Slutty sweetie rubs pussy and gets licked and penetrated in pov

Slutty sweetie rubs pussy and gets licked and penetrated in pov
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Midnight It was midnight, as Tanya lay under her covers. The wind howled outside her window. She yawned lightly, rolling onto her back. Unknown to her, a dark figure watched her through the window. In fact, he had been watching her for several months now. He loved the way her auburn, spiky, pixie cut hair framed her heart-shaped face. And he loved the way her tops always hugged her luscious breasts.

If she wore a skirt, her long, sinewy legs were displayed. Her honey-toned skin was often high-lighted by the light clothing she wore. Shane licked his lips, thinking about the young teen, laying there in her bed. He was a man of twenty-nine, and still liked them young.

He watched as Tanya shoved her covers off of her body. She was wearing a low-cut v-neck t-shirt, and a pair of baggy shorts, that still didn't hinder the sight of her rounded ass. Shane felt his cock push hungrily against his baggy sweats. He lowered a large, strong hand, rubbing at his aching member. He watched as Tanya flicked on the light to her bathroom. Then his cocked seem to tug at his body, as the beautiful girl let her shorts fall to the ground. His eyes bulged at the sight.

His eyes watched as she removed her shirt next, and lets it fall beside the shorts. Hungrily, he took in the sight of Tanya's perky, round C-cup breasts. Her tender, young nipples were perfect. Her flat stomach led down to her long legs, and meeting at a perfect v was her beautifully shaven pussy. Shane snuck around to the front of the house, and then bent down. He retrieved the hidden house key from under the welcome mat. He slid the key into the lock, and turned.

The door opened without a sound, and the intruder, entered the house. He moved silently through the living room, and down the hall to the unsuspecting victim's room. He slipped inside, and shut her door. From the shadows, he watched as Tanya dried herself off.

She went to her dresser, and began to open one of the drawers, just as Shane all of a sudden wrapped a large hand over her mouth.

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The frightened girl screamed into his hand, and instinctively fought against the now hand that wrapped around her thin body. Shane whispered in her ear, "Shut the fuck up you little bitch, or I swear I'll beat the shit out of you. Do you understand me?" Tanya nodded her head, and let out a muffled, "Yes" "That's a good girl.

As long as you do what I say, I won't hurt you. Understand?" Tanya nodded, trying hard to block the tears that were beginning to form in her green eyes. Shane let go of the Tanya's middle, and grabbed a fistful of her hair, "Now get down on your knees." Tanya slowly lowered herself to her knees, and watched as her attacker walked to her front.

She gulped as she saw the large bulge in his sweats. "Take my pants down, and pull my cock out." "Please, please, don't make me do this.", Tanya whispered pitifully.


Shane growled as he grabbed one of her small hands into his, and made her pull his pants down. Tanya whimpered as a large, meaty cock sprang free of its confinement. She knew what she had to do. What this man was going to make her do. Shane tightened his hold on her hair, and guided her lips to his cock, "Bite me and I'll beat your ass until you can't even stand." Tanya whimpered at the threat.

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Her whimper was cut short, by the huge cock that was now buried down her throat. She gagged on it, and reflexively pushed against the man's pelvis. Shane sighed with lustful relief. Tanya had a hot little mouth. A hot little mouth that he was about to fuck. Shane pulled Tanya's face into his pelvis, making her face rub against his pubic hair.

She pushed at him, trying for her freedom, as he began to thrust his huge cock back and forth into her throat. Quite suddenly, he pulled her back from his cock, "On your feet bitch." He drug Tanya toward her bed, and threw her across it. "Such a pretty little bitch.

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Such a nice beautiful little cunt." He said, as his eyes rested upon her pussy. Tanya tried to crawl away, using her elbows, but Shane dropped his entire weight upon her small body.

"Remember. Scream, and I'll fucking beat your ass." Shane looked down at his beautiful captive, his hands kneaded the tender flesh of her breasts through his fingers.

Tanya yelped as he pinched the nipple of her right breast hard.


"That's it, Tanya, moan for me." Shane growled lustily. He lowered his head down, sucking in her still tender nipple into his mouth. Tanya gasped at the warmth that enveloped her breast. "No…" Tanya moaned, as she felt the fingers' of this large man's hand creep slowly toward her inner thigh.

Tears were forming in again, as Shane parted the lips of Tanya's tiny cunt before him. He smirked as he dipped his head down, and then licked along her slit with his moist tongue. Tanya bit her lip at the sensation. She knew her body was responding to this horrible treatment.

It was then Tanya hissed in pain as one of Shane's large fingers wormed its way inside her. He moved his finger back and forth. Then to Tanya's horror, he forced two more fingers inside of her.

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"Owe! Please stop! You're hurting me!

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You're hurting me!" Tanya wailed. Shane growled, yanking hard on her hair with his free hand, and then began to ruthlessly finger fuck Tanya.

Tanya winced with every stroke of Shane's cruel fingers inside of her vagina. Tanya shrunk away as Shane began to dry hump her. Shane let go of her hair, and took a hold of his monster cock. He aimed it at Tanya's tight entrance. "Are you ready baby?

This is going to make you feel so good." Shane pressed the head of his cock against Tanya's soft pussy lips, and then pressed his hips forward, stretching the young girl before him. Tanya whined, "No!

Please, stop. You're hurting me!

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You are not going to fit!" Shane looked down at his pretty captive, and then placed his hand over Tanya's mouth. With that, he drew his hips back slightly, and then let the head of his cock rest against Tanya's hymen. He then pulled back again. Without warning, he shoved his cock deep inside Tanya's tiny, unused cunt. Tanya screamed long, and loudly into Shane's hand. Tears streaked down her face as the huge male began to thrust into her with all his body. She could feel the blood running down between her thighs.

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The force of each thrust made Tanya want to scream. She felt as if she was on fire, as if she were being ripped in two. Her pussy ached, and burned. Beads of Shane's sweat fell onto her body, and into her hair making her feel dirty, and ashamed. Shane grunted, shoving his hips forward ruthlessly, making Tanya wince in pain.


He was practically fucking her like a horny beast, fucking her viciously. "Awe, baby, you feel so good around my cock." He said thrusting harder now, "Your sweet little cunt is milking me!" "No please, don't!" Tanya gasped as she felt Shane's dick begin to swell and his body to tremble. "Don't cum in me, please" "Alright baby, not this time." Shane pulled himself free, squirting loads of cum down the young girl's body.

"There baby.

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It's fine now." With that, Shane gently kissed Tanya's lips before falling asleep on top of her. To be continued