My hot asian wife peeing

My hot asian wife peeing
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"LOVEJOY" CHAPTER 1 _____________________ Beau Lovejoy was pretty much a nerd when he was young. He loved to read, and he was completely addicted to comic books, but anything that wasn't grounded in reality would do. He was always lost in some fantasy or another, and the real world seemed rather mundane in comparison. At least, it did until he discovered something even more facinating. Women. When he was a boy, he found girls annoying, and he actually tried to avoid them whenever possible.

Girls always seemed to like him, so he was kind of charmed in that department, but it was a long time before he really learned to appreciate that fact. When he first began to notice that girls seemed more attracted to him than other boys, he was more interested in his own hobbies, and to be honest, he just wanted them to leave him alone.

Then came the dawn of puberty, and suddenly everything changed. Girls began to develop, and power of the female breast is actually quite amazing. There is nothing in this world that holds more facination for a hedrosexual teenage boy than boobs, and suddenly talking to girls took on an entirely new meaning.

Beau's best friend since gradeschool was Mike Horner. Mike had a very appropriate last name, and most of the kids at school called him Horndog. He started playing football in Junior High because he wanted to be popular, and ended up being a star quarterback. An athlete with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a charming smile, he seemed certian he would be famous one day. They were fourteen when they met Joey Hale.

He had a dry, sarcastic humor that Beau and Mike both appreciated, but they actually took a big social risk when we first started hanging out with him. His family was poor, and he came from a broken home. He didn't like talking about it, but his father and mother had both been abusive, and he'd been put into a foster home when he was fourteen. Finding Joey was like finding the third Musketeer. He was a thin, wirey guy with long brown hair, and he had the nickname Dirty Joe almost instantly.

Sure, his clothes were cheap, and it didn't take long to figure out that he was poor, but that wasn't how he earned his nickname. English class was taught by a particularly uptight woman named Mrs. Moore, and noone really liked her very much. She was almost as smart as she was arrogant, and she was a complete hardass without even a hint of a sense of humor. Beau thought that Mrs. Moore was actually very attractive, but in a very severe sort of way.

Her long black hair was always pulled back into a tight ponytail that made her arched brows really stand out. She wore sharp black framed glasses, had peircing, cold blue eyes, and wore very conservitive dresses that were always dark colors.

She was very rigid, quick to anger, and she just seemed like a particularly unhappy person. She liked to quiz the class by firing out questions at random students, and she tried to include Joey on his first day. He just happened to be sitting right next to Beau, and they even spoke briefly before the bell rang.

He seemed like a nice enough guy. "Joey." He seemed startled when she pointed at him. "Tell me something about Hamlet." "William Shakespear wrote it," he shrugged. "If you know that much, you can give a little more than that," she told him sourly.

"You want to make an impression on your first day don't you?" Infamous last words. "He boned his own mother," Joey said bluntly. There was a collective gasp from half the girls in the room, and then it was dead silence as the color drained from Mrs. Moore's face. Her expression was so priceless, Beau had to look away to hide the grin that nearly split his face, but at least he managed to keep from laughing. Mike looked like he was about to die, and he couldn't stop snickering until Mrs.

Moore shot him a look that promised that a fate worse than hell if he didn't get ahold of himself. Joey just stared at her defiantly. "I don't care what kind of filth is allowed in your home," Mrs.

Moore told him coldly. "That kind of language will not be tolerated in this classroom. You just bought yourself a week's detention buster. Step lightly young man, you are on very thin ice."" "Why don't we go for two?" Joey asked casually. "I can't tolerate your foul attitude, and I think you need to have the stick surgicaly removed from your ass." Mrs. Moore sputtered, and this time everyone was wise enough to remain utterly silent. Noone wanted to incur her wrath on themselves. If looks could have killed, Joey would have been splattered all over the wall,but he looked completely unrepentant.

"Go to the Principal's Office," Mrs. Moore's voice trembled with barely contained anger. "Now!" "You need to get laid," Joey muttered as he started gathering his things. "What!?" Mrs. Moore's screech made several of them jump. "What did you say to me you dirty little heathen!?" "I said get fucked!" Joey snarled loudly as he stood up.

His desk was in the last row, and the door was at the back of the room. "Who knows, you might actually like it." He turned around to leave, but she just couldn't resist having the last word. Some people just have a talent for making any situation worse. "I should have known better than to expect more from the son of a prostitute," she told him, just as he was reaching for the door.

Joey stopped cold, and Beau just knew that he was about to do something stupid. He turned with a wild look in his eyes, but he didn't say a word.

He just charged straight for her, and if Beau hadn't jumped up and put himself in the way, he firmly believed that Joey would have choked the life out of her. Luckily, Joey was quite a bit smaller than Beau, but when he saw his path was blocked, Beau could tell that he was still tempted to try going through him.

"Don't man," Beau held up his hands defensively. "You're just making things worse." "FUCK!" He screamed as he turned, picked his desk up, and threw it against the wall. He was in no danger of hitting anyone, and though several girls cried out in fear, noone else moved from their seats. Then he suddenly grew silent and serious as he moved back to the door with his fists clenched tightly.

Everyone was rivited, and even Mrs. Moore didn't seem to have anything else to say as he hesitated at the door. His eyes were dark and dangerous as he turned back and glared at Mrs Moore. "Don't you ever say another word about my mother. You say what you want about me, or anything else for that matter, but you leave my mother out of it!

I won't say it again, to any of you!" And with that he was gone, but definately not forgotten. He was suspended for six weeks, and he was removed from Mrs. Moore's class for the rest of the year. When he came back, he had to see the school counciler everyday, and attend anger management classes once a week for six months.

Joey said that the worst part was having to make a formal apology to Mrs. Moore, when what he really wanted to do was stick his foot up her ass. Beau knew that it might put a dent in his popularity to be friends with Joey, but he was actually a pretty likable guy. Sure, he had a temper, and a dirty mind, but what teenager doesn't?

