Sexy men Tanned Bottom Duped Into The Back

Sexy men Tanned Bottom Duped Into The Back
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Editing Reality Book Two: Sultry Fantasies Unleashed Chapter One: Editing Protection By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Note: Thanks to WRC 264 for beta reading this. The game is turning interesting. The malaise is falling away. That pleases me to hear, Most High. I am curious to see what the mortal Jophiel selected will do to counter Anael's piece.

Indeed. It is an interesting gambit to give his opponent more power. Yes, Most High. The members of the Divine Counsel are all speculating endlessly on this one. It is a move that holds such risk. Never trust the gift of your enemy. Jophiel has pleased me with her choice. I will convey that to her, Most High. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sam Davies "Oh, yes, Dreamgirl Delights is awesome," I said as I walked down the street with my three friends away from our school, Rainier Christian College.

All four of us wore identical gray skirts and white blouses, gray ties falling down the front of our tops. There was something appealing about girls in school uniforms, even if we were all barely adults and in college. "Really?" asked Tammy, a hazel-eyed girl walking on my left. Her dark-brown hair fell around her round face. She was the tallest of us, her legs long and lithe, just gorgeous. "How do your brother and Seth uphold this claim they can create girls for you to enjoy?" A shudder ran through me.

I didn't quite understand my brother's, James's, ability to create girls out of his drawing. He first did it a couple of weeks ago when he brought to life the two girls that he drew for his personal comics. They were his girlfriends now. Ruri and Orihime were interesting, their hair and eye colors impossible, their appearance clearly Japanese.

Their Anime inspiration was stamped into their flesh. The family all accepted that James had his two girlfriends. Why not, when my parents were having sex with me. And with my older sister, Becky. Since last Friday, a whole week, Becky and I had finally gone all the way with our father.

In one night, he took our cherries and gave us such incestuous delight. After having a crush on Daddy for a while, it finally felt right to go all the way. Of course, Mom was in Vegas visiting her girlfriend, Marissa, so she was a little miffed that Becky and I didn't wait for her to get back. But when she did on Monday, well, she joined the fun.

The four of us were having our fun while James had his. "My brother's special," I said to Tammy. "Yesterday, I had sex with Samus! My favorite character to play in Smash Bros!

Zero Suit Samus, too! It was amazing!" "Yeah, we know," said Rita, the Black girl rolling her eyes as she walked on my other side. She had plump lips and such a delicious shade of ebony skin. Her short hair looked so delicious. "You haven't shut up about it.

My phone is full of messages from you about her." "And pics," said my third friend, Courtney. She had black hair and a dainty figure, her body petite like me, but whereas I was more of a skinny tomboy she was a delicate princess. "Well, if you had a chance to take a selfie with a video game character you just had sex with, you'd do it," I said, feeling defensive. I glanced at her, my short, red hair swaying about my face.

I bounced on my heels. "Right?" "Right," said Courtney. "So he really just. creates them. That's impossible." "And yet every boy at our college is heading to Dreamgirl Delights tonight," said Rita. "Good thing we're all going to have fun at my house," I said.

"This slumber party is going to be awesome. You three are getting your cherries popped! My daddy will make it amazing!" "Not so loud," Tammy hissed as she glanced at some people ahead of us on the sidewalk. "Right, right," I said, my cheeks warming. People shouldn't know about my family's incest. I had to tell my friends, though. They were amazing. We shared everything. Everything.

We had been having sex since we'd turned eighteen. On the surface, it was because we were horny but wanted to keep ourselves pure for our wedding days, but it was just an excuse for my friends to accept their bisexual desires. A way to indulge while pretending they were good, Christian girls. But all week, telling them about my daddy, I had convinced them to lose their cherries to him. I even hoped that Rita would screw her father since she showed interest. I was so glad my parents suggested this sleepover.

I had a feeling my naughty mom and dad wanted to enjoy my friends. I knew Daddy, an English professor, was screwing this hottie at our college named Kyleigh while Mom just took a job as our school's nurse. Who knew what wicked fun she was getting up to. "Still, this weekend is going to be awesome," I said. "My brother's going to be at Dreamgirl Delights all weekend." I told Daddy today about it, lying that my brother was hanging out with his nerdy friend.

They were in business together on their fictitious girl bordello they opened. "I'm not so sure," Tammy said. She squirmed, her dark-brown hair swaying. "It's just. I was saving myself for marriage and now." "You can just sit back and watch the fun," I told her, grabbing her hand. I was sure when she saw the fun the rest of us were having, she'd want to join.

