Cute teen is surprisingly priceless at what she is doing

Cute teen is surprisingly priceless at what she is doing
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Dear Diary, Well, it is almost graduation weekend, and my art teacher Mr. Schwantz says that he recieved a letter from a major comics book publisher. They are very interested in my comic book ideas. They really liked the idea of my scantily clad heroine Maxine Biaggi and her sidekick Sete' fighting the evils of the underground world.

I rushed home to tell Mom, but once again when I got to our apartment there was a note from her saying that she would not be home until late. I am sure she is out at the clubs again. I really wish she would act her age.

She is 34 now, and she keeps on bringing these young college age boys in their early 20's home to our apartment. Last weekend she came home really late, and I was awaken by the sound of her headboard banging against the wall. It was really loud, and she was screaming and screaming. It sounded like she was actually in pain. A boy was grunting and I could hear the sound of skin slapping skin as their bodies slammed in to each other again and again.

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They were being really loud and acting like I wasn't even there. I would have hoped that mom would at least have told him that her daughter was in the room next door.

But she was probably so drunk that she didn't even remember. They were saying the most disgusting things, and I heard them all.

He was yelling at her to take all of his cock up her pussy, and she would answer back, oh yeah, fuck my pussy.fuck it harder. Her bed really started rocking, and it sounded like her headboard was going to crash through my wall as he told her how hot her cunt felt. Mom started screaming that she was coming. Then she just started saying Oh God, Oh God. She moaned really loud and said fuck my pussy harder, fuck it, fuck my hole. Then she cried Oh My God!!!! I'm cumming!!!! The boy kept on pounding her and she sreamed really loud.

I think she probably even woke our neighbors. Then the pounding stopped and I heard him talking. Her bedroom door must have been open, because I could hear every word clear as a bell. I hear you like it up the ass. He said to her. Mom was so drunk she just kind of groaned. Turn over. He said.

I could hear mom moving on the bed. Spread your ass cheeks bitch. He said. Again mom didn't say anything, but I knew she was doing it. I could hear mom groan really loud, and then she cried out Ohhhh Shit.Fuck take it easy, that fucking hurts. She said, and I knew he put it in her butt. Once again the bed started rocking, and the headboard started banging my wall.

Take it easy you fucking asshole that fucking hurts. Mom said, but he just laughed and kept on doing it to her. I wanted to run in there and tell him to leave her alone, but I was too scared. He was saying the rudest things to her. Like, you are such a nasty whore. God you are such an ass slut. How many cocks have you had in your ass, cause it is so loose. Mom said nothing, just kept on taking it. I heard a click and it sounded like a camera. Wanna see a picture of my big cock in your asshole?

He asked her. These camera phones are great. He laughed. Then he told her to beg him to come in her ass, and mom did. He told her to keep on repeating it, and mom kept on begging him to come in her ass. Finally he grunted and told her he was going to fill her ass with cum. Clean my dick with your mouth. He said. Mom said nothing, but I could tell she was putting his penis in her mouth. She was moaning and making these slurping sounds. I felt like I was going to vommit at the thought of her sucking on a penis that was just in her butt hole.

You like the taste of your ass juice? He asked her. Mom just moaned some more as she continued sucking on his penis. I heard another click, and knew he had just taken another picture of her with his camera phone.

I asked you a question he said. He sounded pretty pissed off. Mom said. Ummm hmmm. He told her to say it, and she said I love the taste of my ass juice.

Good he said, now lick all of your juice off of my balls. Mom just moaned some more, and I assume she was licking his balls. Hey check it out. He said. Here is a great picture of you with your mouth full of cock. He asked her if she liked to eat cum, and she said oh yeah. I can't believe what a slut mom has become. She totally embarasses me. Good he said, cause I am gonna cum all over your face, and I want you to lick it all up like a good little cock sucker.

I could hear the slimey sound of him stroking his penis. Open your mouth Val, here it comes he said. He started grunting and then he came. Again I heard his camera click. He laughed and said take a look at your cum covered face. Mom said nothing as he laughed at her. Now wipe all of that cum up and eat it. He said. Mom said nothing, but I knew she was doing it. Over the past couple of years I have heard a lot of things coming out of Moms bedroom, but this guy was really kinky, and Mom did everything he asked her to.

