Hot Blonde Fucked From Her And Get Cum

Hot Blonde Fucked From Her And Get Cum
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My parents were so excited that it was Prom night that they actually jumped up and down cheering when they saw me flounce down the stairs. I blushed three shades of red as I caught my date's eye. He wasn't saying anything. He just stood there devouring me with his eyes. I could tell he liked my strapless, formal length, red dress with sequins up and down the front and back. I certainly had the first time I tried it on.

I checked out his long tailed black tux with red cummerbund and tie. I had never seen him look so handsome. His dark hair was perfectly in place and even his hands had been manicured. This was so unlike Greg who was an avid outdoorsman. I smiled up at him as he tried to help me with the wrist corsage he had bought for me.

His hands shook and I heard him swallow loudly as if he were about to drool. His mouth was set in a straight line as he fooled with the corsage and I could tell he was really nervous.

Finally, I heard my mother giggle and she took my arm and slipped it on my wrist.


"There you go, Missy," she said when she had it placed properly. "Melissa, Mom, remember?" I said trying to keep the annoyance out of my voice.

They would probably still be calling me Missy when I was forty. The nickname made me feel like a child and that was one thing I did not want to feel like tonight. Mom nodded and kissed my cheek. "I'm sorry sweetie." she whispered in my ear. I knew she was and I knew she wanted tonight to be perfect for me.

Our relationship was an unbelievable friendship in which I could tell her anything. She knew all about my plans for the evening and had even helped me make them. My loving smile was real as I hugged her tightly. She had been invaluable to me these last two months as we had plotted and planned.

I could never thank her enough and I knew she had paid a price for her help. My father had been seething ever since he had found out she had gotten me on the birth control pill. I had heard them arguing about it again last night. They were in their room with the door slightly ajar. I was coming out of the upstairs bathroom after getting ready for bed. "Jesus, John, would you rather she end up pregnant?" said my mother in that tone she gets when at her breaking point.

They must have been arguing the whole time I was in the shower for her to be this upset. "Don't you dare patronize me Carrie, you know that is not what I want. You're the one who seems to condone sexual behavior." My father said angrily. "Oh that's right. I forgot. Every teenager in the country wants to have sex except our daughter. Our daughter is abnormal, she doesn't have hormones and she's not been in love with her boyfriend since she was fifteen.

" My mother shot back at him, her voice dripping with sarcasm. I heard a loud sigh from my father. "I just don't like to think about my angel giving herself to anyone in that way." His love for me was evident in his voice and it brought quick tears to my eyes.

He wanted me to remain his little girl forever and a part of me wanted to oblige him. I was standing on the threshold of womanhood and sometimes it was so scary. It was the eve of my Senior prom and after that would come graduation then college halfway across the country.

I wanted to run in there and throw myself into his big comfortable arms and bury my head in his chest while I cried out all my fears. "I know you don't agree with me helping her get on contraceptives but I am trying to teach her to be responsible. I wanted her to understand that it's alright to do the things you really want to as long as you always do them wisely.

Is that so wrong?" Now her voice was pleading. It was obvious that she wanted him to let up on her and see her point of view. "And I want my little girl to remain pure forever, is that so wrong?" The weariness in his voice was disheartening to hear from a man who had always been so loving to me.

I tiptoed away from the door and into my room. My vanity was covered with makeup, hair ties, and perfume bottles. I cleared a few out of my way as I sat down to give me a spot to prop my elbows. I sat there with chin in hand as I looked at my reflection in the photo cluttered mirror. I knew I was pretty on the outside from the constant reminders people gave me. I had been voted class beauty for four years of high school.

I had gotten the lead role in our school's production of Beauty and the Beast. There were many indicators that others enjoyed to look at me. I didn't really understand it because when I looked at myself all I could see was the skinny, braces wearing, awkward thirteen year old that I had been when we moved to Deer Creek. I had been certain I'd never fit in but as I had changed and my breasts had grown and the braces came off my teeth, the boys began to buzz around me like bees to honey.