"Or you can just play with mom. Don't feel pressured to—" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Steve Davies Time was paused around me as I stared at my cell phone, the editing reality app opened upon the ballot printing machine that was edited by someone other than me.

EDITED BY PLAYER 2 "Who is Player 2?" I asked, glancing at the angel Anael. She stood naked by my time-frozen wife. I was in my living room, my wife standing before me, holding her absentee ballot in her hand for the recall election. She had an excited smile on her face, her auburn hair falling about her shoulders down to her pink scrub top. She was working as a school nurse because I edited reality. For the last week, I had the power to change things. The angel Anael—the slender, blonde standing naked before me, her breasts small and perky, her eyes a deep purple—had chosen me.

She was charged by the Most High to give me the power to stand outside of causality. Three times a day, via the app, I could edit the circumstances of a person's life, changing their body, how the pressures of life had shaped their personality, create auras around them that could allow them to go naked all the time, or even to grow horny to have sex by entering a certain room.

I had used it to relieve my wife, Linda, of the guilt that she felt for being bisexual. She had hidden an affair with her college friend from me the entire time I knew her.

When she went to her trips to visit Marissa in Vegas, they were spending most of that time in bed, my wife indulging in her desire for women. Her Christian upbringing wracked her with shame for the lesbian sex which only compounded with the guilt of cheating on me. I tweaked her so she didn't have to feel ashamed. I didn't anticipate how open that would make her.

It changed our marriage, with my wife and I sharing women she seduced, including many who attended our church. There were marriages that no longer existed because of this, the women discovering they'd rather be with women. There were always unanticipated consequences to editing something. Like when I edited the mayor of my hometown, Rainier, to be more progressive. To care about the growing homeless problem spilling out of nearby Seattle.

When I changed the mayor and the three members of the city council, I hadn't anticipated them passing a 23% property tax to build free housing for all the homeless people. It would bankrupt everyone in town.

It was a disaster. I changed them too much. And once something was edited, it couldn't be changed again. There were rules to this game the Most High was playing. I did the only thing I could: I edited an immediate recall vote. It was announced today that they were out and the emergency elections were supposed to be held soon with only the people who ran in the last election on the ballot. That was what I edited into reality.

Then the ballots arrived today faster than I thought. My name was down as a candidate for mayor. The printer was edited by someone else. Another person had this app and was changing things, too. These ballots had auras on them. People would feel that I was the right person to vote for. I was going to be mayor of Rainier and I couldn't stop it.

I couldn't fix the printer, and only able to edit three ballots a day meant I could only get a handful out of the thousands that were mailed out. "I don't understand how someone else can have this power," I repeated, my mind reeling. "This is insane, Anael." "Not really," the angel said. She sauntered around my wife, Anael's small breasts jiggling. She ran fingers up her thighs towards her juicy, hairless pussy. She always was horny, an angel of sexuality. "The Most High can give this power to anyone.

He's merely added another player to the game." "Another player?" "Yeah, to spice it up." Anael shuddered as her fingers reached her pussy. She rubbed up and down her slit. "Maybe it's my fault that he felt things were getting stale. I mean, I do have you focused a lot on sex." She giggled. "But that's my nature." "So who has it?" I asked. She shrugged, her fingers stroking her pussy lips. She advanced on me, her purple eyes growing glossy. "You'll have to figure it out. Clearly, the person knows that you have this power." A clenching hand of panic seized my heart.

"What about my family? What if he.?" My words trailed off. "Right, they're protected." I had edited my three children. I tweaked my tomboy Sam so she liked wearing skirts (and avoid a constant fight with her mother who felt women should wear skirts). Then I'd edited both my daughters so they had the confidence to act on their desire for me.

That had been a shock to learn that my daughters were in love with me, wanted to have sex with me. I couldn't resist making sure it happened, that my wife would accept it. I had edited my son to bring to life those two girls he drew all the time. Ruri and Orihime made him happy, and he was coming out of his shell. He was hanging out with a friend instead of spending all his time in his room drawing his fantasies.

"My family's safe," I said in relief. "He can't edit them, right? I mean. I can't edit this printing machine." "Once something is edited, it's locked," Anael said. "Those are the rules. Your family may be safe from Player Two, but what about those around them? Their friends." "I edited Becky's best friend already," I said. "And I created James's girls, so they're fine but." Sam had three friends. Tammy Riersen, Courtney Franks, and Rita Martin were coming over tonight to have a sleepover.

I was going to edit them when they got here, setting up a wild slumber party. An orgy of debauchery. My wife and I were eager for it. I was coming to enjoy the thrills of coed delights. I was having fun sleeping with my students.

