Hilfsmittel bei dragginladies

Hilfsmittel bei dragginladies
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It was Friday, and I would actually be home for lunch, or so I thought. My only appointment ended early in the day. I have a tech support business, and my customer had persistent system freezes on his desktop.

The guy works from home so it was a rush job that he called me on this morning, and he was willing to pay a little extra for priority service.

Since I had a clear schedule, I could accommodate him right away. The guy was a pretty nice looking thirty-something nothing outstanding, but cute, clean, nicely built, and friendly. In fact he was quite kind and hospitable given that his living was on hold until I got him up and running again. He showed me right into his office where the PC was, and offered me a cup of coffee.

I hesitated to answer him because as soon as we stepped into his office, I could smell sweat and cum, and I kinda got distracted there for a moment fantasizing to have the opportunity to help him out with that stiff cock he apparently liked to shake around in his pants in front of the computer.

Also, now I knew why his system was freezing up: no telling what I was going to find in there today. I shook myself back into reality, blushed, and answered that I'd love a cup of coffee, black with lots of sugar, please. He smiled and went down the hall to the kitchen that we'd passed on the way in. I booted up his computer, and as the user login menu came up, he was back with two cups of coffee.

As he handed me one, I noticed his wedding ring. Ooohh, I love horney married guys. They so love to get their cock sucked that special way that only another man can do for them.

"But no, this is business! Keep your mind on the job, and don't shit where you eat", I kept telling myself. This business depends on referrals, and I can't afford the reputation of a cocksucking PC repairman. Seeing the user login screen, he gave me the admin password, and I opened it up and got to work. Sure enough, this guy's system was loaded with viruses, trojans, browser hijackers, and a real nasty keylogging root kit.

I'm guessing he got them from those late nights on the gay porn TGP's he had in his browser cache; some sites are riddles with toxic payloads. Plus, the poor guy hadn't updated his antivirus signature database since he bought the computer over a year ago, and he runs the damn thing in administrator mode so he can run his piece of crap ACT! contact software for his sales business.

Over three hours and four cups of coffee later, I had his system cleaned up, and his antivirus and firewall suite updated.


I gave him his bill, and a suggestion that he invite me back to let me customize for him the contact database I had written. I could replace the klugy, overpriced piece of crap he uses now for one that won't crash all the time, and will cost him half of what he's paying now.

He looked at my bill and smiled. Then he looked at me and said that he's very interested, and will definitely be in touch. I packed up my stuff, accepted his check, and headed down the hallway to leave. I thought about asking him to use his bathroom again, but I'd used it twice already with all that coffee, and somehow it would just feel awkward at this point. So, I thanked him and walked out the door. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed him still standing in the doorway, so I turned and noticed him checking me out, I think.

He just smiled and waved, and we said "see ya later" at about the same time, and laughed. As I was getting into my van, I started to re-think about how, maybe, I should ask to use that bathroom to see what it was he was looking at.

"No! Keep it business!" I kept telling myself. My dick disagreed. I started getting hard thinking about that hot guy fucking my face with his sweet, stiff dick, groaning as he creams on my tongue, and me cumming in my jeans as I swallow his cock and feel his hot jism spurting down my throat. Then I thought to myself "Man, I gotta get the hell out here!" So, I started the van, and drove off. I decided to take the GW parkway home from town. Good thing, too. As my hardon subsided, I really had to pee, now!

I noticed this sign for Turkey Run Park, and swung in, hoping they'd have a bathroom. I drove a little faster than I should have, and found the can at the back of this small, wooded park. I literally ran from the parking lot to the bathroom, and bolted through the door apparently scaring a guy who was in there washing his hands he ran out as I ran in.

Ohhh, just in time! Sweet relief! I peed for what seemed like 20 minutes. Whew! As I zipped up and turned to wash my hands, I realized I wasn't alone. This guy had been standing there watching me pee.

The thought of it was a bit exciting, but the guy was sort of scruffy looking, and appeared to be a little bit drunk. Fortunately, I was able to get out of there without any further contact. Back in the parking lot, I noticed about a half dozed other cars parked there, most with other guys sitting in them. This seemed like a strange place to grab lunch, and they didn't seem to be eating anyhow.

They didn't strike me as druggies hanging out to score some dope, some were businessman-types. Then, with some embarrassment I realized "Oh!

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This is a cruising park!" I decided to get into my van, and cruise around to check the place out. There are a few parking lots connected by one two lane road. The entire area is wooded, and there are paths leading from the parking lots into the woods, or down a ways to the Potomac River.

All the lots have cars in them; most are occupied by a lone man. There are other men driving around. This was looking promising.

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I decided to check out one of the paths into the woods. I drove around to the first lot that I had encountered on my way in. There was a sign with a bulletin board about the park and activities in the area it didn't mention cruising and sucking dicks (must be out of date). There was a little map of the trails there. I thought I would take a walk down the trail next to the sign. As I went back to lock my van, I noticed some guys in their cars looking my way.

I couldn't make them out very well, but turned to head down the trail to see who I might meet. The trail was a bit dangerous. There were roots sticking up in the middle, steep hills, poorly maintained steps for the really steep inclines. However, it felt really private, and I hoped to find a good spot where I could see folks approaching before they saw me.

In a couple of minutes, I found a nice high spot offering a great view, with a big tree and a large bush for privacy. I decided to sit on a recently fallen log, and wait to see what happens.

