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Gorgeous mature hottie rides a hot tongue with hairy cunt
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My world was slowly coming apart, and I was not even aware of it.

I'm in a open meadow out in the country, the sun was at its peak, a gentle breeze rustling the leafs of the old trees, just out of sight was a waterfall that feed into a small lake, I knew this as this was where I spent most of my childhood, hiding from my parents. I'm resting on a high branch of an oak tree, watching the horizon simmer. I feel safe, but lonely, as one does when you are left alone at night as a child. I looked up to see a lonesome buzzard zipping around and I felt a pang of jealousy, "I wish I had wings" I muttered to myself.

The buzzard was then join by another, and my jealously was replaced with hatred, not of the buzzard that had just scored. But with how, I seem to be the only one alone on the planet. I sighed to myself as I always do.


Not to piss on paradise, but it just isn't the same when you're on your own. I climbed down the oak tree, taking a moment to take in this awesome view, and then headed to where the waterfall waited, I striped down to my boxers and strolled in, it didn't seem to be as cold as it used to be, but it's a sunny day I rationalized, I swam until I didn't know which way which up.

With a little confusion I climbed out and headed to find my clothes, I found them, I threw them on and I walked down towards the meadow, I headed towards the woods, and went in search of one thing in particular, in a long dead tree, was the remnants of possibly the worst constructed attempt at a tree house in existence, I had built it as a child with my cousin Sam, we had only been 6 or 7 at the time, but we truly through we what we had built was going to be the empire state building of the UK, so we were abit full of ourselves, what are you going to do, sue us.?

I had found it, I laughed as I saw the signs we had put down to keep people out, they looked as if a baboon was let loose with spray paint, "waning dangrus" and "sta owt", we really couldn't spell.

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But it never stopped us, if fact when Sam pointed it out, I told him: "NO, I don't spell it wrong, the world spells it wrong. Mines right", I couldn't help but laugh at how naive I was back then, after opening the "secret door" which was more just a piece of corrugated iron covering a hole.

I walked around and looked out our handiwork, nearly a decade old and still standing, not bad. I crawled out again and headed back towards the meadow.


What I was on the horizon made my jaw drop and my stomach jump. On the horizon, silhouetted by the descending sun, was a girl. She was leaned up against the oak I had been resting in what had only seemed like moments ago.

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Going on the shape on the silhouette I was certain she was wearing some loose jeans and a tank top, I could see the sunlight bouncing off her belly bar, her hair cascading down and over her shoulder.

She must have been an angel, maybe a goddess, but I could do nothing but stare.

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She stood straight and waved to me, not really sure of what was going on I waved back, but didn't move. She walked towards me, as she did so, I couldn't help see how majestic her stride was, like a panther or a lioness, or a model on a cat walk, if you prefer.

She stopped at the end of the shadow of the oak, keeping herself bathed in darkness. She raised a delicate hand to me, an offer. To join her in the shadows, I hadn't much to lose, so I reached up, took a breathe closed my eyes and took her hand, the next time I opened my eyes, I'm hand in hand with the girl, we are running though the field, giggling, smiling.

She stops and sits of the ground, then rolled on her side, head resting in her hand, watching me. I stop and look down at her with a smile, though I'm looking at her, It's is like you cant remember it. Like when you see something 1,000 times, but only really notice on the 1,001th look. But I hadn't looked 1,001 times; I couldn't remember her, though she was stretched out before me.

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I quickly joined her on the ground. I reach up and hold her chin, gently stroking the side of her delicate face, but only gazing into her eyes, she leans forwards and places her lips on mine, there is no shock, no hesitation before I return the kiss.

Not a lust filled kiss, but one of pure passion and love. She breaks the contract after awhile and smiles at me, staring into my eyes, I leaned forward again, but this time I playfully wrestle with her on the ground, its all happened in slow motion, like in a romantic film the laughter seemed louder, the bird songs quieter, even the blowing of the trees was silent.

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In the end we end up in each other's arms just watching the sunset. Maybe this was a message, that we are not alone and that we can't find hope in the darkest of times. I tightened my hold on this girl, and I felt her leaned into me, resting her head on my chest, my cheek cushioning her top of her head, it was not long before I felt her breathing deepen and I knew she was safe.

As I watched the stars shine I knew I'd do anything for the women in my arms. I didn't know what was happening, or who she was, but I did know this was the happiest I had ever felt. The world slowly began to darken and in the end all I could see was her crimson hair. But sooner or later, we all have to wake up.