squeezed a glob of jell out on his middle finger and then slid it around her virgin opening. Then he squeezed a glob directly on to her annal ring, which he worked against her hole.

Slowly he probed her young ass with his lubed middle finger and as he shoved up to the first knucle Amy jumped in surprise. "It's okay Amy I am just making it easier for you to take my cock in here." Another shove and he had his finger all the way in her bowels.

He worked his finger back and forth in and out of her adding more jell as he did so. Then he added his index finger forcing his second finger all the way into her streaching her annal opening enough to get his cock in her.

He continued to work his fingers and Amy was starting to build to her climax when he pulled his fingers out. John Pulled his cock from her mouth and repositioned himself between her spread legs.

He grabbed both legs and raised them up and back over her chest. He held her legs with his left hand and took his cock in his right hand. He didn't warn her in any way he just placed his cockhead against her ass and shoved into her as hard as he could. Amy screamed and tried to get away from the extreme pain she felt as he raped her ass.

The effort was to no avail as John was holding her legs and his weight kept her from moving. He jammed his cock all the way to the hilt and held her young body against the base knowing her body would relax and except his cock or she would pass out from the pain. The pain was to much for Amy and she passed out. John knew immediately when she did because her whole body went limp as a dish rag. John Waited for several minutes until she started to come aound.

"Amy if you just relax the pain will go away." John's cock was hurting for release but he wasn't about to give in without fucking this virgin ass first. Amy was to weak to fight anymore and now her legs were starting to go umb from being held in one position. realizing that Amy was fully awake and wasn't resisting any more John slid his cock out until just the head remained in Amy's young ass.

Amy moaned and John shoved back in til his balls slapped against her ass cheeks. he repeated this about a dozen times before he knew he couldn't hold off any longer and shot his cock juice deep into her bowels shoving in as deep as he could one last time. Amy felt shot after shot of hot cum being unloaded in her and it helped sooth the fire in her ass. Even though the pain had caused her to pass out she knew the pleasure of hot cum shooting into her ass was something she enjoyed.

John pulled out his limp cock and lowered her legs. He then straddled her face and ordered her to suck his cock clean. She didn't hesitate to do as told no longer out of fear of her mother but because she now wanted to do as John told her to do. John's cock was sore from the tightness of Amy's ass and he knew she would have trouble walking but he wanted to clean her up and then give her and himself time to recover from the fucking he had just completed.

He ran a hot bath and helped Amy walk to the tub and climb in. The hot water felt good to her sore body so she had to concentrate to listen to what John was saying. "Amy what has happened between us has to be our little secret. If your mom ever found out she would beat you half to death. She loves to fuck and would be jealous to know you got fucked by me. Hell she would want to beat me too if she found out. It's been a long time since I fucked her and i know that alone would cause her to beat you.

the last thing I want is to see her beat you so you can never tell anyone because she might find out about our fucking. Do you understand what I just told you?" Amy sure did it seemed her mother would use any excuse to beat her ass. She believed John was being honest when he said her mother would beat her half to death for what John had done with her. She remembered every time she had been beaten by her mother for what she considered stupid shit. She had been beaten so hard her ass was sore for a couple days when she had knocked a vase off the end stand even though it hadn't broken.

She believed no matter what her uncle John wanted to do it would be better than the beating she would get for not listening to him. John washed her body then helped her stand so he could finish the job. He reached under the sink cabinet and grabbed a bottle of douch which he explained would clean her out inside. He attached the tip and shoved it into her pussy.

He squeezed the contents into her pussy and smiled as it flushed his cum out of her along with tiny drops of blood from her torn hymen. It felt good to have her pussy cleaned by her uncle and she was hoping he wasn't done with her yet when he removed the douch from her pussy. He wasn't he grabbed another bottle and shoved it into her ass to flush her annal hole out also.

There was more cum coming out of her ass and more blood also. John smiled and then asked if she had any questions. " Uncle John are we going to do anything else? I am sore in my kitty cat and my butt." John smiled knowing that yes he would fuck her little body again before he would take her home the next evening. "Amy first you need to know that this is your pussy or cunt and this is your ass, shitter, or bung hole." he explained what each were as he played with her by sliding a finger into the different holes.

"For now you need to rest and give you body time to feel better. We will spend the day doing other things and by tonight you will be ready to fuck some more.

But remember no matter what we do it has to be just you and me that know about it." He then dryed them off and went to the kitchen and fixed them lunch. He then suggested going to the mall for the afternoon since it was still raining and there wasn't much else to do. He couldn't keep his eyes off the little ass walking just in front of him, knowing he would be fucking her again that evening and every other chance he would get.

