Gay oral stimulation pleasure porn

Gay oral stimulation pleasure porn
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It was a cold rainy October afternoon. It was one of those days that you really wished that you could sit in front of the television watching the game while a big pot of Vegetable Soup was on the stove.

As it turns out, that is exactly what David was doing. Watching the game and cooking pot of soup. As it always seems to happen, he is out of something. It seems as though you can't sit and cook a good hearty meal without forgetting to get an ingredient. You can even make a list and shop that very day, but 9 out of 10 times you will forget something.

As always David had to leave the house and run down to the local Quickie Mart to get more Chicken Broth. David prefers the boxed stuff because it's just too much shit to boil a chicken and debone the damned thing.

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He gets the keys to his new 2006 Ford F-150 XLT Super Crew and turns off the fire on the stove. As he makes his way out the front door, he remembers that the weather isn't exactly going to cooperate. This is definitely a shitty day to be driving but what the hell, he is in the mood for soup and when he gets his mind set on soup, then soup it shall be. Pulling his Dallas Cowboys Baseball cap on, he runs to his truck. No sooner than he starts driving down the road he realizes that he has forgotten his wallet.

"Is there anything that will go right today?" he asks himself. Well it doesn't cost that much and he does have a charge account at the small town grocery store so, he decides instead of getting back down in this torrential rain, he will simply drive six extra blocks and go to the grocery store instead of the Quickie Mart. About 2 blocks past the Quickie Mart, he can barely see the amber colored flashing lights on the side of the road through all of the wind and rain.

Considering the heavy rain, David passed up the car on the side of the road with the flat tire. Knowing that this isn't in his nature, he cursed himself for his selfish decision. After making the block, he pulled behind the red Firebird and put his truck's flashing lights on. Debating the situation, considering how shitty his day has been thus far, David throws open the door and runs to the driver's side of the car.

Knocking on the window, he asks if they need any help. Then it happened, he saw the most beautiful woman he has ever laid his eye on. She had long Dark Hair and Hazel Eyes. Losing himself in the moment, he totally forgot that he now looked like a wet Saint Bernard.

He awoke from this majestic moment when she spoke. "I got a flat, my cell phone isn't working and I don't even know where I am". David's perception of the rainy conditions went to the way side immediately. He offered to change the flat and get her back to the highway. She insisted that she had to learn sometime and they both found themselves in what felt like hurricane forced rain changing the flat tire.

Once all was said and done, the rain subsided. Standing in the now slow drizzle, she thanked him for his time and offered to compensate him for his trouble. Refusing any financial compensation, she offered him a cup of coffee.

Again he refused stating he felt as though people should never leave each other stranded. "Well", she said in an impressed tone "I run a small coffee house in New Orleans, here is the address, and I owe you at least a cup of the best coffee in Louisiana." As she stepped into her car and closed the door, David snapped out of his trance and realized that he forgot to ask, "What's your name?" In the most beautiful voice he had ever heard, she answered, "Lana, what's yours?" "David" "Well David, It was certainly my pleasure to meet a man like you.

I guess chivalry isn't dead after all". The Mysterious Lana (Chapter Two) Carencro is a small Louisiana Town.

The only Fire Protection is a volunteer Department. Small none the less, David was happy with his home. It has been just over 3 weeks since his brief chance encounter with Lana. Although barely a month ago, she hasn't left his mind once. David considers himself a "Small businessman". He owns three restaurants in the area that specializes in Cajun Cuisine. Since Paul Prudhomme became famous with his "Blackened Fish" recipes, the Cajun Cuisine market has exploded. Although he has his restaurants, David doesn't need to work.

David received quite a bit of inheritance from his grandfather about 10 years ago. Playing his cards right, he invested nearly 3 quarters of the money in Computer Software and various Computer Systems Development Projects. In just over 8 years, his $500,000 investment more than tripled in size. David isn't married, although there are many willing young women in the area.

David has had his share of sexual encounters and was somewhat happy in his low profile existence. He has very few friends because it always seems as though somebody out there is more than willing to be friends with his money rather than him.

Unlike most 36 year old millionaires, David doesn't "Flaunt" his wealth.


He has a modest 4 bedroom brick home, a Harley Davidson Motorcycle and a New Ford Truck. Up until a month ago, he still drove a piece of shit Chevy Cavalier. After spending what seemed like more money on repairs then the car was worth, He finally decided it was time to get him his dream truck. After an early morning of cutting his lawn, David decided that it was time to go on a little road trip. What better time then the present and what better place than New Orleans.


It's only a 4 hour trip or so. By 6PM he was checking into the Quarter House in the French Quarter. After settling in, it was time for a light supper.

After finding the address in his briefcase, he walks the 2 blocks to a small coffee house. When he walked in the door he impatiently surveyed the customer area. As you may have guessed, he wasn't looking for a table or booth, no he was looking for Lana. Damned, she wasn't here.