Beau had wanted to tell off Mrs. Moore more than once himself, but he had never had the balls. Joey was funny, intensely loyal, and he definately had a truckload of balls. The three of them were very different people, and perhaps even unlikely friends, but they all shared at least one major interest. Girls. So many beautiful girls. Beau had no trouble attracting them, He was tall, and athletic, with straw blonde hair, and a charming smile. Girls seemed to adore him, and many of them raved about his beautiful, baby-blue eyes.

He could have had a date every night of the week, but it was all just an excercise in frustration. All the girls he knew were virgins, and the very idea of sex seemed to terrify most of them. The summer they all turned fifteen, Mike's parents decided to ship him off to camp, so Danny and Beau decided that they needed to go too. The place was called Camp Killian, but they called it, "Camp Nowhere." The place was quite literally in the middle of nowhere, but it was almost like there was something in the water.


It became appearant quite quickly that the girls there seemed more playful and adventurous than the girls at their school, and Mike talked a rather plain girl into giving him a handjob behind the girl's dorm on the very first day. Afterward, Mike centered his attention on Amber, at least in part because he knew that Beau already had his eye on her. He was always a little too competitive, but she seemed to like him, so Beau defered to his friend. He didn't like it. In fact it kind of pissed him off, but that was just what Mike was like.

He was a petty, selfish person, and he didn't have an abundance of respect for other people. The two of them were already starting to grow apart, but Beau wasn't quite ready to give up on him just yet. Some of the other girls called Amber fat, but they were just being jealous and vindictive. She was just a few months older than Beau, and she had the biggest boobs he'd ever seen. Those massive mams were the desire of every guy in the entire camp, and it made all the girls hate her.

That's why they called her mean, hurtful names, and it stuck when one of the more creative ones started calling her "Boobzilla." She absolutely hated that, but she had a knack for just letting things roll off her. Beau actually thought that Amber's biggest flaw was that she wasn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she was very sweet, and Beau liked her the moment he met her.

She had long, dark auburn hair, and was heavier than most of the girls, but it was all boobs and booty. Young boys can be thoughtless, but young girls can be creul. They pretty much left her alone and vunerable, and Mike was always so very charming when he wanted to be. Beau actually felt like he should warn her about Mike, but that would have been against the unspoken code that most guys share.

Bros before hos and all that. Joey, on the other hand, fell maddly in love with a sexy little punk girl named, Eve. She had a bob of bright blue hair, and she seemed happy to torture him all summer. He was pretty much her bitch, and he followed her around like a puppy, at her beck and call at all hours of the day. Beau had to admit that he saw the appeal.

Eve was pretty hot, but he couldn't have put up with her crap the way Joey did. She was really kind of a bitch, and she almost never smiled at all.

Joey said that they shared a connection, and he would always refer to her his first love. Beau thought he was crazy. Beau took his time and ended up focused on noone in particular. The woman he really wanted to go after was with Mike, and the only other woman there he was interested in was a camp counciler in her early twenties.

Samantha was a drop-dead knockout with silky black hair and a dazzling smile. She was even nice to boot, the perfect package, but of course she already had a boyfriend her own age. He was one of the other councilers, and Beau thought he was a dick, but it made her seem unattainable. Beau ended up spending most of his time with Tracy, who was actually a friend of Eve's. Kind of plain and thin as a rail, she was pretty much a tomboy, and their friendship was forged over their mutual love of comic books.

Beau actually liked her, and found her attractive enough, but he saw the truth right away even if the others were too blind to see it.

The way Tracy looked at Eve made it obvious that Beau wasn't exactly her type, but that certianly didn't mean they couldn't be friends. The six of them became a sort of strange, mis-matched clique, and things got kind of crazy before the summer ended. Camp Nowhere was on a small lake with an island in it's center, and there was literally nothing else but woods for miles around. The closest thing was a small gas station/convience store that was called Tully's. To drive there was like five or six miles, but it was more like a three if you were willing to hike through the woods.

Eve convinced Joey to rob it. He woke Beau and Mike at 3AM, and they helped him hide the stash he and Eve had dragged back on a makeshift liter. They had to take three canoes to ferry all the cases of beer and bottles of booze, and they barely made it back before the morning wake up call. Of course the two "master" criminals had left a distinct trail the whole way back to the camp, so it wasn't long before the cops showed up.

Forutnately, they had treated the alcohol like buried treasure, and they never found anything. They questioned everyone in the camp, more than once, but everyone played dumb, and after a few weeks the heat finally died down.

Things pretty much went back to normal, and it wasn't long before they decided that it was time for a little private party. The six of them snuck out as soon as the lights went out, stole three canoes, and paddled out to the island. They dug the booze up out of the sand, and proceded to get completely ripped. None of them were experienced drinkers and it didn't take much. A few beers and the girls were lit, than suddenly everyone split off into pairs. Joey and Eve were dry-humping each other every chance they got, but Eve never let it get much farther than that.

And Mike had told Beau that he was sure that tonight was the night. Amber had let him feel her up under the shirt last time, and he seemed certian that she was ready to go all the way. Beau only drank enough to catch a good buzz, but Tracy got so hammered she passed out not long after everyone else went off in search of some privacy. He was alone, and very bored for awhile, but then Mike came stomping back far earlier than he had expected.

He seemed. satisfied as he grabbed a beer and drained it, and that was when Amber came shuffling in. She was trying hard to control herself, but Beau could see that she had been crying, and he went from bored to pissed off in about two seconds flat. "What the hell happened?" He demanded of Mike when Amber just sat down and refused to look at either of them. "What's your problem?" Mike scowled at him. "What happened between you to?" Beau asked her as much as Mike, but his gaze narrowed on Mike when she remained silent.

"What the fuck did you do? Why is she crying?" "It's over between the two of us," Mike told him bluntly. "She's not going to put out, and I have better things to do with my time." Beau looked at Amber, tears streaming down her face, and he reacted on pure impulse.

The next thing he knew, Mike was on his ass with a bloody nose, and his hand was trobbing from the impact with Mike's face.

"What the fuck did you do that for!?" Mike demanded angrily. "Because you deserved it," Beau growled. "Appologize to her for being a dick." "Fuck you, and fuck this," Mike snarled as stalked off toward the canoes. "I'm out of here." Things were kind of awkward at first as they waited for Joey and Eve, but a few more drinks and Amber began to losen up. He had to prod her gently, offering her a sympathetic ear to bend, but she eventually told him what happened.

