Sapphic babes pussylicking under the table

Sapphic babes pussylicking under the table
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I'd always considered myself open to trying anything at least once, but never had the idea of screwing a dog crossed my mind. Even when a friend of mine showed me a video of a woman and a dog, the thought of myself doing that never entered my mind. It wasn't until I was divorced and a single mother of two that the thought entered my mind. One of my friends told me a story of herself and her dog, it hadn't been intentional the first time.

In fact one could say that her dog raped her, but she enjoyed it so much that she continued to screw her dog while her husband wasn't home. Her stories got me so hot, but I never told her that.

I began to masturbate imagining that my favorite dildo was a big thick doggie cock. For a year I carried my secret fantasy around, unable to tell anyone for fear of what others would say. It wasn't until I met my current boyfriend that I even thought my fantasy could become a reality. I should probably tell you about myself. My name is Alexia. I'm a petite, busty blonde. I'm just over 5'1 with 36DD breasts.

I would say that my breasts and ass are my best features. I'm not a slim figured woman, but one can't say that I'm fat either. I'm a healthy size 10. My skin is a creamy white, I never tan even when I stay in the sun, but luckily I don't burn either. I've been described as having a pretty face, with my green-blue eyes and full lips.

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All in all, I'd say that I'm not bad to look at, but not someone that a guy would sit and stare at. It was on a date with my boyfriend, Jason, that the idea became really set in my mind.

We were talking about some of the craziest things we've ever done. He told me about one of his exes doing the dog in front of him. I sat in the passenger seat, unsure if I should tell him that I wanted to do that sometime. I dared ask him if he likes it. He said he did, and then he asked if maybe I would consider doing that. Still unsure if I should admit the truth, I said that I would consider it.

Later on in the date, he asked me if I was really going to consider it or if I had just said that to brush the thought aside. I told him that when I say I'd consider something it meant that I really would consider it.

If I didn't want to do something I'd say so. Then I took a deep breath and told him my biggest secret. I told him that I had been fantasizing about fucking a dog for a while.

The grin he gave me at the time told me that I had been right to tell him that. We began talking about it often, planning to find a bigger place that allowed pets, before purchasing a dog.

Hercules is a beautiful pure-blooded German Shepard. He's a faithful companion, and so protective of my children. He's also one of my favorite lovers. Jason really enjoys watching Hercules take me, and I fully enjoy the feeling of his thick doggie cock pounding into my pussy. As much as I enjoy everything, my mind still recalls my first time with Hercules.


There's nothing like your first time. We'd had Hercules for several months, since we'd purchased him as a small puppy, before we decided to start introducing him to our fantasy.

He'd settled into the family and our home fairly quickly. He often slept in my childrens' room at the foot of one of their beds. That night, I called him into our room and up onto our bed. Hercules bound onto the bed, excited that he was getting some attention from his masters. "Good boy." I said gently as I pat his head.

Jason knelt on the side of the bed in nothing but his boxers and slowly reached under my nightie. His finger probing into my already wet pussy. I'd skipped the underwear knowing it'd just be another article of clothing that I'd have to remove.

Jason continued to slowly fuck me with his pointer finger as his large thumb began to massage against my clit. I gave a low moan as I continued to pet Hercules, who was stretched out on the bed at that point. His head resting on my chest, using my large breast as a pillow. I felt Jason slid another finger into my pussy and increase his speed. My hips began to gently grind against his hand as if they had a mind of their own.

Hercules' ears perked up and he began sniffing the air as my arousal grew. "I think we've got his attention now." Jason laughed. He withdrew his hand from my mound, as I gave a whimper of protest. It had felt so good I didn't want him to stop. I watched curiously as Jason held his wet fingers out to Hercules.

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I was fascinated as Hercules' long pink tongue snaked out to lick Jason's hand tentatively. "You like that boy?" Jason whispered. Hercules' response was the continue licking his hand enthusiastically.

Slowly Jason pulled his hand away from the dogs snout with Hercules following it. Little by little, inch by inch, Jason led the dog to my hot core. I felt Jason's fingers brush against my lips and I could feel Hercules' hot breath blow across my wet slit.

Then it happened, Hercules' long tongue snaked out again and ran over my womanhood. "Oh God!" I nearly screamed as it felt like electricity coursing through my body. Jason reached out and grasped my hips to hold me still as Hercules licked again and again. "Oh please!