Now What? Well as they say in the Big Easy, "Let the good times roll". Since he was here, he might as well have a good time. He definitely enjoyed the French Quarter. He spent some time at the Red Rhino and then the Hustler Club. The Red Rhino had a good Amateur Band and of course the Hustler Club had some of the hottest women in the world.

The next morning, he found himself back at the coffee house. Low and behold, what was the first thing that he noticed when he entered the door? Lana. She had her back to the door and was fiddling with a stack of plates. It was hard not to notice that nice round ass of hers. It appeared tight as hell and looked oh so good in those faded blue denim jeans. He instantly thought of a hundred ways he could enjoy an ass like that.

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He could imagine his lips kissing every inch while his hands worked her hot pussy. He walked up to the counter and said, "I understand that you have the best coffee in Louisiana here, is that true?" Not expecting to hear that type of greeting from a customer, she turned and looked him square in the eyes. "Well what do you know; it's my very own Sir Lancelot".

He was mesmerized by her beautiful hazel eyes and those gorgeous lips. Oh those gorgeous lips. What am image it would be to see those two lips wrapped around his dick. "What are you doing here? You finally decided to leave Mayberry?" "Well I was promised a cup of Louisiana's best and… well I was in the mood for a hot cup of coffee".

"You didn't drive over four hours for a cup of coffee; you have business in town, right?" "No, I came for a cup of coffee and to make sure all of your tires are inflated. You never know when you'll need a tire changing specialist". After some small talk, Lana agreed to have dinner with David. Feeling tired from his long night out, David went back to his suite for a nap. David then set his alarm for 4PM so he could get a good 6 hours of sleep.

As David took a shower and got ready for bed, he couldn't get Lana's majestic beauty out of his mind. As he lay there she was all he could think about. Then he fell asleep to the thought of that nice ass and those beautiful round tits. Even as he slept, he couldn't get her out of his mind. His mind definitely didn't let him down. David even dreamt about her. In his dream, he woke up not knowing what time it was or where he was.

He heard the sound of running water coming from the kitchen.

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Removing the covers, he discovered that he was in the buff. Slipping on some boxers, he went into the kitchen and there was Lana standing at the sink. She was wearing his favorite blue shirt. And it barely covered the bottom of that juicy ass. He walked up behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist, and started kissing her neck just under her right ear.

Letting out a slight moan, she held his hands to her stomach just under her navel. Taking the hint, David pulled her into his body and continued the kisses in a more sensual manner. He continued to kiss her neck then her ear as her right hand moved behind her and started to caress David's right hip.

David seized the opportunity to move his right hand lower towards her steamy pussy. Once there he realized that there weren't any restrictions, she wasn't wearing any panties. By now his cock was fully erect and rubbing against that succulent ass.

Lana moved her left hand backwards to his left hip and pulled him into her as she cocked her ass out. This excited him to nearly the breaking point. He continued his advance to her cunt and began a slow erotic massage.

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Lana moved her hips to the rhythm as she rubbed her ass into his cock. She moved her right hand between them and slowly rubbed his cock against her ass even more. At the same time her left hand moved to her pussy and placed it over David's hand. With their combined effort, they massaged her clit. She let out more moans as they simultaneously gyrated causing sensual pleasure for each other. Having had enough of the teasing, Lana led David's rock hard cock between her butt cheeks and down to her wet pussy.

She leaned slightly over the sink and took the entire length of his "Love Muscle". As he entered her, their moans intensified. David held onto this lovely beauty by the hips and drove his cock as far into her as he could. As their pace increased, so did their passion. By now Lana was holloring, "Deeper, harder, oh yes, oh yes, good god fuck me harder". The faster and harder David drove, the louder she became.

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With a massive explosion, Lana came and began shaking near uncontrollably. David didn't let up, the more she shook, the faster and harder he went. This sent Lana into overdrive and she began having multiple orgasms.

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After she came in an explosion of ecstasy, David soon followed suit. She then removed David from her hot pussy. Without a word, she turned around and knelt in front of him. Slowly but methodically, she began licking her juices off of David's cock.

After worshipping the tip of his swollen cock, she started taking it into her mouth. With extreme talent, she took his entire length. Feeling the head of his cock as it touched the back of her throat, David became more aroused.

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She continued to deep throat his cock without fear. The deeper she went, the more aroused he became. He then placed his hands on the back of Lana's head, intertwining his fingers with her thick beautiful dark hair.


Feeling the rush of semen coming, he tells her he's about to come. Her only reply was a muffled moan as she quickened her deep throated pace.

This just sent David over the edge. He exploded into the back of her throat. As he reached his own erotic high, he heard a noise that sounded as if someone was trying to break down the door. David jumped as he awoke from his nap. He heard the banging noise again and also realized that his alarm was ringing.

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According to the time, it had been ringing for nearly 30 minutes. As he stepped out of the bed, he realized that he had a massive erection to contend with. He slipped on his jeans and answered the door, apparently his alarm disturbed the neighbors and they called security.

After apologizing to the house detective, he went to shower in preparation of his big evening with Lana. (TO BE CONTINUED)