I felt so ashamed. I could hear him getting dressed, and Mom begging him to stay. Spread your legs Val. He said. Then I heard the camera click again. She asked him again to stay, but I could hear him walking out of her room and down the hall. He walked out of our apartment and didn't even close the door.

I could hear him talking on his phone as he walked down the hall. Oh dude, she is such a fucking nasty whore, were the last words I heard. I cried in my bed thinking of someone talking about my mom like that. We don't live in the best neighborhood, so I got out of bed and went and closed the door and locked it. On my way back to my room I looked in moms room. She was totally passed out on her bed. She was on her back and her legs were still spread.

Her vagina was shaved completly bald and his cum was leaking out of her anus. Her hair and makeup were a mess. God I am so ashamed and embarassed. I cried and promised myself I would never ever be like her. Still she is my mom and I love her, so I slid her to the middle of her bed and pulled the covers over her. She slowely opened her eyes and stared at me.

She reached up with her hand and touched my cheek before her glazed over eyes rolled back in her head and she passed out again. My tears came down in buckets and I went to my room.

Dear Diary, It has been almost a month since my last entry. Things have been going great for me. While I was eating at Taco Bell, I was working on one of my drawings and a boy came up and admired my work. He sat and talked with me for a long time and then asked me if he could call me sometime. I was kinda nervous about giving him my phone number because he is a little older, but he was so nice that I decided to anyway. Well he called me the very next day and we talked for hours on the phone.

His name is Marco, and he is so sweet. He is a junior at the University, and I know mom would not approve of me seeing an older boy, so I have not told her.

But she is never home anyway. She is still going to the bars all the time. Sometimes she doesn't even come home. Anyway, Marco is so sweet and nice to me. He said that Nicole does not really fit me and so he calls me Nicki. I kinda like it.

We went on two dates and then he asked if he could kiss me. It was so sweet. I let him, and it was nice and soft. He is such a gentleman. I asked him why he was interested in me, because I am so much younger than him, and he told me that he had been going out to the bars since he was 18, and he was sick and tired of that scene. He has a really cool car.

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I think it is called a Lotus. It must be very expensive. He says that his family owns a winery, but he does not talk about it much.

Last night after we went to dinner and a movie he took me back to his apartment. It is super nice. It is on the top floor and has a beautiful view of the city. He put on some romantic music, and made me a few drinks, and I was feeling kinda tipsy. I don't normally drink alcohol, but it is fun with Marco. He asked me to stay the night, but I told him I couldn't. He gave me another drink and started kissing me really hard.

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For the first time in my life I think I was drunk. He put his tongue in my mouth. It felt good. I told him that I had never really been with a boy before, and he said he was suprised that a girl as pretty as me had never been with anyone.

I confessed to him that I was still a virgin. I was really embarassed, but he made me feel like it was no big deal. He asked me if he could feel my breasts, and I said okay. He put his hands under my shirt and massaged my breasts over my bra. It felt soooo good. Then he slid his hands under my bra and rubbed my nipple.

His hands were so soft and gentle. I know my breasts are really small, and I have always been very self concious about that, but he told me they felt wonderful, and that made me feel really good.

Then he started to slide his other hand down my stomach and he felt my private area over my jeans. I was scared, but he kept on asking me if I wanted him to stop, and I did, but I did not want to disappoint him so I told him it was okay. He started to unbutton my pants and I got really nervous, but he said it was okay. He slid his hands inside my panties, and I could feel his fingers touching my pubic hair.

His other hand was massaging my breast, and he was still kissing me softly. Then he stopped and started to pull my shirt over my head. Inside I was screaming for him to stop. I was so scared, but I let him do it anyway. He put his hands behind my back and undid the clasp to my bra and slid it down my arms. I was embarrassed and covered my breasts with my hands. It's okay Nicki. He said. You are beautiful.

There is no need to be ashamed of your body. He pulled my hands away and put his mouth on one of my nipples and started sucking on it. I am sure it is supposed to feel good, but I was so nervous that I didn't really enjoy it. While he sucked on my nipple he started pulling my pants down. I told him no, but he again said it was okay and kept on pushing them down. I let him do it.

He started massaging my privates over my panties. I closed my legs tight, but he kinda pushed them apart so he could get his hand between my legs. I knew he was going to take my panties off next, and I didn't want him to do it, but no boy had ever been this nice to me before, and I decided it would be okay. Most girls my age have been having sex for years, so I guess I am old enough. I kept on thinking about mom, and how I promised I would never be like her, but this seemed different.