The girls were jealous at first but had also come around apparently thinking it would benefit them with the boys to be my friend. It was all so superficial until I had met Greg. Greg had made me feel pretty on the inside. He listened to me instead of trying to steal kisses. He called me Gorgeous as a nickname but didn't make constant referrals to the sky blue of my eyes and the silkiness of my long blonde hair like the other boys did. He asked my opinion on things and listened to my answers.

He supported my dream to be a doctor and was forever sending me email with all the latest medical news. I could never love any man as much as I loved him. I could never desire any man to touch me the way I desired him. I ran a hairbrush through my hair and got up and climbed under the covers on my pink canopy bed. I sighed as I settled into the mattress and tried to sleep. Thoughts of the next day kept invading my mind as I went about the carefully laid plans my mother and I had made.

My fingers dipped into the waistline of my pajamas and then into my panties as if they had a mind of their own. I felt the light covering of pubic hair that I had found quite distasteful when it had first begun covering the lips of my lower regions. I played with the slightly wiry hairs vaguely wondering when the hair had stopped seeming gross to me and then slid my finger along the part of my labia.

I gasped as I felt an immediate tingle from the contact and continued rubbing a while longer before I dipped my finger and touched my somewhat dry clit. I knew it would feel better if it was wet so I licked my first two fingers and then reached back into my pants carefully so as not to rub the wetness from my fingers.

I used my other hand to separate my lips and then immediately began to rub my clit with my moistened fingers. I thought of Greg's long fingers and how they would feel on me tomorrow and I felt my pussy begin to respond to the stroking with yearning muscle contractions deep inside. My body was aching for something. I felt like there was a place deep inside that wanted to be touched.

There was almost an empty feeling between my thighs as I continued rubbing my clit very gently. "Oh Greg," I gasped quietly in the darkened room. "I need you.I need you." Then I came quickly feeling the intense pleasure shoot outward from the place my fingers were so masterfully stroking.

I fell into a deep sleep and dreamt of my love. I was drawn back to the present as my father embraced me tightly. "Have fun tonight, sweetie and always remember you can call me at anytime under any circumstance." I knew he meant it and I stood on tiptoes to kiss his cheek to let him know I appreciated the offer.

Were those tears in his eyes? "Have her home before two, " My father nearly growled at poor Greg. My mother ground the heal of her foot into the top of his. He grimaced a bit, mumbled something and walked off toward the kitchen. "There's no curfew tonight kids. Just enjoy yourselves." She opened the door as she spoke. "Thanks Mom." I said as our eyes met when she began closing the door behind us. She just winked and pushed it to. It was a balmy May night with stars twinkling all around.

Greg took my hand and led me to his Dad's Explorer. He opened the door for me just like a gentleman and I gave him my prettiest smile. The Prom was segregated into cliques as all high school functions seemed to be.

The party crowd danced barefoot. The athletic crowd acted like a group in a locker room as they hooted and hollered as each new arrival entered the dance hall.

It was tantalizing to feel the eyes of appreciative young men perusing me as I walked onto the dance floor with Greg. He held his head proudly as he led me arm in arm to an open spot and took me into his arms and then we danced. We danced through song after song from hip hop to rock to slow dance and even did a line dance with our classmates. It was the most fun I could ever remember having.

Greg seemed happy too for his mouth was curved into a permanent smile. A sultry hip hop song began to play and we began to dance again. I couldn't help but think of the night ahead as I danced before him. The rhythm of the song was easy to find and I began to move my hips to the beat erotically. My hand sliding down over my clinging dress, between my breasts and across my hip as I tilted my pelvis in loose circles. It caused the reaction I had wanted.

I could see Greg grow rock hard in his fancy trousers. He pulled me into his arms and began meeting my hip movements with his own.

We danced staring into each other's eyes. I watched his brown eyes grow lustful. "Hey now!" said a shrill voice that could only belong to Mrs. Eastman a twelfth grade English teacher. "That kind of dancing is not allowed.