I grabbed the phone. I had to take care of them right now, just to be safe. My stomach tensed as I did a search for Tammy Riersen first. I could look up anything in the world through this app. When I found Tammy, it showed her walking down the road with my daughter and the other two girls as they were coming home from college. She wasn't edited. "There's that," I muttered. As I opened her menu, Anael fell to her knees before me.

Tammy Riersen • Physical • Mental • Spiritual From here, I could change a lot about a person. I could edit all the properties of their body. I made Kyleigh, one of my students, from an unhappy, morbidly obese girl with many health problems to the hottest girl at the college I taught at.

I could affect their memories, their personal skills. I could change the circumstances of their life so they were skilled musicians, even change how their DNA came together. I could do a lot for them. I could also change their desires. Their sexuality. Their morality. I groaned as Anael unbuttoned my slacks. My zipper rasped as the naughty angel drew it down.

I focused on Tammy's menu as the kinky angel pulled out my cock. Her fingers were hot on my cock, stroking it. "Mmm, some inspiration," moaned the angel, her hand fisting up and down me.

Then her mouth pressed at the tip of my cock. I groaned as those delicious lips slid over my cock. My hand shook. I stared down at my phone as she sucked.

Pleasure shot through me. It inspired me as I opened Tammy's Spiritual Menu. Spiritual • Sexuality • Faith • Morality • Social I hit the Sexuality Sub-Menu. Sexuality • Orientation • Desires • Libido • Taboos I first hit Orientation. It was a slider with bisexuality in the middle. She was currently about midway between bi and straight. I nudged her closer to bi, helping her accept her desires for girls a bit more. I backed out of that menu and went to her Desire Sub-Menu.

Desires • Deletion • Revision • Addition I added a desire for her to lose her virginity to a sexy, older man, especially me, then made sure she had the hots for older women, too.

Women like my wife. I check out her Libido Sub-Menu and increased her sex drive slightly, and then hit her Taboo Sub-Menu. She had reservations about having sex with a professor and having it outside of marriage. Easy to change the circumstances of her life. This would rewrite the world, rippling out changes that would go back to the beginning of her life.

I doubted this would have any major consequences on others. Through it all, Anael sucked on my cock. She bobbed her head up and down my shaft, teasing me. Pleasure shot through me. This wondrous delight rippled through me. I groaned at the heat engulfing my cock. It was this wonderful treat. An amazing sensation that had my heart beating hard and fast. My hands clenched as the pleasure shot through me. It would be amazing. I was so looking forward to this pleasure.

I would have such a delicious orgasm. I would cum so hard in her mouth. I would flood her mouth with jizz. She would gulp it down. She loved me.

"Damn," I groaned as the naughty angel's purple eyes stared up at me. She cupped my balls, massaging them. "You are eager for it." She moaned around my cock. Her tongue danced around my dick. Pleasure shot down my shaft. I let out a growl of delight. I needed to focus, but her sucking felt incredible. Anael had a wonderful mouth. A naughty tongue. Those lips. Her cheeks hollowed as she nursed, bobbing her head. Groaning, I went to Tammy's Social Menu next.

Social • Charisma • Awareness • Relationships • Mores I selected Relationships. A list of names appeared, her family, those who were closest to her, classmates, students. I found my daughter's name and strengthened their relationship even more, making a bond that would last between them for life. I did the same with her friendship with Rita and Courtney, making sure this foursome would be like my wife and her lover, Marissa.

That would make Sam happy. "Fuck," I groaned. "keep working that mouth." I hit Tammy's Mores Sub-Menu, editing how open she was about things, what she found acceptable to express. I made sure she would keep our relationship quiet, that she wouldn't tell people that didn't need to know. "I think that's it," I groaned while Anael massaged my balls as the pressure grew. Anael just sucked harder. I hit the compile button. A new menu popped up. DO YOU WISH TO DO THIS? Beneath were two options: YES or NO I hit yes.

Reality rippled out from me, changing things. One edit down. I switched over to Rita, modifying her. She was far more eager to have sex with me than was Tammy. I made my changes as I enjoyed Anael's mouth, adjusting them in similar ways to my daughters. I shuddered, Anael's sucking mouth bringing me closer and closer to erupting.

I hit changes on Rita. Then on Courtney. My cum was rising and swelling. I edited those three schoolgirls to be my lovers. To share in the incestuous pleasure my family indulged in. Sam would be thrilled. She was such a naughty thing. My cum was coming fast. My heart screamed in my chest. I had everything I wanted to do to the girls. My hands gripped the phone, keeping time paused. I could only see Anael, feel her, when I had the app open. "Fuck, yes!" I growled, the naughty angel sucking hard on my cock.