"I knew he was just after one thing," she told told him quietly. "But I convinced myself that he really liked me. I was willing to. play around, but he just keeps getting more and more pushy about it. Tonight, he kept grabbing at my crotch, and when I told him to stop it, he got angry." "He didn't.?" Beau didn't know how to ask. "Oh, God no," she burst out when she realized what he meant, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

Maybe he wouldn't have to kill Mike after all. "He's a dick, but not that big a dick." She took a deep breath before continuing. "Basicly he bitched and begged until I agreed to give him a blowjob. I told him to let me know when he was close, and he certianly did. He grabbed my head and held me down while he came in my mouth, and then he broke up with me in the next breath.

Can you fucking believe that?" "Yeah," Beau agreed. "That is definately a dick move." He didn't want her to know that just listening to her talk about it gave him a hard-on. "He gets more and more from me everytime," she said in disgust. "What the fuck does he have to complain about? I'm the one that almost threw up!" "Cumming in a girl's mouth is a pretty popular fantasy for guys," he told her honestly. "But he shouldn't have made you do it. Some guys are just never satisfied with what they have." "What about you?" She asked.

"What about me what?" "Are you satisfied?" She glanced at Tracy's unconscious form with a chuckle. "I know you two are just friends, so why don't you have a girlfriend?" "Well, there was a girl I wanted to pursue," he admitted. "But I didn't act quickly enough, and she ended up with one of my best friends instead." "Eve?" She asked slyly. "Eve isn't the sexiest girl in this entire camp," he told her seriously. "Well, now I know you're not talking about me," Amber laughed shyly. Beau nudged her chin to make her look at him so that she could see how serious he was.

Normally, he wouldn't even consider making a play for a girl his friend just broke up with, but in this case, the dick deserved it. It was what he got for being an idiot. "Believe it," he told her. "The popular girls hate you because all the guys want you. Any guy would be lucky to be with you, and if Mike doesn't realize that, then the stupid dick doesn't deserve you." "Thank you, Beau," she told him earnestly. "But let me ask you this; If you were with me, wouldn't you be pushing for sex too?" "I'm a guy, and I'm still a virgin," he admitted with a chuckle.

"Sex is mostly all I think about. Of course I would want it, but what you want matters too. I'm not so thoughtless of other people's feelings." "I just might give you the chance to prove that," she replied playfully, and he yeilded to the impulse to kiss her.

At first he thought that he had moved to soon, but then she was kissing him back, and things began to heat up quickly. Her breasts were soft, but firm, and he was delighted by the weight of them in his hands. He was facinated with the way her hard nipples poked through the fabric of her shirt, and playing with them made her groan.

"Do you want me to?" She asked with a glance at the bulge in his pants after several minutes. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to do," he told her, and that seemed to be exactly the right thing to say.

"Good," she gave him a warm smile. "Sex is off the table, but I'm willing to entertain just about anything else." "Really?" The very thought made him incredibly excited, and made him feel bold.

"Well I was always taught that you should give as much as you recieve." "You mean." She seemed a bit suprised, but was obviously intrigued. "But that would mean I'd pretty much have to get naked. How do I know you'd be satisfied to stop there?" "I'm satisfied with what we just doing," Beau laughed. "Anything else would be a bonus, but I'm just offering you the same thing you offered me. I mean, what do you get out of it if I don't return the favor?" "Okay," she suprised him.

"But you go first." She didn't need to tell him twice. CHAPTER 2 _____________________ Eventually Beau trailed away from Amber's full, soft lips, and kissed his way down her neck. He pushed her shirt up so that he could give her fantastic breasts some much deserved attention. Her bra had a front clasp, and she made no protest when he tried to take it off. It took him a moment to figure out how it hooked together, but she just smiled and chuckled as she let him figure it out for himself.

The only word that came to mind when he saw her bare breasts was awe, and he took his time exploring them. From the first moment he felt the way her warm, soft breasts overflowed his hands, it was almost impossible to stop touching them. He was a little tenative at first, but when he sucked one of her thick, hard nipples into his mouth, her back arched up off the ground and she groaned low in her throat.

Her nipples were extremely sensitive, and he loved the way she squirmed as he gave both of them plenty of attention. He was actually torn about leaving her breasts, but he loved the way she was already squirming and breathing hard, so he kissed his way down over her abdomen and gave her belly button a tongue kiss as he popped the button on her jeans. That was when Beau felt her tense, so he pushed himself up so that he could look down into those big green eyes.

She was so incredibly sexy, laying there with her breasts exposed and her hair fanned out over the blanket they had but down on the sand. He could tell that she was turned on, but she was also nervous.

"These do have to come off if you you want me to go down on you," he offered her a mischevious grin. "Okay," she whispered in apprehension.

"Are you sure?" He chuckled. "You don't look sure." "I'm nervous," she admitted. "Noone's ever. and I'm not sure you'll." "Hey," Beau got her attention when she started to babble.

"I'm not Mike. I'm not going to make you do something you don't want to do." "It's not that," she flushed. "Then what's wrong?" "I've never had an orgasm with a guy before," she admitted. "I've only ever done it myself, and when it happens, something. happens. I, um. I squirt." "Do you think that's going to stop me?" He raised a brow and laughed.

"I don't know," she admitted. "It's weird. Most girls don't, and I just thought I should warn you. I didn't want to get mad when." "Stop worrying," he growled, and then kissed her to shut her up. Beau was already so hard his cock was throbbing, but he took his time heating things back up. He had seen this done in porno movies, but he had never actually done it, and he wanted to make sure she enjoyed it.

He needn't have worried He didn't bother taking her dainty white panties off, and just pulled them aside as he settled between her legs. She was already quivering before he even touched her, and she moaned as he feathered her labia lightly with his tongue.

She was already dripping wet, and she gasped as he flicked back and forth across her clit. Beau waited until she was trying to grind her hips into his face, and then he just buried his face in her musky cunt. He had never tasted a woman's sex before, and there are no two women that taste exactly the same, but Amber's pussy was exceptionally sweet.