This boy really cares about me, and I care about him. He started pushing my panties down, and I let him. Again I covered my private area with my hands, and again he pushed my hands away. I felt very exposed lying naked on his bed.

He started licking his way down my body. He licked my stomach and my belly button. It kinda tickled. I knew what he was going to do next, and I was very nervous.

He put his face down by my private area and touched me with his tounge. My body totally stiffened up, and he told me to relax. I tried to, but I was so scared.

I just closed my eyes and let him do it. He kept on licking me and then he started to push his tounge inside of me. It felt really weird. I could feel myself getting wet down there. He did this for a little while, and then he started to move back up my body again.

I was relieved that he had stopped licking me. His body was on top of me now, and I could feel his weight as he started licking my nipple again. He moved up more and started to kiss my mouth. I liked that. Then I felt something touching my private and I knew what it was. I had no idea that he had taken his pants off, but I knew his penis was touching my vagina. I told him that I didn't think we should do this, but he put his legs between mine and forced my legs apart, as he continued to kiss my mouth.

His penis was right at the entrance of my vagina, and I was scared to death. I told him to stop, but he kept on telling me it was okay. He pushed into me softly, and I could feel the tip starting to pentetrate my body. I was so scared. I asked him to stop again, but he pushed a little harder and I felt it go in. His penis felt much larger than I imagined a penis would be, and it hurt so bad that I let out a little yelp.

Marco stopped and asked if I was okay.


My vagina hurt so bad, but I decided that I wanted him to take my virginity, so I said it was okay, but to go slow. He pushed himself up with his arms, and slowely forced his penis into me.

He looked me in the face as my face scrunched up in pain. He kept on pushing for what felt like forever until his penis was all the way in. It felt like I was being split in two. It hurt so bad, but I didn't want him to know that. I said Oh God, cause it hurt so bad, and that made me think of Mom again.

I had to reassure myself that this was nothing like what Mom does. It hurt so bad that I started crying. He wiped my tears away with his hands and told me that he was going to go really slow so I could get used to it. He started gently pulling his thing out, and then gently pushing it back in. My vagina burned. I didn't think I could take it, but I wanted to do it for him. He eventually started going a little faster, and soon he was in a rhythem were he was gently thrusting in and out of me.

It still hurt, but not as bad as when he first put it in. His thing felt so huge to me. He said he was going to cum, and he pulled his thing out and it squirted on my chest.

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I could feel his warm cum splashing on my body, and I could smell it. I was disgusted that I had his cum on my body and didn't want to touch it. I didn't know what to do, so I just layed there. Marco could tell that I was embarassed and he went and got a wash cloth for me and wiped it off. He leaned over and kissed me. Then he whispered in my ear. It will get better, I promise. I told him I had to get home, and he said he understood.

I picked up my clothes and put them on. My vagina burned so bad that it was hard for me to walk normal. I looked at his bed and saw blood on his sheets.

Oh my God Marco, I am so sorry I bled on your sheets. I said. Don't worry about it sweetheart, I'll take care of it. He called me sweetheart!!!! I think I am in love!!!!!! Marco drove me home in his totally cool car. He asked to walk me up to my apartment, but I was afraid mom might be there so I told him no.

He kissed me very gently and said that he had a wonderful night.

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I told him the same. I got out of his car, and even though my vagina hurt like hell, I was on cloud 9. I was in heaven all the way until I got to our apartment. The door was slightly open, and I could hear voices inside. I knew mom had another boy in her room. I quietly opened the door and walked in hoping that I could get to my room without being noticed. As I quietly walked down the hall I saw her bedroom door was wide open and I could hear the voices inside.

That's right Val, we are gonna make a Roberts sandwhich out of you. From down the hall I could see into her room, and there were two boys standing over her on her bed. Mom was in the middle on her knees and she was sucking on their penis's.

Then one of the boys lay on his back with his boner sticking straight in the air. Sit on my brothers dick. Said the boy still standing. Mom let his penis out of her mouth and moved over to the other boy. She lifted her leg and stradled him. She reached down with her hand and lined his penis up to her vagina.

Then she lowered herself down on it. She started bouncing up and down on his penis. Wooo Hooo look at those titties go. Shouted the boy on the bottom as he watched moms boobs bouncing around. Then he reached up and grabbed her boobs and pulled hard forcing mom down on top of him. Mom let out a scream but then just continued moving her hips up and down on his penis. Spread her ass Curtis so I can get in there.