She worked her lips. That hot mouth felt amazing. "Damn, that's good! Anael!" My cum fired into the angel's mouth. My jizz pumped into her mouth. I fired blast after blast of my cum into her hungry maw. The pleasure slammed through my body.

I groaned as the pleasure shot through me. It was such a treat. This was an amazing delight. My heart pounded in my chest. I shuddered as the heat rippled through me. I groaned and panted as I savored my climax.

I clenched and relaxed my hands, gasping for breath. It was an incredible treat to enjoy. I was thrilled to experience it. Her mouth popped off my cock.

I panted as she rubbed her cheek against the tip of my cock. My eyes blinked, clearing away the stars. The angel grinned up at me, cum on her lips, drool running down her chin. She stroked up and down her cock. "Mmm, that was a treat," she said. "Made all those changes." "All three for today," I groaned. She winked at me. "Mmm, you're going to have so much fun with all those naughty schoolgirls." She shuddered, turning around on her knees. She bent over, thrusting that tight, cute ass at me.

She wiggled it. "Makes me so wet. You get to have all that fun, and I only get to watch." I stared at that rump. That angelic booty. Time was paused. I could worry about figuring out how to find Player Two later. I fell to my knees before her. My cock smacked into her rump, her right butt-cheek jiggling. Her precum spilled over me. I pressed my cock into her crack. I pushed into her asshole. Her back arches, her blonde hair swaying.

"Yes, yes, fuck my ass!" she moaned. "Ooh, you know I love it. I love all sex!" "Naughty angel!" I groaned, wondering for the thousandth time why the Most High sent an angel of sex to me.

All she did was want me to fuck, while I wanted to use my powers to make things better. But sex. Damn, sex was amazing. I thrust into her asshole. Her sphincter spread around my cock. Her velvety flesh engulfed my saliva-soaked dick. She whimpered, making such a delicious sound. Her anal sheath gripped my dick. This hot delight that surged down me. My balls grew tighter as a fresh load of cum was in them. I buried to the hilt in her. I groaned as I squeezed her hips.

I drew back my cock, savoring the grip. Then I slammed back into her. My crotch smacked into her rump and my balls spanked into her taint. She gasped, rocking over forward. "Ooh, that's it," she moaned. "Mmm, give me that passion, Steve. Ooh, I choose right. You are the perfect man!

We're going to win!" "Yes!" I growled, pulling back. She squeezed her asshole around my retreating dick. That wonderful delight was a treat. I buried back into her, that heat surging around me. "We're going to win." Pleasure shuddered through me. This heat swelled around my cock. It was this delicious heat. This amazing rapture. I pumped hard at her. My hands stroked her sides. I gripped her small breasts, cupping those delicious, firm tits.

I pinched her nipples. Her asshole clenched around my cock. She massaged me with that delicious sheath. The heat built and built at the tip of my cock. This amazing rapture grew. I groaned, eager to explode into her and dump my jizz into her depths.

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"Pump that cum in me!" she moaned. "Ooh, yes, yes, you're going to make me explode. Oh, yes, that's it! Slam into me! Fuck me with that cock, Steve!" "Yes, yes, cum on my cock, you little angel-slut!" I growled.

"You're as horny as my daughter." "Mmm, yes, yes," purred the angel, her hips rocking back into me. I thrust faster, harder. I pounded her with passion. I slammed into the depths of her bowels. I buried over and over into her. I reveled in the treat of her anal sheath. This wonderful bliss that was sweeping through me. I groaned, my heart pounding fast. The heat built in my balls. It was incredible to fuck her heavenly asshole.

"Damn!" I gasped. "Almost there." "Cum in me!" moaned the angel. "You're such a stud! Oh, yes, yes! Just pound me! Fuck me!" I was almost there.

Another hot cum into my angel's body. I slammed into her, reveling in the velvety grip of her dick. My jizz erupted. My balls, smacking into her taint, unloaded into her asshole again. My spunk fired out of her. Rapture slammed through me. As my dick erupted, her asshole convulsed around me. The angel howled out as she joined me in orgasmic delight. Her spasming bowels milked my cock. Pleasure slammed into my mind.

Stars burst across my vision. My balls tensed and erupted. Every pulse sent more and more bliss through me. "Yes, yes, yes!" howled Anael. "That's it. That's the cum I love! Steve, yes, yes! You're such a stud! I love it." "Yes!" I growled, gripping her hips. I held her tight as my heart hammered in my chest.