Perhaps it was just because she was his first, but it was like a taste of ambrosia. He was so turned on, enjoying every twitch and moan, he got a little overly eager. He wanted to see her cum, and he attacked her clit with his tongue like he was trying to lick it off.

He clamped both her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers as he gripped her breasts, and Amber went wild. Beau was forced to let go of her boobs and hold onto her hips as she bucked against his face.

Then her legs contracted around his head as she arched her back up off the ground, and she shuddered as her mouth fell open. "I'm cumming," she gasped.

"I'm cumming!" And she did. Amber didn't so much squirt as she gushed, and she had Beau trapped so he couldn't have moved even if he had wanted to. He got a little more than a taste as she drenched him in her juices, but he was so turned on, he didn't even think about it until she gasped. "Oh my god, I am so sorry," she looked so horrified he had to laugh.

"I didn't mean to." "You just Miked me," Beau teased her. A phrase that would forever live in infamy. "I didn't mean to Mike you," her eyes were wide, but she was relieved that Beau didn't seem angry with her. "I just sort of spaz when I cum." "It was sexy," Beau chuckled as he wiped his face with his shirt. "My cock's so hard right now, I could probably hammer a nail with it." "Then I guess it's my turn to take care of you," she giggled as she worked at his pants, but then she gasped as his cock sprang out of his underwear like it was spring loaded.

Beau didn't like to brag, but he had an impressive cock. It was just over nine inches fully errect, and it was nice and thick. It was obvious that she was more than a little intimidating, and that was the first time that he realized that it as much a curse as a blessing.

Not all women can handle a pornstar sized cock. Case and point, Amber could barely get more than the head in her mouth, and her teeth became a problem for Beau pretty quickly. The warm, moist heat of her mouth around his cock felt incredible, but her teeth felt like they were going to peel the skin off.

"I'm sorry," she was disappointed herself when he pulled away with a hiss of pain for the second time. "I can't open my mouth any wider." "It's okay," he told her even though it really wasn't. "What do you want me to do?" She asked sheepishly.

"A handjob just seems inadequate after what you did for me." "Spit on it," Beau told her. "Get it all wet and slippery, and let me fuck your tits." "That's gross," she was hesitant. "My boobs will get all wet and slimy." "We can take a swim to clean off afterward," he tried desperately. "I'm already covered in your juices after all." "Okay," she fumbled with her inexperience as Beau stood there waiting, aching with anticipation.

It took her a minute to get his cock lubed. She was shy about just spitting on it, but by the end she was getting a thrill out of how dirty it felt. Then he nestled his cock in the deep valley between her fantastic boobs, and she trapped it there by pressing them together tightly. It was warm, slippery, and oh-so soft as he started working his hips into her chest, enjoying the way her breasts felt wrapped around his throbbing meat.

Beau was on cloud nine, and he started fucking her harder and faster, the head of his cock nearly poking her in the throat with each thrust. It felt amazing, and it wasn't long before he couldn't take it anymore. He groaned as his cock spasmed and jerked, and he shot his load all over her throat and her breasts. "Ew," she laughed as she pulled back and looked down at herself.

"Look at what you did to me!" "I look good on you," Beau chuckled as he pulled her to her feet, and claimed her lips for a scorching hot kiss. Her boobs were wet and slimy where they were pressed against his chest, but he couldn't have cared less.


They took a swim to clean off, and Joey and Eve were waiting for them by the time they were finished. It was almost amazing the way their friends simply acceped the sudden shift in the group dynamic, but it was almost a week before Mike and Beau started talking again.

Mike spent the rest of the summer chasing pretty girls at random, but he never got any farther than he did with Amber. Amber and Beau had a great time together. She was so sensitive and responsive, he loved getting her off, and she even got to the point where she didn't mind having her boobs slimed. She even let him cum in her mouth once, but she almost threw up afterward, and he told her she didn't have to do it again.

Of all their encounters, Beau thought the best one was when we got each other off right in front of a dozen people. They were in the pool, talking and laughing with their friends, and she was leaning back against him while he held her. She looked incredible in the pink two-piece bathing suit, and Beau couldn't stop his hands from roaming. It wasn't long before he had a hard on, and he adjusted himself so that it was trapped deliciously between his abdomen and her juicy ass.

"Beau," she whispered huskily as he slowly worked his hips against her. Somehow she managed to keep a straight face as she talked to Eve, but she tried to stop him as he pulled her bottoms aside so that he could play with her pussy. She was obviously terrified of being caught, but he was persistant. He pulled her hips tight against him, and she leaned back with a sigh as she began to get turned on too.

It was thrilling to know that they were surrounded by people who had no idea what was going on beneath the water. He chuckled when she tensed and shivered as the water around her crotch suddenly got warmer, and then he released himself as well. His cock throbbed and pulsed between them, and he groaned lightly in her ear before nibbling at the nape of her neck. It turned out to be a great summer, and she was the reason Beau dreaded the thought of going home.

She told him she loved him the night before everyone left, and she even offered him her virginity. He wanted it, baddly, but amazingly enough he declined. He had come to care about Amber very deeply, and he knew that they would probably never see each other again. Every instinct he had screamed for him to take her, but he just couldn't do it. He decided that he would rather regret not having her, than for her to regret giving her virginity to some guy she only dated for a month and a half.

Going back home was something of a shock to the system, and all three boys were struck by a wave of melancholy. Joey and Eve had never gone past dry humping, but she was still all that he could talk about. Mike just seemed withdrawn and frustrated, but it wasn't long before things started to change. He was the starting quarterback the next year, and before long, he had more girls than he knew what to do with. Of course Mike was the first of us to finally get laid, and once he got started, there was no stopping him.

He was something of the resident man-whore, and even though he was Beau's friend, he never liked the way he treated women. Girls were people too, but Mike treated them like disposable sex toys. On the other hand, Joey was exactly the opposite.

He ended up hooking up with one of Mike's cast-offs, Jill, and they instantly became something of an item.