This IS a school function you know. I'm surprised at you two. You have always behaved so responsibly in the past." We stood there with our faces flushed and our chests heaving as she spoke to us like the naughty kids we were. I could think of nothing to say. Greg just smiled at the teacher and said, "we were just on our way out the door." Mrs.

Eastman's face looked like a fish out of water as her mouth opened and shut rapidly three times. It was almost comical as she realized we had every intention of continuing our lewd behavior elsewhere. She finally stopped working her mouth and just stared at me with a stern look on her face. "You know, Miss Johnson, you don't have to be a prom night statistic." She said rudely.

"Oh but I want to be, Mrs. Eastman." I said without thinking and then wished I could take it back because her eyes narrowed and she spun around on her heel.

Probably off to call my mother who would only say something to soothe her but would not interfere with our plans.

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Greg led me back through the crowd of butt jiggling teenagers and back outside to the Explorer. Neither of us spoke a word as he helped me inside. "Are you nervous?" He asked as he drove. "A little." "I won't hurt you." "Yes you will but it's not your fault." I said reaching over to grab his hand.

"I hope it doesn't hurt you too much." He said quietly. He made a turn onto a narrow country road that lead back through the hills. We were heading to my parents cabin by the lake which my father often used as a fishing retreat.

My mother had indulged him when they bought it. She would have rather had one a little further from home but my father had insisted the best fishing in the state was right here in Jackson County.

I was very glad she had agreed to it. "Almost there," Greg said as he made another turn this time onto a rutted clay road. "Wow, I'd like to take my four wheeler up here." He commented. "I'm way more fun than a four-wheeler." I said and leaned close to him to lick his earlobe. I heard his sharp intake of breath. I slid my hand across his thigh to caress his hard cock through his clothes.

"Oh my God, I want you so bad Melissa." He said through clenched teeth. "I want you too." I whispered. "And you are going to get me," His words affected me in a primal way. I was wet. "Hurry up and get there, please." I said softly. He drove a bit faster but the road was dark and narrow not to mention grown up and washed out. The explorer bounced all over place causing my bottom to bounce off the seat a few times and each time I landed it sent shivers of pleasure through me.

I moaned softly and Greg glanced at me. "I know, this road is rough and that perfect ass of yours hasn't got much extra padding." He said apologetically. I laughed. "No it's not that. the bumps feel good. Too good." "Hush before I pull over and take you right here." He warned. I didn't say another word. I wanted this night to be perfect and I didn't want to lose my virginity in a car, though at this point I would probably take his cock any way I could get it.

We reached the cabin a few minutes later and he practically ran to the passenger side to help me out. He scooped me up into his arms amidst my giggling protests and carried me up onto the tiny porch. The warm glow of candlelight shone through the small window on the door. I worried as he tried to open it while balancing me in his arms. I was sure he would drop me but he didn't. I was impressed with his strength.

The door opened revealing a romantic sight. The cabin had two rooms and a bathroom. The main room containing a small kitchen combined with a living room. There was a bathroom off it and a bedroom off the other side. The living room was lit with the light of hundreds of candles. They were on every surface and the effect was dazzling.

There was a bowl of strawberries on the dining table which was dressed with a lacy white table cloth and silver candle holders. A silver bucket of ice held a bottle of red wine and two crystal goblets sparkled on either side of it.

The effect was beautiful just as Mother promised it would be. I was so thankful for my mother's help with all of this and all the hard work she'd had to do while I was away dancing.

"This place looks awesome." Greg said, taking it all in. "But I'm taking you straight to the bedroom." He'd been to the cabin fishing with my dad during the summer so he didn't have to wonder which door led where. He carried me into the bedroom and set me on the bed. "Look at this room!' I exclaimed. "I have the most wonderful mother on Earth!" Greg nodded as he touched the gauzy fabric of the tent-like canopy that draped to either said of the bed.

The bed was strewn with huge red pillows and a new duvet. As many candles adorned this room as the living room and soft music played from a CD player on the dresser.

