Japanische Modell ist eine süße Lesbe

Japanische Modell ist eine süße Lesbe
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It all started the day I met my paramore, Adel.

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I was a normal 16 year old guy, around 5'9", thin; with pale skin and very little muscle. I was barely passing my classes, mainly because I was worrying about girls, and popping boners like nobody's business.

It was a huge trouble for me, and it was actually a medical condition. I can't remember the full name, but the layman's nomenclature was spontaneous erections. The condition was made worse because I had a massive cock, around 11 inches; which was really hard to hide sometimes. I went to a normal public school, and everywhere I went, I saw other boys talking to girls, sitting with them, hugging them, and touching them.

I was extremely shy, and every time I tried to talk to a girl, my dick would pop up like a rocket, and I would have to run to a bathroom to relieve the pain.

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One day I was walking back from school to my house, worrying about an upcoming math test, when this girl in a dark red sweatshirt with her hood up ran straight into me. We collided, and I went sprawling to the ground, and my books went everywhere. I got up on my knees and started picking up various books.

The girl started helping, and she was apologizing nonstop. "I'm really sorry, dude. I didn't see you there." She said quickly. She handed me the books, and I got a god look at her face. She was gorgeous! She had straight, raven-black hair, full, red, pouting lips, and mismatched eyes; one green, one mauve. My cock started stirring in my shorts, and I realized, dismayed, that it was actually pulling them down. She quickly looked down, and her face reddened.

She smiled, took my hand, and said, "My name's Adel." Adel started walking briskly towards the business section of town. I was waddling along behind her, desperately trying to hide my still-growing penis.

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While I was trying to keep up with her, I sized her up in my head. She was fairly short, probably three or four inches shorter than I was. Underneath the sweatshirt she had on she was wearing extremely tight shorts that went down right past her butt, and didn't leave much to the imagination.

While I was filling out my mental survey of her looks my dick was getting longer and longer, filling out to it's full size; which of course made walking harder than it already was.

I realized that this was the first time I had actually held a girl's hand. Luckily, my sore cock soon became long enough for me to set it straight up against my belly and pull my shirt over it. After about five minutes of brisk walking, we got to a huge house on the side of the street. Adel let go of my hand, ran up and placed her hand on some sort of locking mechanism. The huge doors opened, and we went inside her house.

As soon as we were inside, I saw this woman who had the same basic features as Adel walk up, and my dick grew to an even greater size. The woman was nude! Her rack was magnificent! Those tits were the perfect size and shape. Her chest tapered down to a thin waist, and then ballooned out into a magnificent ass. Her pussy was cleanly shaven, there wasn't a trace of hair down there. She looked at me carefully, and asked Adel, "Is this another one?" Adel blushed and looked down. "Yes" she replied in a whisper.

"Then you'd best go to your mother" the woman said, with a large grin on her face. Adel grabbed my hand and took me further in the house. She opened a large black mechanical door to the left after a ways. Inside was a dark room with gadgets that looked extremely futuristic. We walked in and suddenly she backed out and shut the door. "Adel, what's going on?" I asked nervously. "Don't worry, you won't be harmed" I heard a voice behind me say.

I turned around, but I didn't see anyone. Suddenly, a robotic arm shot out of the wall and pulled off my clothes. I was standing there in my birthday suit, with my penis so hard it was hitting my chest.

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"That's quite a nice dick you have there" The voice said, "I have a few questions for you." A chair rose out of the floor behind me, so I sat down in it. "Question one: What is your sexual preference?" I turned a deep red as I answered "um. girls? I think." "Question two: have you ever felt attracted to a male, or shemale?" "Um. Sometimes, when a guy or girl has a really nice dick." I said, and looked down at the floor. The voice went on to ask me about a dozen more questions, all aimed around my so far nonexistent sex life.

After a while of this, the voice said, "Alright. I have what I want. Good Night." Suddenly the chair under me expanded, metal ropes and gears coming out of the back and sides, and I was inside a pod. A tube with what appeared to be a breathing apparatus attached to my mouth, and the pod filled with an opaque blue liquid.

Suddenly I felt really drowsy, and fell asleep. When I woke up, I was in a bed that I didn't recognize. I turned over, and suddenly felt an extremely pleasant feeling on my chest. I looked down, and saw two lumps under the blanket. I ripped the blanket off and saw breasts: large, ebony brown breasts with chocolate areolas and hard nipples that were jutting off of the round mammaries.