After quite a while with nobody coming along, I was getting discouraged. "Maybe all the action is in the parking lot", I thought. I was almost ready to leave when I spotted something moving. Approaching from the direction I had come was one of the guys in a car in the lot I had just left. He was a big, broad shouldered, athletic looking guy with a flat top crew cut. "Not usually my type", I thought, "but let's wait and see".

As he got closer, I could tell he was looking at me, too. In fact, he was staring, almost like he was mad, but I couldn't tell. I wondered with increasing trepidation if this was one of those guys who derives satisfaction from beatin' the shit out of faggots and here I am in a nice private spot in the woods.

As he got to about 50 feet away, I called out "Hey bud, how's it goin'?" "Out-Fucking-Standing! And you?" he said. I stammered "Just hangin'". I was really scared now, certain that this guy's gonna leave my bloody corpse in these woods. By now, he was right up on me, looking down on me sitting on my log. He saw my fear, and smiled broadly.

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"Relax, pal. What the fuck do you think I'm doing here, taking a fucking constitutional?" He gently put his hand on my shoulder, and softly continued. "Seriously, we can't have you getting all afraid. That makes for cottonmouth, and that's definitely no fucking good." He backed up a pace, stood in front of me, and started massaging his hardening cock through his pants.

"You are here for some dick, right?" I smiled nervously, and barely managed to utter "Yeah". My eyes were riveted on his growing bulge as he stepped closer, dropped his hand from his pants and stood with his still concealed hardon about a foot from my face. He reached over and caressed my hair. Almost whispering, he said "Go ahead. We're all alone, and this is what we're both here for." I reached up and placed my hand over his crotch, and I could feel myself flush as I grabbed his hardening dick through his pants.

I was so hot.

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I could hardly believe this was happening. My temples were throbbing, my heart was hammering through my rib cage, and my dick was stiffening up against my leg trying to get out. I looked up at him, and he smiled back down at me. He looked so beautiful. I reached up and unbuckled his belt, pulled his zipper down, and pushed his pants down to his knees, leaving the underwear in place. For the first time I noticed his cheap, masculine cologne or aftershave. I couldn't tell what it was, but it was intoxicating mixed with his sexy, manly scent.

I pressed my lips to the lump in his underwear, inhaled, opened my lips around his shaft, and blew my hot breath into his manhood.

He caressed my hair again, whispering "Yeah baby, you really do like that cock, huh." "Mmm, Hmmmm" I hummed and I rubbed my face and lips along his stiff, underwear-covered manhood. I reached up with both hands, and carefully shimmied his underwear down to his knees, releasing his stiff, knarly dick into my full view.

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I kissed it a few times, and it tasted sooooo good! I pushed his pants down to his ankles, grabbed his shaft, and started to gently stroke him. He must have seen me looking at his balls, because he spread his knees so I could touch his hot, tight sacks. I kissed and licked his balls. He gently moaned, and moved closer for more.

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One at a time, I took his tight ball sacks into my mouth and gently licked and sucked on them. Feeling his man hair and his hot balls in my mouth, and smelling his delicious manhood as I stroked his stiff dick I was burning up. I backed my face up a bit, reached onto my tongue with my three middle fingers, and pulled his stray ball hairs from my mouth. As I brushed them off my fingers onto my pants, I continued stroking his cock with the other hand, and glanced up to see his hot, clenched smile and decided that we were both ready to get him off.

I licked his shaft, and sucked on his dick head, turning my head this way and that as I sucked to spin my lips and tongue on his knob as he softly moaned.


Tasting his pre-cum, I began to thrust my mouth down his shaft so he could fuck my head to the back of my mouth. I could feel the insistent throbbing of my own stiff dick as I knew I was about to cum from this big, hot man's dick fucking my face.

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As he grabbed my head in both hands, his breathing became deep and loud and he began to gently, slowly thrust himself in and out of my mouth. My entire body throbbed as I blew shot after shot of cum into my jeans. I recovered my breath enough to take all of him into me. I grabbed and squeezed his muscular ass cheeks, and pulled him all the way into my mouth as I swallowed his stiff, throbbing dick.

He groaned so loud that for a moment I was afraid I'd hurt him, but with both of his hands he pressed my head to the hilt of his dick as we both fucked his cock into the back of my throat. His dick throbbed in my mouth as his body shuddered, and he uttered this guttural, gurgling groan while he spurt his load of man seed down my throat.

By now I was about to pass out for lack of air, and against some resistance pushed my head back so I could breath. Desperately gasping for air, and hungrily grasping for his still oozing dick, I ran my thumb back and forth over his dick hole, and he just barely restrained a scream of shocked delight.

I let go of him, and smiled up at his satisfied and slightly disoriented expression. He looked back at me as he pulled his pants up, and said "Holy shit! What the fuck did you just do to me?" I responded "Well, I wanted to compensate a bit for pulling off before you were all done.

I had to breathe right away or I'd have passed out. So, I gave you a little dick-shock." Then adding "You seemed to like it" as I beamed up at him. Glancing at the large wet spot at the left side of my crotch, he said with a smile "Yeah, you seemed to like it, too".

As he was apparently ready to leave I said, "It sure was nice to meet you. Maybe we'll see you again, sometime." He put his hand on my cheek, and said with a smile "That would be just fine with me… cocksucker!" His smile broadened as he turned and strode away. I thought to myself "I have got to come back here again, soon"! I waited long enough for him to arrive at the parking lot, then started to make my way back, too.

When I got to my van, the lot was a little more crowded than before, all with lone men. One of those slowly driving by apparently saw the wet spot by my crotch, then looked me in the eye and smiled. And as I climbed into my van, I thought to myself "Oh yeah, I am definitely cumming back here."