Free Sex Asian doll is testing out new toys on her sexy body

Free Sex Asian doll is testing out new toys on her sexy body
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Due to safety I have changed the names and a few details to help the story along and to keep the characters likeness out of harm. Hi, my name is John. I've been having fun for years now and have been living such a great sex life that I thought I would share some of my stories with you. And oh do I have some stories, there was the time I had sex in the car with my first girlfriend, there was the time I had sex with my sister, oh there was the time I sexually experimented with one of my best friends.

But lets save those stories for another time. Well as you know my name, I should tell you a little about myself, at the time of this story I was only 13 years old.

I was pretty tall for my age, I was about 5'10" it was the summer before 8th grade (the summer before night grade I grew to be 6'4") and I was a little chubby, I was always in what some people refer to in kid clothing sizes as "husky" clothes.

I usually kept my hair shaggy and it was dark brown. So me and a few pals from the neighborhood always ended up spending our summer days together, there were only three of us in the area and unfortunately no ladies. It was just Dylan, Max, and myself.

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We usually did what young kids do, ride bikes, play games like army men with our imaginary guns and ammo, and play video games at each other's houses. One day we were all really bored and it was hot outside, way too hot to do anything, so we went into Max's house to play some video games in the air conditioning.

Luckily we were all old enough to stay home alone for the day and Max's parents weren't home that day. So we got inside and quickly rushed to his room. We played video games for a good three hours playing so many things but eventually we started to get a little bored.

"We should do something else," Dylan suggested. "Like what"" asked Max.


"I dunno lets play a game or something." "That's what we are doing though." "No like a real game." "Like what truth or dare or some crap like that," I chimed in jokingly. "Oh truth or dare that sounds like fun," Dylan said. "Alright im in." "Me too." So we all decided to play and it started off simple. Dylan was to go first as it was his idea to play, so Max dared him to play the rest of the game in his underwear to embaress him.

Dylan was hesitant at first but thought since it was hot and it was just a game he might as well, so he peeled off his shirt and shorts and was left in his tightie whities to our view. Dylan then turned to me, and I didn't want to be chicken so I picked dare. "I dare you to get naked for the rest of the game," he told me.

I was very scared, I had never been naked around anyone let alone a boy, Ive never even had feelings for any boys before. But it was a game so I decided what the hell and stripped off my clothes. I hesitated when I got to my underwear but as I began to pull them down I noticed Max and Dylan staring intently at me.

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"Alright Max, your turn, truth or dare," I asked. "Dare!" "I dare you to get naked as well." We all knew it was coming and since Dylan was the only one left with clothes he decided to take his underwear off just to be part of the game as well. So there we were three boys sitting alone in a room naked.

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The game went on for awhile and we did a lot of things, even as far as to touch the other ones penis. No one ever did anything more sexual as we didn't want it to get carried away until after about 45 minutes of playing max turned to me. "John?


Can I…ummm like…put your penis in my mouth? Like suck on it?" he asked. "You don't think that's a little weird?" "No, I want to try it I've heard of people doing it before." I looked at him and agreed to let him.

I was very skeptical at first but I knew that it wouldn't be that bad. "Wait," I said stopping him before he leaned down. "Max im not gay." "Neither am I, I just want to try it." "I cant promise you that I'll do anything to you, in fact I don't think I'll even do it." "That's fine, I just wanna try it on you because u havea big one there." He told me.

I never really thought of it as big but I looked down and noticed my hard 6 inch cock sticking up and looked at his at 4 inches and dylans was only 3.

I then nod as to let him proceed and leaned down against the wall. He slowly slid his head down looking at me the whole way and glancing at my cock and then before I knew it, he was kissing my balls, and then I felt it. I felt a warm wet sensation just go all around my penis.i had never felt anything like this but it was amazing. At this point I hadn't even masterbated before but after I felt this I knew I wanted it to last. He kept slipping my penis in and out of his mouth slurping everytime and smiling up at me.

I looked over at Dylan and saw him playing with his penis, and Max noticed me looking and glanced over and grabbed Dylan's penis to help play with it. He was sucking on the head of my cock swirling his tounge around as I watched him slowly stroke up and down Dylans. Before I knew what was happening a strange feeling joltwed through my body and I started to spasm and I heard Max cough, I looked down at him and saw some clearish-white liquid running out of his mouth and he smiled at me. This was my first ever orgasm.

I looked over and noticed Dylan start to spasm as well but nothing had come out, I didn't know it then but I realized that this was his orgasm but he just hadn't developed sperm yet. I was in heaven with these feelings and didn't want them to stop and before I could say anything Max turned around and presented his butt to me.

I was confused at first until he looked back and said: "Put it in" I didn't know what to do I had never thought of anything like this as possible or even as a good idea but for some reason I didn't turn it down, I looked at him and scooted forward.

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He grabbed the head of my penis to slowly stroke it and then he placed it at his brown ring. "Push!" he told me. "Not to hard, just get it in, let me ease onto it." I did as he said and pushed into his rectal cavity, it felt great almost like the mouth but tighter and warmer.

I didn't know what to do so I just stayed that way with my cock halfway in his ass. After awhile he seemed to get used to that feeling and he started to sway back and forth into me pushing it in further and bringing it out slightly. I got the rythem down and started to push back. I looked forward and saw that Dyland had moved in front of Max and put his own organ in Max's mouth. I had never seen it before but I now realized that Max was definitely gay, he had two cocks in both of hi wholes and he was loving every feeling of it.

"it feels so good," I blurted out. "Your so deep inside me, push harder I want to feel ur balls slap me." He said. I took the cue and started to slam into his backside and heard him grown harder and harder.

"man im getting that feeling again, like im gonna spaz out" I grunted. He just laughed "leave it in me I want that stuff inside me" I took what he said and started to slam even harder and within seconds I blasted my second load of cum into his butt and just let my spasm subside inside his ass.

I hunched over him very tiired from the experience and collapsed, he still had Dylan's cock in his mouth but I left mine in his ass as I rested. I saw Dylan start to spasm again and then he pulled out of max's mouth.

"that was amazing" Dylan said between breathes. "It felt great having you both inside me, we'll definitely need to do that again" "Yea it felt really good I told him, I wouldn't mind." I never to this day touched him or his penis or even Dylans for that matter, I don't consider myself gay even though I ended up fucking them both and cumming in their asses and mouths hundreds of times.

They don't consider me gay either but I learned just a couple years after high school that even though after I moved away they kept doing things all through high school and became lovers for eachother. I now live with my darling wife, and sometimes think back to that first time I had with Max and his mouth and tight little ass wrapped around my cock.

It gets me going and then I give my all to my wife.

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She loves it but she never knows what gets me going so crazy and she never will. Hope you all enjoyed this, it's the first of many stories to come.