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By Junior year, they were pretty much inseperable. Beau started dating Angie shortly after Joey and Jill got together. She was beautiful and sweet, and he enjoyed spending time with her, but making any kind of progress with her was like trying to break into Fort Knox. He simply wasn't satisfied, and he ended up losing his virginity by cheating on her.

He felt so guilty afterward, he had to tell her what he had done, but to his suprise she didn't break up with him. As strange as it may seem, his dallience made her realize that if she wanted to keep him, she needed to take care of him, and their relationship was better than ever afterward. She still wasn't ready for sex, but as any woman knows, there are other ways to take care of a man. Now, in Beau's defense, he never intended to cheat on Angie. He had never been that type of guy, but he was only sixteen, and she had never givin him so much as a handjob.

He was pretty much horny all the time, and there aren't many teenage boys who would have done any differently if they had been in his shoes. Even though his family was far from poor, his father refused to buy him a car when he got his driver's licence.

He said that Beau would appreciate it more if I had to pay for it himself, so he worked every odd job he could find that summer. For the most part he did yardwork, and cleaned pools, and that was how he met Mrs. Johnson. She was one of the several customers he found by placing an add in the local paper. Her house was only a few blocks away, and he'd seen her before, but he'd never actually spoken to her. It was impossible for a horny teenage boy to miss a woman like her, and he was exceptionally nervous around her.

Hell, the first time she smiled at him he almost melted, and he felt like a bumbling fool anytime he had to interact with her. She just completely unnerved him, and he missed a lot of the signals she was throwing his way in his inexperience. Beau mowed her yard, and cleaned her pool once a week, and she was always a big tipper.

She was a very nice, polite lady in her early fourties, and she was very wealthy. He knew she was married, but her husband traveled a lot for work, and he was gone so much that Beau only met him once.

Mrs. Johnson seemed happy at first glance, but an observant person eventually noticed that her smiles never quite reached her eyes. She was lonely and felt neglected, but it took Beau half the summer to figure that out for himself. He rarely ever saw her when he mowed the grass, but it became something of a ritual that she would sunbathe, and chat with him while he cleaned the pool.


She might have been nearly three times his age, but it was hard not to stare at her when she came out of the house wearing a skimpy two piece bathing suit that left very little to the imagination.

Mrs. Johnson was gorgeous. She had long, curly blonde hair, full, painted red lips, and big, warm blue eyes. She had full, perfectly rounded c-cups, and she kept her body tight and trim by spending endless hours working out at the gym. To be honest Beau was guilty of fantasizing about her more than once, but he never even imagined that fantasy might actually come true. "So, how are things with your girlfriend?" She asked him out of the blue one day.

She was wearing her tiny pink bikini that drove him absolutely crazy, but thankfully she was laying face down just then so he wasn't even fighting the urge to stare at her.

She had a tight, flawless, heart-shaped ass, but he had to be more careful when she was on her back. She was usually wearing sunglasses, and he could never tell if she was looking at him or not. The last thing he wanted was for her to catch him staring at her juicy bits.

He couldn't afford to make her uncomfortable. She was one of his best customers, and at least for awhile, getting a car had to be a bigger priority than getting laid. "She's okay, I guess," Beau finally responded when her question cut through the haze of desire in his brain. He just wanted to go over there and jump on her, pull that flimsy stip of cloth aside, and bury his cock in her before she could even protest.

Luckily, he did have some impulse control. "That sounds like the response of a man who is only pretending to be happy." Even her laugh was musical and seductive. "We get along fine," he answered awkwardly, unsure of what he should tell her. He had never discussed such things with a woman before, and he really wasn't sure how to respond. "It's just. I don't. " "Let me guess," she laughed at him again.

"She's a virgin, and she told you she's not ready yet." "Well. yeah," Beau was a bit suprised. "How did you know?" "I was sixteen once too you know," she admonished him. "You might just think of me as an old lady now, but I still remember what it was like before my first time." "I don't think of you as an old lady," he replied a bit sheepishly.

"You're a beautiful woman." "Aww, that's sweet," she sighed. "Thank you Beau, but I know I'm getting old. I'm getting wrinkles, and parts of me are starting to sag despite my best efforts." "No offence Mrs. J, but maybe you should have your eyes checked." Beau responded a little more brazzenly than he normally would have, but he thought that a little flattery might make her feel better about herself.

"I certianly can't see what you're talking about. If you ask me, your husband is a lucky man." "I wish he thought so," she sighed wistfully. "Your girlfriend; Angie was it? She's lucky too, she just doesn't know enough to know it yet. Just give her some time." "What do you mean?" He asked as he scooped out a few more leaves and a couple of dead bugs.

"She's just scared," she explained. "Sex hurts the first time for girls, and what you're packing would make you both intriguing, and terrifying to a virgin. Believe me. She wants to do it almost as much as you do, but while you're experiencing the extacy right away, her first few times will hurt like hell." "How do you know what I'm packing?" Beau asked incredulously.

He couldn't even believe she'd said that. "It's hard to hide a bulge that that in swim trunks," she laughed. "Women might worship you for that later in life, but I'm sorry hon.

Taking something that big is a daunting prospect for a virgin." "Maybe I should be looking for a woman who isn't a virgin then." Beau couldn't even believe his own audacity, but she was the one who had started this conversation. "Maybe," she rose up a little as she turned to look at him. "It probably wouldn't be hard to find someone with a little more experience who's willing. The real question is; What about your girlfriend? Don't you love her?" "I don't know," he admitted honestly.

"But I know that I'm not happy about where things stand right now. There definately isn't any satisfaction happening." "Maybe you should look elsewhere then," he could almost hear the shrug in her voice. "Before or after the frustration drives me to genocide?" Beau asked wryly. "Those are your only choices?" She laughed at him. "Get laid or commit mass murder?" "Think that would work as a pick up line?" He laughed with her.

"I know I'm a genetic freak, but please, your suffering could save the human race." "It would work on me," Beverly muttered, knowing full well that she was being very bad, but she just couldn't seem to help herself.

Beau was tall, and his leanly muscled body was a source of endless facination for her, but she had to keep reminding herself that he was only sixteen! She could go to jail if she let anything happen between them, but being forbidden fruit just made him seem even more enticing.