Fuck me with that wonderful tongue!" I cried out after a while. "I don't think he knows what you're saying." Jason chuckled. "Oh please! Jason! Use your fingers or something! I need something in my pussy and I need it now." I mewled as I struggled against him. "You have to stay still." Jason warned as he let loose of one of my hips.

Hercules continued to lick me from ass to clit as Jason slipped two fingers into me. Hercules continued to lick around Jason's hand.

"Deeper Jason!" I begged. "Harder!" Jason obliged and pumped his fingers into me as hard and fast as he could. Hercules' tongue flicked across my clit just as Jason's fingers probed against my g-spot sending me over the edge. "Fuck! I'm cumming!" I felt my pussy juice flow from my cunt hole and over Jason's hand. "Enjoy that my love?" He laughed. "Mmm-hmm" I mumbled. Hercules then discovered the source of wonderful juice he had been licking and shoved his muzzle into my pussy.

His tongue shot up inside of me, trying to lick all the cum out of me. "Oh Shit!" I cried, I was still sensitive from my orgasm and he's tongue was deeper in me than anything I'd ever experienced. Jason instantly took hold of my hips again to prevent me from bucking against Hercules. Over and over Hercules' skilled tongue probed into my hot cavern, twisting this way and that, sending new sensations through my body. It wasn't long before I felt that coil tighten deep within my core.

I knew I was close to another orgasm, Jason could see it on my face as well. He carefully moved around on the bed, releasing my hips, and grasped the top of my nightie. He pulled the silky material down revealing my large breasts, and then sucked a nipple into his mouth.

His tongue flicking across my hard bud, silently echoing Hercules' tongue buried deep within my cunt. "Oh my God!" I screeched as my orgasm tore through my body. Lights flashed before my eyes as my body trembled and bucked wildly. Hercules continued to lick at my leaking pussy as I thrashed about on the bed. Jason wrapped his arms around me, gently rocking me as I came down my biggest orgasm ever.

"Oh Jason, make him stop, I can't take anymore." I cried. Jason chuckled lightly and gently pulled Hercules off the bed. I laid there panting heavily, trying to regain control of my still trembling body. "Do you want to go further tonight?" Jason asked calmly.

"I think so." I nodded.


"I just need a few minutes." "I think Hercules wants to, too." He laughed. I slowly sat up on the bed and looked at our beloved dog. Indeed, Hercules was ready for something. His red cock was peeking out from it's sheath and was five inches long already. "Bring him back up here." I said and I sat up fully now. Jason allowed Hercules to climb back up on the bed with me.

I reached out and grasped his throbbing red cock in my hand. I thought briefly about sucking the cock in my hand, but quickly pushed the thought aside. I began to pump my hand up and down, amazed at the feeling of the meat growing in my grasp. His cock was so much like Jason's yet so different at the same time. It was smooth, unlike Jason's beautiful veiny cock. It felt hard as a bone, the same as any man's I suppose.

The biggest difference though, was the lack of a flaring head. Hercules' cock had a flattened, yet pointed tip.

Perfect for penetrating into any bitch. I felt a shiver rush down my spine at the thought that I was going to be his bitch tonight.

He would mate with me, and shove his knot into me. It was the knot I both craved and feared at the same time. I'd heard from my friend that it hurt badly the first time, mostly because it expanded so far past any girth she'd ever experienced. I wanted to feel that fullness with his knot buried deep in my snatch, but at the same time I feared the pain. Looking back now, I find that fear silly.

I had given birth to my two children and one without medication. His knot was nothing compared to a baby's head. No matter how the night turned out, I knew I had Jason to keep me and Hercules calm. Just knowing he was sitting right there was enough to keep me going, and swallow what little fear I had. I looked up to Jason and he smiled warmly at me.

"You ready love?" He asked. I swallowed hard and nodded. There was no turning back once I rolled over, and I knew it. Carefully I rolled over onto my still weak knees. I rested my forearms on the bed leaving my ass in the air, offering it silently to Hercules. He in the meantime walked around me and sniffed me a few times before sticking his nose back in my pussy and licking me some more. Jason, thinking ahead, took out a pair of socks and put them on Hercules' front paws while he was licking me again.

"So he doesn't scratch you up." He explained when I looked at him funny. "Oh, I didn't think of that." I laughed. Almost on cue, Hercules jumped up on me, pressing his furry chest into my back and wrapping his forepaws tightly around my waist. I could feel his bone hard cock poking against the flesh of my thigh, and his muscles rippling with every movement.

Hercules must have felt discouraged as he climbed off me and circled me again. "Jason, I think you'll have to help him." But Hercules wasn't waiting for help as he climbed back onto my back and began humping me once again. Jason reached out and helped guide his cock to my heated entrance.