They stopped at a department store with ladies clothes and he bought her several outfits which he felt made her look more mature then her eleven years.

he also bought her a teddy set to sleep in when ever she was at his house. Next they walked into a Victoria Secret store. He had told Amy to not let anyone know who these were going to be for. When the clerk came over to help John told her that he was looking for clothes for his girlfriend who was just a little taller then Amy.

She pointed to the petite section and offered to help with his selection. John picked out several outfits and then he spotted the crotchless panties. he asked the clerk if they were available in the size he needed. She reached over and pulled a piar off the rack. " These should be about the right size but keep in mind if they don't fit you can't return them." John bought three pairs and paid for everything.

He looked at his watch as they left the store. "Where would you like to eat for dinner? How about Davids, have you ever ate there?" Amy had ate there one time but it had seemed like a place adults liked better because to her it was stuffy.

"That's okay with me, where ever you want." John got a cross look on his face at her reply but then smiled. " No hon this is a special night for you so where ever you want is were we eat." The truth was John couldn't have cared less where they ate what he cared about was getting dinner over with so he could get Amy home and fuck her again. Amy decided on the dinner in the food court.

They ordered and waited for their food, setting in one of the booths near the back where no one else could hear them. " Are you still sore or has the walking helped?" John wanted to make sure she would be ready for round two.

"I'm okay uncle John my butt stil hurts when I set but it's okay." They quit talking as the waitress brought their meal. They ate dinner without saying a word. When they were done John picked up the bags and they headed for home.

When they entered the house John told Amy to go run their bath water.Amy ran to the masterbedroom and stripped as the water ran. John had to make a call first to prevent them being interupted later.

" Hey it's John. Just wanted to let you know that since we couldn't go to Adventure Land today I took Amy to the mall and got her a night gown and a few other things. We will be heading out about seven in the morning if this damn rain stops so we will be getting to bed early so she has Plenty of sleep." John waited for the response and then continued. " Of course she is doing great.

No problem at all, couldn't ask for a better behaving little girl. She has done everything I have asked her to do without even complaining." Again he waited for her mother on the other end to finish what she was saying. " Oh she is taking her bath right now or I would put her on the phone. Yea she said she was hot and sticky so I told her to go ahead and get her bath.

I think she just wanted to try on her new clothes." Again he had to wait for her mother to shut up. "I didn't say I had to buy her clothes and I was the one who suggested it.

I wanted to buy them for her Carol so quit making a big deal out of it. If I didn't want to I wouldn't have taken her in the first place." He hated Carol, his sister inlaw. She was a hot looking woman standing a little over 5' 5" and her big 38c tits always arrived a minutes before her petite body did. Her long shoulder length red hair only hid the fire that lay just below the surface. She was one mean bitch toward his brother and their daughter, using any excuse to raise holy hell with everyone.

"Carol no she didn't ask me for a thing. I bought her a night gown because if she stays here or anywhere again she will need it. look Carol I just called to assure you everything is fin4e and she will be home tomorrow night by eight, okay?

I'll talk to you then. tell Sam his little girl is doing great. Bye." He knew carol wouldn't say shit to her husband, but added it just to sound like he was concerned Sam might be worried about Amy. When he walked into the bedroom Amy already had the water ran and was standing beside the tub naked. John tested the water and then picked her up and put her in the tub.

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His cock was already hard as a rock but he wanted to wash the sweat off them before they got started on the night's activity. He stripped down and join Amy in the tub. He washed every inch of her young body paying special attention to her tits pussy and ass.

She then washed him off in much the same way following his directions. Bath over John led Amy to the bed and raised her onto the bed placing her flat on her back. He spread her legs and proceeded to eat her pussy. It only took a few minutes this time before she felt the preasure building in her pussy.

She started trying to fuck her uncles mouth as he devoured her pussy. She was about to cum in his mouth when he shoved a finger into her ass. That was all she could take and her whole body spasmed as her climax overtook her body.

She jerked and shivered as she came harder then she ever had in her young life. This was only the third time she had reached an orgasm. John let her come down before he pulled her around on the bed so her head was hanging off the edge. "Time to learn how to suck a mans cock little one. You will learn how to relax your throat muscles so a man can shove his cock down your hungry throat." With this simple explaination he eased his cock into her mouth.