I felt like this was a scene from one of the romance novels I had been becoming increasingly fond of lately.


Greg's eyes traveled the room and then came back to rest on me as I lay on the bed before him. His fingers reached out to touch me just as I moved to sit up. He traced my mouth with his fingers and then bent to kiss my lips. His tongue slid into my mouth and mine into his tangling almost frantically. We tasted and tongue battled for a moment and then our clothes seemed to slip off by themselves. We were naked within moments and laying on our sides facing each other on the bed.

"Let me look at you," He said his voice full of yearning.

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"I want to see all of you. I have wanted to for so long." I nodded and his gaze fell to my perfectly round pink tipped breasts. He gasped as he felt their weight in his hands. He seemed to weigh each one separately and squeezed them gently before he bent his head to take a tentative lick at one stiff nipple. He traced my areola with his tongue then caught the nipple gently between his teeth soon he was sucking my nipples causing my pussy to throb with each suckle.

He took his time exploring my breasts, licking between them and under them where the lobes met the skin over my rib cage. The sensations driving me wild. "Your tits are perfect, just perfect." He whispered and then we began to kiss wildly, our saliva mixing, beginning the pairing of two bodies. My hand slid down and grasped his cock and I was surprised by it's thickness. I pulled away and glanced down at it. I had never seen it, only felt it under his clothes.

I felt excitement coupled with fear. I knew where it would be going and I wondered how in God's name it would fit. It was so big and hard. I could barely get my hand around it.

Greg's cock was beautiful to me in all it's manly glory and I couldn't keep from sliding down to lick it. I knew this was his first time too and I wanted to make it special for him. My mother had explained that men enjoy the feel of a woman's mouth on their penis and that it was perfectly acceptable to do anything that both partners enjoyed.

I had practiced sucking cucumbers for a week now and was confident I could pleasure him in this way. I drew him into my mouth and he literally groaned with pleasure. It was a stimulating feeling to give him this pleasure for the first time in his life. I went to work sucking him madly. The mood was electrifying as my mouth descended upon his cock like a cum starved wench. He stroked my hair as I devoured him again and again squeezing my hand around the bottom rapidly as I went.

'Stop!" he said loudly. "I'm going to cum if you don't." I wasn't entirely sure I wanted semen in my mouth. I had heard it had a bitter taste.

I would do it if Greg wanted though. I'd do anything he wanted. I sat up and he smiled at me as he ran his hands up and down my body. His hand seemed to leave a trail of waking nerves behind it as he lightly traced my pussy lips. I felt my knees falling slightly open under his caresses. His fingers stroked me from calf to breast leaving no place uncharted. He kissed me gently on the forehead, eyelids and mouth as I lay facing him.

"Your breasts are beautiful, Melissa." he said and bent to suckle a nipple. I moaned and pressed it into his mouth.


"Your entire body is beautiful." He said when his mouth was free. He ran his hand over my hip and dipped it between my legs. My knees fell further apart as his fingers began to fondle my lips, carefully urging them to open. His fingers were light and teasing and driving me crazy. I grabbed his hand and pushed it hard against my clit and rubbed myself up and down on it.

He groaned and rolled over onto me and got himself settled comfortably between my thighs as we continued kissing. His hand was still on my clit and he began to mimic the way I had moved his hand a second ago. I began to rub my hips against him but he moved so that his fingers were pressed softly on my bud and he began to move it expertly. I gasped. He had found my pleasure spot already.

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I was amazed since it had taken me weeks to find it myself. "Oh my God." I whispered. He smiled and continued rubbing me, dipping lower to wet his finger and then working my clit some more. He was making me insane. I had felt this sensation before. I didn't want to orgasm this way. I wanted to orgasm on his cock.

"Please, Greg." I whispered into his ear. He obliged me a bit by moving his cock so that the head of it was at the outside of my tight opening. He began to rock a bit his head stretching inward a bit more with each stroke.