"Holy god, that's good. You're amazing." "Mmm, you're not bad yourself," she moaned. "Ooh, that was a good fuck. Damn, I loved it! I hope you won't forget about me with all those schoolgirls distracting you." "I'm sure I'll see a lot of you," I told her. "Good," she said, squeezing around me. I ripped my cock out of her asshole. Panting, I fixed my clothing and unpaused time. "Well?" my wife asked as I set down the phone. She was the only person that knew I had these powers.

I made a pretty clear demonstration to her on Monday. Though I just spent maybe an hour editing and fucking, no time had passed for her. "What's going on?" "We need to talk." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sam Davies "—will pop your cherry good." "I hope so," Tammy moaned, her face flushed. She was so eager for it. "I'm so wet to be with your Daddy. I just want my first time to be not with a little dweeb our age, but with a man.


A sexy, older man like Mr. Davies. That's perfect." "Oh, yes," Rita said, a big grin on her face. "We're going to lose our cherries, girls!" "Maybe I'll have your mother pop mine," Courtney said, giving me a considering look.

"She's sexy, too. I saw her in those scrubs. She's got big tits." "She's got a collection of strap-ons," I said, my pussy soaking my panties beneath my schoolgirl skirt.

"Hot!" Rita moaned, squirming. "This is going to be an awesome night." I nudged her. "Maybe there's another older man you'd like to pop your cherry." If she wasn't Black, I knew she would be blushing bright.

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She squirmed. "Maybe, but. My family's not yours. I have no idea if my dad is into me." "Never know if you don't drop signals," I said.

"Or panties." "You're so bad," Rita said and then laughed more. We rounded the corner, my house ahead. My dad's car was in the driveway. I was eager to see him.

To get things started fast. Becky was hanging out with her best friend, Tonya, so my parents, my friends, and I were going to have a wild time. My parents didn't park in the garage because that was taken over by the current project. Dad and I were rebuilding our second classic car, this time a '69 Chevrolet Impala. It was a lot of fun. He may be an English professor, but he liked to get his hands dirty. I loved spending time with him. Last time we went o work on the car, I used it as an opportunity to tease him.

It was hot when James came in and found us fucking. He pretended he didn't notice Daddy just ramming into my cunt hard. It was a great treat. I remembered being bent over the engine block, Daddy pumping away at my cunt with without caring that we were caught. It made my pussy so wet. I ripped open the front door, announcing, "Mom, Dad, we're here!" "Oh, hi, honey," Mom said, her face a little tight as Dad was leading her to his office.

"You girls just hang out. Your father and I have some things to discuss." I noticed the envelope in her hand. It looked like a ballot. There was some sort of election thingie happen. Something about the mayor royally screwing up. I didn't really care.

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It was boring adult stuff, and I was a cute and nubile eighteen-year-old schoolgirl. Not my problem. "Oh, sure, I have just the thing to keep us entertained," I said, a naughty thrill running through me. "Oh?" my mom asked, her green eyes falling on me. "Should I be worried." "Nope," I said. "Okay, have fun," Dad said. He was such a handsome man, tall with dark-brown hair, cut short the way a man's should be. He was fit, a jogger, and he had a cock that could make a woman explode. I glanced at my friends.

"Get comfortable on the couch." The door to my dad's office closed. "And by that, I mean get nekkid!" "You are such a naughty girl!" Tammy said even as her hands went to her tie, loosening it. I laughed as I raced to the stairs. I took them two at a time, my skirts swirling about my thighs as I raced up them.

I reached the second floor in a flash and darted to my room. I had squirreled away a few naughty DVDs my parents had made over the years. They sometimes recorded themselves having sex.

I found a hot one staring my mom's best friend, and lover. Marissa was a sexy woman. Next time she visited, I was going to get to know her. Hopefully eating her pussy while Daddy fucked me from behind. I darted back down the stairs, the loud thudding echoing before me as I held the jewel case with the disc in it in my hand. I hit the ground floor and grinned at the sight of the stripping girls. They were already topless, their breasts out. I couldn't help but admire the firm, youthful titties of my three friends.

Courtney, despite being the oldest at nineteen and a year ahead of us, had breasts as small as mine. Firm, proud tits that thrust before her topped by nipples.

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"Hey," she said, her blue eyes twinkling. "Are we watching porn?" "Homemade porn," I said, salivating as my gaze shot to Rita and her ebony breasts.