Amy wanted it in her mouth and like the taste of it. What she wasn't ready for was to deep throat her uncles cock. As he shoved in her gag reflex kicked in and she almost choaked. he pulled back and told her how to relax her throat muscles so he could get all his 7" cock down her throat. it took several tries and her gaging a few more times before she managed to relax enough and breath through her nose.

Once she did John shoved every inch into her mouth until his balls rested on her chin. "Oh baby you are going to be one great little cock whore when I am finished." John slowly fucked her face for several minutes watching her reactions. Amy was loving the feeling of all her uncle's cock fucking her face and throat. She didn't undestand why it made her pussy feel like it was going to explode again.

But she did understand she loved the feelings her body was giving her each time her uncle shoved his cock all the way down her throat. John knew he was about to shoot his cum down her throat and wanted her to swallow every drop. "Amy baby I'm going to cum in your mouth so get ready and swallow it all hon." He shot rope after rope down her throat and she had to swallow as fast as she could to try and get every drop.

As john's cock started to shrink she was able to catch her breath again for the first time since he started cumming in her mouth. She was proud that her uncle had filled her mouth and throat with his sead and the fact that she had managed to swallow every drop except the last shot which she held in her mouth.

She opened her mouth and showed her uncle his cum resting on her tongue which brought a smile to his face. Amy closed her mouth swallowed and then opened her mouth again to show him it was all gone.

John played with her nipples, pussy and ass as he had her suck his limp cock back to life. Amy was happy to suck the cock she was wanting back inside her body, in any place her uncle would put it next. It didn't take long for John's cock to harden again and he was ready to fuck her pussy this time. He moved her up unto the bed and she automaticly spread her legs to allow him access to her pussy or ass if he so chose.

John aimed his ridgit cock at her opening and slid in to the hilt with out stopping. Amy by instinc raised her legs and wrapped them over her uncle's ass, using them to try and pull his cock even deeper into her.

John starts fucking her tender hairless pussy with all his strength. He pounds her hard and she starts thrusting her hips to match his thrust. He knows he will last for awhile since he just emptied his nut sack into her throat. This time she will get the proper fucking she deserves. John pumped his cock in and out of her for almost ten minutes before he was ready to change positions. He roled off Amy and then grabbed her and rolled her on top of him.

He told her to bring her legs up under her so she could raise up so he could get his cock back in her pussy. Amy got on her knees and then as John lined his cock with her pussy opening she lowered herself on to his cock. To Amy it was like heaven his cock seemed to go deeper into her and as he showed her how to move his cock base was rubbing right against her small hard clit. She rode him for what seemed like a long time but had really only been a few minutes when she felt the pressure in her body building.

The feeling she knew was her own release of sexual satisfaction. She bounced faster on John's cock as she reached her peak. For the first time she did more then moan. "Oh God I'm going to cum again John. Please fuck me harder, Faster John, Oh yes fuck meeeeeee." She was cumming on his cock and John reached his peak also and shot his second load deep into her pussy.

Shot after shot splashed off her pussy walls making her orgasm even more intense. They came together and came down together. Both were spent and collasped rolling on their sides.

They fell asleep in each others arms and with John's cock still inside Amy's pussy. The alarm clock woke them at 7:00 the next morning. Some time during the night John's cock had slid out of her and she had rolled into a spooning position to him. Now his cock was pressing into her ass crack. Amy didn't wait for John this time. She reached behind her and rubbed his cock with her small hand. John spread her ass cheeks with his hand and shoved his finger into her ass.

She pushed back into him and wispered. "Oh Yes fuck my ass again." John grabbed the lub and applied a small amount to her ass hole. He then lined his cock up and shoved into her from behind. He fucked her ass fast and hard while playing with her nipples with one hand and her pussy with the other.

He only lasted a few minutes before he emptied his cock into her ass. When he had finished he pulled his cock out with a loud pop. " I love you uncle John." John had done what he said he would do he had turned his little niece into a true cock whore. He knew he would be able to fuck her again anytime he wanted and they had the chance to.

John and Amy dressed ate breakfast and took off to spent the remainder of the day at Adventure Land. They got back to John's place around six and John told Amy to pack the things he had bought her and get ready to go home.

"Uncle John?" Amy had something on her mind he could tell by the way she used a question to get his attention. "Can we have enough time to. one more time please?" John took her in his arms and shook his head yes. He was sure he could arrange that with no problem at all.

He pulled her shirt off and slid her shorts and underware down together so she could step out of them. He layed her right on the livngroom floor on her stomach and entered her from behind. He raised her up enough so he had a straigh shot at her pussy.