Beau heard her, but she hadn't said it very loudly, and he couldn't be sure that he'd heard her correctly. In fact, he was sure that it had to be his overactive imagination playing tricks on him. "What was that?" He had to force himself to ask the simple question. Whatever her answer was, he wasn't quite sure his heart could take it. "I said; Could you put some sunscreen on me?" She cleared her throat.

"My back is starting to feel a bit warm." "Um, sure," he mumbled as he put down the net and made his way over nervously. She had never made that request before, and that definately wasn't what she had said before. Suddenly, he was terrified.

CHAPTER 3 _____________________ Beau picked up the lotion, but then he froze as she reached back and untied her top. The strings fell down at her sides, and his cock instantly began to harden as he realized that the sides of her boobs were exposed.

"I don't want you to get any lotion on my top," she explained casually. "You wouldn't believe how much these things cost." "It looks good on you," Beau told her nervously as he squirted a generous amount of the creamy white lotion on her back.

It struck him how much it looked like someone had just blown their load all over her, and that thought was enough to bring him fully errect before he ever even touched her. "Thank you," she giggled as he started trying to work the lotion in with just the tips of his fingers.

"Come on Beau, don't be shy about it. I don't bite. much." Beau offered a nervous chuckle, but he was too terrified to find much of anything funny at that particular moment. What the hell was he going to do when he had to get up and go back to work?

It wasn't like he could conceal his arousal, and as any man knows, sometimes the beast has a mind of it's own. All it knew was that Beau was touching a beautiful, sexy woman, and at the very least, part of him was going to be ready no matter what happened. "Don't be afraid to use your hands," she told him. "Kneed it into the skin like you're giving a massage.

Trust me, that's one skill you should definately learn if you want to be successful with women." Beau followed her instructions, and it wasn't long before she sighed heavily and moaned. "Yeah, that's it," she told him.

"That feels incredible. You have very strong hands." "Your shoulders feel like there are knots in them," he told her as he kneeded her soft, smooth, tanned skin. She felt softer than he could have imagined, and he continued kneeding her back even after the lotion had all been absorbed. He didn't want to stop touching her, but he knew that he was starting to push his luck.

"Would you mind doing that for awhile longer?" She suprised him. "I'm so tense, and you seem to be a quick learner." Was she kidding? He could do this all day. "Sure," Beau told her, trying to play it cool. "It's no problem." "Lower," she groaned as his hands worked down between her shoulders. "Yeah, that's almost perfect. Why don't you straddle my legs so that you can really apply your weight." Beau did as she suggested even though he was so nervous he was almost shaking.

This put him in a position he had often dreamed of, and now that he was actually there, it was a supreme effort of will not to develop a case of roaming hands.

He was staring straight down at the perfectly rounded globes of her butt cheeks, and it was hard not to think about how close his throbbing cock was to exactly where it wanted to be most.

All he had to do was lean forward a little more and his errection would have been pressed right between her cheeks. He tried to focus on kneeding the tight muscles of her lower back, and not how much he wanted to move his hands just a few inches lower. "Are you sure you haven't done this before?" She groaned, and he closed his eyes to savor the sound, imagining that she was groaning for an entirely different reason.

"You really have the magic touch. Keep it up, and you're going to turn me into a big old wad of putty." "Your skin is so soft," he muttered, wishing he had the nerve to make a move.

Only, she was the one that moved. She shifted unexpectedly, and her ass bumped right up against his hard cock for the briefest of moments. He instantly went ridgid and shifted his hips back, but she only giggled. "Beau," She glanced back over her shoulder. 'Was that what I think it was?" "I. I'm sorry," he stammered. "I can't really help it." "It's okay," she laughed at his nervousness. "It's nice to know that someone still finds me attractive.

I haven't had that effect on my husband in a long time." "Well, he's a dumbass then," Beau told her what he thought before he could change his mind. "If I had a woman like you, I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off her." "Really?" Her voice suddenly sounded deeper, throaty, and husky. "What exactly would you like to do to a woman like me?" Beau opened his mouth, but it was like he suddenly forgotten how to form words.

What would he like to do to a woman like her? What wouldn't he like to do? That was probably a much shorter list. "Come on, surely you can think of something," she teased. "Just be honest. What's the first thing that pops into your mind?" "My mind and my body can't agree on an answer," he chuckled.

"My brain says that I would take things slowly. Massage her entire body, and then taste every inch of her before making slow, passionate love to her." "That' sounds nice," she replied wistfully. "But assume that this isn't about love. What does your body tell you?" "Just go for it and get inside y. her as fast as possible," he admitted. "No foreplay, no preamble, just raw desire, and a desperate need to soothe the aching." Beau actually felt her shiver and saw the gooseflesh rise on the backs of her arms.

He almost felt like he couldn't breath. Was she serious, or was she just teasing him? "That's good too," she told him. "Women like a man that just goes after what he wants.

Slow and soft is nice, but so is hard and fast. You should always just follow your instincts when it comes to pleasing a woman.

She'll let you know if she likes it, or if you're stepping over the line." "Isn't there any way to know where the line is before you cross it?" He asked cautiously. "I mean, going for it may seem like a good idea, but then the next thing you know you're getting the piss slapped out of you." "You just have to decide if it's worth the risk," she told him simply. "Unless someone blantantly tells you to go for it, your own instincts are all you have.

You just have to remember that they might be just as nervous about making the first move as you are. You have to learn to read the situation." The silence streched out as he continued to rub her back, and his mind chased itself in circles. Was she actually suggesting that he go for it, or was she just offering a naive kid some sage advice?

He wanted to believe his instincts, but what if it was just wishful thinking on his part? What if he made a move and she freaked out? That would be bad, granted, but he remembered what she had just told him. It was up to him to decide if it was a chance worth taking, and he only had to take one look at her ass to know the answer.

Not just yes, but hell yes. He leaned forward as he reached for her shoulders, letting his hard cock press right into the deep valley between her but cheeks. He figured she already knew he was hard, so if she freaked out, at least he could just act like it was an accident. But then all his worries scattered along with his thoughts as she wiggled her bottom against him. "Oh, you are such a bad boy, Beau," she groaned as he slowly began to work his hips against her.