Said the boy standing above. The boy on the bottom put his hands on moms butt cheeks and pulled them apart. The other boy got on his knees behind mom and lined his penis up to her butt.

He then very violently thrust into her. Mom screamed out in pain, but the two boys didn't even care, they both just started thrusting in and out of her. Fuck that ass Kenny. Said the boy that was in her vagina. They were both laughing as they used moms body. I thought this was my chance to get to my room, and I slid past her open door. I quietly opened my door and entered my dark room.

I closed my door, and put a pillow over my head, but I could still hear everything that was going on in moms room. They went at it for at least another half hour. The boy on the bottom said that he wanted to fuck her ass too, so they switched positions. Mom grunted and groaned a lot, but she let them do anything they wanted to her.

They said they wanted to fill her ass with cum, and they both did. As they left her room I heard them say. Another satisfied victim of the Roberts Brothers. And high five each other.

As I heard them leave the apartment I got out of bed and walked over to moms room. The room reeked of alcohol. She was face down on her bed with a couple of pillows under her hips her legs were spread. Her butt was sticking up in the air and there was a Corona beer bottle sticking out of her butt. Mom was totally unconcious. I cried and went over to her bedside. I pulled the bottle out of her and pulled the pillows out from under her hips.

She just groaned and rolled over. I pulled her blankets over her and turned off her light. My vagina burned badly, but it was almost a good pain, because I know the boy who did it to me loves me. I cannot imagine what mom feels. I cried and cried, because this night could have been so beautiful for me. Marco is so good to me, and when he made love to me it hurt so bad, but it was also beautiful.

There is nothing beautiful about what mom does. Dear Diary, The past month has been both the most beautiful and the most awful of my life. Marco is totally awesome. He makes me feel so good. We have made love five times now, and each time it gets a little less painful.

After the fourth time we made love he told me he loved me.

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That made me so happy. I even gave him a blow job once. Although it was very hard, because his penis is so large. I have never seen a boys penis before, so I am not sure how big they usually are, but Marco's must be at least ten inches long, and it is very thick. He kept on telling me to be careful, because I was scraping him with my teeth. I felt bad about that, but he said not to worry, that I would get better at it the more I did it. He was such a gentleman. He warned me that he was going to cum and pulled his penis out of my mouth and came on my breasts instead of in my mouth.

When I was giving him a blow job I kept on thinking about Mom. Was I becoming like her? But my answer was always no, because Marco and me are in love. Mom just keeps on getting worse and worse. One night I came home from Marco's and it sounded like there was a party going on in our apartment. I didn't even go in. I went down to an all night diner and waited until it was safe to go home.

At about three in the morning I went back to our apartment and it was quiet, so I went in. Our apartment was trashed. There were beer and alcohol bottles all over the place. I went into Moms room to check on her and she wasn't there. Then I opened the door to my room, and there was Mom tied up to my bed. Her arms were tied to my bedposts, her legs spread and tied up over her head, she had a pair of panties over head covering her face, and a large dildo in her vagina, and one in her butt.

I cried and cried as I took the dildos out of her and untied her. I tried to wake her up, but she was so drunk that I couldn't wake her. I covered her and left her in my bed. I went out to the living room to clean up and there were poloroid pictures laying around. They were pictures of Mom doing nasty things with these men.


There was a picture of Mom licking a mans butt hole, and one of her with three penis's in her face all cuming on her. There was one of her with a mans penis in her butt, vagina, and mouth all at the same time. There was another one of her pushing a dildo in her vagina and one in her butt at the same time. There was one of her laying in the bathtub playing with her vagina while men were pissing on her face and breasts and vagina.

I didn't think I could cry anymore, but that picture opened the flood gates and I sat on the floor and cried for a long time.


Mom never used to be like this, but after Wayne left her she just seems to have gone off the deep end. I remember hearing Mom and Wayne having sex almost everynight, but he was her boyfriend, and they were together for almost a year. After Wayne left Mom got really depressed and started drinking a lot. Then she started going out to the bars, and she just seems to be getting worse and worse. I am really worried about her, but everytime I try to talk to her she just tells me that I don't understand.

All I know is that Mom is not the same person she used to be. She used to love me and care about me, but now all she seems to care about is drinking and sex. I used to think she was beautiful, but now I think she is ugly.