Brunette teen and her favorite dildo

Brunette teen and her favorite dildo
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Hi. My name is Anna.

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I am a 41 year old mother of two wonderful adult children. Their father, Jim, and I have been married for 25 years and still have a very healthy sex life. In fact, there have been several embarrassing moments with the kids because of the noise we make when we have sex. It is quite common to hear the words, "Jesus mom, quiet down!" shouted by one or both of them.

Our son, Patrick, is the oldest at 21 and is still living at home while he finishes school. Our daughter, Jenna, just turned 18 and graduated high school. She will be leaving for school in the fall. Recently, I have been finding that I have fantasies about both of my children joining their father and I during sex.

I told my husband about my fantasies and he admitted that he to had had the same fantasies. Both of our children were openly bi, so my husband and I formed a plan to get them both into our bed. Little did we know the wonderful possibilities that would bring.

The day was hot, so, just as planned, I talked my daughter into enjoying the pool before the boys got back from their three-day fishing trip which was going to serve as my husband's chance at our son.

I went to my bedroom and searched through the many suits I had to choose from. I decided on my small, gold, string bikini that barely covered the naughty parts of my body.

My 38 D breasts sat high on my chest with only the nipples covered and the constant feel of the thin material kept my nipples excited and hard. The gold of the suit and the black of my shoulder-length hair made my skin look more exotic than it actually was. The bottom of the suit hugged my ass and, if I wasn't careful, would firmly wedge itself in between the lips of my pussy.

When this happened, I would become instantly wet from the stimulation to my hungry clit. The string that was the back rode snugly between my firm ass checks. My toned legs seemed to go on forever when I looked down at them, even though I am only 5'5. Once I got the suit in place the way I knew would create the most excitement for me, I strode to the door of my room to head to the pool.

As I walked past Jenna's room I heard the unmistakable sound of a vibrator and the wonderfully enticing moans of my daughter as she pleasured herself. I couldn't resist the urge, so I opened her door and popped my head in her room. There she lay on her bed, completely naked, one hand on her left breast pinching her nipple and the other working a vibrator vigorously in and out of her pussy. I instantly wanted to walk over and take over with the dildo and dive my mouth to her pussy, but I resisted, knowing that the plan was to get her to the pool before I ravaged her young body.

My daughter is a natural beauty that anyone would drool over. She stands at 5'7", 110 pounds, with wonderfully perky 36 C breasts. Her nipples are a perfect shade of pink that stand out even more against her darkly tanned skin. Like me, my daughter keeps her pussy hairless, and, at the moment anyway, it was covered in the wonderfully aromatic juice that showed her arousal. As I stood watching her masturbate, she orgasmed and I was blown away by this little beauty's pussy.

A stream of clear liquid shot out of her with every contraction of her muscles. My wonderful daughter was a squirter! Up until that point, I had no idea that her beautiful pussy could do that. With each stream, my daughter would let out a scream of pure ecstasy. When she was finished, she slowly removed the vibrator from her still contracting pussy and moved it to her mouth.

As she looked right at me, she placed the vibrator to her mouth and began to clean off her juices from it.

When it was clean, she said "Enjoy the show, Mom?" I swung the door open and stood in the doorway. I moved my hand to my suit bottom and began to lightly rub. "Oh yes baby. I had no idea that beautiful little pussy of yours could squirt like that. Can you only do that yourself, or do you do it every time you come?" "Oh, I do it every time. And I squirt even more when someone eats me out," she said as she sat up and put her hand on her soaking mound.

She began to play with herself while looking me up and down. I was so entranced with the show she was putting on that I almost forgot the plan her father and I had come up with. I shook myself out of my trance and moved my hand away from my throbbing and ready pussy. "Well, darling, if you are ok with it, I would love to find out just how true that is. I can't do it here in your room though.

I told your father I would do it out by the pool, that way he can 'walk-in' on us and try and get him and your brother involved.

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I already have all my toys out there, so we can use those and see just how many times we can make each other come. What do you say?" She looked at me in shock. "Mom, I had no idea you and dad wanted me. I have been fantasizing about fucking both of you for years now. If I had known, we could have had a lot more fun before now," she said as she climbed off the bed and began to walk toward me. When she reached me, she moved her hand out and undid the ties of my suit.

My top came off first and my boobs bounced heavily down onto my chest. The bottoms where next and they fell away only after Jenna tugged lightly to get them from my soaking pussy.

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She took a step back and looked me over. "Damn Mom, you are so fucking hot. I can't wait to get my hands and mouth all over you." With that, I took her hand and quickly pulled her out of her bedroom, down the stairs, out of the house, and out to the pool in the backyard. I had no fear of the neighbors seeing our naked bodies, since we had a 10-foot tall fence around the yard.

As we reached a chair, I pulled her to me and pressed my lips to hers. Surprising me again, she almost instantly opened her mouth and plunged her tongue into my mouth.