They were round and plump, her nipples as dark as her skin. "Hot," Rita said, her tits jiggling as she unzipped her gray skirt. It fell down her lush legs, exposing a pair of creamy-white panties with a little, pink bow on them.

"Oh, cute, I love those panties," I said, grinning at her. "They're great," said Tammy as she peeled down her red panties, her round breasts dangling before her as she bent over to step out of her dainty undergarment.

Her dusky nipples looked so cute and suckable.

She straightened, her shaved pussy on display. I loved shaved pussies. I convinced her to do it, to match me, and she'd come to enjoy having a bare twat. Rita had a landing strip of black hair that almost blended in with her dark skin while Courtney had a dark bush adorning her pudenda and vulva, trimmed and delicious. "You need to get naked, too," Courtney said, stepping out of her mauve panties.

She folded them carefully and then placed them in her backpack with the rest of her clothing. "Right!" I said, tossing Rita the DVD. "Put that in!" I commanded then attacked my tie. The silk whisked together as I ripped it off, throwing it on the ground.

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Courtney shook her head. She was a neat freak. I didn't care. My fingers worked on the buttons as Rita bent over, pointing her tight, virgin pussy at me nestled between her thighs. Just a hint of pink peeked out between her plump, dark vulva. Her ass was cute, too, just so kissable. The BluRay player drawer whisked open and she dropped it in.

My blouse came off as she turned on the TV and backed away. I removed my sky-blue bra, exposing my firm, small titties—I was an A cup, my boobies cute handfuls—when my parents' bedroom came into view. The bed was right there, looking so empty and lonely. "We're rolling," my dad said from the TV speaker, adjusting it. "Good," purred Marissa, her voice a little huskier. She was off-screen.

"Is that your Mom?" Tammy asked, sinking down on the couch. "Nope," I said as I stepped out of my skirt. I was now down to my socks and panties. I peeled those off as Marissa appeared, leading my mom to the bed.

They both were in silky negligees that clung to their bodies, Marissa's a deep maroon, mom's a green so dark it was almost black. They were kissing as they sank down, hands caressing each other.

"Oh, wow," groaned Rita as she sank down on the other side of the couch. "Uh-huh," I said as I peeled out of my panties. "Hot, right." "Is that Marissa?" asked Courtney, standing in awe as she watched the two older women kiss. It was from a few years ago, but my mom still looked just as hot now. Her busty tits swelled her negligee, Marissa's hand cupping that large breast. Their lips were locked together. Marissa's curly, black hair fell down to her tan shoulders.

Mom's skin was paler, ivory like mine would be if I didn't run around outside all the time and have a tan. Her auburn hair contrasted with her delicious huge. Her hand cupped Marissa's tit, squeezing and kneading it. Both women moaned. "Doesn't your Mom usually go to Vegas to see Marissa?" Courtney asked as I sat down between Tammy and Rita. "Marissa flies up sometimes," I said. "Usually, though, she doesn't like to share Mom with Dad, but sometimes she's willing to engage.

I think she's more on the lesbian side of bi than Mom and I are." Tammy nodded her head, watching as the two women kissed and squirmed. It was so hot. My hands flexed, then I placed them on my friends' thighs. I slid them up and down, feeling the silkiness of their skin, loving the hot glide of them. I grinned as I went higher and higher up them, feeling the deliciousness of their touch. They both whimpered and groaned.

Tammy bit her lip. Rita groaned as my hands kept pressing higher, reaching between their thighs. Both girls spread their legs, their knees brushing mine. I grinned as I reached shaved pussies, my palm rubbing into Rita's ticklish landing strip. "Yes," Tammy moaned as Marissa's round breast came into view, Mom tugging down the spaghetti strap to expose a round breast and dusky nipple. I rubbed my friends' cunts, watching in breathless delight as Mom leaned down and sucked on a nipple.

Her lips hollowed, nursing with passion. My mom's friend groaned in delight, her back arching, her tongue flicking over her lips. "This is so hot," whimpered Courtney, still standing. Her cute rump clenched and I could see her fingers between her thighs as they rubbed at her furred muff. "I'm definitely having your mom pop my cherry." "She'll be thrilled," I said, grinning. I rubbed my fingers up and down Rita and Tammy's juicy snatches. Their creams coated my digits.

The air filled with the aroma of hot musk. I smelled my own, tart juices mixed with Tammy's tangy musk and Rita's spicy delight. I reveled in the mix of our aromas perfuming the air. I shuddered, hips wiggling back and forth.