Feeling the warmth just beyond the folds, Hercules snapped his hips forward quickly and almost violently. I cried out at the sudden penetration.

It hurt, but felt so good at the same time. Not wasting any time, Hercules began pounding into me.

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I could feel his cock grow even more as he jackhammered into me faster than any man I'd ever had. My breasts swayed in time to the thrusts, and my breathing became shallow gasps.

Jason sat back away from us, watching the incredible scene of his beloved girlfriend becoming the dog bitch. "That's it Hercules, fuck me." I cried out.

I had never been one to talk dirty during sex, or even speak much for that matter, but the tabooness of fucking the dog made me want to be as slutty as possible.

"Fill my hot pussy with your doggie meat!" Hercules continued to pound into me, deeper and deeper. I could feel the tip of his cock trying to pry into my womb. Jason moved back over to us and reached out to rub my clit and play with my breasts at the same time. I could feel the coil in my core tighten again.

"Do you like that baby?" "Oh God!" I screamed, literally screamed, as the spring released and my body tightened around the invading prick. "Fuck!" Once my orgasm has run it's course Jason moved in front of me and released his own glorious cock from his boxers. "Suck it baby." I didn't need any more encouragement as I engulfed his whole cock into my mouth.

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Each thrust from Hercules behind me forced me back down onto Jason's cock, taking him deeper into my throat leaving me breathless. It didn't take long for Jason to shoot his load down my throat into my belly. Usually he could have lasted a long time, but the scene before him had him ready to blow his load before I even touched him. I could feel Hercules' already large cock expanding inside of me and I knew it was the knot.

It felt like a fist being pushed into me. "Oh God!" I cried out in pain. Jason knelt next to me and gently stroked my clit while kissing my neck to distract me.

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It worked, and soon the knot was nothing but pure bliss to me. Never before in my life had I felt so full, so well fucked. "That's it boy, shoot your load deep in me. Give me that puppy seed! Make me your bitch!" Hercules' rapid movements slowed to a near stop as he let out a yelp.

I felt my pussy being flooded with his warm sperm. Spurt after spurt spilled into my fertile womb. "God, it would be so hot if you could get pregnant by him." Jason murmured in my ear.

I grunted my agreement, unable to voice any words. Jason began to rub my clit faster and harder. I ground my hips into his hand, causing Hercules' cock to move around inside me. Hercules seemed to take that as an invitation and began thrusting again.

"Oh Dammit! I'm gonna cum again!" I cried. "Let it go baby." Jason whispered. I screamed as another orgasm racked my body, leaving me weak and dizzy. I collapsed onto my face against bed, Hercules' still hard cock buried deep in my snatch holding up my back end.

Hercules tried to pull away at that moment, and I screamed in pain. Jason reacted and held Hercules' front legs to prevent him from pulling off of me and causing damage.

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All the while petting our sweet dog and telling him what a good boy he was. I would have done that myself had I not been so exhausted. "I'm going to let him try to pull away again, I think he's gone down enough." Jason said to me after a while. "Okay." I replied, my voice shaky. Jason let go of Hercules and he instantly began to pull off of me.

I felt pressure in my pussy and focused on relaxing my muscles. With a pop, Hercules pulled free and bound off the bed. His hot puppy seed poured out of me and onto the bed. "Holy fuck! That's was incredible!" "It was really hot." Jason nodded as he crawled into bed next to me.

Slowly he rolled me onto my side with my back pressed into his chest. "I want to see you do that again." "I want to do it again." I grinned. "I love you dear, but that cock of his is just. there's no words." "I could see that on your face." He laughed. "So long as I get to share you, I don't mind." "Oh that won't be a problem." I nodded as I began to feel sleep taking hold of me. Jason pulled the covers over us and held me tight. "We'll take a shower in the morning, for now just sleep." He whispered before kissing my temple.

"Mmm-hmm." I mumbled as I drifted off to sleep. We felt the bed shift a little and knew Hercules had jumped back up onto the bed, he has slept there since that night. "Good boy Hercules.

I love you boy." "I think he loves you too Alexia." Jason nuzzled my neck. "I love you." "And I love you." I replied. My last coherent thoughts that night were that I was so lucky to have a man like Jason, who wanted to help me fulfill my fantasy and even enjoyed it.

To have a wonderful dog whom I could love and trust to not hurt me. And then to fall asleep in the arms of my human lover with my dog lover curled at my feet.