Hand six storys girls xxxx

Hand six storys girls xxxx
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Growing up me and my cousins and aunt were very close. It was a few years ago when i realised how close we would be. My guy cousin Jared is a year older than me but we were still close. He is tall hot and a ladies man. My girl cousin Alex is two years younger than me. She has a great body with nice firm tits and a round ass.

Nowy aunt was one of the hottest women ive ever seen, but ill get to that later. One summer my parents deceided to go on a getaway trip for a week leaving me and my sister behind. My sister deceided to stay at her Friends and went to my cousins. After dropping me off i enetered my cousins house and was greeted by my aunt who seemed to be in a rush.

"Hey Dan, i have to pick your cousins from there sports, be back in an hour.". I went up to jareds room and droped my stuff in on the floor and thought about what i could do for an hour. Then i got great idea. I stood up and walked to my cousin Alexs room.

As soon as i enetered i could smell the perfume and made my way over to her drawers. I opened the top drawer and BINGO i found what i was looking for, my 12 year old cousins nice blue thong. I lifted up the thin material and sniffedthe crotch. Smelling her nice cunt made me nice and hard. I began stroking my cock through my pants as i smelled her thong. I removed all my clithing and laid down on the bed and began stroking my cock with the thong. "O Alex your pussy is so tight." i said to myself.

I could feel the cum building up in my balls now. "O Alex your pussy feels so good its about to make me cum.". At this point. Couldnt take it any more, I began strogking my dick furiously. With oe last stroke i blew my 14 year old cum into the crotch of her thong. I looked at the clock and saw i still had 45 minutes to myself. So i cleaned myself uo and waited for my cousins to get back. I spent a majorty of the time watching TV in Jareds room. Hearing the garage door open i went downstairs t greet everyone.

Alex was the first person i saw. She is 5' feet tall and just starting to develope brest at, 36a and a nice small round ass. She has beutiful long dark hair and deep brown eyes. "Hey Alex how you doing" i saud "Fine, but we loat our soccer game" she said "Mabey you should try harder" i responded with a smile. Nex i saw Jared who was the same height a me, 6'. Hes plays football for his school and just got done a weugt lifting workout with his team. He has short brown hair and is one of the funniest people ive ever met.

We beagan pushing each other around and trying to pin each other as m aunt walked by she just laughed.

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"How you doin cousin" he asked "Good your pretty damn strong now" i said. "Dont worry you will ge there, lets go to my room so i can change. With that we picked ourselves up and went to his room. I sat down on the bed and Jared closed the door and took his clothes off. When i saw him taking off his cloths i egan to stare at his abs. Looking at his muscular bidy i felt my penis cone to life, sligtley building up with blood.

Jared didny see me looking so he took off his underware. I havent seen Jared naked since we were kids and there were some big changes. My eyes fell to hus crotch which was cleanly shaven. Even though he was soft he was still 6 inches big, putting my 7 inch erect penis to shame.

Seeing him naked got me completly hard and took all of my concentration to not touch myself. After putting on his pants Jared looked at me and said "Enjoying the shiw pretty boy" as e he pointed to the small tent that formed in my pants.

I blushed and just looked away and he laughed. The next couple of hours we just watched TV and plaued video ganes until dinner was ready at 8. Me ad jared went downstairs to get the pizza that was waiting for us. A few minuts later Alex came downstairs to join us. I instantly noticed she was in a tshirt just long enough to cover her panties.

For the next hour and a half i had to focus on looking in Alexs eyes and not her panties. After all the pizza was gine Alex said she was tired an wanted to go to bed so me and Jared said goodnight and she was gone. Onxe she was gone Jared turned to me and said "Dude i caught you seekin a peek at my sister pervert". "No i wasnt" i quickly replied. "I dont blame you, you still havent seen a girl naked yet" he was right i couldnt arhue with that. "Im going to take a shower" i said.

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As i got up to leave Jared said "Can i take a shower with you I dont feel like waiting for you". I was taken back because after what happened earlier today i felt a little Nervous. "Sure" i finally said. So we both made our way into the shower. I got i the room and turned on the water while Jared started taking off his clothes.