This wondrous heat built and built in me, making me grin. I rubbed harder, faster, stroking up and down my friends' juicy slits. I felt Tammy's clit peeking out. She gasped and shuddered, her hand grabbing my thigh as I diddled her. Her fingers tightened, nails biting into my flesh. "Look at your mom love that nipple," Tammy moaned.

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"She knows what she's doing," whimpered Rita. My fingers caressed into her folds, brushing her hymen. "Yes, she does," I said, my heart racing. "Mmm, it's going to be hot, isn't it? You're getting all kinds of juicy, aren't you?" They both nodded their heads. Tammy's hand crept down my thigh. My pussy grew hotter and hotter, waves of delight rippling down before her touch. They lapped at my cunt. I groaned, squirming my rump on the couch's fabric, my heart beating faster and faster.

Both of Marissa's tits were out, my mom sucking back and forth from those nipples. "God, that's hot," groaned Dad from offscreen. "Come join the fun," my mom moaned, turning her head. Her green eyes were pointed almost at the camera. "Let us suck on that dick together." "Yes," Marissa moaned then shuddered as Mom's hand slipped up beneath her maroon nightie.

Tammy gasped and her hand shot to my pussy as Dad entered the frame, his big cock thrusting out before him. My pussy clenched as I stared at the dick that deflowered my pussy on our big screen TV.

It looked so beautiful. I was so glad Daddy took my cherry. I would do such wicked and wanton things with him. "That cock's going to take my maidenhead," Tammy moaned, so eager for it. She rubbed her fingers up and down my pussy. Then she thrust into me. I gasped as she plunged them into my cunt's depths. "I'm going to be as open as you are." "Yes!" I moaned, diddling her clit and stroking up and down Rita's vulva, my finger caressing her labia. "I can't wait," Rita moaned.

Then her hand reached over and seized my tit. She fondled my right booby, fingers digging into my firm flesh. She brushed my areola with a dark finger. "It'll be great," I groaned as on the TV Marissa and Mom were nuzzling at Dad's cock, kissing on either side of it. Dad had positioned himself just right to capture it.

His hand rubbed through his hair. "We have to share his cock, Tammy," whimpered Rita. "Just like that. We have to." "Yes," Tammy moaned, plunging her fingers faster and faster in and out of my pussy. I shuddered. My entire body quivered as she did that. My fingers danced on her clit while my other hand found Rita's little bud. I rolled it between my thumb and forefinger, teasing her, making her grip tighten on my tit, her fingernails biting into my flesh.

Mom and Marissa were kissing around Daddy's cock. They were loving him. "I've done this with Mom and with Becky!" I groaned. "It's the best! You two will love it!" "Yes, yes, yes!" Rita moaned, her voice so throaty. Her fingers found my nipple, pinching and twisting it. Delight shot down to my pussy.

I groaned, my cunt clenching down on Tammy's thrusting fingers. It increased the pleasure flowing through my body. I moaned, my toes curling against the floor. My heart raced through my chest. My ass clenched. My juices flowed. This heat swelled and swelled in me. It was an incredible delight, an awesome treat that had me squirming between my friends. My fingers massaged her clits, giving them as much pleasure as they gave me. "Mmm, finger her cunt, Mrs. Davies," moaned Courtney, her fingers dancing on her virgin folds, her cute ass quivering.

"Ooh, yes, yes, just make her cum!" Dad was moaning, loving what my mom and Marissa were doing to him. Just like I was savoring what my friend did to me. Tammy's two fingers felt incredible plundering my pussy, and Rita twisted my nipple just the way I liked it.

She stretched out my nub. My body quivered, my orgasm swelling faster and faster. We were all panting and moaning, adding our passion to the naughty sounds coming from the TV. Sucking. Slurping. Grunting. "That's it," Dad groaned. "I'm going to cum all over your faces." "Yes, yes, Daddy!" I moaned, quivering, my orgasm swelling so fast.

"Cum on their faces so they can lick them clean!" moaned Tammy. "Then cum on our faces!" moaned Rita. "Me and yours, Tammy!" "Yes!" Tammy bucked beside me, thrusting her fingers deep into my cunt. Her hot cream bathed my hand. "I want that!

We'll lick each other clean!" "Fuck!" Daddy grunted. His cum erupted. His hot jizz painted across Mom's and Marissa's flushed features. Ropy lines of pearl bathed them. I groaned, my pussy clenching hard down on Tammy's fingers. My nipple throbbed in Rita's playful grip.

I came. "Yes!" I howled while Daddy unloaded all that yummy cum. "He's going to do that to you!" "Hot!" Rita moaned, joining me in trembling, her juices bathing my hand. The three of us were quivering, moaning, gasping as we came on the couch. My flesh gripped Tammy's digits, rippling about her plunging finger.


