Busty babe in bath tub

Busty babe in bath tub
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It was a cold and rainy day. So there was nothing we could really do out side. The only ones home at the time was my sister Alicia, my boyfriend Ryan, and my self (Amy).


So we stood around and watched tv inside. Alicia being 13 at the time was a very devoloped young lady. Amy was 16 at the time with boobs just as big as hers. So if was very difficult for Amy to understand why she was blessed with them and why i wasn't. Amy would often get jelous of her; and then some times i would often find my self looking at her.

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With her nice shaped ass and her very lustful tits. She was to die for. during the movie she was laying on the floor watching the tv when Ryan and i was on the couch. The weather was getting worse.

At mom and dads work place the people wouldn't let them leave for safty issues.

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They called home and told us. With that Ryan knowing he had some time he was scooting closer and closer to me on the couch. Amy notice it and instead of letting him think he could do what ever he wanted she started moving the other way with a playful smile at him he knew what she was doing. Soon enough Amy was to the end of the couch. Trying not to luagh to give away what was going on to alicia.

Ryan and i both thought we knew she knew though because we saw her keep shaking her head. not paying any attention to her though. During all of this Ryan finally got right next to me putting his hand on my leg right below my skirt.Amy was wearing a white shirt with now bra and a short skirt with a thong. He started sliding his hand up when all of the sudden Alicia walked up and asked if we wanted a drink. we both awnsered no and she left the room. Not knowing how long she would be gone.

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Ryan looked at me with a confused look woundering if i wanted him to proceed Amy gave him a little nod telling him not right now and he leaned on me. it was about another 5 mins. before Alicia got back.

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when she came back there was something different about her. i couldn't pin point it but something was very different about her.

But she laids back down revealing her beautiful legs. Alicia was wearing short shorts and a shirt. i found Ryan looking at her ass and i slaped him playfully. with him starring deep into my eyes he kissed me passionetly. Then suddenly the lights went out from the storm. you could only see the things five feet in front of you.


quickly alicia jumped up making her tits pop out. i couldn't help but stair at them. they where gorgous. along with my staring Ryan was getting a look at the action. and was he liking what he saw. Alicia put her arms around her boobs yelling "I'm going to bed GOOD NIGHT." Ryan nor i could say a word.

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But when i looked down and saw how hard he was drove me crazy. so i leaned over on him and started kissing him. and i started crawling up him while my boobs went slowly over his dick. i could feel it getting harder. By this time Ryan and I started making out and slowly taking off close. first it was my shirt. then it was his shirt.

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then i took his shorts off revealing his dick sticking straight up. it was beautiful.

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of course none of us have had sex before so any thing we saw was so very beautiful. Soon i felt like playing hard to get with him to make it more interesting so i went down and grazed his dick. then i got up and ran up stairs. This was the first time Ryan was over at the house was he was informiliar with him.

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when we got up to chase after me he knew i went naked so he through off his shirt and jus ran naked after me Amy ran to my room and shut the door. i got such a head start on him he didn't see what door little did i know. So he went in the first door he saw.

When he walked in he saw some one on the bed moaning and a lot of movement. with him moving closer. The rooms was dark and not very easy to see any thing in there. when he reached down to grab her boob. all he could hear was moans and ohh baby. by now he was so horny he wasn't paying attention to nothing. Then he moved down and started fingering her.

she was so wet. he started out with one finger with it going in very easly. then he added another with her moaind more and more every movement he made.

her moaning became louder and louder. then he started to lick her slightly. slower and slower slowly moving his tongue in.

soon she was screaming in enjoyment as she was squiting cum into his mouth when the door slammed open in mid orgasim as Amy came running in yelling "WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON!" As Amy pulled the covers the rest of the way off alicia was grabbing the covers on her blanket to get her self through the rest of the orgasim and Ryan on his knees woundering what he was going to do now.