Once again i was staring at his nice tan body. He looked at me and said "Are you alright?". "Yea you cab get in i have to piss before i get in.". As he got in te shower i slowley took off my clothes looking at me self in the miror.

I was semi hard now an unlike Jared i only trimed my pubes. After i took my piss got in the shower with my completley naked cousin who got me gard earlier today. Once i was i i tried not to stare at Jareds penis because i knew i would get a boner, which would nit be good cobsidering we are so close to each other. I asked him to pass the body was and asked if i could get his back and shoulders when i was done.

After washing myself i put some of the bodywash in my hands and slowley reached for his shoulders. When i tpuched his shoulderrs i felt him shake. I began to rub the soap over his strong muscular shoulders. As i continued i felt my cock spring to life.

My penis slowLey rised until i felt it make contact with sonething. As i looked down i saw it was Jareds ass.

My head was rubbing against his ass. I felt Jared shake agaun and he said "Im ginna get out ill see you in bed" with that he opened the curtain and stepped out.

As he was stepping out inoticed that his penis was alomst fully erect. I was shocked to see that he was gettig horny like me. I was abke to calm my erection down and finished up in the shower. I went ibto Jareds room and saw him watching TV in his bed. I closed the door behind me and laid down on the pull out bed. After awhile i got bored of the show and turned to my side to fall to sleep. After 15 minutes i felt my bed shake.

Jared fell on my bed and rolled over next to me. "Dont worry about what happened in the shower it was nothing." he said to me "Good it never happened.". With that e grabbed my head and we started wrestling in the bed. After tossing and turning for awhile Jared ended up on top of me straddling his legs around my waist.

I suddenly felt his cock slowley getting hardand his breathing starting to get faster. As he sat in me we starred into each others eyes. I made the first mive and removed both of our shirts. I began to rub my dick up againts his through our pants.

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As our breathing got faster we rubbed our hard cocks agaunts each other faster. Jared took my pants off and began pinching and pulling my nipples while i took his pants off. Once Jareds big 10 inc cock was free he wasted no time shshoving it down my throat. I was still a virgin and had bever done anything sexual with someone else, so i jus let Jared do whatever he wanted. He began fuckig mmy mouth hard making me gag and spit all over his cock which turned me on.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth and pointed to the chair so he would sit down. I walked over to him an and began kissing hus chest and nipples. I worked my way down to his cock. Taking hold if hus penis i kissed his head and licked the sides of his shaft. I put his head in my mouth and slowley sucked it and slid the rest of his cock down my throat abd held it there.

Feeling my gag reflects kick in i pulled his cock out for a secind and put it bac in. After doing this for 3 minutes i could feel his balls tighting about to cum. I quickley pulled his cock out of my mouth and said "Dont cum yet.".

I then stood over him and begab to sit down in hus cock. I got about an inch of hus penis unside if me before i felt the pain and pulled it out. "Your dicks huge i dont think ill be able to fit it in".

I said "Just put it in and wait for the pain to subside" Jared said. So i grabbed his cock again and put all 10 inches un me. I suddenly felt q a jolt of pain and sexual pleasure run through my body. After waiting a few minutes Jared grabbed my cheeks and i began to bouce up and down on hus cock. Feeling hus cock in my ass began to moan and stoke my own cock.

"Your cock feels so good in my ass.". I said "I gonna cum soon". Jared responded. "I want you to cum inside of me". I began to stroke my cock faster now and our moaning incresed. Jared tightend hus grip on my ass and i sat down and put all of his cock in my ass. I felt his warm cum fill up my ass and shot my load all over his chest.

As our orgasms subsided we boy stared at each other. I got up and went to the bathroom to clean myself up. When i came back Jared was already asleep so i went to my own bed and thought about what happened. I never imagined that i would lose m virginity to another guy. I had always been a little bi curios but didnt think my first sexual encounter would be wity a guy. Deep down inside of me i did enjoy it and wanted it to happen again.

I just had to get Jared horny. I woke up the next morning to Jared tapping me on the shoulder. "I have a football workout today and Alex has soccer. My moms taking us and shes going to work. Me and Alex will be at a friends house so youll be here aoone until 5.". With that he was gone and i looked a the clock that said 10:00. Once i heard the car leave the drive way i decied to get up. I figured since id be alone ill just go naked, so i took off my coothes and headed downstairs.

