Chubby Trio oral

Chubby Trio oral
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My sister Bri invited me and my girlfriend over for a party at her and her husband's house. Now, we've been over there quite a few times for long nights of drinking and eventually just passing out and waking up with a killer hangover. You know, the usual. But tonight was a little different. Tonight ended a lot different than any way I could have ever imagined. It was a Friday night, I'd just gotten off work after a long 14 hour day, so I needed this night to relieve some stress.

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So you could say I was ready for tonight. We get to her house around 9pm, she had prepared some finger foods for everyone, and I could tell that they've already started drinking.


My sister is a little bit of an alcoholic. I grab a sandwich and a beer and sit down on the couch and talk to my brother in law, Robert for a bit until my sister comes in with some solo cups and beer and girlfriend behind her with the Ping pong balls.

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I help Robert, set up the table and we pick teams. My sister chooses me, so that means my girlfriend Amanda and Robert are on the same team. At this point my sister is pretty drunk along with Robert. Robert takes his first shot and bounces off the cup and into Bri's shirt. Right in between her cleavage, which I have to say looked amazing in her low cut blouse she was wearing. She turns to me and asks me to "get it out." I look at her and I look at Amanda who is pouring herself another shot of vodka, not even paying attention, so I jail thought fuck it, and pulled it out.

I put the ball in our wash cup, as Amanda lines up for her shot, and makes it.


Before I could reach for the cup Bri snatches it and chugs it down like a champ. It's my teams turn, I go first, making it straight into the cup. Robert picks it up and down the beer.

My sister goes and also makes her shot. Amanda pick it up and slowly but surely gets it down.

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The game goes on and on eventually both team are left with one cup. It's Robert's turn, he goes and misses. Amanda, shoots and misses. Then to my surprise, Bri says "the next person who makes a shot has to make out with the person directly across for them.

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In her case Amanda was directly across from her. She shoots and makes it, branding us the winners. Amanda downs the beer. Then Bri speaks up and reminds us all of her bet. Amanda and Bri meet and lock lips and in the most romantic kiss. Both girls are very beautiful, having brunette hair, both fairly athletic, very nicely toned asses.

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Still making out my sister starts to caress Amanda's body. Amanda returning the favor reaches around and takes both of Bri's ass cheeks into her hands. This is probably the hottest thing I've ever seen. Bri pushes Amanda into the bed and straddles her, never breaking their embrace. Amanda pulls Bri's shirt over her head, and starts molesting her perfect b-cup tits.

Robert and I are now standing I awe watching this beautiful thing unfolding before our eye. Bri reaches around and unclasps her bra, and is now topless, I am now seeing my sister topless for the first time ever.

She reaches and pulled Amanda's shirt off and pulls her bra off as well. Both girls now completely topless, making out. My sister and girlfriend are topless making out with each other!!

My night could not have gotten any better. As I'm thinking this my sister turns to me and says with a glimmer in her eye "come here you two" pointing at Robert and I waving us over with her index finger. We walk over to our respected women and the stop us. And tell us to swap. Confused but too drunk to process what was just happening, I walk to my sister's side of the couch an Robert to Amanda's side. Bri grabs the bottom of my shirt and pulls it over my head and drops it to the floor.

I grab her face and pull it to mine and give her a passionate long deep kiss. Our tongues meet in such a beautiful way. She pulled away, I confused think that it wasn't good or she was coming other senses, but much to my surprise, she starts unbuckling my belt, as she's doing this I look at Amanda, her and Rob are still playing tongue soccer. Bri unbuttons my pants exposing my 8" rock hard cock. She takes my rod into her hand and starts to jerk my off while slowly licking me stomach and chest.

She makes her way up to my mouth and immediately sticks her tongue deep into my mouth. I look at Rob and Amanda and robs got his hands in her pants fingering her wet pussy. Bri pulls her hand away from my dick, and stands up still kissing me.

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She takes her hands and puts her thumbs in the waistband of my jeans and forces them to the ground. She pushes me down onto the other couch behind me, leans into my for a kiss, and kisses her way down my torso, reaching her hands on my chest running her way down, gets on her knees grabs my cock with both hands looking at me and says "are you ready lil bro?" Before I could mutter a word, she quickly fits my entire size into her wet drooling mouth.

I can feel my balls bubbling with sperm building up. She pulls up looks at me gets on my lap and continue kissing me and saying "you taste so good baby bro" I reply "are you sure we should be doing this?" "Yes" she says.

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And stands up to pull her pants off and climbs on top of me and I slide right into wet aching pussy. I felt wrong because she was my sister, but it felt so good I didn't wanna stop. She starts rocking back and forth slowly, then picks up speed and starts to moan very loudly with her small tits bouncing with every motion of her gyrating hips.

I reach up and grab her tits she let's out a moan "ohh baby! Oh big brother, your dick feels so good inside of me!" I grab her hips and push her down harder and I push myself in as she screams "baby bro I'm gonna cum!" And let's out the loudest moan and begins to tremble in pleasure.

Her whole body starts to convulse and as she comes down from her orgasm, she almost immediately starts to fuck me harder than before. I'm pumping up into her, and she's rocking onto me. I give her a warning but I hold her hips tighter because I know she's on birth control, "I'm gonna cum" I feel shaft filling with sperm, and let out load after load of cum into my sisters pussy until I can feel it start to ooze out of her pussy.