Hot police men penis fuck photo and free gay sex story

Hot police men penis fuck photo and free gay sex story
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Samarth was dumbfounded and kept sitting in the same place, staring towards the door for 10 minutes. He was a mere boy of 15, unaware of the subtle arts of seduction. When he was able to react he looked towards his laptop and realised there was a video playing on his screen.

On closer inspection he discovered that it was in fact a porn, he went closer, put on his head phones and paid attention to the dialogs. 5 minutes into the porn he realised why his aunt had put this up for him.

This was a foot fetish porn, a first for Samarth and he was yet again mesmerised. Within the next 5 minutes he got so engrossed on his laptop that he forgot to even lock his door.

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Outside the door Sakshi waited for 10 minutes and when she realised that Samarth was not getting up from his bed to lock the door she quitely walked back and open the door slightly.

She could see Samarth lying flat on his back, his eyes stuck to his laptop screen and he was sporting a huge boner which was making a huge tent in his shorts. She slowly entered his room again and since he could not hear her coming she got closer and closer to him. Now she could see what was playing on the screen and as soon as the actress in the porn placed her feet around the cock and started playing with it she heard Samarth moan.

She knew that a normal guy would have been jerking off his dick at full pace now and would be ready to come any minute.

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She heard Samarth moan again but this time with a little bit of pain. She felt bad for him and thought some bit about it and then she knew what she wanted to do. She slowly got closer and got on his bed.

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Samarth's trance broke as he felt the movement on his bed. He quickly removed his head phone and sat up. Sakshi put a finger on his lips and asked him to stay shut.

Then she got closer to him and whispered in his ear."Don't worry sweetheart, I'm only here to help you".she let that thought sink in to him and then spoke again."Turn around and keep doing what you were doin and let Chachi take care of you." Samarth did not understand what she was going to do but off late he just seemed to follow her commands like a puppet and so he sighed and laid back down with his Sakshi Chachi by his side.

As he was goin to put on his head phones Sakshi stopped him and told him "You will not be needing these darling. Just watch." He kept his head phones down and did as she asked. Now the actress on the screen had started to play with the balls, she spit on it and continued to tickle them with her toes. As soon as this happened Samarth felt a slight movement over his legs. His eyes quickly darted down and he saw that it his aunt's feet that were crawling up his legs.

She again whispered to him "Don't look down sweetie.look at the movie".he did so but kept feeling her feet come closer and closer to his crotch. But as soon as the foot reached his thigh, it went down again. This motion continued for some time and it was getting harder for him to control the pain in his balls with each stroke.

Sakshi on the other hand was having fun teasing the hell out of her nephew. She had not had a man desire her for so long and now that she had one desire her so bad, she jus felt like teasing him as much as she could. After about 2 minutes she heard Samarth speak for the first time in the entire evening."Aaaahh!!

Chachi please don't do this to hurts so bad".She then paid attention to his eyes and realised that he had tears flowing down.suddenly she was strush with the pain he must be feeling and she felt very bad for all the teasing she was doing on him. She instantly replied."I'm so sorry Chachi will make you feel very good". And as soon as she said it she dragged her feet back up his thighs and went through the opening between his thighs and shorts and did not stop till she reached his balls.

She did exactly what the actress on the screen was doing to the balls on screen adn whispered again."That is how that feels".without an instant of a delay she heard Samarth moan the loudest till now and followed it up with."Oh Chachi that feels so good.Aaaaah!

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Please don't stop." "I will not stop darling.this will only get better from here on." Sakshi replied. She did not waste any time in realising that this would not reduce his pain much. What he needed was a serious wanking to release what was stored in his nuts for ages.

She removed the shorts he was wearing and he assisted her by lifting his ass and she pulled them down till his ankles. As soon his shorts were down she was greeted to the sight of his 6" cock glistening with his precum all over it.

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He had leaked so much of pre-cum because of her teasing that it looked entirely wet and shiny. She wasted no more time and lied back down with him. Sakshi again whispered to him "Don't worry Samarth.Sakshi Chachi will make all your pains go away." And with that she placed her feet around his cock such that it was trapped between the sole of one and the top of the other foot. With that she started jerking his already wet cook slow at first, but continuously picking up pace.

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Samarth was in heaven now. He was feeling something totally new. Firstly he had never masturbated and for his first time he had some else do it to him, he was in heaven.

It seemed like he lost all his breathing and all his blood rushed to his now pulsating cock.

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His hands wanted to grab at something and in his trance he got hold of Sakshi's creamy and soft thighs. That made him moan again but he let go thinking she had not asked him to do it.

As if to answer his query, Sakshi spoke coming very close to his ear "You liked that baby.You like touching me.touch me all you want, where ever you want.Explore me sweet one is stopping you.".and she did not take her lips away, instead she started licking his ear.

With his dick being pumped so hard, his hand roaming all over Sakshi's lucious and juicy thighs and her toungue making him shiver from his head to toe.this was all Samarth could take and he felt like his dick was going to errupt. As if sensing his feelings, Sakshi quickly replaced her feet with her hands and went down on him in a swift motion and again started pumping him hard and fast with her hands.


The break seemed to be enough to prolong Samarth from blasting for some time and to speed things up she kept stroking him with her hand and started to stroke his balls with the tips of her toes. This was all Samarth could take and just as he was about to come he tried to push Sakshi away, as if to save her from the blast but instead of her going away, she placed her mouth around his cock.

That was the last nail in the coffin, and as soon as he felt the heat of her mouth on his throbbing cock, he jus blasted and groaned loud, so loud that both of them were sure that they must have woken up some one in the house. Sakshi did not stop just yet and kept sucking the tip of his cock till she was sure that none of it was left inside him and then she let go of his cock.


Samarth was so spent that he was lying there motionless and almost lifeless.Sakshi came up to his side again and whispered in his ear "That was quite a loud shout.but don't worry.i'll go down and check if everything is ok." and with that she got up and walked towards his door. As she was about to step out she could feel his eyes looking towards her leaving and when she looked back she could see him trying to get up but he seemed a little low on strength. She knew he had not had enough, infact after what jus happened he might not have enough of her for quite some time so she spoke again, as if to answer his wanting eyes.

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"Take rest and stay on your bed for another half an hour and if you are not sleepy then you can come over to my room", she winked to him and rushed out of his room. NOTE: Please leave your honest reviews and ratings so that i know if i can continue with the story.