He fucked her hard as she matched his thrust with her own serving to make both reach their peak quicker. Amy's orgasm started first and John's orgasm wasn't a second behind hers. John shot stream after stream of his cum deep into her pussy as she shot her own cum all over his cock. His limp cock slid out of her a few seconds later and she turned around as fast as she could and sucked it into her mouth cleaning their combined cum off his cock.

Just as they finished the phone rang and John jumped to answer it. "Hello! Oh Carol. He was again playing the waiting game with the bitch from hell. As she ran her mouth about them being late, John was thinking his brother should shove his cock in her mouth to shut her up.

"Everything is fine Carol. Amy is packing her clothes and.' Damn this bitch was running her mouth again so he waited and waited for her to pause. " I had a frigging flat tire on the way home. That is why we will be late. we will be there in about half an hour." again she took over the conversation until John had all he was going to listen too.

"Carol we were on the side of the fucking road changing a tire. Just where the fuck was I suppose to call from. That's right I am cussing you make me so damn mad. If you calm down and listen you would know I said everything is fine. Just a fucking flat tire delayed us and we will be there soon.

Goodbye!" As John got off the phone he thought to himself. Fucking stupid bitch! What the fuck did his brother see in her. Amy broke his thoughts as she carried her bags into the room. John looked through the items and pulled a few out.

The crotchless panties and the see through teddies he had bought her. Better keep these here so your mother doesn't find them Amy. She now completely understood what John was talking about.

She knew her mother would beat her to death if she found out she had wore one of the crotchless panties to Adventure Land and John had played with her pussy through the opening when he was sure no one else could see them. they arrived at Amy's home about 9:45 and John walked right past Carol who had Answered the door for them. Amy took her bags and disappeared down the hall. "Sam I had a flat tire on the interstate and had to wait for road service to change it.

Otherwise we would have been on time. Sorry we are late." Carol looked at him and he could see the hatered in her eyes. But before she could say any thing sam gave his okay and said he understood. John said bye and hurried out the door. Amy blew him a kiss from her bedroom window which he returned.

That was two years ago and she had spent several weekends at uncle John's house and even got to spend a week during summer break last year. But she craved cock all the time it seemed and there were plenty of boys and men more then willing to satisfy her needs. She sat in her room thinking about her next victim. Ted lived about three blocks away and she walked past his house every day either going or coming from school.

On several trips she had noticed him watching her strut her stuff as she past his house. She had seen his hard cock through his tight pants and calculated it was a good size one. "Amy time for dinner." Her mom had broken her train of thought by calling for her. "Be right there mom soon as I finish changing okay?" Amy started thinking about the last two years. After Uncle John had showed her the pleasures of sex she had tried to seduce Roger who was twelve at the time but he wanted nothing to do with girls.

At least not back then he didn't. But that had only delayed her getting more cock. She had decided that she would go after men and try to get them to fuck her. Tom had watched her bend over to pick up a pencil she dropped and of course saw no underware. When he had gasped at the site she had asked if he liked what he saw. He had shaken his head yes and his mouth was hanging open. It had only taken a few minutes to presuade him to take her inside and fuck her.

He had fucked her on several different occasions but he didn't last long and only wanted to fuck her pussy. "Amy get you ass down here right now." Carol was getting pissed so Amy put the thoughts out of her mind and went to eat. It was when she walked into the dinning room that she got an idea that could really upset things.

She noticed her father had a hardon and immediately wondered what it would feel like in her well fucked pussy. She had to work on that idea. If she planned it right maybe she could get her dad to fuck her and then get Ted to fuck her on the same day. Amy ate her meal but just seemed to pick at it until Carol interupted her again. "Amy what is your problem?

Do you think I have all evening for you to decide to eat? Now get busy and quit picking at your food." Amy hurried up and finished eating knowing that her mother would be busy for the next hour or sogetting ready for work. Amy excused herself and headed for her room to plan how she would get the two men she desired to fuck her brains out. Amy sat on her bed remembering how she had seduced so many different men over the last two years.

Henry had been her first conquest after her uncle. He had just moved into the house down the street and she had offered to help him unpack and decorate his new home. He had excepted and even asked Carol if she would mind if he paid her to help him with the cleaning. She had been in the bathroom scrubbing the shower when she pretended to slip and fall. Henry had come running and froze as he saw her exposed pussy as she sat laughing on the shower floor.

