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Culonas en en hilito dental metido en sus ricas nalgotas
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I was most pleased by the good reviews of my latest story, and I want you to know that I intend to keep on writing about Peter. Thanks again for all the opinions, either good or bad ones, and keep commenting my stories.

My Guilty Sister Pt.3: Carla: Slut, Humiliated then Slut again.

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My mind was still blown away with all the events that had happened. I had just got a blowjob and fucked hard Victoria, one of the hottest friends of my sister, and she had enjoyed it as much as I did! Some hours after we had fucked, my sister had locked herself in her room, I phoned Victoria and we talked for some time. She said we much she liked to suck my cock, how good it felt deep inside her pussy and how tasty my cum felt on her tongue.

She just regretted that she had to do everything that Carla wanted, and she would never allow her to let me fuck her again. I smiled to myself and said for her not to worry, I would arrange something. I hang up and went to sleep. Several days passed since I had cum on Carla and Victoria had licked the cum from her body. My sister hadn't spoken to me, except on some occasions and only with short and cold replies. Although she was really mad at me, she couldn't dare doing anything or making fun at me because of the power now I had on her.

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One day, I was at school at the cafeteria with some friends of mine and Carla passed by with her usual girly group around her. I stopped her and asked to talk with her. Victoria looked at me and I noticed she looked excited, but I just wanted my sister. I pushed her against a wall and looked her deep into her eyes, also glancing at her shirt which revealed an amazing cleavage and her waist barely covered by her tiny skirt. "What the fuck do you want from me? Don't you see I am busy?" she asked.


"Yes, I have noticed. But you know, I am rather horny and I thought you could help me." She looked coldly at me. "Do you really think I am going to help you after what you did? Fuck off." I grabbed her chin to punctuate what I was going to say.

"You know the deal.

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You do what I tell you to do, and no one knows about your 'after-school activities'…" She looked around scared that someone might have heard what I said then reluctantly nodded. I leaned near her ear and whispered "And maybe this time you can have all the cum just for you." As I said this she jumped and gave me an huge smile.

"What must I do?" "Ah now that's better. Just meet me at men's' toilets and enter on the second compartment counting from the left. With a huge grin she walked away, all her friends asking what I wanted. I was horny as hell, so I rushed to the bathroom and waited at the compartment.

Some minutes after that, I heard the door opening slowly and there was my sister with her mischievous grin. I already had my pants off so I just grabbed a fistful of my sister's hair and jammed my hard rod into her eager wet mouth. I just loved to grab her hair. Carla knelt on the floor and I could feel her tongue massaging my cock and sometimes her throat contacting to accommodate my cock.

I could tell she wanted my cum above anything else by the crazing sucking she was doing. I was loving it but I had another plans. I took my cock out of her mouth and turned her around, took off her panties and jammed my steel cock deep inside her ass, while playing with her clit and fingering her She just closed her eyes and moaned quietly, repeating "Make me cum, oh make me cum hard!" "Do you like it sis? Your brother fucking you from behind at school, where anyone can catch us?

Does it arouses you? Does it makes you…cum?" punctuating the last word by thrusting deep inside her and pinching her clit hard.

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She gasped hard creamed "I am cumming!" and I bet everyone heard it but I didn't cared. I was cumming too and I could feel her cum running through my fingers and down her legs.

My cock was still spitting cum into her beautiful ass when Carla spun and took my cock in her waiting mouth, sucking all the remaining cum and cleaning my rod. When she finished it, she got up and smiled at me. "Know what? You are a dick sometimes but I must say I love when you fuck me like that." "And I will fuck you more times." But thought to myself "But sometimes you'll hate me.

Like now." I said to her I was going to exit the bathroom and I would text her when I was clear for her to go. She nodded and I left. Immediately I grabbed a friend of mine who was passing. "Did you hear the scream before?" "Yeah, everyone did. We are just looking where did it came from." "It came from the bathroom, I was just here.

Gather everyone here. I bet the girl who was screaming is still in there. I will stay here to assure that she won't come out." He ran to the cafeteria to warn everyone and I smiled to myself.

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That was going to be great: my sister was going to get caught coming out of the men's bathroom. Soon an huge crowd was waiting outside the bathroom and it was the perfect time to text Carla to come out. She came, smiling and happy when she saw the crowd before her.

She froze in her place and turned red like a tomato. Her eyes filled with tears and she looked straight at me, and I could see her lips forming the words "How could you?" and she just ran out of there.

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I felt really bad. I wanted to humiliate my sister and instead I made her cry. I never thought Carla to be a crying girl, and then I realized I had gone too far and I had to apologize. I went after her and saw her taking a cab, probably home. I took one as well and run into home, straight to her bedroom. I found her curled in a ball on her bed crying like as baby. I stood at the door, not sure what to do.

She must have sensed I was there because suddenly she stopped crying and looked at me with pure hate. "I will kill you.

I swear." "Carla, I… I know it doesn't help, but I am sorry." "Oh you're sorry? What about my reputation? I am screwed now!" "I do everything I come clear with that ok?" She looked at me astonished.


"Would you do that for me?" "Yes I know I went too far." She made a gesture for me to come close to her and I went. Then she just burst in movement and punched my hard in my kidney. I wasn't expecting that and my vision blurred with the pain and everything went dark.

I woke up on her bad, completely naked and tied so I could move. In front of me was Carla also naked, with her perfect melons bouncing when she moved. "Oh, you have woken." "You bitch untie me!" "Sorry brother, but after what you have done, let's say we are going to be even." "What, are you going to show me naked to all my friends?" "Don't be stupid, I am just going to fuck you how I want and for the time I want." "You slut!" "Yes you can say that." With this she knelt above my cock and lowered herself so I would penetrate her.

"OHHHHH, SO NICE!" I couldn't move but I was definitely appreciating this, my sister riding me like she wanted. By now she was jumping on my cock, her head backwards, her eyes shut and grabbing her tits. Suddenly she locked down at me and smiled. "Oh are you enjoying this as much as I am?" Although I was enjoying, I said "Drop dead bitch!" She laughed and continued milking my cock with her pussy. She kept on this for an hour, have orgasms after orgasms, screaming, playing with her, making some stops so I wouldn't cum before she wanted, kissing me and sometimes slapping my face.

Suddenly she gasped loudly than before, looked at me and screamed "CUM WITH ME BOY NOW!" and threw herself down on me, making me cum like I never did before, cum rocking out of my cock.

"Give me cum, more, more, MORE!" "AHHHHH!" After I sent some spurts into her, she jumped and grabbed my cock, jacking it off directly to her mouth and swallowed it all. I collapsed on her bed and Carla did the same on me. Some minutes after that she untie."Now where are even." I crawled out of her room, looked behind, and thought to me "Next days are going to be funny."