Documentary of ugly woman sucking dick for cash

Documentary of ugly woman sucking dick for cash
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Darkest greetings my Dear. There you are, sat at the computer, tis late at night and the darkness outside is occasionally lit up by a distant, approaching storm. It is quiet, you're alone in the house and just looking online to see how your friends are before you go to bed, when the hairs on the back of your neck raise as you hear a noise in the house. 'It was nothing' you assure yourself, 'merely a household pet' but still you remain on edge, nervous until a distant rumble of thunder makes you start, then laugh nervously.

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You sit and read, until you feel a presence enter the room behind you, fearing to confront them you sit still in terror as you hear the slight brush of cloth.

A chill of ice runs down your spine as you feel the dread that you have an intruder in your room. Not daring to look round you strain your ears and you hear a slow measured intake of air mere inches behind your ear, you try to stand and an incredibly strong hand lands on your shoulder, pushing you back into the seat.

You try to struggle against this vice-like grip as your head is tilted to one side and you feel a hot breath upon your neck, then a sharpness, and all resistance melts from you in a warm, painful pleasure. You gasp!

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Melting into the dangerous embrace as you feel heat rise within you, complimented with a cold shiver of fear or pleasure running down your spine. To your horror and suprise you feel moisture gathering in between your legs as your femininity becomes aroused, and your feel a hand gently slip under your arm and gently caress your firm breast through your top.

A low moan escapes your lips as you barely register more movement behind you, soft hands wrap round your waist from your left and you feel gentle kisses raining upon your neck, before a scratch of sharpness and an overwhelming pleasure running through you.

Your hands drop to your sides and softly stroke legs to either side of you. The first light leather clad and steely strong, the other soft, and wearing fishnets. Hands massage your back as other hands gently knead your breasts, your body feels on fire as wave after wave of pleasure runs through you.


Distantly you hear the tearing of cloth as your shirt is torn apart, and your bra swiftly removed. You try to object, then feel your intruders lift you easily like a ragdoll and place you upon your bed.

You try to look to see who is doing this to you, and feel your head gently, but firmly pushed back, and soft velvet tied over your eyes, another thrill runs through your body once again and then you feel moist, hot kisses trail their ways down your neck and chest until both sets of lips tantalisingly circle your hard nipples, tongues gently flickering and warm breath teasing.

The throb in your womanhood grows and grows and you feel lips, then teeth tantalise your nipples, your hands grace up the legs of your tormentors, sliding up leather-clad legs and fishnet thighs until you rub upon a hardness at the front of the leather trousers, and a warm dampness with your other hand.

You shiver as you feel a skirt tickle your arm and feel hands wandering over your body, one hand undoing your jeans as another slides gracefully down into your knickers to brush through and tease through your soft, downy hair.


Body aching in anticipation, you arc your back and are pressed firmly down, you know that your role in this is to submit to their pleasures and nothing more. Servile in your nature you continue to stroke as their mouths run wonderful, unnatural pleasures through your body.

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Fingers slowly move their way lower, down to your womanhood as the thunder of the storm grows closer. One hand slips your quim lips apart, and fingers gently probe within you, bringing a wonderful fire unto your body.

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You feel your jeans being pushed down as you give into this pleasure, one set of fingers dipping into your wetness as they circle your sweet clitoris and the other fingers dipping and playing within you, you feel your orgasm rising within you, growing like a surging colossal wave.

You feel weak as you feel liquid trickling down your side from your breast, then soft female lips find yours, a tongue is swift to follow and you taste the sweet coppery taste of blood.

Your alarm is lost in the waves of pleasure you feel rising from your sodden wet womanhood. Hands tease, fingers press as you are brought gracefully closer and closer to the peak, held on the edge you gasp for breath, gasp for life as you feel your life's blood leaking from your body and as that moment of panic reaches you, you come with a massive rush!

Passion flows through your body as you arch your back, screaming into the mouth of one of your captors as wave after wave of searing white light flows through your exhausted body.

Lightening crashes above you.

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Fingers pressing within you and deft digits pleasuring your bud until you lay back, tired and resigned to your fate. "I think we should keep her" You hear a strong masculine voice say from above you, "I think you're right" a silken female voice agrees.

You hear a crunch of someone biting through flesh, and warm, life-giving dampness drips onto your lips.


You lick them and open your mouth wide, gaining strength with every drop as a wrist is pressed to you. "You are about to be given a new lease in life unlike anything you could every imagine" Your blindfold is taken from you and you find yourself staring into the eyes of a dark, long haired man. A beautiful red-haired woman smiles from behind him as she watches you drink from his wrist.

Her paleness a compliment to his dark features, she bites her wrist. "Darkest greetings my Dear"