His concern soon tuned to lust as his cock hardened causing a huge tent in his pants.Amy had been blunt with him which worked for her. " Damn I dropped the scrub rag and then almost busted my ass trying to pick it up with my toes. When I slipped I landed right on the rag shoving into my pussy." She had spread her legs even more to show him where the rag ended up.

She reached her hand up and grabbed the top of his pants to pull herself up. as she did she looked straight down into his pants and smiled. "Oh God that looks nice and I bet it would feel nice in me as well. can I get you to fuck me with it please." She was already taking her top off as she spoke. Henry wasted no time getting his own clothes off and shoved her back down onto the shower floor.

He ran a finger up and down her slit finding it was already very wet he aimed his cock at plowed into her. His cock was bigger then her uncle by about an inch but wasn't as big around. Henry fucked her hard and fast like he was some teen getting laid for the first time.

He fucked her for only a couple minutes before he shot his load into her and just as quickly got up and dressed. He had then told her she should not come over again and handed her twenty dollars for the work she had done.

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looking back she now knew that after their fuck session he had become scared she might turn him in. She also now knew he would be considered a worthless fuck by most women, because he didn't even care if she got satisfied or not. Her next lover stood out above all the others. He was in his fifties when they first met and he seemed to enjoy just being near her. frank paid special attention to her even before she seduced him or had he seduced her? Either way it had been great.

They meet at the park when she was looking for some horny boy to fill her wanting pussy with cock. Frank had asked her who she was lookig for and had offered to help if she would describe them to him. She had already spent half an hour looking for some boy and was getting hornier by the second. She had sat down on the bench next to frank and pulled her legs up under her so it would expose her bare pussy.

The trouble was the way they were setting he couldn't see up her skirt. She said the bench was to hard on her legs and got up to set in the grass. Frank had suggested they get an Icecream since the Icecream truck had just stopped at the park entrance.

He bought her a cone and then asked if she would like to take a walk with an old man. Amy walked with him along the path and made sure she bent over several times to pick up a twig or flower or something so he could see she wasn't wearing any underware. Frank had noticed alright and she was sure he would fuck her young pussy raw given half the chance. Thats exactly what he did too when they reached a certain spot he had pulled her off the path and into the woods.

She had willingly laid down in the grass and just as willingly spread her legs for him. he had brought her to the first orgasm eating her pussy and fingering her at the same time. He had then pulled his 9 inch by almost 2 inch around cock out and fed it to her.

She had took as much of his cock as possible into her mouth but just couldn't get her throat to except the full size of his cock and had to settle with just taking about 6 inches in her mouth and sucking and licking it. She remembered how she had wanted to taste his cum but he had pulled it away from her mouth. He had then slid it into her pussy, but had to shove hard to get all of it in her. Amy could think back and remembered it was almost like the first time her uncle had streached her pussy with his cock.

Frank though could last longer then anyone else she had fucked including her uncle. He pounded her pussy hard for at least twenty minutes before pulling out and cumming in her mouth.

She had been unable to swallow all his cum and some ran down her chin and onto her chest. Frank had used his finger to scoop it off her and push it back into her mouth. She had then ased him to fuck her again and had sucked him until he got hard again. He fucked her again and brought her to climax at least twice before he shoved into her one last tiem and filled her pussy with his sead. He had cum as hard the second time as he had the first time. He shot rope after rope of his hot cum into her and she had felt each spurt against the back of her pussy.

They had fucked a few more times before he quit coming to the park. It was while she was there looking for Frank that she met William. He had been a horny sixteen year old who had bragged he could last longer then any other guy she had ever fucked.

He stood about six foot tall and had long brown hair. When Amy got his cock out he disapointed her but she had figured if he could last so long maybe his small 5 inch cock could get her off. He let her suck it for a minute and then shoved it in her. He no more then had it in then he shot his load. He had grunted and groaned louder then anyone else but as soon as his balls were empty he was done for. Amy remembered leaving him lying in the grass gasping for air after she had kneed him for being such a liar.

She had met Jeff about a week later at school. He was the janitor and when one of the girls in her class had gotten sick and thrown up on her and the floor Jeff was called to clean it up. He had mopped the floor and had used paper towels to clean the desk.

it was while he was cleaning the desk legs that he got his first sight of Amy's little pussy. He couldn't help but let out a gasp which everyone thought was because of the puke he was cleaning up. Everyone except Amy who just spread her legs more o allow him a better view. "Hi I am Amy are you enjoying what you see?" Amy was wispering so only Jeff heard what she had said. He nodded his head and wispered he was Jeff.