Watched tv and ate food until noon when my cock finally woke up. Getting horny i headed upstaurs to Alexs room to get a pair of panties. When i entered the room and opened the drawer felt something hard. I pulled it out and to my suprise it was a 8 inch vibrator. I smelled the vibrated and it smelled fresh with my cousins juices. I then had a great idea. Every since i arrived ive always wanted to get in my cousins pants.

Now that i knew she had a vibrator i assumed that she masturbated often. I would take and hide it until Alex was driven crazy enough and i would move in and fuck. It was a longshot but i would do it anyways. I set the vibrator down and grabbed a pair of pink panties and was ready to jac off when i heard the door open. Scared out of my mind i gabbed the vibrator and bited into Jareds room.

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Afer i through on some clothes and hiding the vibratie i went downstairs to see who was home. To my suprise it was Alex. "Why are you hoe so early".

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I asked "My friend was sick so i had to come home after practice, im going to go up to my room for a little bit. When i heard go up the stairs and close her door a quietly went upstairs and put my ear against the door.

I could hear her drawers opening and closing "Were is it" i heard her say. I then knew she was looking for the vibrator and a big smile came across my face. I heard fall on the bed so guess she gave up the look. then i heard so noises ad i knew she was tryig to masturbate without the vibrator. I laughed to myself and went into Jardes and spent the rest of the afternoon in there. I was taking a nap when Jared came hime and i woke up to him standing next to me naked.

"Ready for round two" Jared said. "Hell ya" i said. He seemed to still be in fotball mode beause he immediatly grabed me and took off my clothes. His dick was already hard and it looked like he pur lube on it. He pushed me down so i was lying on my back and he pushed my feet in the air so he had full acess to my ass.

Without hesitation he shoed all 10 inches inside of me, but this time there was no pain and was all pleasure. He bagan fucking me as hard as he could and i could feel an orgasm building inside of me. "Yes fuck me, make me cum through me ass". I said. Then it hit me, the most powerful orgasm that i had ever felt. My body started convulsing from the plesure I wanted to scream burt i knew i couldnt.

"Get ready i want to cum in your mouth" Jared said. He quickly pulled out his cock and i went to my knees. He began furiously stroking himself until he shot his big load into my mouth. I held his cum in my mouth and savoured the nice warm taste. Once i swallowed it i cleaned off the rest of his cock with my tongue.

"Your fucking amazing at this" Jared said "Well you know how rto use that 10 inch cock pretty well.". "Ive had experiance, im gonna take a shower". Jared said as he walked to the door. I noticed that Alex was still in her room with the door closed.

I crept to the door and put ear up against it. I could barely hear the porn that was being played on the computer and i heard Alex say "Dammit, it isnt same with my fingers".

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I knew my plan was working and i would just have to wait till te oppurtune moment. The rest of the night was normal, Me and Jared watched TV ad played video games until my Aunt came back and made us dinner. Once again Alex came downstairs in just a tshirt, but instead se was wearing the blue thong i masturbated with earlier.

I was able to sneak a few peeks but that was it. When Alex left the room to gi to bed i found myself with a boner and Jared smiling at me. "Like Alexs panties much" Jared said "its actully a thong" i sad with a smile. "Sorry i wasnt looking at my sister close enough. How about we go take care of that erection you have. Ican see that thig a mile away" Jared said. I agreed and we bith went Jareds room. When we entered Jared got on his and let face fuck him.

Grabbing his head i thrusted my hips forward and until my whole cock was in his mouth. This was Jareds first time taking the beating and i had to make up for lost time.

I continued to fuck his mouth untli i felt my balls tighten and i pulled out and shot my load into his mouth. "That taste pretty good. Time for you to take your beating. Get on all four and show me your ass". Jared said. Listening to him i got ob the bed o all fours and stuck ass up giving Jared complete access. Jared walked up behind me and began massaging mu ass cheeks and kissing them. He fingered my ass and spit on it, this got me hard again so i began to stroke myself.

