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Hermione woke up feeling curious about her went to the mirror and observed face looked the same except for her eyes which became a brownish grey hair was dark brown nearly black and no longer was somewhere between wavy and grew a few inches taller and became slightly became slimmer as other words,she was stunningly beautiful.

She decided to wear capri jeans,a fitted black shirt,a hoodie and then went to Theo's room which was opposite hers and woke him up by drawing the then woke groggily with his eyes closed.

*Did you have to wake me up by drawing the curtains,* Theo asked. *Its our birthday remember,*she replied. Theo looked up and was surprised. "Blimey!You look great,"said Theo. "Thanks,"Hermione said.

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*I'm going downstairs* *All right* "Hermione! Theo! Come down right now!" Casandra shouted. "Coming,mum!"the twins shouted back.

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Hermione was the first to come parents were stunned by her new look. "Hermione,you look wonderful!"her mum said. "I second that,"her dad agreed. "Thank you,"Hermione said."By the way,what is my full name?" "It's Hermione Rosella Nott" "Such a wonderful name" "I know" Suddenly, Hermione gasp in pain. "Are you alright?"Casandra asked."What happened?" "I don't know,"she replied,"But my toe hurts." They saw Theo limping and wincing as he walked down the stairs.


"Mum,I accidentally kicked the door,can you help?,"Theo asked. "That explains a lot,"Casandra said,"Hermione can I have a look at your toe?" Hermione showed her mum her injury was the same. "Now we know that whenever one of you is hurt,the other one will hurt to" "Does that mean that if one of us dies,the other one dies too?" "That depends,"Casandra answered,"Avada kedavra, to death,yes." "Well,at least we would still have Rosella and Anderson" Hermione looked at her mum then explained the Rosella and Anderson are twins but born in different months which means their extent of powers are until they can talk to each other in their minds only.

"Mum,where are they and am I the only Nott whose in Gryffindor?"Hermione asked. "They are currently at their friend's house but they are coming back today and no you are not;I was in Gryffindor during my time,"Casandra answered.

When breakfast was over, Theo and Hermione went up to sketch which is one of the things they are both talented at. The rest of the summer flew by without a day before school starts, the Notts sent Hermione to the Grangers so that Hermione could go to Platform 9 and 3/4 without suspicions; coming families decided to go there early so both pair of twins can plan when to meet up at school without a problem.

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"Stay safe, all four of you," Casandra said, "with Sirius Black on the loose anything can happen." "Yes, mum," said all four of them.

*'Mione,come to my compartment for a bit, will you?* Theo said. *OK*she replied. Hermione and Theo decided to meet each other once a week at the Room of Requirement (A/N:In this fanfic,I'm writing as if Hermione knew the RoR earlier than OotP) at 8.30 p.m.

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the other students slowly arrived, Hermione went back to her compartment. Their siblings were sorted into different houses.was sorted into Gryffindor while Anderson was sorted into Hermione and Theo were happy about it. Theo suddenly felt sadness and loneliness within told Hermione to meet him at the Room of Requirement at that found her there upset.

"What happened 'Mione?" he asked. "Well, today, Harry received a Firebolt," Hermione started, "without a letter. I told him to give it to McGonnagall, but he wouldn't listen! So I went to her and told her about Harry's broom and my ,McGonagall looked for him and told him to give her his broom. He and Ron are now avoiding me but Ron took it even more personally than Harry." Theo understood Hermione and felt outraged at Harry and tried to make him less angry because she could feel his anger building up but he couldn't control the end, he managed.

School was over before they knew and Hermione was already at the table. She was telling her parents about her encounter with Sirius Black at breakfast when Theo mentioned that he felt fear at that time and their parents suggested they try to build up a mental shield in case one of them does not want to be disturbed.

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A few days later,Theodore mentioned that he bought four tickets for the Quidditch World was excited about this up to the point Theo kept insisting to teach Hermione how to play Quidditch.

Hermione finally gave her first lesson, she discovered that she while Hermione Jean Granger can't play Quidditch, Hermione Rosella Nott parents were one of the greatest Quidditch players in Hogwarts. The Notts were ready to and decided to let Hermione go without them, they decided to call Hermione, they pretended that Hermione was Theo's girlfriend; would say that she is from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.

They walked for about half a mile before reaching the portkey, grabbed the portkey for a few seconds then they reached their destination. Theo, Rosella and Anderson didn't land gracefully, they fell and Hermione's family were laughing when Hermione told him to get off.

They looked for their campsite area to put up an enchantment, wanting to perform magic in front of muggles, they pitch the tent, the muggle tent was enchanted to be bigger to fit all six of them.

Their parents sent Theo and Hermione to collect water from the stream; they were collecting water when Hermione heard a voice behind her. "Hermione, is that you?" the voice said. She saw Harry and Ron behind her. "Who are you and who's Hermione?"she said. "She's our friend and you look like her." "Well, I'm not her." "Why are you hanging out with people like him?" asked Ron, refering to Theo. "Because he is my cousin.


I am Rose Nott. I go to." she said coldly. They left without another word. They got back to their tent, Hermione growled in rage. "What's the matter, darling?" Casandra asked. "I met Ron and at first it was fine until he asked me why was I hanging out with Theo as if Theo was dirt beneath his feet!" Hermione said.

"Oh" During the world cup, Hermione could have sworn Theo was just about to jump into the arena when he saw the speed of the game pace, she knew Theo was just about to jump before she stopped him; he grinned sheepishly at her. After the game, which Ireland won, but Viktor Krum caught the snitch, the whole family went to dinner.

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Next morning Hermione woke up hearing screaming and shouts of people outside. She went to her parents' room to wake them up. "What is it?" Theodore asked.


"Something's wrong!" she answered. "Wake the others!" *Theo! Wake up!* Hermione told him in her mind. *What's happening?* *I don't know!* Hermione woke Rose up while Theo woke Anderson, they gathered in the tent's main room with their father announce that it was Death Eaters levitating, he also told them to pack up and get ready to do side-along apparation.

When they reached their manor, Hermione went straight to her room, tossing and turning for a long time, she still couldn't sleep, so she went to Theo's room and found Theo awake staring at his sketch pad.

"Lets tell each other embarassing things about ourselves," Hermione suggested. "All right" "I'll ask a question, you answer and vice versa" she said, "Who is your most embarassing or grossest crush?" "I'd rather not answer that, we can't lie to each other, can we?" "Course not, we're connected remember?" He muttered something that she couldn't hear.

"What was that?" she asked. "I had a crush on you," he mumbled. "What? Thats gross!" "I know." "Dad, what were Death Eaters doing at the Quidditch World Cup?" Theo asked. "They were levitating; must've took a lot of memory charms to make them forget" "Why were they even doing that?" "During the old times, they've done worse things, but some of them decided to 'relive' the old days as they called them. Someone even sent up the Dark Mark"