I met his tiny strokes with tiny strokes of my own but it didn't seem as if he ever planned to penetrate me. I could feel the tip of his cock getting slippery as it slid barely in and out of my opening. "Just slide it in a little further," I begged beneath him and ran my hands up his sweat slicked back. He was breathing very hard and his face was red with the effort of holding back.

"I want to but you're so tight." He said between pants. I smiled and cupped his smooth shaven face in my hands. "Greg, it's okay if you hurt me. It just has to be like this tonight." His eyes were unsure as they looked into mine. He looked concerned and frustrated as he bit his bottom lip and slid a bit further into me.

The stretching feeling was delicious until he came up against my hymen. It felt achy as he pushed against it and I gasped. He stopped moving and lay there between my legs like a statue. His face buried into the pillow beside my head as he panted heavily.

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"Greg?" I queried. He didn't say anything .this is insane.I thought to myself as the yearning to have the act completed began to make me writhe beneath him. "Will you at least kiss me?" I asked feeling completely annoyed.

He did oblige me with his kiss and while he was distracted I took the opportunity to thrust my hips upward and impale myself on his cock. "Ohhh." I cried out involuntarily as my hymen tore and he slid up tightly inside of me. He grunted as if someone had kicked him in the ribs. He didn't move but I could feel his cock twitching inside me so I clamped down tightly on it and held it prisoner. Greg raised himself up and propped on his elbows, his face was so near mine I could feel his breath on my lips.

I opened my eyes to watch the expression on his face. His eyes were closed and his forehead furrowed as he tried to move carefully within me. The sensation could only be describe as delightful torture.

My clit cried out for stimulation while my pussy wept blood at the invasion. I slid my hand between our joined hips and found my clit and gave it a little rub of encouragement as I clenched my muscles around his throbbing cock.

He groaned in my ear and then began attacking my earlobe making wet sucking noises. He raised up and let his mouth find my rounded tits and their perky peaks.

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Then he began to slide in and out of me with such tender care that I could have sobbed with my love for him. I met each painstakingly slow thrust with little thrusts of my own but I couldn't offer much because his cock seemed to pin my ass to the bed, it was so immense. He delved into my pussy time after time slowly increasing his pace as I rubbed my clit in larger circles.

I lost all track of time and space as the soreness faded more and more and pleasure took it's place. My body responded to the titillation by becoming increasingly wetter and slicker allowing Greg to glide easier in and out of my messy cunt. It only took a few full strokes of his iron cock to push me over the edge and when I toppled over I fell hard. My pussy contracted around the invader as my arms flung outward on the bed and my back tried to arch under his weight.

The spasms of pleasure went on and on like they had never done when I had gotten off alone. That was all the coaxing Greg's cock needed. He gave me a few frenzied thrusts and I felt hot juice coat the inside of my pussy and spurt deep inside me. We lay entwined as cock drained completely.

He stayed inside of but shifted his weight so he could look at me. "Are you ok?" He inquired in a hushed voice.

"I'm wonderful." I giggled.


His laugh joined mine and then our mouths joined in a sensual kiss. "I'm going to try and pull out now, Melissa." He said changing the mood back to one of seriousness. "It should be easier now that I'm smaller." He disengaged from my pussy carefully and examined the mess we had made on the bedspread.

"Fuck! You're bleeding!" "It's normal, calm down." I said sitting up. I could feel his cum ooze out of my raw pussy and trying not to make an even worse mess on the new duvet, I ran to the bathroom and turned the shower on.

Greg followed me into the bathroom. I could feel him staring at my body as I stooped to adjust the temperature. He growled and ran his hand over the curve of my ass then let his finger slide down my crack until he came to my pussy.

He slid his finger into it. I grimaced at the invasion. I was feeling pretty ravaged. He must have heard my sharp intake of breath at the contact for he immediately pulled his hand away and pulled me backwards into his arms.

His hands came around me and cupped my breasts against me. I felt a thrill run through my core as he began kissing the nape of my neck and rubbing his semi hardening cock against my cheeks.