I groaned as this heat swelled through me. It was an incredible delight as the rapture washed through my mind. Little stars burst across my vision as Daddy grunted, spilling a final blast of cum across the two women's faces. Courtney squealed. Juices trickled down her thighs as she quivered, her head thrown back, her black hair sweeping back and forth.

"Mrs. Davies!" she moaned. "Mr. Davies!" gasped Tammy. "Hurry up and come out here! I want you!" "Yes, yes, Daddy, come make my friends into women!" I howled as my orgasm exploded through me. Rapture showered my mind. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Steve Davies I closed the door to my office. I so wanted to play with those four cuties out there, but I had to talk with my wife.

As I explained to Linda what I learned, her jaw dropped. I heard the girls getting excited through my door, watching what sounded like a porno. I didn't care. "There's another person out there," Linda said, fanning her face with her ballot.

Gorgeous blonde makes a dick hard with her feet

Her pupils were dilated, almost swallowing her green. "That's just. I mean, why would this Player Two make you into mayor?" "I don't know," I said. "But we have to find him." "Or her," my wife muttered. "How." It clicked in my mind. "I have to pay attention to things," I said. "I can remember the original timeline, so I bet I'll notice things he or she does. And." I grinned. "I can double-check with the app. It tags who edited a person." "Right, right." My wife's eyes widened. "What if he edits you?" "I was edited by the Most High." I frowned.

An idea hit me. "What?" my wife asked. "I know that look. "I wondered if there were clues in how I was changed that would let me figure out this other person.

I mean. There are some differences to me." "Check!" my wife said. I pulled out my phone. Even though I had done my three edits for the day—I wouldn't get any more until midnight hit—I could still use the app to exam people, learn about them, figure out how I would edit them. Or I could be the world's most perverse voyeur and watch their memories. I could find out secrets. I could do so much damage with this app. But I wanted to do good. I wanted to make the world a better place.

And have some fun. I couldn't help my lusts. I was still human. Anael appeared the moment I tapped the app's icon and it opened. My wife was frozen again. Anael plopped down on my desk. "Back so soon?" "Just need to check some stuff," I said. She nodded. "Good, good. Use the app to its fullest.

That's why we gave it to you. We don't want you to ignore it." I opened myself and saw the tag. EDITED BY THE MOST HIGH Changes would stand out in bold. I opened the Physical Menu. Physical • Skin • Head • Torso • Arms • Groin • Legs • Nervous System • Illness I spotted the Groin Sub-Menu, opened it with a tap of the screen.

Groin • Penis • Testes • Prostate • Pubic Hair • Hips I checked the Penis Sub-Menu. Penis • Length • Girth • Sensitivity I maneuvered through the various settings.

Sure enough, I was bigger and had more sensitivity, making sex feel better. I switched over to the Testes Sub-Menu. Testes • Volume • Fertility • Production Rate My fertility rate was increased a lot. I gaped at that. It was almost like if a woman was ovulating, I was guaranteed to breed her. I produced more cum, too, and generated more sperm just as fast. I check my Prostate and saw that I had no refractory period, the amount of time it took to recover, and my production of semen matched my testes ability to generate new sperm.

"Damn," I muttered. "The Most High took my suggestions," said Anael. "Check your sex drive." I navigated through the Spiritual Menu to the Sexuality Sub-Menu. Sure enough, my lusts were increased a lot. No wonder I was horny all the time. I wanted sex badly. I was succumbing to temptation.

What else had the Most High changed? Didn't look like anything else, save there was an edit in the health menu. He had cured me of early-stage colon cancer.

I swallowed at that. After realizing I'd dodged a bullet, I shook my head It was interesting what he'd done to me. I needed to pay attention to any guy fucking every girl he can.

Making his own harem. Getting girls pregnant. Yumiko, one of my students, just found out she was pregnant today by her boyfriend. She was a good girl. I never thought she was the type to fool around and have premarital sex. Was she edited? Then it hit me. I had sex with a pregnant girl, but what about the others? I darted to my Relationship Sub-Menu. I hit the entry for my daughter, Sam. I stared at it. She was in love with me, the only man she wanted. She cared for me more than anyone else.


There was nothing there about being the mother of my child or anything. But. I swallowed and then switched to her profile. I moved quickly to her profile. There was her name, but there was something else.

There was a new menu beneath her name labeled Zygote. Sam was pregnant. I'd bred my daughter. "Congratulations," the angel said. "You're going to be a dad and grandpa!" To be continued.