Amy told him she would meet him after class so they could talk if he would like to talk to her. Again Jeff had only shook his head yes.

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As soon as the last bell of the day rang she headed for the basement hopping to find Jeff. He was there and he was ready for action. Amy could tell by the buldge in his pants. She said hi again and they talked for just a minute. " Look I don't have time to set here and talk Jeff. I came down here to get fucked by you if you want to fuck me." Jeff started removing his clothes as did Amy. Jeff had wanted to eat her but Amy knew if she was late getting home she would get her ass tore up by her mother.

She pulled him up so his cock was even with her pussy then commanded him. "Come on fuck me. I told you I don't have much time." Jeff shoved his 6 inch by 3/4 round cock into her. He fucked her long enough to get her off once before reaching his own orgasm. 'Where do you want me to cum? On your belly or in your mouth?" Amy had not been asked wherbefore they had just dhot their cum into her pussy or mouth or her ass depending where their cock was when they came.

"Oh God in me. I want your cum inside me. God cum in meeeee." Jeff pumped in and out a few more times then leaned into her all the way as he shot his cock juice in her pussy. Rope after rope of his cum shot into her and this caused her to orgasm a second time. She bucked hard against his cock time and time again as she climaxed. When they both came down from the climax she got up dressed and left for home.

She had fucked other guys and even had sex with one boy who was younger then she but she couldn't remeber most of them. She had kept count though and if she could get her dad or ted before the end of the month then she would have fucked twenty different men before she would turn fourteen. She had fifteen days to pull it off. She had made up her mind to get number twenty before her birthday on the 30th of April. The problem was which guy would it be her own father or Ted?

It seemed her Father might be easier to seduce since he was alone with her every evening from about 5 pm till bed time. Her mother worked from 6pm until 2am at the local factory. She looked at the clock almost 4:45 which meant her mom would be leaving any minute now. She looked at the clothes her uncle John had bought her and decided to wear one of the less revealing teddies tonight.

It was still revealing but only to a limited extent. As long as she kept the outer top closed it hid her tits and her pussy. It did come almost to her knees so it covered her even if she sat down. "Amy come here and tell me goodbye." It was her mom leaving for work.

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She ran into the living room and gave her mom a hug goodbye. She took the oportunity to check on her fathers cock to see if it was still hard. It was and seem to be sticking out even more then before. Just the thought made her cream herself.

No sooner had her father kissed her mother good bye then she started putting her plan into action. "Dad can we watch a movie together tonight? tomorrow is Saturday so there is no school. Please daddddy?" She knew by putting the little girl plea into her request her father always gave in.

"What movie do you want to see? Is it on tv or do we need to go get it?" Amy knew that the first step had been approved by her father. "Dad we already have it here someplace. Can I look through the movies to find it?" this was the most important part of her plan. She knew she wasn't allow to go through the movies because there were certain ones she was to young to see.

She also knew there were adult XXX movies hidden in with the rest. "Honey you know you aren't allowed to mess with the movies. What is the name of it and I will get it." Amy looked at her dad with her inocent pleading eyes. " I can't remember the name but I know what the cover looks like can I look just this one time please? I promise I won't break any of them." Amy pretended this was the reason she thought she wasn't allowed to look through them. "I know you won't break them but your mom doesn't want you to mess with them." Amy gave him a pouting look and tried one more tactic.

Honest daddy I won't move any of them out of place and mom won't know I looked for my movie." Her dad had to go piss so instead of arguing more he simply gave in. " Okay but make sure you don't make a mess and be careful with them." With that he got up and headed for the bathroom.

Amy rushed to put the next step into action. She grabbed the movie she wanted and then grabbed another one she had seen when her dad thought she was asleep.

She switched the movies in their cases and returned them to the shelf. She ran to the kitchen and yelled to her dad. "What do you want to drink dad? I figured I would get us something to drink then look for the movie." Her father walked into the kitchen and said beer and excepted it when she handed it to him.

She got a cola for herself and the y went back to the living room.

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" Ice Age dad. That's the name of it. is it okay if we watch it together?" Her father reached on the shelf and pulled the case out. he opened it and put the DVD into the player without even looking at it. He hated this movie and had already seen it to many times, but Amy loved it so he would pretend to watch it with her again.

As for Amy she knew that the DVD he had put in was called Young Teen Love. In the movie the young looking girls were fucked by older men. She knew it was one her father watched every chance he got when he thought she was asleep. She was already getting wet between her legs, but needed to stop her dad before he hit play.