"Having you like this rocks." He said and nibbled a diamond studded earlobe. "You looked so sexy tonight that I wanted to skip Prom altogether." He whispered into my ear making me want him again.

I just didn't think I could take anymore penetration right now. The shower was relaxing and warm as water cascaded over us. Greg watched as I washed myself gingerly. I knew there would be pain but I was still sensitive and uncomfortable all the same.

There wasn't as much blood as there was cum. I could still feel it dripping a bit. I found myself crushed against Greg's muscled chest as his lips sought mine. He was kissing the pain away causing me to melt against him and if he wasn't careful I would end up washing down the drain. His tongue explored my mouth caressing my own tongue with definitive strokes.

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The kiss excited me causing tingles in the place that still felt bruised. Our inexperienced hands traveled each other's water slicked body frantically as we both got turned on again. I felt his cock grow rigid and I wanted to suck it so I knelt right there in the shower and went down on him. I licked him from head to balls before plunging my entire mouth over his cock and sucking him deep into my throat. I gagged and tried to pull away but his hands were tangled in my hair and held my mouth against his balls.

My reflex calmed as I held utterly still. I became accustomed to the feel of his head on the back of my throat and could move my mouth freely again. I sucked him hard and fast and he began moving in and out of my mouth.

My tongue slid to beneath the tip of his head and I put as much pressure on it as I could. He lurched his hips forward and I got a mouth full of cum that I didn't expect. I spit it out in the bottom of the tub and rubbed my mouth with the back of my hand.

"Oh my God, Melissa, I'm sorry!" He said helping me stand up. "Was it awful?" he asked. `"Not really just unexpected. " "I'm sorry baby. I couldn't help it. When you put your tongue on that spot it rocked my world." He explained.

"Kinda like when you found that spot on me." I said with a knowing smile. "You should let me lick you," he said. "If it feels anything like a blow job, you're in for a surprise." I thought about that for a second as I turned the water off.

We toweled off hurriedly and headed into the living area. It was arousing to be walking around naked in front of him but all we had with us was formal clothes and I didn't want to put that tight dress back on right now.

Greg helped me open the wine and we poured our glasses full and retreated to the couch. We snuggled together as we drank and let the wine work it's sweet magic. I was starting to feel drowsy from the excitement of the night. It felt so good to be curled up with my head resting on his chest that I could feel myself drifting off.

I became aware of him lifting the wine glass from my fingers. I opened my eyes and found him looking at me intently. "Your turn." Greg said as he slid off the couch and knelt on the floor in front of me and between my thighs. I felt shyness overcome me as he urged my thighs apart with his hands and began licking up my inner thighs. His tongue tickled a bit but also awakened nerves I hadn't previously known existed.

I quivered as he skipped all the teasing and dipped to taste my clit. I exhaled sharply at the pleasure. "How does that feel? Is it sore?" Greg asked, worried. "No it's not sore there, it's sore inside." He leaned his face forward and slowly began to work my clit with his tongue. The feeling of his softwet tongue on my sensitive flesh was excruciatingly pleasurable. I moaned and pushed his head closer as he had done to me earlier.

He took encouragement from the pressure of my hands as I guided him over my eagerly awaiting snatch. His tongue lapped at me and dipped a little lower to soothe my freshly plowed opening. His warm and willing tongue soothed the tender skin then returned to my clit just in time for me to begin frantically rubbing against his face. He licked me harder and harder and then sucked on my clit gently building toward an undeniable climax.

I couldn't take it anymore. My sensitive clit was pulsating and swelling in his mouth. I bucked my hips hard against his teeth and an orgasm exploded through my body. When I finally regained my senses I opened my eyes to see Greg looking at me with a huge grin on his face. It was the same goofy grin that I had seen a hundred times before in snapshots of him with the wild game he killed and trophy fish he caught.

He was immensely proud of himself as well he should be.

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He wasn't bad for a first timer. He leaned forward. "You rock, Melissa." He said and kissed me. Apparently, I wasn't too bad for a first timer either.