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This is just a snippet from a full story- If you like it let me know and I will post the full story! ***************************************** The past week or so had felt extremely quiet for the two remaining members back at the tiny secluded cave.

Romian was recovering slowly, but he was more with it than when the others had left. For Gideon, it was timelessly dull. They were beginning to lose track of the days now as there was little light in the main chamber of the cave, so unless they ventured to the mouth (which was only big enough for one person at a time to sit), there was little light to count the days.

The highlight of their days were certainly the visits that Lucy paid them. She would come by each morning with food, water, occasionally bedding and fresh dressing for their wounds, along with herbal remedies that Lucy had grown and concocted in her garden. Gideon always wanted another of those amazing pills that she had given him the first night that they met, but Lucy said they were very scarce and the peddlar that she had bought them from had not been around for quite sometime.

But it was not only the items that Lucy brought to them, it was her mere presence that brightened up her dark days in that cave. On occasions she would pop by on the long summer nights and chat with them, sharing her home brewed punch and strange cigarettes that made them feel numb, but gave them both a wonderful floating sensation.

Romian would tire easily and often he would fall asleep and leave Gideon to chat with Lucy on the edge of the cliff. They spoke of life on the move, of peace and the things they had seen, of the Intruders.

It turned out that Lucy had been a bit of a nomad and had seen alot during her time around the country. Her views were very much in the vein of peace and love to one and all.

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Gideon found this most refreshing. Generally the conversation he had heard from everyone else he had met always entailed some form of hatred, whether it be the Intruders, or other gangs or the way of life. But with Lucy it was all different, she was so appreciative of life and all it gave, Gideon was sure she helped speed up his own recovery with her mere attitude. Of course he knew what was happening. He knew he was slowly but surely falling for this beautiful young woman.

She was able to spend as little time as she wanted at the cave and yet she was there more and more frquently, it seemed.

Gideon felt like he ought to make a move, but he dared not. He had begun to notice her tender touch when she dealt with Romian, she had started to spend more time by his side, they often sat together in the mouth of the cave whispering and giggling, much to Gideon's annoyance.

He began to feel like a gooseberry and would take walks along the cliff top. He was able to calm his jealousy. But the dilemma he then faced was that he was leaving them alone together to bond!

One night as Gideon and Lucy sat on the edge of the cliffs sharing an exotic cigarette and watching the sun sink beneath the waves Lucy asked: "Have you ever been in love, Gideon?" "Wha- wel- No no I can't say I have -at least I don't think so, maybe I am." He stammered, taken by suprise, his heart suddenly racing. "Oh yeeah?! Who is it!? Anyone I know?" She asked playfully. "Well-No I don't think so!" Gideon answered, slightly puzzled.

"hehehehe! Don't worry I know you're not gay!" She laughed. Gideon's heart sank a little.


She obviously wasn't taking this conversation as seriously as he had first hoped! A little later he lay in his small chamber listening to the fire crackle he heard a low voice saying something inaudiable. It must've been Romian, but he thought Lucy had left when they had come in from their smoke. He crept quietly round, peering through the dull light cast by the fire. Lucy was still ther!

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Why had she said goodbye on the cliff if she was staying the night!?. She was hunched over Romian, changing his bandages, or checking his wound. Then Romian raised a hand to brush her silky straight hair away from her face, it must have been tickling his bare belly- But then, NO! He saw something that almost made him cry out in anguish! As Romian parted her hair he revealed Lucy had something in her mouth.

Something Big, something straight and long and fleshy- Great God! It was Romian! He was exposed, bare, big and bold as bold could be! And Lucy, his lucious lovely Lucy was pleasuring him! Gideon felt horrible, disgusted! How could he look them in eye again?! This was so, so wrong! The shame of it! He had yearned so long for the mere sight of sex, but this was not what he wanted. It was meant to be Lucy and him, not Lucy and Romian!. Gideon could not bare it, but he felt like he had to watch!

Now he knew how Iverson must have felt, watching Helena perform this act upon another man, when he wanted her so much. The hurt pain and agoney became so raw. He should tear himself away, this was not healthy. But he was unable to. The scene was mesmerising, pornographic and heavenly! He realised with a jolt that he too was aching, like Romian must be, but unlike Romian Gideon did not have a stunning young filly pleasuring his stiff ache.

The fire crackled, Lucy's lips were making kissing sounds, first being dragged in over her teeth as she swallowed the great pink sword, then pouting grotequely as she withdrew upwards. Her head bobbed slowly up and down, up and down, up, down, up down. It was hypnotising. "Yessss, soooo goooood Loooooocy!" Romian groaned quietly. It made Gideon jump. He realised he'd been in a stupour, just staring at the two of them. Suddenly the hurt, jealousy, hardeness and confusion hit him again.

What about him? Why had Lucy not chosen him?! She looked up Romian's bandaged belly into his eyes and gave her wide smile that spread to her beautiful brown eyes, the smile that Gideon loved so much.

Romian slipped from her mouth as she smiled. He was shiny and wet and very, very long! Gideon stared on in envy. Romian's bulbous tip was partially covered in thin skin, like a hood over a serpent's head. Lucy took an elegant hand and squeezed him tight, pulling him up, making the skin slide effortlessley over the red bud, pulling the floppy skin of the base up into a tight veined rod.

Then she pulled down, completely exposing the fat tip, it was enormously fat! Gideon felt his own. He had never felt his that fat before it felt fabulous!

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As Lucy pulled down to the base, Romian's proud soldier bowed it's ugly pulsating helmet, the eye facing Lucy's pretty face, the firelight reflecting in the wet tort skin. She contiued this for a few minutes, before resuming her mouth action upon her man. Romian was graoning regularly now. Lucy reached up and placed a finger upon his lips to silence him. She obviously did not want to be disturbed. Gideon felt pathetic as he silently and angrily yanked himself beneath his small towel in which he slept in.

He could feel hot tears of rage and anguish on his red face.

At the very least, he thought, I must outlast Romian, allow me that! Lucy was now more frantic, cupping Romian's juicy flesh globes in one hand while gripping his base tightly with the other, her head bobbing up and down like a bouncing ball. Romian groaned uncontrollably and began to shake. Gideon heard Lucy splutter slightly, her mouth still full of dick.

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He was ejaculating! Ejaculating in her beautiful wet mouth! Gideon silently grunted.

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He could bare it no longer, his face screwed up tightly to block out the horrifically horny sight before him. He felt the hot rush, the even hotter liquid leak from his own helmet and onto the cold stone floor of the cave, a wasted load. As Romian's slipped down Lucy's sweet gullet, Gideon's sat in a miserable puddle upon the ground.

He felt ashamed of himself and ashamed at what he had just witnessed. He would not be able to see either of them in the same light anymore.


Gideon fell into a miserable guilt filled slumber, while in the neighbouring chamber sweet Lucy and big Romian lay in one another's arms.