"Dad wait! I want to put my night clothes on so if I fall asleep you won't have to wake me to change is that okay?" of course it would be okay and her dad just motioned for her to go change. She rushed to get the teddy on and when she walked back into the living room she knew she had selected the right outfit.

Her father made a slight moan and she saw his huge cock stating to push against his shorts. Amy curled up on the end of the couch and acted like she was waiting for her dad to start her favorite movie. "Dad do you want to change before the movie starts?

I can wait if you want too." Her dad did want to get up and used the excuse she had offered as the reason, but what he really wanted was to move his cock where it wouldn't be pressed so tight against his leg that it hurt. As he stood it allowed his cock to stand out even more.Amy was amazed at how big it looked. Her dad didn't say it out loud but he damn sure noticed how hot his daughter looked in the teddy she had on.

He went and changed into his pj's and returned. While he changed he had reminded himself that it was his daughter and he had no business allowing himself to react to what she was wearing.

His cock had returned to it limp position and he was going to ignore his daughter and what she had on. Besides with the movie she had selected he knew he would soon drift off to sleep. He walked right through the living room and went into the kitchen to grab another beer. He figured he might as well take two of them because he figured Amy would be to involved in her movie to want to get him one later. When he returned he reached for the remote without looking at his daughter.

" Ready?" Amy reacted fast with her answer. "No I gotta go first." She ran to the bathroom knowing her dad would be drinking his beer as he waited for her. She had counted his beers and knew he was on number four and had number five with him. She waited until she heard the top being popped then she returned.

"Baby grab me another beer will you?" Would she of course she would. After grabbing the beer she untied the cover of her teddy knowing that now her father could and would see her through the transparent material.She walked in and handed him one beer and sat another on the end table beside him, making sure he saw her from head to toe. She looked at her father's huge cock and sure enough it was standing up hard as a rock.

She moved back to the couch and once more curled up on it letting her top hang open so her father could see her tits and pussy through the teddy.

"Okay daddy I'm ready." Sam hit the play button and turned his beer up taking swallow after swallow, finishing it in one last gulp. He reached for another beer and wasn't looking at the TV at all. Amy wasn't either she was busy watching her father to see how he was dealing with things so far. She smiled when the movie started.

It showed a young girl who looked to be younger then she was getting fucked by some older guy. "Daddy this isn't my movie. Why did you put that movie in? They are having sex!" That got Sam's attention and he jumped to grab the remote knocking it on the floor and hindering his efforts to turn it off.

In his rush to get the remote his cock had slid through the pee hole in his pj's without him even noticing. He managed to stop the movie just as the girl took another cock in her mouth. Sam slumped down in his chair relieved he had stopped the movie. "Daddy why is your penis hard and sticking out? Are you turned on by my teddy or what?" Amy tried to act like she had no idea what made her dad hard which she hoped would force him to admit she was turnning him on.

"Honey I'm sorry I didn't realize it had done that. You shouldn't be looking at me there. I ughhhhh need to find the right movie." Amy had her father all mixed up and knew it.

She had to act fast now though or her chance might get away without her getting fucked by her dad. "Daddy! I'm not a baby anymore. We have learned all about sex in school. It's no big deal dad.

If you want we can watch this movie." She slid forward so the material would pull into her slit fully exposing her pussy to her fathers gaze. Sam couldn't find his words and his mouth was suddenly very dry. "Daddy! I don't mind you looking at me. Would you touch me if I asked you too? I mean I want you too touch me so will you do it for me? We can watch the movie while you touch me so I won't have to do it for myself later.

Please Daddy I know you want too." Sam wanted to scream HELL NO! but his hand seemed to have it's own mind and it slid between his daughter's leg and against her young pussy. His cock twitched as he slid his fingers across his daughter's slit. One head was screaming how wrong this was while the other head kept saying do it, get me that young pussy.

His lower head was fast winning and his other head was now making up reasons why he should also. At least he would be gentle with her and make sure she was not hurt in the process. He would still love her no matter what happened between them unlike most guys who would just use her for a piece of ass and then never see her again.

He would do it. Hell no one would ever know if she would agree to not tell anyone. "Amy if I do this for you it has to be just between us. you can never tell another living person okay?" Amy nodded yes and pulled her teddy off over her head so she was now fully naked in front of her father. He pulled her down to a lying position on the couch and moved between her legs. He could smell her sex and to him it was the best pussy he had ever had the pleasure of enhaling it's aroma.

