Cd Balletrocks rides dl thug dick

Cd Balletrocks rides dl thug dick
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One night I was horny. So I texted this really hot spanish girl who lives down the block from me. I always wanted to do dirty things to her.

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So I texted her. I asked her "Would ever make out with me?" and she said she would because she always thought i was good looking and hot. Right then and there I knew she wanted my cock. She said that she wants to suck my cock and give me a handjob and she wants me to finger her.

I saw her at a party a week after she told me this. I was grabbing her tight ass like crazy. Everytime I grabbed her tight ass she would jump onto my cock. Then when I was saying good-bye to her, I grabbed her ass again and she leaped onto my cock and whispered in my ear "When are we hanging out babe?" I said "Soon babe, don't worry." Right then I knew she was DTF.

Then I texted her on a Sunday night. So I asked her what she was doing tomorrow.


She said "Nothing;)." I was like "Good, wanna hang out?" She said she wants to really bad. I got really horny. I wasn't going to jerk that night because I wanted to jizz a lot when I needed to the next day.

I went to bed as horny as fuck. I wake up the next day and immediatley call her.

She said "Stop at 7-11 and pick up a condom on your way here." I took a shower and left my house. I went to 7-11 and bought a Trojan condom. I went to her house and called her again.

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She came out and we went for a walk. We went into the woods behind her house. I tryed to ask her something but she didn't give me enough time to and she started making out with me. She warm tounge made my cock immediatley rise.

I pulled her closer to me.

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I put my hard on onto her pussy. I was grabbing her tight ass and I already knew she deffinatley had a tight pussy. I moved my hand my her tight ass, to her hip, and then to her pussy. I slipped my hand down her pants and felt her pussy. She let out a loud moan. I started to rub it.

She started to breathe heavier and moan more. She clenched onto me tighter. Then I stuck my finger into her pussy and she grabbed my cock. She pulled away and said "WOW! I didn't know you were this big. I knew you were big but not this big." I lean in to start making out again and she pushes me away. She says "My parents aren't home" and then she winked at me. We quickly walked to her house and went upstairs into her room. She tackled me onto her bed and started making out with me again.

My hard on was right on her pussy. I stuck my hand down her pants and she was wet. I took my hand out and pulled away from her mouth and I stuck my hand into it.

Her eyes bulged. She let out a smile. She rolled over and started to take off her clothes. I did the same. The only thing she left on was her Victoria Secret baby blue g-string.

I looked to see if she was still wet and she sure was. I was jerking a little. She came over to me and pushed me onto the bed. I fell and she started to stroke my cock. She let her salivia drip from her mouth onto my cock. She kept stroking it. She licked my cock then licked it again quickly.

Then she put her mouth onto my cock. My cock twitched. She sucked it hard. She goes up and down very quick. Her warm salivia on my cock makes my cock start to swell.

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She goes all the way down on my cock and has it in her throat. I don't let her come up and she starts to choke. I finally let her pull up and she gasps for air. Then when she regains her breathe she lets out a smile. She tells me that she wants to go farther. She stands up while I stroke my cock and she pulls down her drenched g-strip.

I ask her if she wants me to put a condom on and she says "No, I want my first time not to have a condom." I said "Alright." I am still laying down and she sits on my cock.

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She let's out a little moan. She goes hard on my cock. It felt so good. Her warm pussy wrapped around my cock.

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She kept letting out a little moan every time she would drop. I loved the feeling and then we switched positions.

I stood up. I picked her up and dropped her on my hard cock. While I was doing that we were also making out. Then she said "I wanna do anal." I was like ok. So I pulled my cock out and she layed doggy style on the bed and I railed her asshole.


She was practically crying. I pulled my dick back out and put it in her pussy again. She let out a sigh of relief in between the change and then she moaned again. I let her know that I was about to cum and she said do it. I'm on the pill. So my cock twichted and I let out a huge load. She sceamed because it felt so good.

She just collapsed off my dick onto the bed and then she got back up and starting sucking my dick again. She wanted to get all the cum possible out of my cock. She finished and smiled. She said that was the best time ever and that she want sto do it again. And then we heard a car door shut.


I pulled my pants up looked out the window and took off down the steps and out the back door. I just made it out before her dad got in. It was an amazing night with my latina beauty, and i'll never forgot the things we did.