Elegant attractive babe enjoys butt fuck hardcore russian

Elegant attractive babe enjoys butt fuck hardcore russian
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I was out with Britney one day, and we were watching a movie together that I wanted to see. I didn't have a girlfriend because my slut of a sister and my whore of a mom were enough for me. What's the point in having a girlfriend as a 15 year old when you have two cunts who'll spread any hole willingly for you, and do anything you ask them to?

At any rate, we were watching a movie, and as usual, Brit was uninterested, and had her head leaned over with my cock in her mouth, while I munched popcorn and enjoyed my action flick.

After the movie was over, and I'd cum twice, Brit looked at me and asked if we could go grab food. I agreed, since I was more than a little hungry too.

I walked out, and my slutty kid sister followed in her 3-inch heels, jean shorts that were cut down and modified to practically denim thong underwear, and a blue bandeau top. I had no doubt some of my cum had gotten into her long, silky black hair, or that she'd let a little dribble out of the corner of her mouth, with every intention of letting it drip onto her exposed little girl cleavage.

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I walked to the food court, and went straight to the Taco Bell lineup, which is where I knew Brit wanted to go since she always wanted taco's. "Yumm, taco's," Brit said. "I can't wait, it's been almost two whole weeks since I've had a taco." "How the hell do you stay so damn skinny if you eat such crappy food, and so much of it too?" I asked incredulously.

I was under the impression that most girls wanted to keep their bodies trim and fit, and avoided eating fast foods.

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"I don't know, but mom says it's because I get fucked so much. God, I could totally use a cock right now…" she said wistfully. I knew how cock-hungry she could get at times, and even though she'd sucked cock for the last two hours, she probably needed a good dicking right about now.


"Well…that could be arranged. What are you horny for?" I whispered to her. "Honestly, having people stare at me with all this cum in my hair and on my chin turns me on. I really want a cock just pounding away in my pussy for a while.

I'm soooo horny," she pouted.

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"Fuck this line is pretty damn long, but after we get our food, I'll pound your pussy." The line was pretty long. There were a good 5 people in front of us still, and it didn't look like it was going anywhere anytime soon.

"Aww man…I'll go find a seat. I hate waiting in line ups," she said before skipping away without even hearing for my opinion. "Whatever, I'll just text her to find out where she is," I thought to myself sullenly. While waiting for the line to shorten up, which took a good 10 minutes, I started texting my mom.


When we'd left this afternoon, my mom was lying in the hallway in front of our apartment, passed out, with her asshole stretched and pussy covered in dried up cum, skirt bunched up around her waist and no top to be found at all. She was face up, and it looked like under the dried cum that was on her face and tits she had some pretty accurate titles written down in Sharpie pen.

Standing above her when I left was our neighbour Mr. McAvoy, a really nice Irish guy in his mid-40's that sometimes came over to fuck mom and insisted on giving her money every time he did. He was slowly jerking his cock over her face in an effort to add to the pile of cum that was already there. Brit, noticing this, immediately went over to him, popped his cockhead into her mouth, and sucked till he pulled out and came all over my unconscious mother.

I took out my phone and snapped a picture of her face with the word BITCH written in large letters in Sharpie on her forehead, with the dried cum covering her whole body, and the fresh cum glistening brightly.

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She'd woken up sometime in the middle of our movie, and had made it inside our place and had just finished soaking in a hot bath and was currently watching a homemade video of one of her gangbangs that I'd recorded a few years back while eating leftovers from dinner last night. It didn't take long before our texted updates turned dirty and my mom turned me on. It also didn't help that she kept sending me pictures of herself in various positions, including with her fingers stuck up her twat, her fingers in her pussy while her thumb was hooked inside her ass, and two consecutive pictures where she took an apple slice and stuck it into her ass, and the second picture of her eating it.

I'd finally made my order when that last picture came in, and I sent a text to Britney asking her where she was. A few minutes later, the food came, and Britney's text came almost simultaneously.

She told me she got a little distracted, which I took to mean that she found a cock somewhere between the line and a seat, and was busy getting her pussy filled. I sighed and took off to find a table on my own. I quickly spotted one, set the food tray down, and texted Brit my location. In about 5 minutes, she came back, with freshly fucked hair, eyeliner smudged across the bridge of her nose, and with what looked like a new bandeau top, this one was white instead of the blue one she had on previously.

She beamed at me while she sat down, and reached for her food. "What happened to your top?" I asked curiously. "Oh, a couple of these college guys that I found on my way to look for a seat asked me if I gave head, so I offered to show them.

They took me to the washrooms downstairs and I ended up fucking one of them while blowing the other. It was pretty fun, but they wanted something to remember me by, so I took off my top. I didn't want them to leave empty handed, you know? And I didn't exactly wear underwear to give them any panties or anything…but anyway, that was the fun part, after that I sat there while they left, trying to put these super tight shorts back on, and one of the nice service maintenance guys came by and said I needed to wear something to cover my boobs, and then he even offered to MAKE me a top if I sucked his cock in the stall!

That's why it took me a bit of time, but it's all good. Look, he even made me this awesome top out of toilet paper!" she replied enthusiastically. I looked at her chest closer, and lo and behold, it was a roll of toilet paper wrapped around my little sisters chest.


"Holy fuck, Brit, you're walking around with just toilet paper covering yourself up. That's so fucking hot," I whispered in reverence. We finished our meal, with Brit continuing on about how good it felt to get fucked after being so horny, and how after blowing the service janitor, she offered to help him clean the urinals next time she saw him in exchange for his help, and she talked about how after the one college guy came in her pussy, she had to scoop it out and eat it so that it didn't stain her denim shorts and make it look like she peed herself.

Throughout the meal, I couldn't look away from her tits and the fact that it was only TOILET PAPER that covered them. After we finished, Brit wanted to walk around the mall and look at clothes and makeup and all the other things that girls looked at.

After about an hour of this, we decided to go home. As we hopped on the bus, I realized that it was very hot outside, and the bus was even hotter.

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I quickly started to sweat and looked at Brit and saw that she was beginning to sweat too. The toilet paper top started to stick to her skin and get soggy during the bus ride, and I noticed pieces of it starting to come off. I grinned to myself. By the time we got off the bus, I was sweating pretty profusely, and Brit's toilet paper top was soaked.

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"Oh fuck this, I can't do this shit anymore!" Brit exclaimed before just tearing her top right off. She started picking the pieces off in frustration. "You do realize that we have another 10 minute walk home, right?" I asked her.

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"So? It's not my first time walking home naked, and I'd be naked all the time if I could," she muttered mutinously.

I shrugged and walked nonchalantly, but at this point, my cock was straining against my jeans. Needless to say, we got a lot of honks from passing cars during our ten minute walk home.