While our tongues danced, my hands got busy on her body. I slid my hands lightly up her sides until I reached her breasts.

I circled my fingers lightly around them until I reached the outsides of her areolae. Once there, I took both of her nipples between my thumbs and first fingers and began to squeeze and pinch them. Jenna moaned into my mouth with pleasure. I continued squeezing and pinching her nipples while I kissed my way from her mouth to her neck, down her throat and finally to the top of her left breast.

I immediately stopped playing with her nipple and began running my tongue in an inward circle to her rock hard nub. I heard her gasp as I took her nipple in my mouth and gently bit down on it. I rolled her nub between my teeth while I flicked my tongue lightly over the end. Without warning, I sucked as much of her nipple and breast into my mouth as I could get.

I ran my tongue over every inch of it and massaged her other breast with my hand. She was beginning to moan and gasp with every movement I made on her body. Suddenly, her whole body went stiff and she screamed. I knew she had cum so I thrust my free hand down to her pussy so I could at least get a taste of her sweet nectar. My fingers were coated quickly and, as soon as I took my mouth off her breast, I put my fingers in and licked them clean.

Her cum was rather sweet and I loved the taste. Once my fingers were clean I started to push her onto the chair, but she resisted, saying, "No Mom. Since you have seen what my horny little pussy can do, I think I should get a chance to see what yours does when you cum." With that, she turned me toward the chair and pushed me down. We were small enough that both of us could fit on it comfortably, so she climbed on top of me and began to kiss me while grinding herself against me.

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I felt her nipples and pussy grind against me as she tried to remove my tonsils with her tongue. My leg was soon soaking wet from the juices she was leaking. After she realized that my tonsils were staying put, she moved her mouth slowly down my body.

She laid tender kisses on both my cheeks and neck.


When she got to my collar bone, she began to lightly suck at each place her mouth landed. She followed my collar bone from shoulder to shoulder while her hands began to massage my breasts. She took each of my nipples between her fingers and flicked them rapidly back and forth. The sensation sent shock waves through my body and straight to my throbbing clit. When she finished with my collar bone, she continued her path to my breasts.

She first placed her face between my breasts and gave me a small hickey there while still stimulating my nipples. She then took first one then the other nipple in her mouth.

She would run her tongue around and over it, then lightly bit and suck each one. My moans of pleasure seemed to spur her on. After she had had her fill of my breasts, she started a trail down the middle of my body.

She trailed her hands along the parts that her mouth didn't reach. The sensations that she was giving me were amazing and a rather loud moan escaped my mouth.

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"Damn Mom," Jenna said as she sat up. "Did you get off already?" "Oh no baby. You know Mommy is loud when she is being pleasured. And it's even more amazing that it's you doing it. Now, if you don't mind, get your face in my pussy and eat me!" With that, she moved herself between my legs with her face hovering right above my mound.

I felt her warm breath on my pussy lips as she took in my scent and exhaled heavily. "Damn Mom. You smell wonderful. Just smelling you makes me want to eat you." With that, she began lightly licking my pussy lips. She ran her tongue up one side then down the other. While she was doing that, she moved her hand to my opening and lightly pressed two of her dainty fingers to it.

I thrust my hips to try to get her fingers deeper, but she quickly withdrew them. I moaned in frustration and laid my hips back down. She looked up at me with a grin on her face and continued teasing me with her tongue and fingers. Slowly, she parted my lips with her tongue and flicked it against my throbbing clit. I moaned when the electricity shot through my entire body. My moan must have pleased Jenna because she suddenly thrust her tongue onto my clit and began licking furiously.

At the same time, she thrust both her fingers into my pussy. I sucked in air like it was the last one I would be able to breathe.


She fumbled for a bit trying to find my g-spot, but once she found it, she began rubbing her fingers back and forth across it. I put my hands on the back of her head and held her were she was while I thrust my hips back and forth. Suddenly, I felt the urge to pee, but there was no way I was going to make her stop. Within seconds, I felt my orgasm fill and release. It was the most astonishing one I had ever had. My pussy began squirting liquid like I was a fountain and my daughter got her face, shoulders and chest covered in my cum.

I was thrashing and bucking and Jenna was doing her best to keep her tongue on my clit and her fingers in my pussy. When I was done, she cleaned up the mess and moved back on top of me. To my surprise, again, she turned to the fence and said "See, Daddy? I told you I could get her to squirt just like me!" I looked over her shoulder and saw my husband and son with their shorts open and their cocks in their hands.

"Oh yeah, baby.

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You were right. Now, can we get to the next part of the plan please?" "Hold on a minute. Before anyone else gets to cum, I want to hear how your little trip went boys," I said.

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The guys looked at each other then back at us. "Ok, honey, but after you hear this, you better be ready for the fucking of your life," Jim said as he and Patrick kicked off their shorts and walked over to us. I had a feeling by the smiles on both of their faces, I was really going to enjoy their story.

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