I woke up really hot at dawn and I asked my sexy brother to come to my room to fuck me really hard

I woke up really hot at dawn and I asked my sexy brother to come to my room to fuck me really hard
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I sat my naked ass on the stool beside the dressing table and picked up Mom's lighter. My cock was wilting as I touched the flame to my cigarette.

To me, the sight of my cum leaking from my mother's bush covered pussy, was one of the most pleasing things of my entire life. The only thing that would have made it better is if she'd been as excited about it as I was. Her date had gotten her drunk, and the drugs I had given her had kept her knocked out all night.

That little white stream was the third load I had filled her with, and if I could get hard again, she'd get number four before she would start coming out of it. This was the ninth or tenth time I was able to pull off the same feat, blaming her date for fucking her when she didn't know it was going on.

Each time, she had refused to date the 'offender' again. Now, we'd have to find her another guy&hellip. Luckily, I was able to knock off number four before Mom came to. It took longer than ever, and when I finally shot my last stream, I could barely walk to my room, down the hall.

I left her lying on her back, legs spread, and in a pool of cum. Fucking was no new thing to me, but my own mother was the one woman I had wanted since I first learned to jack off.

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I was still asleep when she tapped on my door and told me the coffee was ready and she'd fix breakfast after her shower. I had to chuckle, since I knew the real reason she was needing her shower so early.

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"Were you awake when Ben brought me home last night?" "I never knew when y'all come in." "God, I love the taste of tequila but it kicks my ass every time. I guess Ben got what he wanted, but I barely remember getting into bed.

I'm tired of men like him. They get me plastered, stick their dick in me and haul ass." She put my coffee mug in front of me and hugged me to her big tits.

I wanted to suck them right thru her thin house coat, but I settled for a snuggle, "I love you, Mom. Maybe I can help you find a really good guy; one who will treat you with a little respect." She patted the top of my head and told me she'd be right back.

When I heard the bathroom door close, I adjusted my boxers so my rising cock wouldn't get into a bind. If Mom ever found out I was fucking her, she'd probably cut off my cock while I was sleeping. When she returned, she told me, "I have an idea. Why don't you and I have a date night?

We can eat out, maybe go to a club; dance a little, maybe?" She refilled my cup and rubbed the top of my head, again, "At least I know I can depend on you to treat me good." MY GOD! I wanted to throw her on the damn floor and fuck her, right then.

It's a good thing the table hid my hard on; that son-of-a-bitch was trying its damndest to get thru the fabric. When she turned her tight ass toward me, I excused myself to the bathroom while she cooked our eggs and bacon. I'm surprised she didn't hear me groan with pleasure and relief when I pumped my load into the toilet. One shot missed, hit the raised lid and began to run downward. I just watched it run while my breathing returned to normal.

I was at a loss about how I was going to plan drinks and drugs, so I could fuck her all night long, again. But… I had all day to think about it.

************ The steaks were medium rare and tender.


The salad was crisp, covered with the delicious, hot, house dressing with bacon bits and tiny pieces of radish. The baked potatos had some steak sauce mixed with the melted butter… absolutely delicious. Mom had one glass of red wine, but limited herself to that single glass.

It was going hard to slip the knockout pill into her drink unless she got tipsy; to the point she wouldn't pay much attention to what was going on around her. We danced at the Red Onion Club for two hours or more. She had several guys ask for her company, but she refused each one, "Thank you, but my precious son is my date for tonight. We'll be leaving soon and he's the man who gets all my attention tonight." She gave me a wink and a smile each time she sent a suitor away.

Her eyes rarely left our table and she would pat my hand often as we sat between dances. I decided to ask her about Dad, and why he left us. "Maybe I better have some alcohol before I talk about that turd," she said, "but, no, I'm sticking with my decision to go light on the booze tonight.

It's after eleven, so let's go home and I'll tell you some things, once we get out of these fancy clothes. You're 22years old, now, and there's plenty of history you need to know about this family." DAMMIT! I sat on the couch in my sweats when she came down the stairs in the see-through nightie.

She sat beside me and asked, "What do you think? Do you like it?" "Shit, Mom, if you weren't my mother&hellip." "That hasn't stopped you before." "… Uh, what?." "Look, Donnie, you're the only one I know who bends the filters on cigarettes and pinches the ends together. I spotted it first about three dates ago. Your filters were in my ashtray each time I woke up in a pool of cum.

The second time, I was sure it was you, but when I got out of bed this morning, there it was again. You've been filling my old pussy every time I come home drunk. Well, son, if you want some tonight, I get to enjoy it, too." She slipped her top off and stood.


My brain was frozen as her big tits swayed in front of me while she stepped out of her panty. I raised my hips so she could pull my sweat pants off.

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When she saw my hard cock standing at attention, she gave it a quick kiss and straddled me. She had no problem sliding down on ol' Fat Boy, and offering her brown nipples to me. Needless to say, I popped my nuts in less than two minutes. She didn't have a chance to ride long enough to have an orgasm, but she assured me the night was young… and there were many, many nights to come.

Mom stepped into the kitchen and grabbed a washcloth. As she sat beside me, cleaning up her cunt, she spoke up, "You asked about your dad, earlier; I hope you don't mind that I pull on your dick while I tell you some things.

In fact, whenever you get ready for more pussy, we'll take a break from the story." Mom reminded me that her mother was killed long before I was born.

Grandpa was a crabby ol' bastard and made Mom start sucking his cock when she was still very young, "He'd grab hands full of my hair and force me to gag as I swallowed his nasty loads. Eventually, he started fucking me, too, but blow jobs were his favorite way to humiliate me. He'd tell me that women were made for sucking, fucking and having babies.

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I was scared of him and never told him 'no'. There's no telling how many times I've thanked the powers above that he never got me pregnant. He finally fell dead one night, while his dick was in my mouth. I never want you to hate me, like I hated my dad." I couldn't remember if I had ever kissed my mother's lips or not. I leaned over and pulled her naked body to mine.

We kissed… we kissed over and over. My hands roamed her firm body while hers stroked my cock. She lay back on the couch and tugged me into place.

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Her legs spread and my hard shaft sank into her. God, she felt so good… Once we finished that round, in which I'm proud to say, I gave her two orgasms; Mom told me that she had kicked Dad out of the house, "Blow jobs are not my favorite thing to do, but I didn't mind giving head to your dad once in a while.

The first time he got rough and forced me to gag, I warned him not to do it again; I'd had enough of that shit with my own dad. "Then he came home pissed off about something at work.

He tore my clothes off and forced me onto the bed. He stabbed his dick at my mouth several times, so I gave up, opened up and took him in. When he jammed it down my throat and held it, I couldn't breathe. I hit his balls as hard as I could, then when he screamed, hit me and pulled back, I got a better swing and hit him harder.

"I had to fuck a cop friend of mine, but he kicked your dad's ass all over the parking lot. He's never been in this house since." In the last ten months, Mom and I have spent every night together. When she's on her period, she blows me and smiles when it's over. We love each other, and treat each other like man and wife. I hope that never changes.