He stuck his tongue against her slit and pressed in seperating her pussy lips and alowing his tongue free access to her inner body. He sucked her clit between he lips and nibbled on it. His hand had slid up to her young tits and he pinched her nipples making them stand out.Amy was fast approaching her sexual peak partly from her father working on her body and partly from the thought that soon her father would be fucking her.

She started moaning and got louder and louder with each lick or suck from her father. "Oh God daddy please give it to me. I want you in me daddy please daddy I want you so bad. Please daddy give me your cock I can't stand it any more. Daddy fuck my pussy." Sam wasn't going to argue with his daughter at this point. He was doing his thinking with his second head and it wanted to be in his daughter's pussy.


sam moved up and kissed his daughter like a lover and moved his cock into position. Itwas the firswt time Amy had seen it up close and fully erect.

Suddenly she felt somewhat scared. Her dad really did have a huge cock. It had to be almost twelve inches long and as thick as her father's wrist.

She wasn't sure this had been a good idea. No way he could get that monster in her without ripping her in half. She wanted to jump up and run away from it but her reaction was to little and to late. Sam shoved forward and the head of his cock slipped into his daughter. Another shove and about four inches disapeared into her tight opening. He looked his daughter in the eye and realized she was scared of him. "It's okay baby I will be as easy as I can on you and when it's all in you it will start to feel better I promise." Sam shoved in futher and managed to get almost nine inches in her so far.

Amy felt her pussy being streached in every direction at once. She had never felt so full. sam shoved in once more and Amy felt his balls slap her ass. He had done it. he had his huge cock all the way in his daughter. sam waited a couple minutes to allow himself to adjust to how tight his daughter's pussy was and for her to adjust to his massive cock spliting her open. Sam pulled out untill just the head of his two and three quarter inch round cock was still inside her.

He then slid back into her until his balls were again against her young ass. Sam slowly pick up the pace as Amy started moving her hips to match his movements. He was fucking his daughter as hard as he did his wife and knew he would soon fill her pussy to over flowing with his love juices.

Amy was doing everything she could to make it better for both of them. She had alredy had two body racking orgasms and still wanted more. Sam was fast approaching the end and knew he was about to shoot his incest ladened cum into his own daughter. At this stag thought he couldn't have cared less about if she was using protection or not. All he cared about was filling her with his cum. Another few thrust and he cried out "OH my God I'm gonna Cummmmmm! He rammed into his daughter for the last time just as he felt her whole body stiffen once again as she to was cumming.

His balls tightened and his cock started jumping as wad after wad shot into his daughter. Sam had never came so hard in his life and neither had Amy.

They clung to eachother as Sam filled Amy with his cum and she covered his cock with her own cum. After they had spent themselves they lay next to each other on the couch trying to regain their strength.

Amy was first to move. She pulled up and kissed her father, not as her dad but as her lover. Their tongues did the dance of love in each other's mouth. When the kiss ended Sam sat up. " Amy I don't know what to say except WOW. That was the best love making of my life." Amy looked into her father's eyes and knew he was being honest with her. " Me too dad, Me too." Sam then was hit with guilt like someone had slapped him alongside his head.

"Honey we shouldn't have and we can never do it again. I was wrong to take advantage of you like I did. I promise it will never happen again." Amy suprised even herself with what she did then.

She slapped her father across his face as hard as she could." The hell it won't happen again dad. There is no way in hell I am going to do without your cock fucking my brains out every chance we get from now on. I want it and you do too so we will fuck eachother every day if we want." Sam rubbed his face but only had one question left to ask. "Okay baby but are you using some kind of protection? I wouldn't want to get you pregnant." Amy started laughing.

" Dad it might be a little late to ask that." With her answer she looked down at the puddle of cum leaking out of her still open hole." Sam laughed also knowing full well she was right and even if she did get pregnant it would be something both would want to happen.

They kissed agin and hugged each other. " In time it will happen dad. in time it will." Those were the last words Amy said before she fell asleep in her fathers arms. Sam carried her and her clothes into her bedroom and kissed her on the forehead as he had so many times before when he had tucked her into her own bed.

He knew his little girl had been transformed into his new lover, but in his heart she would always be his little girl. He hurried to clean the living room before his wife had a chance to see the signs of what had taken place there. Sam smiled as he dressed for bed. He could hardly wait for Monday night when his wife would once again be gone from 5:00 pm til 2:00 am working so he could spend some quality time with Amy.