After wetting my ass with his spit Jared shoved his cock in my as and fucked me doggystyle. "Holy shit" i moaned. I started stroking my cock faster and Jared started fucking me harder. Jared couldnt last any longer and shot his load in my ass. Once i felt his warm cum inside i shot m load on the bed and started cumming in my ass. I started convulsing again along with Jared.

We couldnt take any more of it and we bot passed out for night. I woke up with Jaeed on my back and realised it was 2:00 pm. I woke Jared up so he could pull his morning wood out of my ass. We got dressed and headed downstairs for some food. "How the hell do you guys sleep in this late. Did you stay up and watch porn all night". Alex said laughing.

"something like that". Jared mumbled. The rest of the day went smoothe except me and Jared couldnt fuck since Alex was home. Later that day Jared told me he was going to a friends house and would sleep over. "You can come if you want" Jared said but i declined. After Jared left my Aunt called the house and said she had to stay at work fr few extra hours.

So that left me and Alex aline for the night. We decided to order pizZa for dinner. After i orderded the food Alex decided to take a shower. When alex came downstairs after the food arrived i was shocked. She was in a white tshirt and wearing another thong. She was still wet from her shower and i could see the outline of her nipples. She sat next to me while we ate the pizza and watched a womens soccer game. I had an erection the entire time and it took me all my strength not to just pick her up and start fucking her.

We got into an argument about the soccer game. "Mens soccer is ten times better than this shit" i said. "Shut the hell up, give me two godd reasons why mens is better". She responded.

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"One, its faster, two theres no pussys" i said. "Take it back asshole" Alex said as she jumped on top of me. "I said take it back" she repeated. "Never" i said. She grabbed my shirt and we started wrestling with each other. I could feel her shirt slide up her back so i tried to grab her ass as much as possible.

She straddle my waist and grabbed my wrist. We stopped moving and i could feel my erection rubbing against her ass. We both starred at each other breathing deeply. "Im going to bed" Alex finally said. And she got up and walked away. I layed on the couch and thought about what happened.

I felt mad because that was a great chance for me to fuck Alex. I ran upstairs to Alexs doot and put my ear against the door. I could hear her masturbating.


I she was saying something but i couldnt make it out. I went to Jareds room to look for the dildo. When i went to the spot i left, it wasnt there. "That bitch" i whispered. She must have come in sometime earlier and took it. Mad at myself and knowing my plan wasnt going to work i layed down and tried to go to bed. Adding to my fruatration Jared wasnt there to fuck me.

I tried to jack off but i couldnt. I layed awake in my bed for 2 hours thinking about what i should do. I looked across the hall and saw Alexs door cracked open. Against my better judgment i got up and tip toed over to the door. I slowley opened the door and walked over to the bed. I saw her silently sleeping naked. I felt my cock come to life creating a tent in my boxers. I watched her breast rise and fall at each breath. I pulled her sheets down to reveal her nice shaven pussy.

I couldnt take it anymore. I took my boxers off and laid on top of Alex. "What the fuck are you doing". She screamed. "Finishing what we started," i said. I shoved my tongue down her throat and passionatly kissed her. She pulled away from me saying "We cant do this.

We are cousins" "Who cares. We both want it i can hear you masturbating at night" i said. "I know i want, but i cant" she said. I beagn rubbing her pussy "Your brother has been fucking me for the past 3 days. He may be gay, but im not" i said. I could feel her pussy getting wet and her breathing getting shorter. "To hell with it" she finally said. "Fuck me like theres no tomorrow".

With that i stuffed mycock in her warm tight tweleve year old pussy. "Holy shit, your pussy is amazing" i said. "Cmon, fuck me you dirty bisexual whore" she demanded. I put her feet behind hee head and began fucking her as hard as possible. "You like my pussy" she asked "Hell ya baby" i responded. I could her my dick sliding in and out of her pussy and the cum building in my balls. "Dont stop i going cum" she said "Me to" i added "Good i want your entire load inside of my warm fuckin pussy".


With one last thrust reached my orgasm along with Alex. Ishot my entire load deep inside her. Our bodies convulsed as we climaxed.

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We finally passed out. To be continued