I jumped out of the bed, and looked in a mirror placed on a counter nearby the bed. There was a cute, black girl staring back at me. She indeed had the magnificent rack I found adorning my chest, and my waist had gotten thinner. My hips had expanded outward, filling out beautifully. I turned around and saw that, while the rest of me had become a girl, my penis had actually increased. It was dangling between my legs about halfway down to my knees. If I had to guess, I'd say it was about a foot soft.

My cock began to rise, like it usually did around girls, but it was accompanied by another feeling. A tingling between my thighs followed by dampness. I lifted up my slowly hardening dick and saw that I had a full fledged pussy. I had become a futanari, a hermaphrodite!

I touched my new pussy tentatively, fearing what may happen. Of course, nothing did happen except that the touching was met with a weird, new sensation. It was extremely pleasant, and I sat back down on the bed and started just rubbing full out, moaning ever so slightly.

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"Ahem" I heard a voice cough from the side of the room. I saw Adel staring straight at my masturbation.

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I sat up quickly and attempted to cover my dick with my hands. "What the fuck happened?" I asked Adel. "My mom's a scientist who changes peoples DNA to make them what they've always wanted to be.

Just look at yourself." She replied, looking between my legs. I looked down and saw that my cock was growing again, longer, way longer than what I was used to. Though I desperately tried to cover it, it was futile. The fantastic phallus stopped growing right around the middle of my new tits. I leaned over, and the marvelous lumps enveloped the head of my new cock. A heat ran through my tits where my cock had touched them, reaching my new vag and setting off a wave of good feelings.

I looked at Adel, and to my surprise, saw that she also had a cock, though not as big as mine, and was slowly jerking it off! "What the?" I exclaimed, "You're naked! And a futanari!" She looked up and smiled at me. "Yep, I'm a futanari just like you. I was mom's first experiment.

I was a girl, but I was unsatisfied, so she gave me a dick, and told me to help others find what they want. You would be surprised how many people want to be futanari. Almost every famous female actor or model is a futanari made by my mother." "So, I wanted to be a black futanari with an enormous cock?" I asked. She giggled. "Apparently. Now let me help you out with that" she said, and she motioned at my dick. She stood up, went to a cabinet on the opposite side of the room.

While she was up, I got a good look at her ass without the shorts impeding my view.


It wasn't all that big, but it was tight, and it didn't jiggle when she walked. She opened the cabinet and took out a big purple, double-headed dildo and a bottle of lotion. She closed the cabinet, and as she came over to me I saw her tits. They were also smaller than my new ones, but they had big nipples with large areolas, and they looked perfect on her. She came over to the bed and sat in front of me. She grabbed my dick, and put it against hers. An electric thrill ran through my spine, and I unconsciously started dry humping our cocks together.

She slowly poured the slippery lotion over the heads of our dicks, making sure to completely cover them.

She put the bottle down and started rubbing the lotion over our cocks with her petite hands. She then sensually took my hand and placed it on her rock hard dick, and put hers on mine.


We both started rubbing each other's cocks, and it felt great! I felt hers jump a little in my hand, and saw it move in my hand. She let a moan escape from her mouth, and she started jacking my penis off as fast as she possibly could. I felt the familiar feeling of orgasm welling up in my dick, and the huge purple veins along the side stood out clearly against the ebony skin.

"I-I'm coming!!!!!" I shrieked at the same time that she shrieked something with the same basic meaning.

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My orgasm hit me like a wave, as ropes of cum my cock. The first one arced over Adel, and hit the bedpost. It was followed by a couple more that managed to drench Adel from the top of her head to her navel. As she kept moving her hand up and down my throbbing shaft, more semen pushed out, and trailed thick lines down my cock, covering her cock and hand in my thick jism.

I was still unconsciously jacking Adel off with my hand when she got up on the bed and pointed her dick; still coated in my cum and the lotion, at my face.

She pumped her hand over its length a couple of times, and then waves of semen shot out of the slit of her beautiful cock and hit me all over my face. The next few ropes hit me square in the mouth, and I swallowed it before I even could think. At first it tasted weird, but then I decided that I liked the taste.


It was slightly salty, and tasted pretty good. We both just sat there, in pools of our cum, with our dicks slowly wilting for a while. After a few minutes, Adel sat up, picked up the massive dildo, and beckoned me to follow her.