"What are you panning to do with that monster?" Beau couldn't take anymore teasing. He pulled back for a second, admiring the way his cock had pushed the thin fabric of her bathing suit deep into her crack. He eagerly pushed his shorts down far enough to let his manhood spring free, and hooked the sliver of material between her legs with a finger and pulled it to the side.

When he leaned forward again, his cock slid right up beween her legs, and she gasped slightly as the head lodged against the opening to her her pussy. He pushed slightly as she rolled her hips, and he felt her warmth engulf him as the head of his cock slipped inside her. She was already wet and ready, but his shaft was still dry and she winced as he tried to push deeper. "Spit on your hand and rub it on your dick," she told him. "Get it nice and wet and it will slide right in." His cock jerked in protest as she pulled away, but after he did as she suggested, there was very little resistance as he slid right inside her.

Her warm, wet pussy felt incredibly tight, and by the time he sank himself all the way in, his eyes were about to roll up in his head. Words couldn't have done justice to how being inside her felt, and his hand sought her breast as he began to move.

"That's it baby," she groaned. "Nice and slow at first. You're so big, you have to give a girl time to adjust." That was no problem because he was already having a hard time controling himself.

She felt so good, and when he looked down at her fantastic ass, he could watch his cock disappearing between her legs, and it was almost too much. He was forced to pull out or it would have been over right then. "Where are you going?" She groaned. "I don't want my first time to be over in thirty seconds," he admitted sheepishly.

"I want you back inside me, Beau," she moaned as she rolled onto her side and hiked her top leg up to give him a spectacular view of her core as she reached down to rub herself. "I want you to cum for me." When he slid back inside her from this angle, he went even deeper, and he enjoyed that now that she was on her side, he had easier access to those beautiful breasts. He could seem to stop touching and squeezing them, and then she grabbed one of his hands and brought it to her mouth so that she could suck on his thumb.

The entire thing was just so incredibly sexy, and he couldn't hold back anymore. He started to fuck her in earnest as she sucked and licked his fingers, and it felt so good he was trying to think about anything else just to make it last a little longer.

Their bodies made a rhythmic slapping sound as he fucked her, and her hands went to his hips as she tried to pull them tohether even harder. His free hand gripped her left breast tightly, and she moaned and grunted with every thrust.

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Before long, he was driving himself into her with everything he had, and she was loving it. She threw back her head and squealed as she writhed though her orgasm, and the sight of her like that pushed him right over the top.

His toes clenched as that intense tingle began to build. He had masturbated about a billion times, and those orgasms had paled to the one's he'd had with Amber, but this.

This was in an entirely different league, and his muscles clenched tightly as he tried to stave it off for just a little while longer. "I can't take it," Beau groaned. "You feel so good Mrs. J. I'm gonna.

I'm gonna." "Yesss," she hissed as her own orgasm made her shudder. "Cum for me, Beau. Cum inside me!" He buried himself to the hilt as his cock began to jump and jerk inside her, and he growled tightly as his balls emptied a huge load deep inside her hot cunt. It was so intense, those few seconds seemed to go on forever, and to be honest he had never imagined that anything could feel so good.

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If there was a heaven, then he had just found it. "Jesus Christ," he muttered as he shuddered, still holding her tightly as he kept himself buried deep inside her. "You are incredible." "Thank you," she laughed. "Unfortunately, you know we can't make a habit out of this, right?" "Why not?" He wondered.

"Your husband is never around anyway." "That doesn't matter," she chuckled. "My husband and I have our little indescretions from time to time, but that's all they are. Anything more than once is an affair." "I wish you had told me that before," Beau scowled at her in disappointment.

"I would have made sure this lasted longer.

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I'm going to be dreaming about you for a long time, so I wish I had a little more to feul my imagination." "Tell you what," she laughed at him.

"Finish up the pool quick enough, and I might give you a tour of my bedroom." "But you just said." "I said we couldn't do this again," she told him with a mischevious gleam in her eye. "And I meant it. So we had better make this time count." Beau finished her pool in record time, and then she spent nearly four hours milking him for all he was worth.

He was a bit suprised at his own potency, but he came three more times, and she must have gotten off at least twice as many times. The second time was still over rather quickly, and the third time was much more respectable, but the fourth? They had already gone though every position he knew, and even learned a few, new ones, but she seemed insatiable.

He got off for the third time while she was riding him like a wild bronco, and the orgasm afterglow was so good, he thought that he had to be completely spent. Then she asked if he'd like to take a shower with her, and she was able to tease him back to life one last time with ease.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and guided him inside so that he could take her against the wall of the shower stall, and then they finished up with her bent over the sink while he drilled her from behind. Beau was so sore when he finally left, the walk home seemed to take twice as long. It felt like his entire abdomen was going to turn into one big bruise, and muscles that he didn't even know he had were sore, but it was the best pain he had ever felt.

He was on cloud nine at first, but then he started thinking about Angie. Angie was beautiful, sweet, and she didn't deserve this. It was a complete betrayal, he didn't kid himself about that, and it made him feel like a complete heel. Someone like Mike might not have cared, but that wasn't the person Beau wanted to be. Still, he couldn't bring himself to regret living out a fantasy for his very first sexual experience.

Hell, it was a memory he would probably cherish until his dying day, but he did regret that he had cheated on his girlfriend. Before he even made it home he had already decided to just confront the problem directly. He wasn't going to lie to her, so he had to tell her. Mrs. J. later told him that she was proud of him for being a man about it, but that certianly hadn't made it any easier at the time.

It wasn't exactly an easy conversation to begin, but Angie took it better that he'd thought she would. To his complete shock, Angie actually blamed herself. Before he even realized what was happening, he was trying to convince her that it wasn't her fault. He knew full well that he was in the wrong, and if anything, her reaction just made him feel even more guilty about the entire thing. It took her a few weeks, but in the end she forgave him. She promised that in the future she would try to satisfy his needs, and he promised that nothing like this would ever happen again.

