Latina ladyboy with a hard dong gets anal fucking in the bedroom

Latina ladyboy with a hard dong gets anal fucking in the bedroom
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Mark lay in the bed with nothing on him but boxer shorts. The August heat and humidity made even the sheets feel uncomfortable. He was exhausted from spending 12 hours at the worksite in the Atlanta heat all day. He drifted off to sleep… It was her scent that awoke him.

She wore a light perfume that smelled like lilacs. He opened his eyes, but couldn't see anything. She had blindfolded him.


Her hands worked deep into his shoulder muscles, his upper arms and then his back. He was laying face down on the bed and she was straddled over his back. She massaged his lower back, working deep into the hip flexors and glutes. She ran her fingers through his hair, massaging the tension from there too. He could feel her nipples drag along his back as she bent down and began kissing his neck. She nibbled on his earlobe which sent a shock through his body.

Who was this woman? Was this a dream or was it real? How did she get into his suite? He felt her moist lips pressed against his lower back as she straddled him and massaged his shoulders. She moved her hips in time to the massage, stroking her clit against his tailbone. He could feel the pressure of his own erection pressing against the bed.

She shifted herself down to his feet and pulled at the waistband of his boxer shorts.

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Mark turned himself over, she pulled his shorts down to his ankles and he heard her gasp as she caught site of his erection. Mark was no monster, but he knew he was larger than average. It wasn't just the length, but his cock was almost twice as thick as other guys.

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She began by massaging his calves, then worked her way up to his thighs. Mark thought about grabbing her by the hips and thrusting her onto his cock, but he decided to see where she was going with this. He felt her gently kiss his lips, then she kissed him harder and longer. Her nipples touched his. She worked her way down his neck to his nipples. She gently circled each one with her tongue. She alternated between flicking her tongue and sucking on the nipples while her hands massaged his shoulders and chest.

Each flick of the tongue sent a surge through his cock. Then suddenly she flipped around so that her pussy was inches above his mouth and her mouth was hovering over his shaft. She placed his cock between her engorged tits and began stroking it with them. The head of his shaft met up with her warm mouth each time it poked up between them. Then she grabbed his balls and the bottom of his shaft with one hand and began to give him the best blow job he ever had.

She moved her tongue up and down his penis, increasing the pace and her sucking as she went on. She used her other hand to finger herself. She slid two fingers into her wet pussy and used the thumb to work her clit. She moaned as she came while she still held his cock in her mouth.

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Her moaning, sucking and tongue flicking made him want to shoot his load down her throat. She could feel he was about to cum and slowed down. She took her fingers out of her cunt and put them in her mouth. She turned around and kissed him deeply so he could taste her juices.

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Mark moaned and arched his back. She had him two seconds away from ejaculating, but he knew she wasn't done yet. She took his hands and placed them on her breasts moving them in a circular motion. Mark began to massage them, paying special attention to her nipples. She bent down and began to lick and flick his nipples again, this time placing her own breast in his mouth.

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He sucked and licked until her nipple was hard as a rock. She moved around so he could do the same to her other tit, all the while slowly stroking his cock. She reached down with her other hand, stroked her clit and began to moan with his nipple in her mouth.

Again he could feel him self ready to explode.


A surge ran all the way up to the head of his penis. She straddled him and with his cock in her hands began stroking her clit with the engorged head. She put it in her juicy hole and began to ride it slowly at first.

He arched his back and began moving with her. Mark took her breasts in his hands and squeezed them while she thrust up and down on his hard cock. He couldn't hold back anymore. He pushed up to meet her as she thrust down on it.


She spread herself out and moved back and forth to work her clit. He felt the contractions of her orgasm as he shot his load deep inside her. It was the most satisfying sex he ever had and he didn't even know who she was.

She lifted herself up from his body and placed a gentle peck on his forehead. He heard her barefeet pad along the floor. He untied the blindfold and looked around the room but no one was there. Only her lilac perfume lingered in the air. Mark got up out of the bed, walked to the bathroom and found a note. It read "Meet me in the lobby at 8.p.m. I'll be wearing a red dress."

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