What he didn't know, was that everything was about to change. Sometimes, you meet someone that turns your entire world upside down weither you like it or not. Someone that makes the kind of impression that lasts a lifetime. Beau wasn't exactly overjoyed when he found out that his father, Alan, was getting remarried.

And he was even less enthused when he found out that he would be getting a step-sister in the bargain. He and his father had been living by themselves for years, ever since Beau's mother left, but it was hard to begrudge his father any kind of happiness. Beau's parents had never really gotten along in the first place. Their relationship had been solely based on sex, and they only decided to get married because she got pregnant.

Almost as if it were fate sending a warning, she miscarried about a month after the wedding, and then Beau was concieved about six months later. Even then they spent endless hours bickering at each other, and it only got worse as time went on. Beau had only been ten years old when she took off, and the betrayal he had felt still stung when he thought about it.

He actually blamed his father at first, but eventually he got old enough to realize that she had abandoned him as well. She just went to the store one evening and never came back. All she left behind was a note saying that she was sorry, and she needed to try to find happiness before the hole in her heart grew to the point where it couldn't be filled. The whole thing brought him and his father closer together, but now he had to wonder.

He hadn't even known his father was dating, and couldn't he have even bothered to introduce the woman before he decided to marry her? What if they hated each other? It just kind of made sense to him that his father should have brought her around before, to test the water, so to speak, before he went and dived in head-first. It really kind of blew Beau's mind, but when his father decided that he wanted something, he was all in. There were no half-measures. They all went out to a nice dinner to meet each other, and Beau honestly didn't quite know what to think of the two of women.

His future step-mother, Hannah, seemed pleasant enough, and it was easy to see what his father saw in her. Hannah was a tall, incredibly well built brunette, and she was the kind of beautiful that made men give themselves whiplash for a second glimpse. Especially with the kind of slinky, black silk dress she was wearing, it was a constant strugle not to look at her creamy, light brown cleavage.

She looked like she had to have some latino ancestery, but there was no accent to speak of, and Beau half expected her to tell him she was a model when he asked her what she did for a living.

She was an accountant. He didn't see that coming, and for the life of him, he couldn't see what she saw in his father. His father was a decent enough looking guy, and he cleaned up suprisingly well, but he was a used car dealer. They had a nice house, and lived fairly comfortably, but she definately wasn't in it for the money.

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If anything, Beau was willing to bet that she made more than he did! They seemed a kind of odd pair, but she actually seemed to find his father's lame jokes funny, and it was pretty obvious that his father was completely enamoured.

His father reminded him of the way Joey fell in love blindly with girls he had only just met, and watching the two them together just made Beau uncomfortable.

He still hadn't quite made up his mind about Hannah. She was polite, and friendly, and she seemed to genuinely like his father, which made it difficult to find anything really wrong with her. Her daughter, Alison, on the other hand, was a completely different story. Alison was just a few months younger than Beau, and she definately had her mother's smoldering good looks.

If anything, she was even more beautiful, and well on her way to developing the same incredible body.

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Her simple white dress hugged her curves perfectly, but after the first ten minutes, Beau realized that looks really weren't everything. Alison was angry about having this dropped on her as well, and she came off very cold and arrogant.

She had a snide comment for just about everything, but their parents just laughed like they thought she was funny. Beau pretty much hated her, and the feeling seemed entirely mutual. He tried to be nice to her, just to be polite, but she certianly didn't make it easy.

Sometimes he wished that he could just be blunt, and painfully honest, the way Joey often was, but he swallowed it and kept his mouth shut. His father actually seemed happy,and noone was asking for his opinion. Alan and Hannah got married two weeks later, and after a week-long honeymoon in Moracco, they began the big move.

Hannah and Alison lived in an apartment downtown, and their house was the obvious choice. There was plenty of room, in theory, but it started feeling a lot smaller really fast. It felt more like an invasion to Beau, and the first few days were a whirlwind of pure chaos. Hannah and Alison pretty much just came in and took over, and both of them seemed to think that he was their personal pack animal. Of course his father just couldn't take more time off work to help, and Beau could have cursed him for feeding him to the wolves.

Alison and Hannah had him fetching and carrying their crap for a full week, and by the time they had everything moved in, he was completely exausted. Alison was pretty much a bitch the entire time, and a demanding bitch at that, but at least Hannah was more grateful. At least she treated him with some common decency, while Alison just threw orders and expected him to obey like he was slave labor. Hannah probably did twice the work her daughter did, and Beau didn't mind all that much.

It certianly seemed easier climbing the stairs when he was following her, but he was starting to get paranoid that someone was going to catch him staring at her. Good lord that woman had an amazing ass, and seeing her in a white, sweat soaked t-shirt was more than enough to feul any and all fantasies for the forseeable future. He supposed that losing his virginity to an older woman might have givin him a thing for "MILF's", but if anything, he found his new step-mother even more attractive than Mrs.

Johnson. Unfortunately, the most memorable part about that week, was getting busted by Alison. He had just carried a box to the bedroom for Hannah, and she immediately headed back downstairs for another load. He made to follow, but something odd in a partially open box made him hesitate.

He knew that he shouldn't snoop, but he just couldn't resist his curiosity. That couldn't possibly be what it looked like, but as he lifted the box lid, his mouth fell open in suprise.

He reached in and pulled out the huge dildo, so stunned that he didn't even think about what he was doing. The monstrosity was made of soft, flexible, black laytex, and had big, bulging veins trailing down it's entire length. It was well over a foot long, and was almost as thick as his wrist! She couldn't seriously be putting this thing inside her.

could she? How could it possibly fit? He had some pretty impressive equipment himself, but this thing was gigantic. It boggled his mind, and he just stood there staring at it, completely dumbfounded. The snicker of snide laughter snapped him out of it, and it was only then that he noticed Alison standing in the doorway staring at him. She looked like a pet owner who had just caught her dog pissing on the couch, and he instantly felt so emasculated he could almost feel his testicles crawl up into his abdomen to hide.

His gaze went from her to the giant dildo in his hand, and then slowly back again as his mouth started working, but he couldn't seem to make words come out. What the hell could he possibly say in his defense? Nothing came to mind.